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Recommendations for Vancouver 2010 Rentals Landlords and Homeowners - Furnishing your Furnished 2010 Olympic Suite, Rent 2010 Discrimination Laws

So You’re Thinking of Renting Your Condo or Home For the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. How can you stay competitive with your furnished rental 2010 accommodation?

Here are some tips and recommendations for landlords on Vancouver 2010 Rentals for Homeowners looking for tenants.Here are some tips on how to beat the competition when it comes to renting your home or condominium as 2010 Olympic housing. Really, most of these tips from Growth Strategies are common sense suggestions for your investment property and rental 2010 Olympic housing that are often overlooked by Vancouver home owners. Firstly, keep your home or condo well maintained. Don’t wait for your current tenant or the last day to start doing necessary repairs and maintenance to your rental 2010 housing. You want to show units that are up to date and fresh and possibly take the most accurate photo images of your rooms and furnishings before posting your Vancouver 2010 Olympic housing rental online. Prospective tenants may not be able to imagine what you say you may do to the unit or how you may furnish it during the Vancouver 2010 Games, so they won’t see the potential value or what they are going to get for their money. Secondly, have a wow factor ready for your furnished 2010 rental accommodation. The addition of bright colours, modern flooring and lighting can go along way when you’re competing against thousands of other homes and condos that look just like yours, except of the difference in pricing. If your showings or advertisements don’t result in a wow reaction, your home or condo for rent during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games may need more of this type of attention to achieve brilliance. Thirdly, think about curb appeal for your new Vancouver 2010 Olympic housing rental. Tenants want to live in a home or condo, not a cheap accommodation where everything is breaking down and unsecure. Does your unit or home look like a rental? Or does it fit into the community? Remember that travelers and visitors who are renting your 2010 furnished rental accommodation are looking for the home experience. Fourthly, remember to pre-clean your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental and get to your suite early before showings. Turn on all the lights, open the blinds and take out the garbage and if you have time tidy the kitchen, clean the floors and eliminate any odours as best as you can. In terms of cleaning, this also goes a long way when you’re taking pictures of your Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation, as the minimalist approach to design is probably your best bet. Lastly, think about the extras that you can put into your 2010 Olympic housing. When purchasing or renovating an investment rental property, consider amenities you can promote to your 2010 tenants – and for which you can possibly charge a premium or at least the maximum rate for, such as gas fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, air conditioning and dishwashers. Also, especially for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, make sure that your heating is working.

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Find your ideal 2010 tenant from this official list of furnished Vancouver 2010 accommodation seekers who may just be your potential Olympic tenant.

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If You Are a Landlord/Homeowner Renting Your Home During the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, Watch Out and Avoid Discrimination!

Avoid discrimination when dealing with prospective tenants for your Vancouver 2010 Rentals and Olympic Housing Suites.Property owners in Vancouver want to avoid discrimination at all costs when interviewing potential tenants for their furnished 2010 rental accommodation and rental homes. Human rights violations can get you into hot water, even for 2010 Olympic housing rentals, and can also be expensive if you’re found to have been discriminatory. So what should landlords and Vancouver property owners be wary of inquiring about, when it comes to furnished rentals 2010 Vancouver accommodation for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, whether of an international visitor or even a Canadian citizen? The Canadian human rights legislation at the federal level called the Canadian Human Rights Act, outlaws discrimination on the following grounds for any type of furnished rental 2010 Vancouver accommodation that you are advertising and managing: sexual orientation, disability, pardoned conviction, family status, marital status, sex, age, religion, colour, national or ethnic origin and race. Outside these infringements, you can ask a prospective tenant or renter for your Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation anything in connection with your criteria, as long as it relates to credit worthiness, tenant-worthiness and the parameters defined in the lease agreement. For example, no pets, no smoking, no loud music and no substance abuse during their short-term 2010 rental stay. For a complete list of all Canadian residential tenancy acts, visit Source is from

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Tips for Vancouver Homeowners on Dealing with Difficult Tenants During the Vancouver Olympics

How a Landlord or Olympic Homeowners should deal with difficult Rent 2010 Accommodations Tenants and Visitors.There may be many instances when you end up with an unreliable tenant even though you have done all the screening, research and due diligence in establishing their credible credit and tenant worthiness for renting your home during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Instead of letting the issue or issues linger, the key to any successful rental Vancouver 2010 accommodation landlord process is to act immediately and decisively. The longer you allow a situation to fester, the more money you stand to lose, especially with short-term Olympic rentals. A landlord or Vancouver homeowner renting their home or condo during the 2010 Winter Games must have legitimate grounds for ending a tenancy as outlined in the Residential Tenancy Act of each province. Late rent payment, non-rent payment and damage or theft to the property are all valid reasons for ending a Tenancy Agreement for a Vancouver 2010 rental suite. In a situation such as this, a landlord or Vancouver home owner can often convince a tenant to leave by advising them of the consequences of late rent payment or damage to rental property during their stay at your rent 2010 accommodation. A formal breach of lease agreement can be served that advises the delinquent tenant of the following: a bad debt will be referred to a collection agency in Canada for action that may include letters to employers and court appearances in Canada, tenants who leave landloards with unpaid rental fees for the rent 2010 Vancouver accommodations and/or damaged furnished 2010 rental suites and property are reported to a credit reporting agency in their country which can affect their ability to rent elsewhere and obtain credit in the future as well as consequence in civil court for breach of contract and acting in bad faith for their failure to meet the Tenancy Act for their furnished 2010 Vancouver rental. Also, you can also notify your 2010 tenant that it is a failure to retify debt immediately that results in eviction proceedings and the responsibility for the associated cost of this. If this doesn’t work and you want to get rid of an Olympic Vancouver 2010 tenant without having to go through the eviction process and a lengthy wait, there’s an alternative. Perhaps offer the Vancouver 2010 rental tenant cash in return for them vacating your property immediately and on their own accord, providing there’s no damage or theft to the property. This is a business decision that has to be made for your short-term Vancouver 2010 rental property and it’s generally far less expensive than eviction. The source is from

Read the Vancouver 2010 Olympic rental site in Spanish or choose furnished Vancouver 2010 Swedish website for reference.

Information regarding regulations on landlord-tenant relations is available from the provincial agencies. For the Province of British Columbia, please visit the website for the Residential Tenancy Office at For more resources about the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, please click here. Here are downloadable PDF articles about the Vancouver 2010 Games.

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