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Proposed Masterplanned Seylynn Village North Vancouver Real Estate Development - North Shore Live/Work Apartments, Market Condos, Affordable Housing

Another Hurdle Cleared for the North Vancouver Seylynn Village Real Estate Development – October 2009

Unanimous voting for approval of the Lower Lynn Seylynn Village North Vancouver real estate master planned community has passed.The proposed master planned development at the Seylynn Village North Vancouver project got one step closer to fruition in October 2009 when council members voted unanimously for the project to go forward. Located in the Lower Lynn North Vancouver real estate district, Seylynn Village proposed development will see the addition of a six hundred and ninety unit community in the District of North Van. According to the intial master plan, the North Vancouver Seylynn Village real estate community will be sustainable with LEED Platinum rating, the first of its kind in the district. In addition, these environmentally friendly condos, townhomes and homes will offer an affordable housing component to make sure that the entire neighbourhood is generational and sustainable. The LEED Platinum certified North Vancouver Seylynn Village development will see a community developed between the cross roads of Mountain Highwya, Trans Canada Highway and Fern Street, which is at present a very old and crumbling neighbourhood of single family homes. The proposed Seylynn Village north Vancouver real estate development will see the construction of two twenty five storey condo tower buildings in addition to several other residential buildings up to ten floors in height, maximizing the density in this region. The builder and developer behind the Seylynn Village project is Hynes Development and about seventy condo units (or about ten per cent of the total number of market units available at North Vancovuer Seylynn Village) will be dedicated towards affordable housing. These affordable housing condos at Seylynn Village North Van will be sitatued in a completely seprate building from market unit condominiums. Other Seylynn Village housing types include live/work condominiums, traditional simplex condos, high end homes as well as condos with North Vancouver lock-off suites, again the first of its kind in the district. As part of the proposal, Hynes Development is also making sure that a future strata council cannot restrict rentals in this community, allowing a good balance between owner occupied and renter occupied suites for many years to come. Hynes Development has received approval from the District of North Vancouver for the proposaed Seylynn Village master plan, the bylaws, traffic, and housing agreements, but there is much work to be done before building permits are granted and construction begins. The Lower Lynn North Vancouver real estate district is in dire needs for a revitalization, and the Seylynn Village proposed master plan is the first step in providing affordable housing units to anyone who wants to live here. If everything goes according to plan, it is expected that building permits and construction may begin sometime in mid 2010.

North Vancouver City Council Supports Seylynn Village Community Re-Zoning – July 6, 2009

Once a pipe dream, the revitalization and redevelopment of the Lower Lynn neighbourhood called Seylynn Village appears well on its way to reality. The District of North Vancouver council has formally approved the zoning for this Lower Lynn development which represents a unique and iconic alternative housing project on the North Shore. The second and third readings for the rezoning and development bylaws for North Vancouver Seylynn Village were approved on July 6th, 2009 and many members of council are supporting this project faithfully. Not only was the project embraced by City Council, but also current residents in the Lower Lynn community who will sell their houses and see the revitalization through. An eye opener of a community, the Lower Lynn, soon to become the Seylynn Village North Vancouver neighbourhood was in disarray from rotting houses and decrepid residences that were never renovated or revitalized, leaving a tarnished image of the area. According to Councillor Lisa Muri, who adamantly opposes densification of Capilano, Lynn Valley and Seymore Districts, the proposed Seylynn Village North Vancouver real estate project which consists of multi-family housing in the form of condos, townhouses and affordable housing is quite different as it is a sustainable and alternative housing project. This single family home neighbourhood located at Fern Street between Highway 1 and Mountain Highway will be rezoned for multi-family housing in addition to commercial complexes and parking in the master-planned North Vancouver Seylynn Village community project which will be the site of 690 new Seylynn Village condos of which seventy will be dedicated to affordable rental units for low and middle income individuals. The parking situation for the market condos at the Seylynn Village condominium development was increased to 1.2 spaces per market unit from 903 to 919 residential parking spaces in this hearing as well.

North Vancouver Residents Support Seylynn Village Development Proposal - Updated June 22, 2009

According to the North Shore News, North Shore residents came out in droves to somewhat support the proposed North Vancouver Seylynn Village master planned redevelopment project. However, traffic concerns were also at the top of the discussion list here at the public hearing. According to Sarah, the public hearing for the Seylynn Village North Shore property development project drew strong support and the council chambers were packed with more than one hundred and twenty five participants. The proposed changes and redevelopment of the Seylynn Village North Vancouver real estate site would also allow construction of the huge housing condo projects on a five acre parcel at the north eastern end of the Lower Lynn North Vancouver neighbourhood. The redevelopment plan has been put forward by a leading developer in green and environmentally sensitive construction practises at Hynes Development Inc. and the Seylynn Village North Vancouver real estate property will feature four, six, ten and twenty five storey condominium buildings totalling about six hundred and twenty mixed use and multi-family North Shore condo units for sale. In addition, the proposal for this redevelopment by Hynes Development Inc for the North Vancouver Seylynn Village project will call for more than fifty thousand square feet of commercial space that will have shared underground parking throughout the neighbourhood. As part of the Hynes Development Seylynn Village real estate development proposal, there will also be the construction of 70 affordable housing units on site. Many residents who have been opposed to any new revitalization of the area or change in construction bylaws to allow for multi-family units on single family lots are actually now supportive of the Seylynn Village Hynes Development in Lower Lynn citing that is is about time for affordable housing units and new affordable North Shore condo units to be constructed within a master planned community such as this. Many people expressed excitement over the design and affordability of the new suites here. The plot is largely zoned for single family residences at the moment and the Lynnmour Grocery Store at 638 Mountain Highway will not be part of the revitalization and redevelopment project by Hynes Development Inc. Some of the great features of the Seylynn Village North Vancouver Lower Lynn redevelopment plan is that it has a great proximity to Lynn Creek trails, Park and Tilford shopping Centre, North Shore Winter Club, Seylynn Park as well as Phibbs Exchange and is a great location to live in you currently go to Capilano University. At the south east end of Seylynn Village Hynes Development project, there will be 70 rental units for affordable housing for moderate income individuals or families. The entire build out of the Seylynn Village North Vancouver real estate development is slated to take up to ten years time, and would eventually become a phased project. There will be lane, road and traffic changes around the community as expected.

Current Renters Fear They Will Be Displaced by New Seylynn Village Community
Highly touted as one of the up and coming revitalization projects in the North Shore real estate market that will bring abouts a great mix of affordable housing units, the proposed Hynes Development Seylynn Village community is expected to get the green light to start construction later in 2009. However, there are great concerns right now for current renters as to the viability and availability of the new affordable units at Seylynn Village that will be given to moderate income earners. Many of the current renters here in the Seylynn Village Lower Lynn community are already paying a lot for their rent, and are concerned that they will eventually be displaced from their rental home if the Seylynn Village proposal gets the go ahead. The new affordable housing units will be used to place individuals that require the suites the most, and they may not be the people who are currently renting in the area. Adjacent to the Iron Workers Memorial Second Narrows bridge, this most sought after area is going to introduce new North Vancouver condo suites in high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise residential buildings, most of which will be priced higher than any current renter can afford. In addition, the 70 affordable housing Seylynn Village North Vancouver units may not even come up onto the market until a few years down the road (as it is not the first phase of the Hynes Development), and therefore, current renters in Lower Lynn will be displaced possibly right before the 2010 Olympic Games, when affordable rental units are going to be scarce. In any case, there are grave concerns that many people will be displaced out of their current rental situations, and may not be able to afford to move or find another alternative from now until the Seylynn Village affordable Hynes Development suites are built. Even then, they are unsure as to whether they will be able to purchase or rent any of those affordable housing units.

North Vancouver City Council Sends Seylynn Village to Public Hearing

The proposed North Vancouver Seylynn Village real estate master planned development in the District is now under proposal and public hearing June 2009.The latest news on one of the biggest North Vancouver real estate residential developments will be going to public hearing after all. According to the North Shore News newspaper, the most trusted resource on new North Shore property developments, the Seylynn Village North Vancouver property development will be one of the largest residential projects ever with a proposed six hundred and ninety housing units. According to Saray at NS News, this mixed use North Vancouver Seylynn Village property development proposal will see the addition of up to 690 residential condo units added to the District of North Vancouver housing stock. The location of the District of North Van property will be at Mountain Highway and Fern Street. The public hearing for North Vancouver Seylynn Village development will be happening on June 16th, 2009. The neighbourhood for this proposed residential project is in the Lower Lynn North Vancouver community, that has been run down through decades of neglect, and the proposal to revitalize the area has been ongoing since 2002. With positive change as the catalyst for the public hearing for the Seylynn Village North Vancouver real estate project underway, the District City Council approved the bylaw process for the comprehensive redevelopment of the entire community which will include about six hundred and twenty market condos for sale as well as live/work Seylynn Village apartments in addition to the much needed seventy affordable North Shore rental apartments. There will also be fifty thousand square feet of commercial space proposed for the Seylynn Village North Van development. The builder that originally put forth the redevelopment proposal was Hynes Development and the plan with submitted in Sept 2006 and revised in Feb 2008 to meet the District of North Vancouver Official Community Plan. According to City Council, the redevelopment of the Seylynn Village will benefit not only the business community, but the entire area of course. The Seylynn Village public hearing is happening on June 16, 2009 at 355 West Queens Road in North Vancouver.

Seylynn Village Condos and Live/Work Apartments A Go?

A mixed use property development at the North Shore Seylynn Village project will bring pre-sale North Van live/work apartments, market condos and affordable housing suites to the market.The proposal to City Council in June 2009 asked for the redevelopment of the Lower Lynn North Vancouver real estate community and was code named Seylynn Valley. The potential benefit to the entire District community will be over twenty one million dollars with the development of many housing options that will include Seylynn Valley live/work apartments which will be zoned legally for those individuals looking for a home office or home-based business. This will also allow for lock-off units and suites that are perfect for North Vancouver student housing in Seylynn Village real estate development. The more affordable Seylynn Village rental suites and affordable housing for seniors and those with disabilities and fixed incomes will also be integrated into the overall North Vancouver project. This will give those people a choice of more affordable North Vancouver housing that is severely lacking right now. The Seylynn Village North Vancouver property development calls for the construction of eight residential buildings that range from low rise buildings of four storeys to high-rise residences of 25 levels. These will include North Van market condo housing for sale as well as the live/work apartments explained above. This will be one of the largest District property developmets in the history of the city, and will forever transform the Lower Lynn district into a desirable live and work community that will be vibrant and ever evolving.

The North Van Community Benefits from Seylynn Village

BuiltGREEN and LEED Certified North Vancouver condominiums will be part of the Hynes Developments Seylynn Village proposal to the District of North Van to revitalize the Lower Lynn community.As part of the bid for the redevelopment of the Lower Lynn North Van area, the Seylynn Village proposal also includes over $21M worth of neighbourhood upgrades that will help revitalize this area. According to the city planners, some of the largest benefits to the Seylynn Village community will be the Seylynn Hall and Seylynn Park upgrades and improvements (worth more than $2.5 Million) in addition to the housing parcel for the District of North Van at $4.4 M. The other major benefit to the North Vancouver Seylynn Village property development is the affordable housing component which will be worth more than $4.8M in construction of these much needed rental units. With a lot at stake, the public hearing will be your chance to voice your opinion on this master planned North Vancouver Seylynn Village proposal. Overall, the proposal looks good and the benefits to the Lower Lynn community cannot be discounted. The Seylynn Village redevelopment will also bring more affordable housing as well as much needed market condo inventory to the area to allow for sustainable growth in the District.

The North Shore Real Estate Development Team

The Seylynn Village masterplanned North Vancouver real estate development community proposal is brought to the public hearing in June 2009 by a number of well established companies including Hynes Developments, Joe Wai Architects Inc., Donn Vaughan, James Hancock and Holland Bars. With approximately 700 new North Vancouver condos and townhouses for sale in this proposal with various housing types including affordable North Shore housing, the Seylynn Village proposal is a master planned community that will ensure the viability and sustainability of the area for generations to come. With housing for singles to couples and from families to retirees, the North Vancouver Seylynn Village real estate development proposal will include highly adaptable housing units, live/work townhouses, live/work apartments, mingle condominiums, affordable housing and smaller spaces. In addition, the zoning of the Seylynn Village North Vancouver proposal will allow for lock off suites (similar to the Burnaby lock-off ‘basement suites’) for more rental housing. Also, there will be family friendly neighbourhoods, and much more. The entire North Shore Seylynn Village community will have a professional landscape, public art plan as well as accessible living that is close to linkages, access and transportation routes. One of the core philosophies by Hynes Development for Seylynn Village is the sustainability and a strong sense of protecting the environment for the long term. The community will have 50% less emissions, BuiltGREEN, possibly LEED certified North Vancouver condos for sale and the construction will be earth friendly. The location of the pre-construction Seylynn Village condos is between Upper Levels Highway/Trans Canada Highway, Mountain Highway and Fern Street in the District of North Vancouver real estate market, next to Lynn Creek Park in Lower Lynn community. Visit the Seylynn Village North Vancouver Development Website at www.seylynnvillage.com.

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