Friday, December 18, 2009

New Vancouver Rent to Own Condos at Chinatown Ginger Condominiums - Lease to Own Today and Stop Renting! Great Option Vancouver First Time Homebuyers

Ginger Vancouver Rent To Own Condos

Vancouver Rent to Own condos at Ginger lease availability now ongoing.Want to Stop Renting? We have an Idea! Renting in Vancouver real estate market is fraught with problems – iffy landlords, “No Pets” policies, and the biggest of them all: no home equity in your future. However, we understand it's tough to save for a down payment on top of pricey monthly rent, so we're offering Vancouver Rent-to-Own Condos at Ginger Chinatown development. This is how it works here at the Ginger Vancouver rent to own condos (it's really easy, promise): 1) Choose one of 20 outstanding new Vancouver homes at Ginger (all under $400,000). 2) Pay a deposit of 2.5% of the purchase price within seven days of writing a contract. This money goes into a lawyer's trust account for your Ginger Vancouver rent to own condo. If you are short on this deposit, perhaps a line of credit with the bank. 3) Move in! 4) Pay us “rent” for six months. This is held in the same trust account as your initial deposit and will be applied to your Vancouver rent to own Ginger condo purchase at the end of the term. 5) Take ownership after six months. Your initial deposit plus the “rent” you've been paying into trust will become the 5% (or more) you need to obtain a mortgage on your own for a full ownership of a downtown Vancouver Ginger condo suite. In essence, this means we're allowing you to live for free in your own new Vancouver home for six months while you save up your down payment through this new Vancouver rent to own condo program. Nice! Call us today at 604-688-5005 or come down to the Ginger Sales Centre (718 Main Street) between 12 and 5 pm. We can show you every available suite and you could be moving in … well, by tomorrow! Got boxes?

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