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Recommendations for Vancouver 2010 Rentals Landlords and Homeowners - Furnishing your Furnished 2010 Olympic Suite, Rent 2010 Discrimination Laws

So You’re Thinking of Renting Your Condo or Home For the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. How can you stay competitive with your furnished rental 2010 accommodation?

Here are some tips and recommendations for landlords on Vancouver 2010 Rentals for Homeowners looking for tenants.Here are some tips on how to beat the competition when it comes to renting your home or condominium as 2010 Olympic housing. Really, most of these tips from Growth Strategies are common sense suggestions for your investment property and rental 2010 Olympic housing that are often overlooked by Vancouver home owners. Firstly, keep your home or condo well maintained. Don’t wait for your current tenant or the last day to start doing necessary repairs and maintenance to your rental 2010 housing. You want to show units that are up to date and fresh and possibly take the most accurate photo images of your rooms and furnishings before posting your Vancouver 2010 Olympic housing rental online. Prospective tenants may not be able to imagine what you say you may do to the unit or how you may furnish it during the Vancouver 2010 Games, so they won’t see the potential value or what they are going to get for their money. Secondly, have a wow factor ready for your furnished 2010 rental accommodation. The addition of bright colours, modern flooring and lighting can go along way when you’re competing against thousands of other homes and condos that look just like yours, except of the difference in pricing. If your showings or advertisements don’t result in a wow reaction, your home or condo for rent during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games may need more of this type of attention to achieve brilliance. Thirdly, think about curb appeal for your new Vancouver 2010 Olympic housing rental. Tenants want to live in a home or condo, not a cheap accommodation where everything is breaking down and unsecure. Does your unit or home look like a rental? Or does it fit into the community? Remember that travelers and visitors who are renting your 2010 furnished rental accommodation are looking for the home experience. Fourthly, remember to pre-clean your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental and get to your suite early before showings. Turn on all the lights, open the blinds and take out the garbage and if you have time tidy the kitchen, clean the floors and eliminate any odours as best as you can. In terms of cleaning, this also goes a long way when you’re taking pictures of your Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation, as the minimalist approach to design is probably your best bet. Lastly, think about the extras that you can put into your 2010 Olympic housing. When purchasing or renovating an investment rental property, consider amenities you can promote to your 2010 tenants – and for which you can possibly charge a premium or at least the maximum rate for, such as gas fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, air conditioning and dishwashers. Also, especially for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, make sure that your heating is working.

Click here for the best Vancouver 2010 Homeowners Guide and Olympic 2010 Landlord Checklist.

Find your ideal 2010 tenant from this official list of furnished Vancouver 2010 accommodation seekers who may just be your potential Olympic tenant.

New European Language Sites: Furnished 2010 Vancouver Rentals French Site, German Olympic 2010 Accommodation Site, Italian Vancouver Rent 2010 Accommodations.

In addition, please read our series on Problems that Landlords may encounter during the Vancouver 2010 rental period, other money/finance problems during the Rent 2010 Accommodations Rentals, and why you shouldn't rent 2010 Vancouver homes and suites if you are a home owner. Here is more information on the 2010 Hotel Room Taxes or 2010 HRT.

If You Are a Landlord/Homeowner Renting Your Home During the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, Watch Out and Avoid Discrimination!

Avoid discrimination when dealing with prospective tenants for your Vancouver 2010 Rentals and Olympic Housing Suites.Property owners in Vancouver want to avoid discrimination at all costs when interviewing potential tenants for their furnished 2010 rental accommodation and rental homes. Human rights violations can get you into hot water, even for 2010 Olympic housing rentals, and can also be expensive if you’re found to have been discriminatory. So what should landlords and Vancouver property owners be wary of inquiring about, when it comes to furnished rentals 2010 Vancouver accommodation for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, whether of an international visitor or even a Canadian citizen? The Canadian human rights legislation at the federal level called the Canadian Human Rights Act, outlaws discrimination on the following grounds for any type of furnished rental 2010 Vancouver accommodation that you are advertising and managing: sexual orientation, disability, pardoned conviction, family status, marital status, sex, age, religion, colour, national or ethnic origin and race. Outside these infringements, you can ask a prospective tenant or renter for your Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation anything in connection with your criteria, as long as it relates to credit worthiness, tenant-worthiness and the parameters defined in the lease agreement. For example, no pets, no smoking, no loud music and no substance abuse during their short-term 2010 rental stay. For a complete list of all Canadian residential tenancy acts, visit Source is from

Click here for a complete Vancouver 2010 Renters Checklist and Olympic Renters 2010 Guide.

Tips for Vancouver Homeowners on Dealing with Difficult Tenants During the Vancouver Olympics

How a Landlord or Olympic Homeowners should deal with difficult Rent 2010 Accommodations Tenants and Visitors.There may be many instances when you end up with an unreliable tenant even though you have done all the screening, research and due diligence in establishing their credible credit and tenant worthiness for renting your home during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Instead of letting the issue or issues linger, the key to any successful rental Vancouver 2010 accommodation landlord process is to act immediately and decisively. The longer you allow a situation to fester, the more money you stand to lose, especially with short-term Olympic rentals. A landlord or Vancouver homeowner renting their home or condo during the 2010 Winter Games must have legitimate grounds for ending a tenancy as outlined in the Residential Tenancy Act of each province. Late rent payment, non-rent payment and damage or theft to the property are all valid reasons for ending a Tenancy Agreement for a Vancouver 2010 rental suite. In a situation such as this, a landlord or Vancouver home owner can often convince a tenant to leave by advising them of the consequences of late rent payment or damage to rental property during their stay at your rent 2010 accommodation. A formal breach of lease agreement can be served that advises the delinquent tenant of the following: a bad debt will be referred to a collection agency in Canada for action that may include letters to employers and court appearances in Canada, tenants who leave landloards with unpaid rental fees for the rent 2010 Vancouver accommodations and/or damaged furnished 2010 rental suites and property are reported to a credit reporting agency in their country which can affect their ability to rent elsewhere and obtain credit in the future as well as consequence in civil court for breach of contract and acting in bad faith for their failure to meet the Tenancy Act for their furnished 2010 Vancouver rental. Also, you can also notify your 2010 tenant that it is a failure to retify debt immediately that results in eviction proceedings and the responsibility for the associated cost of this. If this doesn’t work and you want to get rid of an Olympic Vancouver 2010 tenant without having to go through the eviction process and a lengthy wait, there’s an alternative. Perhaps offer the Vancouver 2010 rental tenant cash in return for them vacating your property immediately and on their own accord, providing there’s no damage or theft to the property. This is a business decision that has to be made for your short-term Vancouver 2010 rental property and it’s generally far less expensive than eviction. The source is from

Read the Vancouver 2010 Olympic rental site in Spanish or choose furnished Vancouver 2010 Swedish website for reference.

Information regarding regulations on landlord-tenant relations is available from the provincial agencies. For the Province of British Columbia, please visit the website for the Residential Tenancy Office at For more resources about the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, please click here. Here are downloadable PDF articles about the Vancouver 2010 Games.

For visitors looking for the BEST Vancouver 2010 Hotels Suites and Rooms, click here. For travelers looking for furnished North Shore Rentals such as luxury West Vancouver 2010 Rental Homes or North Vancouver Rent 2010 Suites, click here.

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Listraor Presents the New Laurel Burnaby Townhomes for Sale - Situated along Boundary Road, these Pre-Sale Burnaby Homes For Sale are Finely Crafted

Burnaby Laurel Townhomes for Sale

The new Burnaby Laurel Townhomes along Boundary Road represent a new pre-sale townhouse for sale opportunity with great views and an impeccable city location.Boasting a decidedly urban style plus a central Burnaby real estate location with easy access to downtown Vancouer and the many recreational delights of the North Shore, Laurel Townhouses in Burnaby is an intimate collection of three level, contemporary pre-sale townhomes tucked neatly onto a sunny hillside. Architecture features welcoming, ground floor entry for every Laurel Burnaby home for sale, landscaped courtyard, private gardens, roof decks with stunning views of the North Shore Mountains, plus private patios for enjoying the great outdoors. Inside, custom designed details throughout the residences at the pre-construction Burnaby townhome at Laurel Living bring an urban sophistication to satisfy the most discriminating homebuyer. Laurel Burnaby townhome’s display home opens later this spring, but why wait? You can visit the Burnaby Laurel townhouse pre-sales centre right now in the Carrington Development found at 6101 Oak Street (at 45th Avenue) in Vancouver. For more information about the pre-construction Burnaby Laurel townhouses for sale, please call 604.649.5063 or you can visit their marketing site at The pre-sale Burnaby townhomes for sale at Laurel Living range from 887 to 1102 square feet in size and the pre-selling prices will be launched soon.

Your Special Holiday Gift at Laurel Burnaby Homes for Sale

The holiday season is quickly approaching and in the spirit of the season, we’d like to give you the gift of great savings. Purchase a new Burnaby townhome for sale from Laurel Living before January 1st 2010, and we’ll pay your GST. That’s 10s of thousands of dollars off the price of your new Burnaby home. At Laurel Burnaby townhomes for sale, great savings isn’t the only reason to celebrate this season. We’ve recently completed our construction, which means you could be moving in soon and ringing in the New Year enjoying the stunning views from high atop your roof top deck. With just a few presale Burnaby townhomes for sale remaining, each with it’s own unique layout, your opportunity to own at Laurel is quickly closing. Come complete your holiday shopping list with the purchase of an exclusive urban-style Burnaby townhome from Laurel. After all, it’s time you finally got what you wanted. Happy Holidays from Laurel, We look forward to seeing you soon.

Laurel Burnaby Homes for Sale Introduces a New Display Home
New Display Home Open Today! Come be among the first to experience presale Burnaby Laurel home’s newest, fully-furnished display townhome. Featuring a completely new townhouse floor plan layout designed to take advantage of the stunning rooftop views; it may just be the space you’ll want to call home. At Laurel Burnaby townhomes for sale, you’ll enjoy luxurious modern finishes, beautifully manicured courtyards and of course, stunning views. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own your exclusive townhome at Laurel Burnaby real estate development. Come visit our modern display homes between 3-5 Monday to Wednesday and 12-5 Weekends today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Suburban Lifestyle Meets Urban Excitement here at Laurel Townhomes
From the amazing views of the mountains to the water and to the downtown Vancouver skyline, these centrally located new Burnaby homes for sale at Laurel Townhomes are now presenting a great purchase incentive. For a limited timeonly, the net GST is included with your purchase of a new presale Burnaby Laurel home and best of all, they are designed and built by one of the most respected builders in the Lower Mainland, Listraor. Nearby amenities here at the new Laurel Burnaby homes for sale include Metrotwon, SFU, the SkyTrain, bus stops, Shadbolt Arts Centre and the Burnaby Lake Park, in addition to many options for dining and shopping. Large full scale kitchens and spacious living rooms that can accommodate house size furniture are other features of these floor plans here at Laurel Living. From the architectural brilliance to the open floorplans, the new Burnaby Laurel homes also offer high end appliances, master ensuite bathrooms that are spa inspired and also a feel that is Art Deco, but with a twenty first century look and feel to it. With only twenty four homes for sale here at the new Laurel Burnaby townhomes, you will be able to move in soon too! There are now two display homes ready for viewing, so why wait?

Cityhomes at the new Burnaby Houses for Sale Along Boundary Road

The Listraor real estate development at Laurel Living Burnaby City homes for sale are by the same developer as the Carrington Townhomes along Oak STreet in Vancouver.A new way of living is coming to town here at the new Burnaby houses for sale at Laurel Living. Brought to the property market by Listraor real estate developers, the same builders who are completing the most sought after development at Carrington Townhomes in the west side of Vancouver, the pre-construction Burnaby Laurel townhouses present an intimate collection of boutique town houses for sale that are central to both Burnaby, Vancouver as well as downtown. These presale townhomes at the Burnaby Laurel development feature urban chic dwellings that have easy access to the freeway as well as incredible views. A boutique craftsman style development, the Listraor Laurel new Burnaby houses for sale are set along a quiet street and designed in a townhome style with contemporary architecture and ground floor entry for all homes. Also, there is a shared landscaped courtyard for residents here at Laurel Living in Burnaby’s real estate market in addition to private gardens, green spaces, roof decks with views of the North Shore Mountains as well as ground level patios for those summer barbeques. With fine finishes throughout, these new Burnaby townhomes for sale definitely rival those of downtown Vancouver’s market and beyond. As many people wait out their home purchase in 2009, the Burnaby real estate market forecast is for smooth sailing. Although the condos and apartments have been slightly over built during the past few boom years, Burnaby real estate market forecast is for a shortage of family style housing that includes new townhomes and single family Burnaby homes for sale. The Burnaby real estate forecast 2009 is for a steady increase in property values when it comes to desirable locations and housing types, which include townhome developments. The Laurel Townhomes definitely provides a great long-term investment choice for families looking at the 2009 Burnaby real estate forecast and realizing that with low mortgage rates and outstanding value here at the Burnaby Laurel townhouses, now is the time to make the choice and purchase a new home here.

Burnaby Townhouses for Sale Now!
Urban living meets suburban lifestyle at this boutique Laurel Burnaby townhouse development by Listraor developers. A front door with frosted glass and 21st century twists all around, these traditional pre-construction Burnaby Townhouses for sale at Laurel living are definitely a mix of the old and the new for those who want to live in a spacious home in the heart of the city. From fireplaces to sleek white mantels and from kitchens that are open concept and chef inspired to large windows on multiple sides of the homes, the pre-sale Burnaby Laurel townhouses feature little things that make a big difference. From under staircase storage to floating vanities in the bathrooms and from genuine wood banisters to the top floor being dedicated to the master bedroom and ensuite, these pre-construction Burnaby townhouses at the Laurel townhomes are definitely a step ahead of the rest. There is also a massive balcony off the master suite with views that sweep more than one hundred and eighty degress across the lower mainland. From SFU, to Burnaby Lake and from Metrotown to BCIT, the pre-sale Burnaby Laurel townhouses are within steps or the SkyTrain of everything you need to do for work and play. Located at 3788 Laurel Street Burnaby townhouses are now selling, so experience this urban living townhome community today.

The Community and Features of the Laurel Burnaby Homes

The community neighbourhood is like no other in Burnaby. The Laurel townhomes feature a great location next to Avondale Park, Broadview Park as well as close driving distance to Central Park, Deer Lake Park, Kensington Park and Rupert Park. In addition, you are just minutes away from BCIT and Brentwood Mall when it comes to living at the new pre-sale Burnaby Laurel townhomes. The major transportation routes around the new Laurel Burnaby houses for sale include Lougheed Highway and Boundary Road. With contemporary inspired architecture by NSDA and landscaped private gardens in addition to shared courtyard with built in irrigation by Gerry Eckford, Landscape Designer, the pre-construction Burnaby Laurel townhomes provides a community that is unique and exciting to home buyers. With welcoming ground level entries for each Laurel Burnaby home for sale in addition to roof top decks, patios and gardens for outdoor living, there is no other Burnaby real estate development that will provide you with so much indoor plus outdoor living space. The new Laurel townhomes in Burnaby will include gourmet kitchens including custom wood cabinetry, granite countertops with undermout sinks, handset ceramic tiling for the backsplash, contemporary recessed lighting, and stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms at the pre-construction Burnaby Laurel townhouses and cityhomes will feature Kohler plumbing fixtures, satin nickel accessories, hand set ceramic tiled flooring, and granite counters. There are custom wood cabinetry, walk in showers as well as separate soaker tubs too at the new Laurel Townhouses for sale in Burnaby’s real estate market. Other interior features at Laurel Living town homes for sale include hardwood flooring throughout the dining and living areas, nine foot ceilngs (some sloped), large windows, solid birch stained doors, quality woodwork and craftsmanship and choice of two designer colour schemes. Pre-wiring for everything is standard as are individual hot water tanks, secured underground parking, individual storage lockers, roughed in security system and double glazed, thermally broken vinyl windows in every new Burnaby home for sale here at Laurel Living. With a respected builder like Listraor real estate developers behind this community the presale Burnaby townhomes at Laurel Living will have the Traveler’s Guarantee warranty as well as a great team behind it.

For more information regarding the Burnaby Laurel Townhomes for sale, please visit the Carrington townhouse show home at 6101 Oak Street at West 45th in Vancouver for a sneak peak at Listraor’s level of finishes and attention to detail. You can also call 604.649.5063 for more details or visit for all the information you need.

Live Urban and Suburban Here at the Listraor Laurel Townhomes in Burnaby Real Estate Market
Head Downtown or take to the city or find excitement, discover culture or live lavishly here at the new Burnaby Laurel Townhomes designed and constructed by world renowned Listraor developers. Or you can choose to live suburban at the presale Laurel Burnaby townhouses for sale and head uptown, take to the slopes, find tranquility, discover nature, live spaciously and Live at Laurel. Live at the centre of it all. Get the best of urban and suburban living at Laurel townhouses – a fine collection of twenty four centrally located Burnaby townhomes for sale with breathtaking views and refined modern finishes. Come experience the Laurel Burnaby townhome lifestyle for yourself today – visit the Listraor display home today for a sneak peak and for more information regarding this boutique townhouse collection. Visit 2788 Laurel Street, Burnaby real estate market today or call Carla at 604.649.5063. You can visit the pre-sale Burnaby Laurel townhome display centre Monday through Wednesday from 3-5 or over weekends from 12-5.

A New Burnaby Home Project Is Complete
Affordable Burnaby townhome living is now available at the prestigious new Laurel townhouses in the Cascades-Schou neighbourhood. A boutique number of twenty four pre-sale Burnaby townhomes at Laurel Living are now available and the floorplans range from eight hundred and eighty seven square feet all the way to a spacious eleven hundred sq ft in size. The architect for the new Burnaby Laurel townhomes is by Neale Staniskis Doll Adams Architects and the boutique Burnaby real estate developer is Listraor. The interior designs for these luxury Burnaby Laurel townhomes for sale is by 360 Degree Design and occupancy is expected to begin in December 2009. Currently, the pre-sale townhome pricing before GST is between $440k to $550k and the Laurel Burnaby townhome presentation centre is located at 3777 Laurel. The hours of operation are between three and five from Monday through Wednesday, noon to five on weekends and the website is at For those younger couples and families looking for convenience, low maintenance townhouse living and a great location close to amenities, nightlife and local services, the pre-sale Burnaby Laurel townhomes certainly deliver. Affordable and representing true Burnaby real estate value, these townhouses range from an impressive spacious floorplan space of 887 to 1100 square feet, and most floor plans have 3 bedrooms. From Canada Way to Boundary Road, and from Highway 1 to downtown Vancouver, the pre-sale Burnaby Laurel townhouses are certainly within a quick drive to everything you need to go to whether it be work or play. Hardwood flooring and granite countertops, stainless steel and outdoor living space, the new Burnaby townhomes at Laurel Living by LIstraor feature a target market of young professionals who appreciate the combination of great location and value. Located within the Cascades Schou neighbourhood of Burnaby real estate market, the Laurel townhouses are part of the Cascades Heights densification community that are very close to Brentwood Mall as well as the impressive MetroTown area. Parks, schools, medical centres, BCIT are much more. All of the Laurel Burnaby townhomes for sale will feature great views that were well designed in the master planned siteplan of the community and they will have roof top decks, lage bedrooms, open concept floor plans and at grade car garages (in addition to underground parking for select units_. 23 of the pre-sale Laurel Burnaby townhouses are three bedroom homes and there is one two bed home for sale. The corner windows in the Laurel Burnaby townhome kitchens flood the most important working spaces in the homes with natural lighting, and provide every household with a feeling of outside row residency. Granite will top kitchen and bathroom counters. Both the developer and interior designer have specified appliances clad in stainless steel.

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Morningstar Presents New Cloverdale Saddle Creek at Provinceton Single Family Homes for Sale in this BuiltGREEN GreenStar Cloverdale Houses for Sale

Saddle Creek Cloverdale Single Family Homes

The pre-construction Cloverdale homes for sale at Saddle Creek at Provinceton provide luxury urban houses in the heart of a master planned community by Morningstar Homes.Welcome to Saddle Creek at Provinceton, a master planned single family Cloverdale home community in the heart of the country. Here is the latest from the email desk at the Cloverdale houses for sale at Saddle Creek masterplanned development. Dear Saddle Creek Pre-Registrants, Over the past few months registrations for these new Cloverdale homes for sale have been pouring in … and now with construction under way at Saddle Creek Homes I’m sure you have a few questions in mind! But before you ask… let me take a moment to answer the 5 most common questions typically asked about a new Cloverdale single family house neighbourhood here at the pre-sale Saddle Creek Cloverdale homes for sale. The first question on all home buyers’ minds is how much the pre-construction Cloverdale Saddle Creek single family homes are with the current market conditions. According to the real estate developer, Morningstar Homes, although no official price list for these new Cloverdale houses have been released, the pricing has been carefully calculated to make sure that they are affordable and inline with comparables. The pre-sale Cloverdale Saddle Creek single family houses for sale will begin under $500,000 CAD which is thousands of dollars below current market prices in and around the Cloverdale real estate market. The official public grand opening is scheduled for mid-year 2009, but as a priority registrant (something you can do online at the Saddle Creek Cloverdale web site), you will have the opportunity to select and take advantage of the introductory pre-sale pricing prior to the general public. It is anticipated that the first pre-sales events for the new Saddle Creek Cloverdale homes will take place in early May 2009.

More Questions and Answers from Saddle Creek Cloverdale Houses for Sale

The new Cloverdale Saddle Creek homes for sale are BuiltGreen GreenStar Morningstar Houses that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.Because the project has already been passed, Morningstar Homes is in constant talks with designers and architects to finalize the floor plans and exterior architecture for these craftsman homes. The Saddle Creek web site has already published preliminary floor plans online at and you can take a look at the Cloverdale home floor plans at Saddle Creek by clicking on Upcoming Communities in the menu bar. The Cloverdale Saddle Creek at Provinceton real estate development will feature five unique and different floor plans that range from three and four bedroom layouts. All of the floor plans here at the Saddle Creek at Provinceton Cloverdale single family homes will be designed in historical farmhouse style architecture to blend seamlessly with the timeless char mof the community. If you have a favourite layout or architecture you would like to see, please contact the Saddle Creek Cloverdale at Provinceton homes community with your ideas and comments today. In terms of move-in and occupancy dates, it is expected that Morningstar Homes will complete these new Cloverdale homes by late summer into September. If you need more time for a move-in, Morningstar Homes can certainly accommodate your schedule for occupancy. The pre-sale new Saddle Creek at Provinceton single family Cloverdale homes are pre selected based on variables such as lot size, variety of product and architectural guidelines to ensure an aesthetically pleasing streetscape. First choose the Saddle Creek Cloverdale house you want and then Morningstar would be happy to show you which lots your favorite model is being built on.

CLICK hERE TO VIEW SADDLE CREEK AT PROVINCETON ON OUR WEBSITE. Stay tuned, the next Saddle Creek Cloverdale home community newsletter will have more information about these very special pre-sale Provinceton homes, with more details on specifications & finishes, room layouts, and why we think you are going to love living in a single family home at Saddle Creek master planned community.

Why Build Green at Saddle Creek Homes?

At Morningstar, we not only build attractive and affordable homes, we go much further. Our Morningstar GreenStar program means each Saddle Creek single family home is designed and built to embrace healthy living, promote energy savings and protect the environment. Our GreenStar Morninstar Saddel Creek Cloverdale homes for sale are, quite simply, built better. From energy saving, high-efficiency furnaces and dishwashers to Low-E windows and low off-gassing paint and flooring – and much more - Morningstar homes proves that Saddle Creek at Provinceton homeowners can enjoy healthy living without compromising on style or budget. It’s really a no-brainer: beautiful new Cloverdale homes for sale that are healthier and more comfortable to live in, less expensive to operate and maintain, and more sensitive to the local environment. What more could you ask for from a new single family home in today’s real estate market? Check out WWW.MORNINGSTARHOMES.BC.CA for more details about the pre-sale Cloverdale Saddle Creek at Provinceton Homes by Morningstar real estate developers.

You’re Invited to the Grand Opening of Saddlecreek at Provinceton by Morningstar Homes
A special invitiation to the Priority Registered Customers at the Saddlecreek at Provinceton Cloverdale single family homes for sale by Morningstar Homes developers. You are among a list of over 500 Saddle Creek homes pre-registrants. With only 78 pre-sale Cloverdale homes for sale in total, that means the intitial release of show homes will be in very high demand. Be among the first to view the Saddle Creek Homes at Provinceton Cloverdale real estate market showhome on June 4 and 5th, 2009. This is a selling event and an opportunity for you to purchase a new Cloverdale single family home for sale before the official grand opening to the general public of the pre-construction Cloverdale Saddle Creek Homes at Provinceton master planned community. To be as fair as possible, they will welcome interested parties on a first come and first served basis. The first release of Morningstar Saddle Creek Cloverdale homes for sale will consist of a limited numer of single family homes along 178th Street. Pricing for the first release of new Cloverdale Saddle Creek homes will be released on June 4, 2009. You won’t want ot miss this event! Please bring the invitation that you received in the mail after pre-registering via telephone or online with you in order to attend the grand opening event for the Cloverdale Saddle Creek homes for sale. The pre-opening sales event is from 9am to 9pm at 7027 – 178th Street, Cloverdale, BC. Farm house inspired single family Cloverdale homes for sale by Morningstar are coming soon!

Cloverdale’s Saddle Creek Homes Have a Rural Location Yet Modern Urban Feel
Saddle Creek at Provinceton is the latest offering in Cloverdale real estate developments and unlike its predecessors, this property by Morningstar Homes brings a sense of urban living to the otherwise rural Cloverdale property market. With a subdivision of 78 new Cloverdale homes for sale, the pre-construction Saddle Creek at Provinceton community will boast five star construction and amenities for homebuyers. Using some design aspects from farmhouses built more than a century ago, the country style living with premiere and luxury appointments brings a great combination of features and finishes to these pre-construction Cloverdale homes for sale. The Provinceton Saddle Creek community is a five star development by one of the Lower Mainland’s brightest and most established builders in Morningstar Homes. The Saddle Creek Cloverdale homes for sale will have five different floor plans to choose from and there are options for either three or four bedrooms. With eco friendly finishes and flooring in addition to eighteen foot ceilings in the great rooms, the Saddle Creek at Provinceton Cloverdale real estate development features large windows that overlook a natural park. Fully functional floor plans and a great use of the acreage are other awesome features of these pre-sale Saddle Creek homes for sale as are the flat yards and views. The range of floorplan sizes for these new Cloverdale homes for sale include three thousand and fourty five square feet all the way to 3288 sq ft and also unfinished basements for extra storage or a future build out. The prices for these pre-construction Cloverdale homes at Saddle Creek Provinceton start from the $500,000 range.

Property History at Cloverdale Saddle Creek at Provinceton Homes for Sale Make It Unique
With a farmhouse and truly rustic/rural look and feel, the Provinceton Saddle Creek Cloverdale homes for sale certainly deliver in terms of spacious rural living and yet the convenience of a truly urban house. Located at 7027 – 178th Street in Cloverdale, the 78 detached homes for sale at the Saddle Creek houses at Provinceton community are now featured with prices that reflect today’s market at around $530k. With three and four bedroom residences for sale here at the Cloverdale Saddle Creek homes, homebuyers can choose from 3045 sq ft to 3288 square foot residences with 2.5 bathrooms. A Morningstar Homes Development, the exterior design of the rural Provinceton Cloverdale Saddle Creek homes for sale are designed by Fred Sale and the interior designs are managed by Creative Interior Designs. The occupancy and completion of these pre-sale Cloverdale homes is expected to by October 2009. With a true neighbourhood feel, the Saddle Creek homes at Provinceton Cloverdale master planned real estate development brings about a rare for the area hillside view lot acreage that is family and pedestrian friendly and features very large three and four bedroom plans. The layouts are wide and varied with 5 floor plans to choose from for new homebuyers and the kitchens have magnificent views and the dining room presents traditional eating areas. The pre-construction Cloverdale homes for sale at the Saddle Creek at Provinceton community also features walk out basements, backyards, great rooms, and eco friendly flooring. Other interior features include 18 foot ceilings, wall of windows, parkland setting, spa like master ensuite bathrooms and fully landscaped grounds. The yards here at the pre-sale Cloverdale Saddle Creek at Provinceton homes are between 50 to 90 feet and some of the architectural exterior detailing includes dormers, gables, porches and much more. With old world charm and a central location within the Fraser Valley, these new Cloverdale homes for sale present unmatched value from a prestigious builder at Morningstar Homes. Quality craftsmanship, family oriented community and spectacular views are offered here with five fully furnished show homes for viewing. 15 Saddle Creek at Provinceton Cloverdale homes sold last weekend.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Richmond Property Update: Pre-Construction Terasa Green Townhomes, Ampri Karat Townhouses, Empirical Living Homes - New Richmond BC Real Estate Sales

Richmond Karat Townhomes Now 55% Sold Out – August 2009

The latest update on the pre-construction Richmond townhomes for sale at Karat Townhouses is that over half of the luxury homes are now sold out. Worth the wait: Good things come to those who wait. Presenting Karat Richmond Townhomes, an exclusive collection of 45 signature Am-Pri townhomes for sale in Richmond’s North McLennan community. Experience a higher level of sophistication thorugh Karat’s upgraded interior finishes backed with Am-Pri’s commitment to long term quality and sustainability in residential construction projects. Some of the great features that homebuyers will like at the pre-sale Richmond Karat Townhomes for sale include stainless steel appliances, nine foot ceilings throughout the main floor spaces in addition to granite counter tops throughout the homes. IN addition, the pre-construction Karat Richmond townhomes for sale will introduce energy efficient building technologies in addition to public art installations called “Tsunami in Steel.” The show home address for the new Richmond Townhouses for sale at Karat by Am-Pri developers is located on site at 7393 Turnill Street in Richmond, BC. They are open daily from one to five in the afternoon and you can visit for additional information including floor plans and features lists. The prices for these new Richmond townhouses at Karat living start from just $428,000 fro three bedroom homes with garage and they include the net GST too. Call Jatinder at 604.377.2051 for additional details. All homes at Karat Richmond townhouses will come with the National Home Warranty.

Richmond Karat Townhomes for Sale

Amri Real Estate Developers has applied for re-zoning for the new luxury Karat Townhomes in Richmond property market at Garden City Road.Introducing an upscale collection of 45 new Richmond townhouses, Karat townhomes is brought to you by Am-Pri Construction and will bring an ew level of elegant living to the northeast corner of Garden City Road and General Currie in Richmond BC real estate market. Pre-sales for the Karat Richmond Townhomes are expected to begin early in the new year. Results from a competition for the project’s public art component should be released soon. For more information about the new pre-construction Karat Richmond townhomes for sale, please visit 45 sparkling townhomes at General Currie and Garden City are coming in early 2009 with dazzling living spaces for sale. The Karat Richmond Public Art Project Competition – The Richmond Public Art Commission and Am-Pri are inviting artist(s)/teams to participate in a competition to provide a site-specific work of public art as part of the new Richmond real estate development at the Karat Townhomes. For more information about this public art competition for the new Karat Richmond townhouses, please download the PDF document from

Terasa Green Richmond Townhomes

Close to YVR, the pre-construction Richmond Teresa Green Townhomes is a new luxury townhouse development in the heart of Richmond BC real estate market.Located on No. 2 Road and almost equidistant from the Vancouver International Airport, Steveston Village and the heart of Richmond real estate’s retail oriented downtown strip, the Richmond Terasa Green Townhomes is an intimate collection of only 13 three bedroom townhouses for sale. Offering between thirteen hundred and fifty to seventeen hundred square feet in interior living space, these two and three level Terasa Green Richmond townhomes for sale include the convenience of a main floor powder room and dens. Central vacuum and alarm system included with every pre-construction Richmond townhome purchase at Terasa Green town houses. For more information about this unique Richmond real estate offering at Terasa Green town homes for sale, please priority register at 604.618.0008 or you can visit for additional details.

Richmond Empirical Living Townhomes for Sale

New listing and under construction, the new presale Empirical Living Richmond townhomes for sale are now open. With five units sold and only seven condo townhouses left for sale at the pre-construction Richmond Empirical Living, now is your chance to own a piece of Richmond real estate. Located at 9000 Granville Avenue in Richmond property market, the Empirical Living townhomes range between $522,000 and $563,000. Across from a 21 acres Garden City Park, Empirical landing Richmond condominium townhomes for sale brings everyday life living desires right to your front door. Only 12 presale units are available at Empirical Landing Richmond, designed and built using timeless and quality materials with maple kitchen cabinets, granite countertops throughout, stone and quality laminated hardwood flooring. Luxurious living spaces at the pre-construction Richmond townhome development at Empirical Living condos range from 1490 to 1508 square feet in size. The floor plan layouts call for three bedroom and two bathroom residences and all pre-sales Richmond empirical Living townhouses have two car tandem parking and the 2,5,10 year home warranty. The expected completion for the new Empirical Landing homes in Richmond property market are slated for Summer 2009 occupancy. Walk to parks, schools, the Richmond Centre and future rapid transit. The Empirical Living Richmond homes represent the best value in town and are selling now. Please call Sandy at 604.244.9622 for more information.

Richmond Empirical Living Townhomes

Only steps away from the five parks, a SkyTrain Station and some of Richmond real estate’s finest shopping, the Richmond Empirical Living is an intimate collection of three level, three bedroom pre-construction Richmodnt townhomes for sale offering approximately fifteen hundred square feet of comfortable, contemporary living space. Features at the pre-construction Empirical Living Richmond townhomes include rasied panel maple cabinetry, Sakura hood fans, hardwood laminate flooring and nine foot ceilings on the main living level. Construction on the Richmond Empirical Living townhouses is underway at 9000 Granville Road in Richmond real estate market. For more information, please call 604.244.9622 or you can visit their marketing web site at

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