Friday, December 18, 2009

BuiltGreen British Columbia Profile - Canadian Home Builder's Association - Built Green Homes and Condos for Better Future - Certified Energy Advisor

BuiltGreen British Columbia – Building a Better BC – Canadian Home Builder’s Association

Built Green BC or BuiltGreen British Columbia Homes and Condos.What colour is your future? When building a BC home, chose methods that can save you energy, improve in door air quality as well as conserve water. Build Green TM BC is a voluntary program managed by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia. With the aid of a Certified Energy Advisor and specially designed Builder Training, the builder is guided on how to build a sustainable, more energy efficient and comfortable home. Once completed, each home is tested, certified and labelled as a Build Green TM BC home, saving you energy and money for years to come. It is not just the higher standard of construction, the trained and certified professionals or the long term cost savings, it is also the knowledge that you have made the right choice for your family and your world for today and tomorrow. All it takes is deciding to work with a Build Green TM BC Certified Builder. The Certified Build Green TM British Columbia Home involves advantages that really add up and are built employing building practises such as waste reduction management and recycling, providing a comfortable steady temperature no matter what’s going on the outside. The Build Green TM BC homes also have improved indoor air quality by using interior building materials that reduce the sources of indoor air pollution and they use products with a reduced environmental impact. Lastly, the Build Green TM BC homes save energy and money now while increasing the value of your home later.

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