Friday, January 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Condo Liquidation Sale by Onni Developers will Auction Newly Completed Condominums, Townhomes in a One-Day Event-Basement Bargain Deals

Fire Sale of Onni Developer Condos Is Fast Becoming Vancouver Real Estate’s Largest Condominium Liquidation Condo Auction Sale

The Onni Group of Companies has decided to hold a one day condo liquidation event for its unsold Greater Vancouver condominium inventory in an Onni AuctionAt first it was just speculation. Articles published in the National Post, Financial Post, CTV News and the Globe and Mail speculated that the Onni Group of Companies had a significant number of unsold condos throughout the Lower Mainland in seven recently completed master planned condo and townhome communities. During the past five years, Onni sold thousands of pre-sale and pre-construction condo units throughout the Lower Mainland, but since the global economic slowdown started in the third quarter of 2008, Onni Group of Companies found it very difficult to sell condos via pre-sale contracts. With the further dip in Greater Vancouver real estate prices, it is no wonder that this leading real estate developer in the Lower Mainland has decided to liquidate their remaining townhome and condo inventory early this year. As announced by an Onni representative, the builder will be liquidating a total of three hundred and seventy five properties via a one-time, one-day Vancouver condo auction, the first of its kind in this once red hot real estate market. The announcement of the Onni auction and liquidation of new condo units was made today, January 16th, and the one-day sale of these prime suites will happen on March 7th, 2009.

The Latest from MAC Marketing Solutions, the marketer for the Onni Auction

Labeled as Vancouver’s largest real estate liquidation event. MAC Marketing Solutions is amassing a large group of first time home buyers to investors to purchase Vancouver real estate at heavily discounted prices which includes a range of condos to townhomes for sale via Onni auction and liquidation coming in March. $150 million portfolio of prime completed Greater Vancouver real estate located throughout the Lower Mainland will be sold, at prices far below market value. Each of the 375 Onni properties for auction/liquidation has been substantially discounted for immediate sale during this one day bulk real estate liquidation event. These brand new, beautiful finished homes, condos and townhouses by Onni Developers, are set in prime locations throughout the Lower Mainland real estate market, and are ready for occupancy. None of these prime Onni auction condos have been ever lived in. Extraordinary market conditions have created a once in a lifetime chance to purchase quality homes at affordable Vancouver prices in the Lower Mainland real estate market. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity by calling 1.800.301.1010 or visit to register your interest in attending the one-day Onni condominium auction and condo liquidation sale on March 7th, 2009. MAC Marketing is proud to extend courtesy to Realtors, Bulk and institutional home buyers welcome. This is not an offering for sale. Individual Onni properties will be sold by disclosure statement. Call immediately for details. E & OE.

Onni Developer Selling Condos on Sale

According to MetroNews Vancouver and written by Jeff, a local real estate developer called Onni Group of Companies has decided to liquidate almost $350 million of condo inventory that it has found difficult to sell during this time of global economic crisis and a tightening credit market. Onni Group announced on Thursday that it will try to sell its impressive inventory of 375 new condos and townhomes at a one day event this spring. The Onni auction sale or condominium liquidation which will see discounts of 25 to even up to 40% off current market value and the previous pre-sale pricing, involves three hundred and seventy five suites that are located at seven different newly completed Onni condo developments in Richmond, Port Moody, New Westminster, Surrey and Port Coquitlam. The Onni condo auction will present properties between the new price range of $200,000 and $800,000 according to the executive VP of Onni Developers. According to him, the Onni liquidation condo sale is not a pre-sale events. These suites that are being auctioned by Onni Developers are completed, brand new and provide extreme discounts that will allow tremendous opportunities for home buyers. The liquidation of Onni condos ends on a one day sale come March. The developer decided not to hold onto the unsold inventory of condominiums and townhomes because of the carrying costs, and hence, decided to auction and sell its remaining unsold but completed inventory via an Onni liquidation condo sale through MAC Marketing Solutions.

The Onni Condo Liquidation Sale Includes the Following Developments

According to the Onni Executive VP yesterday, the liquidation condominium auction will include properties (homes, condos and townhouses) situated in seven different condo communities throughout the Lower Mainland. These will include:
- Richmond Flo Condos (SOLD OUT!)
- Port Moody Suter Brook Aria 1 and 2 Condo Tower Residences
- Port Moody Suter Brook Room Loft Living
- Port Moody Libra Homes
- New Westminster Victoria Hill Condominiums
- New Westminster The Point Condos
- Port Coquitlam South Verde Condos
- Surrey Escada Residences

1. Richmond FLO Condo Auction by Onni – an example of a condominium liquidation at the newly completed Onni FLO condominium tower residences is a nine hundred square foot two bedroom suite that was originally priced at four hundred and seventy two thousand, nine hundred dollars (or equivalent to $525/ sq ft) will now sell for a discounted liquidation price of three hundred and sixty thousand dollars (or equivalent to $400/ sq ft). This is a discounted condo liquidation price of about 24% for the Richmond FLO condos. Located at the corner of Elmbridge and Alderbridge, the FLO Condos for sale at the Onni auction will be dispersed throughout the condo towers. Date for writing offers at the Onni FLO condo auctions is Monday (Jan 19) 5pm at their Richmond sales office. All remaining unsold FLO condominiums will be offered on the March 7th sales date. The Richmond FLO Auction went VERY well and all liquidated condominiums are now SOLD OUT!

2. Port Moody Suter Brook Aria 1 & 2 Condo Auction, Room Loft Living Liquidation and Libra Homes available at the Onni Auction Sales – The three Port Moody Onni real estate developments have sold very well in their initial phases, so most of the available condos at auction at the Onni liquidation sale are part of their final releases of condominiums, lofts and new residences. An example of the Port Moody Aria condo auction will include an impressive 1105 sq ft two bedroom plus den suite that was price originally at four hundred and fifty three thousand, nine hundred dollars and will be discounted at Onni’s auction pricing to three hundred and forty thousand dollars (this represents a reduced price at the Onni Suter Brook auction of about 25%). Some upcoming liquidation condominiums at the Suter Brook Onni real estate developments include a 655 sq ft studio plan that is now discounted to $240,000 from $319,900 (another big discount of 25%). A wood framed condominium building at the Libra condos in Suter Brook Port Moody will also be auctioned by Onni Group and will be priced at an affordable $315,000 where the initial pricing was $419,900, another twenty five per cent discount on these newly completed Suter Brook Port Moody Onni condos for auction. The Port Moody auction for these Onni Suter Brook condos, Aria 1 & 2 and Room Lofts will be Wednesday (Jan 21) 5pm.

3. Surrey Escada Onni Liquidation Fire Sale Pricing – Another great development that has become more affordable for first time homebuyers and investors is that of the Onni Escada Guildford Surrey condominiums. Originally priced at $360,900, the Onni auction condo sales will list this suite at just $260,000. Impressively large at over eleven hundred square feet, this condo auction at Escada Surrey property will have two bedrooms plus a den for spacious living. This is a 28% discount off the original pre-construction pricing. With only a few unsold pre-sale units left at Surrey Escada condominiums, there will be no advanced sales date for offers for this liquidation event that will happen on March 7th, 2009.

4. New Westminster Victoria Hill and Onni Point Condos for Auction – Unlike some of the other Onni developments that have many units for sale, the New West Point condominiums and Onni’s Victoria Hill condos have sold relatively well and will see only a few suites at the Lower Mainland auction sale. The liquidation of these New West Onni suites will include a one bedroom that has been dropped to just $215,000 from $270,000 representing a twenty per cent decrease. There will be an advanced sales date for these New West Victoria Hill and The Point Condos at the Onni condominium auction on Thursday (Jan 22) 5pm. Otherwise, you can wait for the remaining inventory during their liquidation event on March 7th.

5. Port Coquitlam South Verde Onni Auction – Located in the beautiful city of PoCo, the South Verde Onni real estate development will also have several suites up at the auction liquidation sale including a 1000 sq ft two bedroom suite that will be going for a mere $280 per square foot from the original $390/sq ft. The pricing would be dropped from the asking price of $389,900 down to $280,000, representing a 28% discount on this particular 2 bedroom suite at the Onni condo auction sale at South Verde in Port Coquitlam. Advanced offers can be made on Friday (Jan 23) 5pm for the Onni South Verde condo auction.

Deep Price Cuts on New Condos by Onni Reflects State of the Lower Mainland Real Estate Market

Call it a sign of the economic times, or just an effective public relations campaign, but Onni, real estate leader in the Lower Mainland has announced dramatic priced reductions on all remaining new condos and townhomes recently completed in various property developments throughout the area. According to 24Hours Vancouver: But a prominent Lower Mainland developer yesterday confirmed it would slash prices on more than one hundred and fifty million worth of unsold new completed condos. The Onni Group will be selling some 375 vacant suites in developments throughout the region at what it calls “deep discounts” through a one time Vancouver condo auction or liquidation of property. The unusual move is being billed as a condo liquidation sale by Onni, in a property market that realtors charitably say is undergoing a correction after years of frenzied activity. No one expected the property market to shift so dramatically in so little time. The one day Onni auction condo sale, scheduled for March 7th, is being promoted by real estate marketers MAC Marketing Solutions.

MACBULK Launch Event Update! Vancouver's Largest Real Estate Liquidation Event

We have had an overwhelming response since the news of our Onni Condo bulk purchase opportunity was announced on Thursday last week. This weekend, we experienced an enormous amount of traffic at all of our Onni condominium auction websites. We have been busy booking appointments for interested homebuyers to begin making offers tomorrow. As you can probably imagine, to execute this many transactions simultaneously, in one day, would be close to impossible. To ensure both fairness and professional service for everyone in the upcoming week we have created a schedule to manage the process. To anyone who has already visited an Onni condo Presentation Centre and made an appointment to write an offer for an Onni condo auction suite, we WILL honour your reservation. To keep your reservation for the Onni liquidation sale active we ask that you please call your Onni Condo Project Specialist tomorrow morning to confirm your interest and make arrangements. In order to be fair, we will not be scheduling any more appointments. Instead, we will give everyone an equal opportunity to write an offer at our Onni “Equal Opportunity Sales Events” this week. Each Onni condo auction site has been assigned a different evening this week. We are confident that we will be able to offer a higher level of service by focusing on just one Onni liquidation condo development per evening. To those people without reservations, offers will be written on a first come, first served basis. So, for best availability, please arrive early and don’t forget your cheque book. We would like to re-iterate that we will NOT be accepting multiple offers on these liquidated Onni condo auction properties.

Here is the Onni Auction Equal Opportunity Sales Event schedule:

Monday (Jan 19) 5pm - Flo Condo Auction, Richmond - SOLD OUT!
Tuesday (Jan 20) 5pm - US Presidential Inauguration Day - No event
Wednesday (Jan 21) 5pm - Suter Brook Liquidation, Port Moody
Thursday (Jan 22) 5pm - Victoria Hill, The Grove & The Point Onni Condo Auction, New Westminster
Friday (Jan 23) 5pm - Verde & South Verde Liquidation Event, Port Coquitlam

Each Onni condominium and townhome site will be closed on the day of its event. You are welcome to visit the sites and view homes prior to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s events. All remaining unsold Onni condo inventory will be sold at the March 7th Sales Event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working hard to ensure that this unique opportunity provides a fair, orderly and professional experience for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, any of the Sales Representatives or your on-site Project Specialist with any questions. Sincerely yours, Cam Good

Thank you for your patience!

MAC is honoured to be able to provide for you the greatest opportunity to buy real estate below market value that we’ve seen in decades. We are putting together a huge group of buyers to make a bulk purchase of condos and we would really like you to be a part of it. I'm working in the Mac Bulk Call Centre right now with the many dedicated Sales Representatives and our phones have literally not stopped ringing! We apologize for the delay in responding to your calls and registrations however we have received an overwhelming response since the news broke of our bulk purchasing opportunity. We WILL get back to everyone by phone as soon as we can. We know you all have questions and we would like to answer them all! The homes that will be available as part of our bulk purchase are located in Surrey (Escada), Port Coquitlam (Verde & South Verde), New Westminster (Victoria Hill & The Point), Richmond (Flo) and Port Moody (Suter Brook Village). Please note that all homes will be viewed by appointment. To make an appointment to tour homes at any development with a Project Specialist you need to speak with someone at the Call Centre. This weekend, if you would like to visit our presentation centres please feel free. Although we won't be able to give you a tour without an appointment there will be lots of information regarding the specific project. For more information on each project please visit Thanks for your patience, we really appreciate it! Sincerely yours, Cam Good


There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding our event but the best thing you can do is come and see for yourself; what you will find is that the opportunities we are offering are truly unparalleled. And, it’s not too late… As we look forward this week, we are preparing for our next event, Suter Brook Onni liquidation condominium event in Port Moody real estate, tomorrow (Wednesday)! We will open at 5pm and expect another great turnout. To anyone who already has a reservation at the Port Moody Suter Brook auction Onni condo sales: please note that we WILL honour it! We will be in touch today to finalize details and confirm! To anyone without a reservation: for best results we urge you to visit the Suter Brook Onni Auction Presentation Centre today!! Walk through some of the homes at Suter Brook condos in Port Moody property market, familiarize yourself with the Onni liquidation condo development and decide which Suter Brook Port Moody homes suit you best. This is a crucial step in our program and will really affect how your experience on Wednesday goes! Don’t miss out - there are fantastic opportunities to be had! Today, our Port Moody Suter Brook Condo liquidation Onni auction Presentation Centre is open from 10am – 7pm. Drop by or call us at 604-552-0552. We are experiencing tremendous interest and we thank you in advance for your patience. More information on Suter Brook can be found online at For any inquires regarding our other MACBULK developments please speak with the Call Centre at 1-800-301-1010 or visit Cam Good

Sky High Condos by Onni Group Selling at Bargain Basement Prices

A recent article in MetroNews Vancouver explains the liquidation condo sales in Greater Vancouver by the Onni Group developers. By Kristen on January 20th. Hopeful would be home owners camped overnight outside a new condo development in Richmond real estate market for a chance to buy one of 55 units being sold yesterday at 25 to 40 per cent off at the Onni FLO condo auction sales. Cameron, president of MAC Bulk liquidation condo event for the Onni Group which is facilitating the Richmond FLO liquidation condominium event said the units at FLO were being sold on a first come, first served basis starting at around five o’clock. He said the demand for these new condo Richmond suites at FLO by Onni was simply “overwhelming” and that as many as 50 people had lined up by yesterday afternoon to snatch up some of these completely new FLO Richmond condos by auction. According MAC Bulk, Onni Group has several hundred units sitting on the real estate market listings right now and need to sell them at cost in order to fund new ventures in the market. Ryan of Sotheby’s Canada called it more like a condo inventory blowout sale. If you’re thinking of buying, there are several more liquidation Onni condo events coming up this week and the last resort is to wait for any unsold condo inventory during their March 7th grand liquidation condominium event.

MACBULK - It's a New Day!
We were all witness to an amazing historic event yesterday, the most exciting presidential inauguration since JFK! The unbridled optimism that is present in the United Stated is truly inspiring and when combined with the measures that the government is providing to stimulate the economy, it’s hard to believe that things will do anything but improve! The Bank of Canada (BoC) lowered its policy interest rate yet again! Overnight interest rate lowered from 1.50% to 1.00%! This all-time low interest rate is just another reason to buy Greater Vancouver real estate now! An extremely low interest rate, combined with the MACBULK condo auction opportunity to purchase prime, discounted Greater Vancouver real estate has made home ownership in the lower mainland attainable! The dropping interest rate will have an immediate effect on variable rate home mortgages as they will adjust accordingly. In terms of fixed rate home mortgages they are typically driven by the bond market so it will be a couple of days at least before we know exactly how the drop will affect the Fixed Rate mortgage products, but the belief is that there will be some relief offered, although probably not the full ½ point. After my e-mail yesterday, I received some feedback and questions that I thought I would clarify:

1. We are NOT sold out at every Onni condo liquidation real estate project! The only Onni condominium auction site that has been offered for sale and sold out is Flo Richmond condos. There are still fantastic opportunities to be had! The best thing you can do is visit the Onni condo auction site you are interested in, take a tour and find out which homes suit you best!

2. The Suter Brook, Port Moody "Equal Opportunity Sales Event" is happening today! From 9am to 3pm we will be honouring our pre-arranged reservations. Starting at 5pm our doors will open to anyone without a reservation! If you don’t have a reservation or today is your first time visiting the Presentation Centre do not be discouraged! Please join us and for best selection, arrive early at the Suter Brook condo auction in Port Moody real estate!

We are still hosting tours of several other projects while we gear up to their individual Sales Events. Today, the following Presentation Centres will be open from 10am - 7pm: New Westminster - The Grove, Victoria Hill Condo Auction and The Point by Onni - 604-523-9393 and Port Coquitlam Verde & South Verde condominium auctions - 604-468-8640. We are experiencing tremendous interest and we thank you in advance for your patience. More information on the developments listed above can be found online at any inquires regarding our other MACBULK developments please speak with the Call Centre at 1-800-301-1010.

MACBULK Onni Liquidation Vancouver Condo Sale - Happy New Year!

From everyone at The Onni Group and Mac Bulk we would like to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year! The year which we are about to enter into is the year of the Ox. The Ox symbolizes leadership and is a sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. While reading about the Ox and the new year upon us, I thought to myself, how fitting! The Ox symbolizes leadership, a quality that we have seen in the many people who have visited our MACBULK Onni Condo liquidation condominium presentation centres and Mac Bulk sales events this past week. Now is the time to be a leader and take advantage of this once in a lifetime Macbulk condo Onni real estate opportunity! It is important to remember that the best Mac Bulk opportunities are often found in the hardest of times. I was one of the 1,100 people who attended a 2009 UDI (Urban Development Institute luncheon this past Friday. The UDI Urban Development Institute luncheon’s focus was “2009 Annual Industry Forecast”. I listened to the many industry experts speak and give their own predictions on what would come in the 2009 real estate market. All of the UDI 2009 speakers agreed that now is the time to buy real estate and now is the time when the best opportunities will be found! One speaker quoted Warren Buffett and his words have sat with me since: "If you wait to hear the robins sing, spring will be over." -Warren Buffett
This quote lends itself so well to Mac Bulk condo Onni liquidation auction sale! Sales are moving briskly and we are confident that another opportunity of this magnitude will not surface for decades. Don’t wait! There are great Macbulk liquidation condominium homes still available! FEATURED ONNI CONDO DEVELOPMENT - Room Loft Living in Port Moody Macbulk auction sales is a 7-storey concrete, boutique residence featuring loft-style condominiums in the heart of Suter Brook Village in Port Moody real estate market. These Macbulk Room Port Moody homes offer fantastic value and savings of approximately $100,000! Our opportunity has been the talk of the town lately! Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to know more. What a better day than today to visit us at Mac Bulk Onni Condo presentation centres in person! Come and see for yourself what the opportunity is all about. We guarantee you will not be disappointed! All of our Onni Mac Bulk Condo Presentation Centres are open daily from 10am to 7pm. More information on our developments can be found online at Visit one of our Presentation Centres for auction condo Maculk Onni sales as soon as you can for best selection:
Port Moody - Onni Macbulk Condos at Suter Brook Village at 138 Brew Street, Port Moody (604-552-0552). New Westminster Onni Condominium liquidation sales at The Grove, Victoria Hill and The Point Condos by Macbulk located off of Royal Avenue East & McBride Blvd, New Westminster (604-523-9393). Port Coquitlam Macbulk condo liquidation at Verde & South Verde condominiums at #107 - 2477 Kelly Avenue, Port Coquitlam (604-468-8640). Surrey - Escada Onni Condos at #118 - 15388 101 Avenue, Surrey (604-583-3343). For any other Mac Bulk Onni questions or inquires please speak with the Call Centre at 1-800-301-1010.

Onni Group’s Bold New Sales Initiative called MACBULK condo sales lifts off!
Unique home buying opportunity in the Greater Vancouver real estate market is upon us for the first time in a decade and according to Susan B. of the New Homebuyers Guide of Vancouver: It’s being called Canada real estate’s largest real estate liquidation sale with three hundred and seventy five condominium suites representing more than $150 million worth of prime Metro Vancouver real estate condominiums and townhomes are being sold at discounts guaranteed to be 25 per cent but possibly as much as 40 per cent below previous list prices. For home buyers in Vancouver real estate market looking for an awesome deal, the Onni MACBULK condominium liquidation auction sale begins now. For investors looking to get into the market, now is also the time to purchase a heavily discounted Onni Condo through the MACBULK auction sales. Already ready to move-in and far below the market value in some cases, this MACBULK liquidation acution sale is a once in a lifetime chance of owning your own condo at an affordable price. These Onni Group condominiums are complete and ready for move in and the MACBULK auction condo sales have already begun. With more than 2000 people expressing interest within 24 hours of the MACBULK Onni auction sales first marketing on January 15th, it is now wonder that potential buyers have been lining up to view the properties. MACBULK events have staffed an additional 40 sales people and now up to 60 people to work the liquidation condominium sales at their offices. With unbelieveable pricing in the Greater Vancouver condo real estate market, the Onni MACBULK sales events have discounted prices about 25 to 40% in some case from the original pre-sale pricing. With an unprecedented liquidation event during the most notable economic crisis since the Great Depression, many homebuyers are looking ahead and capitalizing on these great prices for the affordable condos at MACBULK. For those who could not afford a home two years ago or even last year, now is a great time to look at these new and luxury Onni Group condominiums for sale through MACBULk liquidation events throughout the Lower Mainland. Based on first-come first-serve basis, consumers are quickly lining up for their chances at owning basement bargain condos in great locations. Beautifully finished new homes are now priced from the low $200s to over one million dollars. The new MACBULK condo sales auctions are taking place right now, so please contact MACBULK at 1.800.301.1010 or you can register online at for more information.

Deep Greater Vancouver Condo Discounts Attract Lots of Attention

A great article for MetroNews Vancouver by Ryan D of HouseLeague. As the real estate market begins to rebound, some property developers in Vancouver are finding that in order to continue with future developments in the area, they must clear out existing inventory very quickly. This is being done by offering large discounts on completed projects such as H&H or Homer and Helmcken condos in Yaletown real estate and Suter Brook Village in Port Moody property market. So what do these sudden discounts mean for you, the average buyer and seller? There are a few things to remember when it comes to buying in discounted real estate Vancouver condo developments, beginning with understanding where the new sale price stems from. Over the past several months, most property developers in Greater Vancouver have been offering different incentives to buy from them. Some have offered to buy down your mortgage interest rate. Others have offered to pay strata fees for a year. Now, we are seeing the new 30 to 45 per cent off deals for condos in Vancouver. These condo price cuts are based on the original home prices and not off previous sales prices. Most of the additional incentives will have also been discontinued in favour of these deeper condominium price cuts in sales prices. The question on sellers’ minds seems to be how discounted these Vancouver condo developments will affect their resale value. Well, as most of you know, the Vancouver real estate market value of any home is the most the buying public is willing to pay for it. When a realtor determines the fair market value of your home, they search for all comparables in the area that are similar to yours. This means that discounted Vancouver condo developments will bring down your property values slightly. That being said, the discounted property developments in Greater Vancouver real estate market right now will also bring a lot of publicity and interest to your area which may not have otherwise been there. This can make your neighbourhood more desirable in the eyes of the public and help keep the condo market values up. What it really comes down to is that as prices begin to rise again, property developer sales are going to be one of the best ways to get into the market and buy units you may not have otherwise been able to afford. Take advantage of these heavily discounted Vancouver condo deals because as the real estate market gains strength, such opportunities will be far and few between. If you are selling, use the added media attention and advertising from these Vancouver condo real estate developments to help push the sale of your unit. This is a great time to publicize how great your neighbourhood really is.

282 MAC BULK Condos Sold in 3 Weeks!
We have sold 282 homes in the MACBULK Onni Vancouver condo liquidation sale in just 3 weeks! Sales are moving so quickly through this MACBULK condo auction for new Onni condominium apartment sales in the Greater Vancouver real estate market! This weekend, we wrote another 40 sales contracts! There are still MACBULK Onni condo sales opportunities available but it’s important to act now while selection is best. Over 300 people believe that now is the time to buy or invest in Vancouver real estate and I am one of them! Please call us at 1-800-301-1010 to find out more. Update on the MAC BULK Vancouver Condo Sale! Now as of mid February 2009, the Onni Mac Bulk condo sales have been going incredibly well with 282 condominium and townhomes sold in just three weeks! Act now to become a part of the largest liquidation Vancouver condo sale that this real estate market has ever seen. Sales for these Mac Bulk Onni condo auction liquidation properties are moving quickly, but excellent opportunities are still available now. Call immediately while selection is best here at the Mac Bulk Vancouver liquidation condo sales!

Prices Drop 11.5-12.9% We are in the midst of an amazing moment in Greater Vancouver real estate history. Hundreds of people are realizing that now is the time to invest in real estate! There are three things that you must to know: 1. Interest rates are at a historic low! 2. Vancouver Rental rates are up 5%! This can mean a positive cash flow on a rental property for a Vancouver real estate investor! 3. Our homes at MacBulk Onni Condos are selling well below market value! Prices have dropped an amazing 11.5% to 12.9% since January 2008 in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley real estate markets and we at Onni MacBulk liquidation condo auction events are offering a minimum of 25% off on ALL of our new homes. In many cases prices have been reduced by over $100,000. This is incredible pricing. Both the BCREA Chief Economist and Fraser Valley Real Estate Board President are reporting that now is the time to buy and that the buyers’ market we have been experiencing is nearing an end, and so is the Vancouver condo liquidation event by Onni Developers. The information above is detailed in a survey released by the BC Real Estate Association (BCREA). Do you need proof beyond 300 deals in just 3 weeks at MacBulk Condos? This week's featured independently published articles are from the Vancouver Sun and Real Estate Weekly. We have approximately 60 fantastic opportunities remaining! The time is now.

BC Real Estate Convention - Feb. 26th - 27th

MACBULK Vancouver Real Estate Liquidation Sale Continues. The buying continues with over 320 homes sold in the past four weeks at the Onni MacBulk condo liquidation events. Home buyers just like you are purchasing their affordable dream condominium and town homes and starting incredible new chapters in their lives. Others are buying for their children to help them get started in life and others are buying because the opportunity just can't be missed. Come down to the BC Real Estate Convention tomorrow and visit us at booth 65 where we will be giving away cheques* for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be applied to a discount on your home through the liquidation auction of Onni Macbulk condos for sale. There are still incredible savings and incredible Mac Bulk Onni condo homes to be purchased. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get in today by calling 1.800.301.1010 or by visiting us at the address below: 5th BC Real Estate Convention 2009 in Ballroom A, B, C at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre - 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia. February 26, 2009 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM or February 27, 2009 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Vancouver Liquidation MACBULK condo Penthouse Savings!
The only thing better than buying a 1 or 2 bedroom home in our Onni MACBULK Vancouver real estate liquidation is buying a liquidated affordable penthouse! Amazing opportunities are available on some of the most breath-taking MACBULK Onni penthouses in the lower mainland with average savings approaching a quarter of a million dollars! Consider these examples: The Point - New Westminster - Unit 2002 - 3 Bedroom + Den - 1,590 sq ft | WAS: $749,900 and NOW: $562,425 OR Flo - Richmond - Unit 1803 - 3 Bedroom - 1,600 sq ft | WAS: $1,069,900 and NOW: $802,425 OR Aria 2 - Port Moody - Unit 2606 - 2 Bedroom - 1,475 sq ft | WAS: $893,900 and NOW: $670,425. All of these upscale Vancouver liquidation homes from MACBULK Onni Auction sales feature panoramic views, high-end appliances and large, well-designed layouts! These Onni penthouse homes are a must-see. Call now for details 1-800-301-1010.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Introducing The New UBC Sage Condominiums at Wesbrook Village - University of British Columbia Real Estate Offering by Keystone Properties

University of British Columbia Sage UBC Condominiums

Keystone Properties introduces the new pre-construction UBC Sage Condos for sale in central Vancouver real estate market.Located in Vancouver’s prestigious new UBC community of Wesbrook Village Sage Condominiums is nestled against the beauty of Pacific Spirit Park. Delights at the new UBC Sage Condos at Wesbrook Village real estate development features the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, the Museum of Anthropology, and the new Wesbrook Village Centre which are just a stone throw’s away from your front doorstep. Experience University of British Columbia cultural living at its finest at the Sage UBC condominium residences. To priority register, please visit the Sage UBC condos marketing web site at According to their website: The cultured approach to living is here at the University of British Columbia Sage condominium residences here at UBC’s Wesbrook Village. Sage Condos is the embodiment of cultured living just moments from the amenity rich Wesbrook Village. Living here just doesn’t get anymore refined. The pre-sale UBC Sage condos are developed by Kenstone Properties Ltd and the presale marketing is by MAC.


Sage UBC Condominium Development invites you to celebrate a ground breaking event in this Vancouver West real estate project. Please join us as we break ground on this stunning addition to Wesbrook Place and celebrate SAGE UBC Vancouver condo living, a brilliant embodiment of sustainable luxury and cultured living in Vancouver real estate market place. The UBC Sage Condo groundbreaking will take place Saturday, February 6, 2010 beetween 1:00 to 1:45pm and there will be a reception afterwards between 2:00 and 4:00pm. The official Vancouver UBC Sage Condo groundbreaking will take place on site at Berton Avenue and Wesbrook Mall UBC and the reception will be at the Sage Presentation Centre at the corner of Wesbrook Mall and Gray Avenue. Locally sourced, organic canapés and maple martinis will be served at this exclusive event. Please RSVP no later than February 1, 2010 by calling 604.822.0809. The presale UBC Sage Vancouver condos are brought to you by Keystone Properties and marketed by MAC.

SAGE UBC Residences – Spotlight on Richard Henriquez – The Architect

At balance with nature – Richard Henriquez, the Architect of the Vancouver UBC Sage residences for sale. For the architect, the building at the UBC SAGE Vancouver residences for sale is a fulcrum, a meeting point between indoor living and outdoor beauty. Richard Henriquez’s staggered double height balconies create a light filled, cantilevered space that embraces forest, wildlife, and breath taking sunsets as an integral part of stylish modern living here at the Vancouver UBC real estate community. His welcoming UBC SAGE Vancouver residences do more than draw inspiration from nature, they invite nature in and connect people with place. Right now, there are a select few two bedroom designed Richard Henriquez condominiums available from $709,900 and three bedroom SAGE condos from $1,049,000. Brought to you by Kenstone Propertiess and Richard Henriquez, the Architect.

Thanks for all who attended the Sage UBC Condo Groundbreaking Event! On the eve of the 2010 Olympics and at the start of the Chinese New Year, Kenstone Properties announced the groundbreaking of the luxury UBC condos at Sage Vancouver real estate development: an 18 storey, 115 condo, luxury high rise building located in the prestigious new community of Wesbrook Place UBC. The SAGE groundbreaking event, marked the start of construction of this luxury Vancouver condo high-rise designed by world renowned Henriquez Partners architectural firm. With over 120 people in attendance the air was filled with a festive mood. Online are just a few of the great photos that were taken during the UBC Sage Condo tower groundbreaking event! Attended by Dr. Robert Lee, founder of the UBC Properties Trust, Al Poettcker, President of the Properties Trust, Ken Liang, President of Kenstone Properties and Cameron McNeill, President of MAC Marketing Solutions, the SAGE Groundbreaking ceremony served as a reminder of what a spectacular planned community Wesbrook Place UBC Vancouver real estate neighbourhood has become and honoured a significant milestone in Sage’s continued success story. To date the pre-construction Vancouver Sage UBC Condos is over 70% sold and we are pleased to announce that all of our 2 bedroom G 2/4 plans are SOLD OUT!! Here are the latest price points for the luxury Vancouver condos for sale at Sage Wesbrook Place condominiums: Two bedroom homes start from $709,900; Three bedroom homes start from $1,049,900; SAGE Townhomes start from $1,708,900 and SAGE UBC Penthouses start from $2,094,900. Please contact our Vancouver Sage Wesbrook Place UBC condo sales team at 604 822 0809 or visit us at 5898 Gray Avenue (open daily noon-5pm, closed Fridays) to learn more about this exceptional offering. Or if you prefer, visit our website at Warm regards, The Sage Sales Team

Vancouver Home Buyers Seek Out SAGE UBC Condos for Sale
Located in the heart of Wesbrook Place UBC neighbourhood, the SAGE Vancouver condos are selling very quickly because of many factors. This luxury eighteen storey concrete high-rise Vancouver UBC condo tower features a selection of prestigious condominium suites that are located in the most sought after new neighbourhood of Wesbrook Place UBC real estate market. With fifty five per cent sold out already (after just a couple of weeks of presale Vancouver condo sales launches), the 115 SAGE UBC residential complex has already attracted more than two hundred local home buyers seeking the best that the UBC Wesbrook Place neighbourhood has to offer. The excitement that built up during the pre-construction marketing phase of the Vancouver SAGE condo project was simply overwhelming, and with an affordable price point for such luxurious Vancouver UBC condos at SAGE living, this has also resulted in many sales. With customized DADA Italian cabinetry and air conditioning/heating system that is environmentally friendly, the two bedroom SAGE UBC homes for sale start from just $679,900. The Wesbrook Place UBC SAGE homes also feature oversized staggered balconies, so you will have the privacy that you’ve always wanted within a condo building. On October 3rd, 2009, the three bedroom prime Vancouver SAGE UBC homes for sale went on for previewing. These prestigious UBC view homes for sale start from $1,049,900 plus GST (not the dreaded HST). Kenstone Properties is the developer and they note that there is nothing like the SAGE UBC homes for sale anywhere in the area. With the perfect location within the Vancouver UBC Wesbrook Place neighbourhood, residents can enjoy a new community centre (to be completed early next year), a new high school as well as the new Save on Foods for groceries and a pharmacy. The completion of these new Vancouver SAGE UBC homes for sale is expected to be sometime in the later part of 2012 and the construction should begin by later in 2010. The SAGE UBC homes presentation sales center and model suite is now open at 5898 Gray Ave and you can book a private preview appointment by calling 604.822.0809.

Sage UBC Homes - Limited Release of 3 Bedroom Skyhomes

INTRODUCING SAGE'S LIMITED EDITION NEW UBC VANCOUVER HOMES FOR SALE - 3 BEDROOM SKYHOMES! Nestled high in the treetops of Pacific Spirit Park, Sage UBC Home's 3 Bedroom Vancouver Westside residences offer exceptional real estate value to families found nowhere else. Limited to ten, these exclusive presale Vancouver UBC homes marry functional design and new concrete construction with the unique balance of nature and culture found only at Wesbrook Place in UBC Vancouver real estate marketplace. Responding to growing families looking for the flexibiliy of a third bedroom, the presale Vancouver UBC Sage's latest release maintains our commitment to thoughtful open plan living and dining while combining added functionality with the same elegant interiors, kitchens from Dada of Italy, eco-friendly air conditioning and heating and extraordinary access to forest views one would expect from a home at Sage UBC Vancouver property development community. Each UBC Skyhome Sage residence comes with two parking stalls and a storage locker. For a limited time only, pre-construction Vancouver homes for sale will also include the optional privately enclosed double car garage with purchase. The three bedroom Sage UBC Skyhome residences start from $1,049,900. For more information on Sage, please visit

In case you missed it, Sage UBC condos was featured in the West Coast Homes section of the Vancouver Sun this past weekend. Over 125 people visited the SAGE Vancouver UBC condo sales centre and 9 more pre-construction homes were sold! If you haven't already visited our beautiful sales centre, we encourage to do so and to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff. Two Bedrooms at the Vancouver SAGE condos range from 783 – 1190 sq ft and start from $679,900*. NEW Three Bedrooms floor plan layouts here at the UBC SAGE Vancouver condos range from 1186 – 1190 sq ft and start from $1,049,900*. The Three Bedroom Penthouses at UBC SAGE apartments range from 1169 – 2516 sq ft and start from $2,094,900*. Finally, the Three Bedroom SAGE UBC Townhomes are between 2389 – 2426 sq ft and start from $1,708,900*. For more information on Sage UBC Vancouver condos and townhomes, please visit To book a private appointment, please call 604 822 0809 or e-mail us at The Sage Presentation Centre is located at 5898 Gray Avenue in UBC and is open daily from noon-5pm (closed Fridays). *Prices subject to change without notification and do not include net GST or HST. E&O.E.

Sales begin October 3rd at Sage UBC Vancouver Condos for Sale!

THE INTELLIGENT APPROACH TO LIVING IS HERE. Since we opened our doors on September 3rd hundreds of people have taken the opportunity to preview Wesbrook Place Vancouver Sage UBC condos for sale before its public opening on October 3rd. What you have learned is that Sage Condominiums at UBC is an offering unlike any other at UBC Vancouver real estate market place: An unmatched location in the prestigious Wesbrook Place Vancouver neighbourhood, just steps from Save On Foods and convenient shops and services, as well as the soon-to-be under construction University Hill Secondary School and Community Centre; an exceptional luxury product offering, meticulously appointed and designed down to the smallest detail; and a landmark Vancouver UBC Sage Condo building envisioned by a Vancouver real estate developer with over 30 years experience and a reputation for creating outstanding high-end residential projects. And, Sage Wesbrook Place UBC Vancouver condos for sale is being offered at a price rarely seen for a prime Point Grey Vancouver real estate address. 18 stories. 115 impeccable homes. 1 exceptional opportunity for you. Here are some sample prices of the SAGE UBC condos for sale at Wesbrook Place in Point Grey: Two Bedroom Vancouver floor plan between 783 – 1190 sq ft and priced from $589,900*, UBC Sage Penthouses between 1292 – 2516 sq ft and priced from $1,328,900* in addition to three Bedroom Vancouver UBC Sage Townhomes for sale between 2389 – 2426 sq ft and priced from $1,688,900*. Now you can learn even more about Sage Wesbrook Place UBC Vancouver condos and townhomes with the launch of our full website! Please visit to tour the Vancouver SAGE condominium building, see the spectacular views and experience the vibrant community of Wesbrook Place UBC real estate neighbourhood. Interest in Wesbrook Place Sage Condos at UBC has been extremely high and we expect sales to be strong. Please take the time to visit the Sales Centre and speak with a sales representative who will help you secure a Vancouver home prior to our public opening. And, please join us Saturday October 3rd from noon-5pm as we celebrate the opening of Vancouver Sage Wesbrook Place condos for sale and the start of the Moon Festival with irresistible culinary creations. Complimentary valet will be provided. For more information on the UBC Sage Vancouver condos for sale or to book a private appointment please call 604 822 0809 or e-mail us at The Vancouver Sage Presentation Centre is located at 5898 Gray Avenue in UBC real estate market is open daily from noon – 5pm (closed Fridays). Warm regards, The Sage Sales Team

Introducing SAGE UBC, a brilliant interpretation of sustainable Vancouver condo living with expansive balconies and elegant interiors juxtaposed by the spectacular natural setting and the new amenity rich Wesbrook Village UBC. Living here just doesn’t get any more enlightened than at the UBC SAGE condos for sale. Two bedroom SAGE condo residences starting from just the $560s and previewing now. Brought to you by MAC Marketing Solutions and developed by Kenstone Properties. The cultured approach to UBC condo living. Located in Vancouver real estate’s prestigious University of British Columbia community and nestled amidst the beauty of Pacific Spirit Park, SAGE UBC condo living is the embodiment of cultured and sophisticated urban living. A stone’s throw away from the vibrant offerings of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, the Museum of Anthropology and the new amenity rich UBC Wesbrook Village community, these amazing UBC homes for sale are now previewing.

Vancouver Sage Condominiums at UBC is now previewing! September 5, 2009

THE INTELLIGENT APPROACH TO LIVING COMES TO VANCOUVER UBC REAL ESTATE MARKET. Become amongst the first to preview Sage UBC condos, a prestigious collection of concrete homes coming to Vancouver UBC’s Wesbrook Place real estate neighbourhood—the new master-planned community, combining world class innovation in sustainability and design. Starting on September 3rd 2009, we cordially invite you to visit us at our Vancouver UBC Sage condo presentation centre, located on the corner of South Wesbrook Mall and Gray Avenue, to experience first-hand the vibrancy of life that comes from the best of nature and culture. ICONIC ARCHITECT AT SAGE UBC CONDOMINIUM RESIDENCES. Heralded in the pages of design, architecture and style magazines, Henriquez Partners are known for award-winning condo real estate projects that leave lasting impressions for generations to come. Proving no exception, Vancouver Sage UBC condo tower’s 18 stories of unmistakable architecture, built to REAP Silver Certification, reflects a strong appreciation for the context, history and diversity of its remarkably unique location set on the edge of Pacific Spirit Park at the University of British Columbia. SAGE VANCOUVER CONDO MODERN INTERIORS INSPIRED BY NATURE. Clean and contemporary, UBC Vancouver Sage Condo floorplan’s open-concept living spaces boast air conditioning, wide plank hardwood flooring, imported Dada Italian kitchens, AEG appliances, Quartzite countertops, sleek European-style faucets, sexy frameless glass showers, deep soaker tubs and sumptuously oversized porcelain vessel sinks. NATURALLY URBAN. Ideally situated in the heart of Vancouver UBC’s new Wesbrook Place real estate community, the Vancouver Sage condominium residents are literally steps from great shopping, schools and neighbourhood amenities, while having extraordinary access to spectacular nature views, miles of green foot paths, hiking trails and beachfront. See this effortless display of balanced living for yourself. This is the west coast lifestyle personified — UBC Sage Vancouver condominium residences truly is the place to live and call home. 18 stories. 115 impeccable Sage Vancouver homes for sale. 1 exceptional UBC real estate purchase opportunity for you. Two Bedroom Sage UBC condos are between 882 – 1190 sq ft and priced from $650,000*. UBC Sage Penthouses Suites between 1292 – 2516 sq ft and listed from $1,328,900*. Three Bedroom Townhomes at the Vancouver Sage townhouse development between 2389 – 2426 sq ft and priced from $1,688,900*. For more information on Sage UBC Vancouver condos or townhomes or to book a private appointment please call 604 822 0809 or e-mail us at The UBC Sage Presentation Centre is open daily from noon – 5pm (closed Fridays). Warm regards, The Sage Sales Team

Straight from the Wesbrook Village Sage Condos Email Blast

Thank you for registering your interest in a home at Sage UBC Condominium homes at Wesbrook Village University of British Columbia, an exceptional collection of luxury residences by Keystone Properties. By registering today, you have put yourself in an excellent position to purchase a new home at the luxury UBC Sage Condos, prior to the general public. The Wesbrook Village Sage UBC pre-construction condominiums and Vancouver West Side real estate development is an 18-storey modernist structure, by the award winning Henriquez Partners, nestled within Pacific Spirit park and just steps from the new Wesbrook Village in UBC. Exquisitely appointed interiors filled with light through expansive windows and built to stringent REAP silver standards - this is the intelligent approach to living at the pre-sale UBC Wesbrook Village Sage residences. We will continue to keep you updated as we move towards our Sage Condominium public opening or, should you have questions please contact us at 604.822.0809 or and a sales representative will be with you shortly. Sincerely, The Sage Sales Team. The Sage Condos at UBC real estate market are brought to the market by Keystone Properties, a leading property developer of high-end homes in the Lower Mainland.

Wesbrook Village and Wesbrook Place Condos for Sale

The University of British Columbia’s newest South Campus Neighbourhood is in construction at present and will soon add to the vibrancy and delight of its inhabitants and shopers. The Wesbrook Village will be an active, pedestrian friendly home to a multitude of shops and services for all of the students, faculty staff and market housing residents. There will be al arge new supermarket, school community centre and a readily available transit system for everyone’s convenience. “Wesbrook Place” will be home to UBC Properties Trust Keenlyside, Adera’s Pathways, and Pacific Spirit, Fairmont’s Crescent West, Stonecroft, ASPAC’s The Wesbrook, Concert’s Senior Residence, Faculty and staff Rental Housing, MBA House, Student Residences, Rize Alliance Tower and Smith Khorana, Nobel, Mundll and Brockhouse Parks. As a resident of UBC and a specialist in the UBC residential real estate market it is now your chance to join this exciting new dynamic community here at Wesbrook Village and Wesbrook Place UBC.

Sage UBC Condo Living Coming Now
Prestigiously located in Vancouver real estate’s Wesbrook UBC community on the University of British Columbia, Sage Condo Living offesr a cultured approach to living. A stone’s throw away from the majestic beautiy of Pacific Spirit Park, walking distance to the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts and the Museum of Anthropology, and an easy commute to everywhere in Vancouver, these pre-construction UBC Sage Condos for sale are now accepting priority registration. Be one of the lucky few to savour the vibrancy and refinement of life near one of the great universities at the UBC Sage Condominiums for sale. For more information about SAGE UBC Condos, please visit

SAGE University of British Columbia - Vancouver UBC Condos for Sale
Previews for the remaining UBC SAGE condo homes for sale are starting September 3rd for the SAGE at UBC condominium development. Introducing SAGE UBC condos for sale, a brilliant interpretation of sustainable luxury, with expansive balconies, and elegant interiors juxtaposed by the spectacular natural setting and the new amenity-rich Wesbrook Village at the University of British Columbia. Living in UBC Vancouver just doesn't get any more enlightened. Two bedroom luxury UBC SAGE condo residences start from the $560,000s with previews starting Sept 3rd, 2009. Contact 604.822.0809 or you can visit today. The UBC SAGE condo sales centre is located at 5898 Gray Avenue at the University of British Columbia. The UBC real estate development is brought to you by Kenstone Properties and sales by MAC Marketing Solutions.

SEPTEMBER 2009 UPDATE on The Wesbrook UBC luxury condos for sale - We Offer More Of Everything At UBC… Including Room to Live

From September 2009 advertisement for the Westbrook at UBC condos for sale: The Wesbrook at UBC condominiums offers more than any other real estate development at UBC. Our house size condos are the largest in the UBC real estate market so whether you are a family with kids or a couple who needs space to entertain, The Wesbrook condos at UBC gives you plenty of room to live. We are also unique in other ways. We are the only luxury high-rise condo at UBC real estate market located in Wesbrook Place, a planned, sustainable community- just steps from a charming urban village with a supermarket, secondary school and community centre. And we are built to a Silver REAP environmental standard – aligning your desire for the good life with your respect for Mother Nature at the new luxury Wesbrook Condos at UBC. The new Wesbrook at UBC luxury condos are ready for occupancy. Please visit them to see the many ways in which we offer more in this UBC real estate market. The Wesbrook residences range from 1640 to 1910 square feet in size and are priced from $1.45 M to 1.93M including GST. The sales office and new condominium tower showhome for the Wesbrook Condos at UBC is now located at Suite 102 – 5838 Berton Avenue, Vancouver and is open 12 noon to 5pm daily except Fridays. Please contact 604.224.8878 or visit for additional details.

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The Pre-Sale East Vancouver Fraserview Cedars Condos and City Townhomes are coming soon - located on the East Side close to transportation & services

Fraserview Cedars East Vancouver Real Estate

Located in the new East Vancouver real estate market, the pre-construction Fraserview Cedars condos and city townhomes are exclusive and high-end homes.And you thought you knew the East Side Vancouver real estate market? If east side living doesn’t make you think of nine foot floor to ceiling windows, fireplaces, indoors and out, glass and brick exteriors, oversized balconies with river views, and large entertainment spaces, maybe you need to refresh your thinking. Introducing the Fraserview Cedars condos in East Vancouver real estate market launching soon. The sales and marketing of the presale Fraserview Cedars condos is by Ron of RE/MAX Central Realty. The pre-construction East Vancouver Fraserview Cedars condo residences include only a small collection of exclusive presale condominiums at Victoria Drive and 54th. If you would like more information about the new Fraserview Cedars Condos, please pre-register today at or cal 604.617.9290. The pre-construction East Vancouver Fraserview Cedars real estate development is developed by Empire Developments.

Vancouver Fraserview Cedars Condominiums

Good news for home buyers looking for a new East Vancouver condominium home at Fraserview Cedars real estate development, located at 2008 East 54th (at Victoria Street), is now accepting priority condo buyer registrations online and via telephone. Claiming the distinction of being the only new East Vancouver condominium project currently under development south of 33rd Avenue, these 30 pre-sale Fraserview Cedars Vancouver condos are unabashedly high end. Twenty five per cent of the Fraserview Cedars condos in the East Vancouver real estate market have balconies boasting more than 300 square feet, and 25 per cent have outdoor gas fireplaces that’s a standard in every unit. The pre-sales East Vancouver Fraserview Cedars penthouse suites are spectacular residences with 1,000 square feet of interior living space plus a 1,000 square foot outdoor entertainment space. For more information about the pre-construction new East Vancouver condo development at Fraserview Cedars Condominiums, please call 604.617.9290 or you can visit their marketing site at The pre-sales East Vancouver property development features thirty one condos and five commercial retail spaces.

Fraserveiw Cedars condos @ 54th Avenue & Victoria Drive, Vancouver
East VAncouver Condo Project coming soon at 54th Ave and Victoria Dr. Our pre-sale East Vancouver Fraserview Condominium project is almost ready to be launched, we are now taking appointments for all our pre-registered home buying clients. Our Fraserview Cedars condo show home will be ready by end of March/09. Construction is estimated to begin sometime in May 2009, and the East Vancouver real estate project is estimated to be completed around July 2010. You are more than welcome to come to our office and look at the model, floor plans, and all the sample boards. Please give us a call or email back to set up an appointment.

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New Coquitlam Homes for Sale at Burke Mountain Heights Real Estate Development featuring single family Coquitlam homes at affordable pricing- Foxridge

Burke Mountain Heights Single Family Homes in Coquitlam Houses Market

Located in the new Coquitlam housing market, the Burke Mountain Heights single family Coquitlam houses for sale are now previewing at affordable pricing and allowing home customization.Getting ready to open a temporary, onsite Burke Mountain sales office, Burke Mountain Heights is an exclusive collection of 26 single family Coquitlam houses for sale in one of the most exciting new communities. These Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam houses for sale feature soaring 10 foot main floor ceilings, master bedrooms with vaulted ceiings, huge windows with transoms above, double attached garages, fully fenced and landscaped yards in the front and rear plus breathtaking views and the meticulous attention to detail and finishing you’ve come to expect from Foxridge Homes Burke Mountain offerings. Best of all, you don’t have to choose from limiting pre-set color schemes, you can customize your new Coquitlam house at Burke Mountain Heights homes for sale in the on site Design Centre to make it your very own. The Burke Mountain Heights sales office will be opening in mid March 2009 at 3396 Don Moore Drive in Coquitlam real estae. For more information about the Foxridge Homes Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam houses for sale opening soon, please priority register at today. If you want to get a head start, you can also stop by the Burke Mountain Heights Welcome Centre at Coast Meridian and David Avenue on February 21st, 2009 and 22nd only from noon to 5pm where Foxridge Homes sales representatives will be handing out preliminary information and answering questions about the new pre-construction Coquitlam houses at the Burke Mountain Heights real estate development.

New Homes Released For Sale at Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam Community

Attention: VIP Registrants: The Coquitlam real estate development at Burke Mountain Heights with its broad views of the valley and Mt. Baker is surely a place you’ll want to call home. This brand new Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam home community by Foxridge Homes features many nature trails and yet it’s still only minutes from downtown Coquitlam. Each new Coquitlam home for sale boasts soaring ten foot main floor ceilings, huge windows with transoms above, double attached garages, fully landscaped front and rear yards including fencing, and beautiful finishings throughout. Foxridge Homes builds a home you will be proud to show off to your friends and family here at the Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam real estate community. Best of all, you don’t have to choose from limiting set color schemes, you can customize your new Coquitlam home for sale inside and out in our on site Design Centre to make it your very own! Prices start at $654,900 plus gst. Currently, the Coquitlam Burke Mountain Heights community is offering both 3 & 4 bedroom plans that include: Coquitlam Home Paramount Plan – 4 bedrooms, 2300 sq ft finished area plus 1170 unfinished in the walk-out basement, the Glenview Plan – 3 bedrooms, 2029 sq ft finished area plus 1016 unfinished in the walk-out basement, the Abby Plan at Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam homes – Corner Lot, 3 bedrooms, 2193 sq ft finished area plus 1033 unfinished in the basement, the Fairview Plan – Uphill Lot, 3 bedrooms with an optional 4th, 2240 sq ft finished area plus 880 unfinished in the basement as well as the new Coquitlam home Ambleside Plan – 3 bedrooms, 2175 sq ft finished area plus 1160 unfinished in the basement. There are currently two Burke Mountain Heights Showhomes are open everyday except Fridays from noon to 5pm located at 3396 Don Moore Drive in Coquitlam, BC. Sherry, Sales Representative, Foxridge Homes – Burke Mountain Heights - T: 778.285.6299; F: 778.285.6069, M: 778.881.7900, W:

New Foxridge Homes Released at Burke Mountain Heights - Oct 7, 2009
Burke Mountain Heights at the Foothills with its broad views of the valley and Mt. Baker is surely a place you'll want to call your new Coquitlam home. This brand new community by Foxridge Homes features many nature trails and yet it's still only minutes from downtown Coquitlam real estate market place. Each Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam home for sale boasts soaring ten foot main floor ceilings, huge windows with transoms above, double attached garages, fully landscaped front and rear yards including fencing and beautiful finishings throughout. Foxridge Homes builds a new Coquitlam home for sale you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Best of all, you don't have to choose from limiting set colour schemes, you can customize your Burke Mountain Heights at the Foothills home inside and out in our on site Design Centre to make it your very own! Prices for these new Coquitlam homes for sale start from $654,900 plus GST. Currently offering both 3 & 4 bedroom home plans that include the Burke Mountain Heights Paramount - 4 bedrooms, 2300 square feet finished area plus 1170 unfinished in the walk out basement, Coquitlam Home Plan Glenview - 3 bedrooms, 2029 square feet finished area plus 1016 unfinished in the walk-out basement as well as the most sought after Abby House Plane - Corner lot, 3 bedrooms, 2193 square feet finished area plus 1033 unfinished in the basement. Foxridge Homes also presents the Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam plans Fairview - Uphill lot, 3 bedrooms with an optional 4th, 2240 square feet finished area plus 880 unfinished in the basement and the Ambleside - 3 bedrooms, 2175 square feet finished area plus 1160 unfinished in the basement.

Burke Mountain Heights Grand Opening Now!
The public grand opening for the prestigious Coquitlam Burke Mountain Heights home development is happening June 2009! Foxridge Homes is proud to announce the grand opening of the exclusive pre-construction collection of only 18 single family homes. Gracefully positioned atop Burke Mountain real estate in Coquitlam, with sweeping views of the valley, this exclusive collection of custom three and four bedroom pre-construction Coquitlam homes for sale offer large, open living spaces that are definitely thoughtfully appointed and embrace the wholesome beauty of the outdoors through the abundance of over sized windows. Ranging from 2100 sq ft to 2300 square feet in size in addition to over 1100 square feet of unfinished basement space, these Burke Mountain Heights single family Coquitlam homes for sale won’t last long at a price point starting from an incredible $614,900! Add your own personal touches with the on site design centre at Burke Mountain Heights today and you’re on your way to a great life here. There are two stunning new show homes at the Foxridge Homes Burke Mountain real estate development that are located on Don Moore Drive in Coquitlam. They will be open every day except Fridays from 12 to 5. Presented here at this new custom home development is the lifestyle you deserve, with estate sized lots and homes for sale. You can everything inside and out, including flooring lighting fixtures, mouldings, counter tops, crown mouldings and paint that can be custom designed for you in mind. The pre-construction Coquitlam Burke Mountain Heights single family homes will be over two thousand square feet above ground too. There are also sunny dens/home offices in addition to separate family rooms and dining rooms for the traditional folk. Or you can opt for more open concept living spaces at the pre-construction Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam homes for sale. Windows are floor to ceiling throughout the beautiful presale homes and there are heritage style doors. This outgoing, family oriented community at Burke Mountain Coquitlam real estate community is clearly evolving into an upscale neighbourhood full of traditional charm, large estate homes and a perfect location mountainside. Just steps from new schools, amenities and services, please visit the new Burke Mountain Heights presentation centre in Coquitlam today.

2 Days Only at Burke Mountain Heights Family Homes for Sale

As a VIP registrant for the Foxridge Homes community named Burke Mountain Heights in Coquitlam real estate market, we would like to keep you informed of our latest news with email updates when new information is available for this prestigious single family Coquitlam home for sale community. You are cordially invited to join us for your very first look at the specially designed pre-sale Coquitlam single family homes for sale that Foxridge Homes will be offering at Burke Mountain Heights community for 2 days only, February 21st and 22nd, from noon to 5pm. We will be temporarily located at the Burke Mountain Heights Welcome Centre that weekend, at the corner of Coast Meridian and David Avenue in Coquitlam. We will have an information package for these single family Coquitlam houses for sale for the Burke Mountain Heights neighbourhood available for you and a limited number of homes for sale. In early to mid March we will email to let you know that our on site Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam houses for sales office at 3396 Don Moore Drive will be opening on a full time basis. Foxridge Homes real estate developer, a Qualico Developments company, is very pleased to officially announce the future build of 26 single family homes at Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam houses. As one of the largest builders in neighboring Westwood Plateau, we are definitely NOT the ‘new kid on the block’. Each Coquitlam home for sale at the pre-construction Burke Mountain Heights family oriented community will boast three or four bedrooms upstairs, soaring ten foot main floor ceilings, huge windows with transoms above, double attached garages, fully landscaped front and rear yards including fencing, and beautiful finishings throughout. Foxridge Homes real estate developer builds a home you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. Best of all, you don’t have to choose from limiting set color schemes, you can customize your pre-construction Coquitlam home for sale in our on site Burke Mountain Heights Design Centre, that will be located in our showhome, to make it your very own. We thank you for your interest in our homes at Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam houses for sale and I look forward to meeting you February 21st or 22nd. Sherry, Sales Representative for Foxridge Homes at Burke Mountain Heights single family Coquitlam homes for sale. Call 778-881-7900.

Priced from $599,900-This Weekend Only at Burke Mountain Heights!

A Foxridge Homes Qualico Company real estate development offers new Coquitlam houses for sale. You can add your personal touch today. Foxridge Homes will be welcoming you this spring to our show homes at Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam, an exclusive collection of 26 single family Coquitlam houses fro sale in a setting with breathtaking views. At Burke Mountain Heights homes, you don't have to choose from limited, set colour schemes, you can customize your new home in our on site Design Centre to make it your very own. Visit us February 21st and 22nd at the Burke Mountain Heights Information Centre at the corner of Coast Meridian and David. Open from noon to 5pm or call 778.881.7900 for more information about these new Coquitlam homes for sale at the pre-construction Burke Mountain Heights houses. Show homes opening this spring at 3396 Don Moore Drive, Coquitlam.

Burke Mountain Heights Update - February 26, 2009
Thank you to all who made it out to the ‘Foothills at Burke Mountain’ Grand Opening this past weekend at Wesbilds Welcome Centre! I met with many, many people who have expressed interest in our Burke Mountain Heights Single Family Coquitlam Homes for Sale Community. At this time, we have 4 homes for sale and 2 have been spoken for. I will be away from February 27th to March 9th, 2009 and will not be checking messages until I get back. If you have any questions regarding the pre-construction Coquitlam homes for sale at Burke Mountain Heights site, please send me an email and I will respond to it as soon as possible once I return. Also, just a note, the tentative opening of our pre-sale Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam Homes Sales Centre is set for March 14th at noon. I will send out an email with confirmation of that date once I get back. We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you soon.

Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam Homes For Sale!
Add your personal touch to these ultimate customizable single family Coquitlam Homes at the prestigious Burke Mountain Heights real estate development today! Foxridge Homes welcomes you to Burke Mountain Heights properties, an exclusive collection of 26 single family Coquitlam homes for sale, in a setting with breathtaking views, and only priced from $599,900. At Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam real estate development, yo udon’t have to choose from limited set colour schemes, you can customize your single family home in our on site Design Centre to make it your very own. Visit the Burke Mountain Heights Coquitlam home centre at 3398 Don Moore Drive in Coquitlam, BC as it is now open from noon to 5pm daily except Fridays. You can contact Foxridge regarding the Coquitlam Burke Mountain Heights homes development at 778.881.7900.

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Lakewood Homes presents the new D'Anjou Townhomes in North Delta Real Estate Market - Sunshine Hills Community at 6838 Baker Road

D’Anjou North Delta Townhomes Snapshot 2009

Sunshine Hills has a new North Delta real estate development called the d'Anjou Townhomes by Lakewood Homes.Located in the Sunshine Hills real estate neighbourhood in North Delta, D’Anjou townhomes can be found at 6838 Baker Road. Where unique location meets classic design, the pre-construction North Delta D’Anjou Townhomes for sale present elegant interiors with open floor plans, Euro-style gourmet kitchens with wood cabinetry, luxurious ensuites, plus hardwood and nine foot ceilings throughout the main level. The property perks of these pre-sale North Delta D’Anjou townhomes for sale include being minutes from the best schools, shopping, restaurants, and major transportation routes along the Scott Road Corridor. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a brand new townhome in North Delta real estate market. The price point for the presale D’Anjou townhomes is from $479,800.

4 Delta D’Anjou Townhomes Remaining! The Wait is Over.
At d'Anjou townhomes (new Delta homes for sale) we only have 4 family sized executive and affordable townhomes remaining. Units #3, #4, #5 at the d’Anjou Delta townhomes have a long driveway and are 2480 square feet, asking $515,800. Unit #10 is 2340 square feet; it is the same as the show home, asking $489,800. The new Delta homes for sale are now ready to be occupied, so come on over and refresh your visit. Open 1 - 5 pm daily except Fridays. Thanks, Ken, Sales Manager at the new Delta townhomes at d’Anjou. 604-220-0703 - 6838 Baker Road, Delta real estate market.

North Delta Real Estate for Sale

Superior West Coast style architecture and design grace the Baker Road d'Anjou Townhouses for sale in Delta property market.Offering only 17 boutique pre-sale Delta townhomes near 68th Avenue and Scott Road in the hub of North Delta real estate, d’Anjou townhouses is where a unique location meets classic design. Elegant interiors feature open floor plans, Euro style gourmet kitchens with wood cabinetry, luxurious ensuites, plus hardwood and nine foot ceilings throughout the main level of these North Delta d’Anjou townhomes for sale. Just minutes from top rated schools, shopping, restaurants and major transportation routes. The pre-construction Delta d’Anjou townhomes will be found at 6838 Baker Road in North Delta real estate community. Be sure to register early for this new pre-sale townhouse offering from Lakewood Homes real estate developers. For more info, please call Ken at 604.572.1071 or you can visit Built by Lakewood Homes, this exclusive townhome pre-construction development at d'Anjou Townhouses in North Delta real estate market are now selling. Thank you for your interest in d'Anjou - a 17 townhome presale North Delta property development offered by the Lakewood Group in Sunshine Hills of North Delta. The start date for these townhomes is the end of summer. Two units will be available between 1,880 and 1,900 square feet and the remainder of the pre-construction North Delta d'Anjou homes will be between 2,330 and 2,490 square feet. All presale d'Anjou North Delta town homes have double side-by-side garages, which is a great feature. These d'Anjou homes will be priced from $479,800. For more information on this 17 unit pre-construction d'Anjou townhouse project in Delta, please contact Ken Hoyt at 604-572-1071 for updates and further details about floorplans, availability and pricing. I am looking forward to talking with you. Regards, Ken Hoyt, Realtor. Please register online at

The Townhouse Finishes

Almost everything is standard at these new Delta homes at d'Anjou.The North Delta townhome real estate development featured at Danjou townhouses features easy living, great construction, contemporary finishes and an eye for efficiency and detail. As far as the building is concerned, the pre-construction d’Anjou Townhomes in North Delta real estate will feature acoustically engineered party walls, two car, side by side double garages in each residence, raised panel front doors, Hardi plank siding for durability and rainscreen water system. Inside, the pre-construction D’Anjou North Delta townhomes will feature cable outlets in all living rooms and bedrooms, CAT5 wiring, home theatre pre-wiring, two exterior water taps, laundry sink, decora light fixtures, telephone jacks, walk in closet in the master bedroom and generous extra storage spaces. As far as efficiency is concerned the pre-construction North Delta d’Anjou townhomes will feature CO2 and smoke dectectors, individually controlled heating, large water tanks and side by side large washer and dryer. Other interior features at the residences at d’Anjou North Delta town homes include one inch window blinds, hardwood, stain resitant carepts, pot lightin, designer light fixtures, solid baseboards, crown moulding, fireplace, euro-style kitchens with a great appliance set and granite counters and wood cabinetry. Security is paramount to this North Delta townhome community and the pre-sale d’Anjou townhouses will also have elegant bathrooms with the latest in design and technology. There are two interesting floro plans where you will have the master bedroom on the main floor in most suites here and the pre-construction Delta d’Anjou townhomes will also have nine foot ceilings. Some of the custom upgrades that are not included with your purchase price at the presale North Delta townhouses for sale at d’Anjou by Lakewood Properties includes bedroom off the leisure room, and three piece bathroom off the leisure room. As indicated, there are two floorplans available at the Danjou townhomes in North Delta that includes the Red Plan between 1882 and 1991 sq ft (garage is not included in the size) and the Green Plan that is slightly larger at 2332 to 2496 square feet.

Contact Information and Location of Danjou Townhomes in North Delta Property Market

A new boutique community in North Delta awaits you and your family at the pre-construction d’Anjou Townhomes for sale. They are located at 6838 Baker Road in Delta real estate, BC. For more information, please visit their marketing web site at This is a proud development by Lakewood Properties. In terms of the location of the pre-sale North Delta D’Anjou Townhomes, you will be within walking and short driving distance from: Watershed and Wade Road Parks, Sunshine Hills Park and Cougar Canyon Park, Cougar Canyon Environmental Reserve, Scottsdale Centre and several recreational and shopping centres including Strawberry Hill, North Delta Rec Centre and Sungod Rec Centre. The d’Anjou North Delta townhomes are built to last and will have the Travelers warranty for 1-2/5/10 years.

Sunshine Hills D’Anjou North Delta Townhomes for Sale
The first Delta townhouse real estate development since the prestigious Sunshine Hills community almost twenty years ago, the North Delta d’Anjou townhomes provide affordable multi-family housing in an incredible and well sought after area. The classic architecture and exterior facades of these new North Delta townhomes provide style, character and charm to this beautiful community. The kitchens have richly stained, solid wood with sophisticated angularity of Euro design and with full height pantries and pot drawers in addition to midnight sky granite for the counters and glossy ebony coloured porcelain sink, your urban home is truly modern yet sophisticated. In addition, the pre-construction Delta townhomes for sale at d’Anjou townhouses feature built in wine fridge and beverage centre in addition to lots of entertainment spaces in the great rooms and fireplaces. The main living level bedroom is a great retreat for those who want extra den space or for those who want their master on the main floor of their North Delta d’Anjou townhome for sale. In addition, there are walk-in closets at these spectacular d’Anjou Delta town homes. Every detail has been thought out at the d’Anjou townhomes in North Delta real estate market with a sink in the laundry room and private back yards. The ever increasing North Delta amenities close to the new d’Anjou townhomes for sale include Chapters and Earls in addition to the Strawberry Hill Shopping Centre. Also available is Future Shop, Petcetera and many recreational options including Sungod Arena, Watershed Park and White Rock beaches. The Sunshine Hills North Delta d’Anjou townhome location is impeccable. This luxury boutique Delta townhome development at d’Anjou is offering only 17 townhomes for sale with an average of 2340 square feet of living space inside. Prices start from just $479,800 and the grand opening fo the pre-sale d’Anjou North Delta townhomes is February 28th at 1pm. For more information, please visit

For a limited only, the builder will pay the GST on any d’Anjou Delta townhome. Taste the good life today with prices starting from just $479,800. The pre-sale Delta d’Anjou townhomes range from 1882 to 2496 squrae feet and are located at 6838 Baker Road in Delta, BC in the Sunshine Hills community. Lakewood Group Developments Ltd.

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