Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Larson House North Vancouver - North Shore Residential Program for People with Developmental Disabilities

North Vancouver Larson House Community

At the Larson House North Vancouver residential program for people with developmental disabilities, we currently support three male residents and one female resident who all live very active lifestyles. The clients, many of whom are employed, are active participants in community activities including volunteering their time in various positions in North Vancouver. During their free time, North Vancouver Larson House residents enjoy going for walks in the park, socializing at coffee shops, riding their bikes, going to the movies and meeting up with friends. The Larson House North Vancouver individuals are encouraged to develop the skills essential for an independent lifestyle, as well as building the confidence to provide input involving all aspects of their everyday lives. Going on an Alaskan Cruise together has been a long lived dream for some of the residents at Larson House North Vancouver. This summer that dream became a reality as they enjoyed sveen relaxing, stress free days taking in the amazing Alaskan scenery. Highlights of the trip included going on an aqueduct tour in Ketchikan, watching dolphins and whales race alongside the ship, riding the tramway to Mount Roberts and a train ride in Skagway that featured breathtaking panorama views of the mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, bridges and trestles. Everyone at the North Vancouver Larson House had an excellent time.

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