Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Pre-Construction Tsawwassen Springs Apartments and Townhomes - Redevelopment of the Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club Property by Toigo and Quinn

The Pre-Construction Tsawwassen Springs Townhouses and Apartment Suites at Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club Launching!

The Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club will be redeveloped with an extension to the course in addition to a new clubhouse and the residential Tsawwassen Springs apartment units and townhouses for sale.With pre-construction Tsawwassen Springs condo sales coming this fall, one would expect that the proposed development would garner a bit of PR during the lead-up to the official launch. Such is not the case at the redevelopment of the Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club which is now officially named the presale Tsawwassen Springs condo apartments and townhouses. On Thursday, July 30th, 2009, Ron Toigo, a local Greater Vancouver businessman, and partner in the new Tsawwassen real estate development at the Golf and Country Club announced the redevelopment master plan to the Tsawwassen Business Association during a city luncheon. There, Toigo and his business partner, Pat Quinn, formerly associated with the Vancouver Canucks, announced and presented the master plan for the re-development of the Golf and Country Club and the addition of the luxury pre-sale Tsawwassen Springs condominium homes and townhouses for sale. This large scale Tsawwassen real estate development is very new to the growing city, and will encompass the design and construction of 437 (four hundred and thirty seven) pre-construction Tsawwassen Springs townhouses as well as apartment suites in residential buildings that will be selling quite soon. In addition to the residential side of this property redevelopment, the Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club will also see a lengthening of the current golf course (which has already started on site) as well as a new club house. The project approval actually came last year trhough Metro Vancouver and the Delta City Council.

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More Information About The Residential Component to the Pre-Sale Tsawwassen Springs Apartment Condos

The pre-sale Tsawwassen Springs condos and townhomes are part of a master planned golf community in this burgeoning municipality.As most people know, new condo developments in Tsawwassen do not come very often. They are usually reserved for the downtown Vancouver core, or satellite cities within the city centre. However, the redevelopment of the Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club will have a large scale residential component to it called the pre-construction Tsawwassen Springs condos and family townhouses for sale. The first phase of the presale Tsawwassen Springs property development will see the construction of fifty five market apartments for sale that will range from about eight hundred and seventy five square feet. The first occupancy for these preconstruction Tsawwassen Springs apartment units will be around December 2010 and are expected to be very affordable, starting from around the $320k price range, according to the property developer. Of the twenty five market units available to purchasers, a decision has been made to only pre-sell 25 Tsawwassen Springs condo suites. Currently, as of the beginning of August 2009, 20 of these 25 pre-sale Tsawwassen apartments have already been sold to prospective home buyers. According to Toigo, he wants the homebuyer to see the finished product so that they can experience the lifestyle and features that the apartments for sale have to offer. Some of the new Tsawwassen condos for sale at the Golf and Country Club will have amazing views of the course in addition to views of the mountains. Regency Realty, the sales and marketing agency for the new Tsawwassen Springs apartment condos said that the pre-construction pricing is up to $699k for larger suites up to fifteen hundred and fifty five square feet (family sized homes).

The New Tsawwassen Springs Townhouses and Town Homes

Not much information about the pre-sale townhomes at Tsawwassen Springs has been released as of this point, but Toigo and the property developers have indicated that there will be a wide selection of new homes available for downsizers. These floor plans will be spacious and functional and will consist of townhouse style buildings. Delta City Council has already approved the development of the presale Tsawwassen Springs townhouses as a component of the master plan, but no townhomes have been released for pre-sales as of yet. Phase 2 of the project will consist of these family townhomes and there will be about forty to fifty of these homes released in the second phase of the project. The average size of the Tsawwassen Springs townhouses will be approximately two thousand square feet of interior space. The entire Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club residential project will consist of 194 (one hundred and ninety four) bare land strata townhomes for sale in addition to 243 (two hundred and forty three) Tsawwassen Springs apartment condos. There are no plans for the development of single family detached homes on the property. Interestingly, this Tsawwassen real estate development has a ‘Delta first’ policy that makes any new Tsawwassen Springs townhouse or apartment suite available to Delta residents first before going to the open public market. Not only that, but this entire condo and townhome development was designed with environmental considerations, making it an eco-friendly project with a habitat compensation fund of over three hundred thousand dollars. The redevelopment of the Tsawwassen Golf course will consist of the lengthening of the grounds and the designer, Ted Locke, noted that the completion of the golf course will take place in phases by 2012. The new clubhouse and golf course will remain open to the public. For more information about the pre-construction Tsawwassen Springs apartments and townhouses for sale, please visit the website at www.tsawwassensprings.ca today.

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The Transformation of Tsawwassen and South Delta

The municipalities and developers have contemplated the redevelopment of the waterfront areas in South Delta and Tsawwassen for years now. From retirement homes, to golf course communities and from new market housing to affordable condo suites, the Tsawwassen and South Delta real estate markets are now changing very quickly. With the Tsawwassen Springs development now underway, Toigo is making a claim as a visionary for the future of both municipalities that will give homebuyers great value and affordability.

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