Friday, October 16, 2009

Millennium Water - Vancouver's Last Waterfront Community (Introducing the Southeast False Creek Millennium Development)

Click here for the Millennium Water marketing website.

From industrial work yard to sustainable Vancouver waterfront community

The 2010 Athlete's Village will be the future home of a sustainable Vancouver real estate development along the southeast False Creek waterfront district at Millenium Water.Millennium Water is a new sustainable community that will be situated on the waterfront of Vancouver’s Southeast False Creek (SEFC), a former industrial site. The project has been designated as the home of the Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Games. Environmental sustainability is a priority for Millennium Water, affecting every aspect of the design – the project will be Canada’s first LEED™ Gold neighbourhood, with LEED ™ Platinum being targeted for the community centre.

• Millennium Water comprises seven hectares, a total of 1,122 residential units and 70,000 square feet of commercial space.

• The residential units are a mix of market, rental and affordable housing to accommodate seniors, singles and families.

• All residences are being designed to meet the Safer Home™ initiative, which ensure that housing is safe and accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.

• The neighbourhood will contain an array of residential, commercial and community amenities.

• Millennium Water is the product of extensive collaboration between the public and private sectors, numerous designers, engineers and consultants and, most importantly, the public at large.

Millennium Water Vancouver - A new kind of community

Vancouver real estate's last waterfront community is now located at the Millennium Water neighbourohod of southeast False Creek.A diverse community of seniors, young people and families will enliven the Millennium Water neighbourhood and provide a social balance unlike any other residential development in Vancouver. Following the 2010 Winter Games, the 1,122 residential units will be converted to permanent housing – approximately 736 of the units will be sold as market housing, 119 will be rentals, and 253 of the units will be non-market (affordable) housing. Virtually a self-sustaining community, the neighbourhood at Millennium Water will offer a variety of long-term environmental, health, social and economic benefits to residents:

• The promotion of alternative transportation and active living through proximity to transit, designated bicycle and pedestrian areas and car share programs;

• Employment opportunities and day-care facilities located within the neighbourhood;

• Parks, gardens, green roofs and urban agriculture projects to augment the local environment, create recreational opportunities and provide a source of local food production; and

• Enhanced community life through public, shared amenities, such as public art, non-motorized boating facility, community centre, pedestrian plaza and commercial district.

Millennium Water Southeast False Creek - Setting a new standard in Vancouver sustainable design

Millennium Water will establish a new standard for sustainable community development in Canada and North America, with green buildings that use less energy, are based on renewable resources and help protect our environment for future generations. Millennium Water buildings will be a showcase of sustainable development, and will offer an exquisite collection of homes featuring water savings, energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

• The buildings at Millennium Water are designed to be Canada’s first LEED™ Gold neighbourhood. The waterfront community centre at Millennium Water will be designed to achieve LEED™ Platinum, also a first for a community centre in Canada.

• Canada’s first multi-unit residential "net-zero” building will include residential units and affordable seniors’ housing. The design approach incorporates five key principles of sustainability: health, energy, resources, environment and affordability. The net-zero building will have an aggressive low-energy design, and will use renewable energy systems which allow the facility to produce as much energy as it uses on an annual basis.

• Urban agriculture is incorporated into the landscape design with the intent of creating opportunities for onsite food production and distribution.

• A water use reduction strategy will aim to reduce the use of potable water by 30 per cent below conventional standards, and storm water runoff will be reduced 25 per cent through the use of green roofs, swales and retention ponds.

• Energy is conserved using passive design strategies including operable shading devices to control heat gain, widened stairwells and public corridors to maximize natural lighting, and enhanced building envelopes that reduce energy loss and include high performance rain-screen, insulation and glazing systems.

• Millennium Water’s leading sustainable design exceeds the City of Vancouver’s Green Building Strategy and the sustainability principles of the Official Development Plan for Southeast False Creek.

• Building to Safer Home™ criteria will mean that residential units will be safe, comfortable and adaptable for people of varying ages and physical abilities. Safer Home™ design criteria include features such as widened hallways and stairwells, lowered light switches, and pressure/temperature control valves on shower faucets.

• The Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU), a community energy system, will use sustainable heat sources like sewage waste to provide space heating and hot water to all buildings.

Accommodating the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and its legacy at Millennium Water False Creek

As the Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver, Millennium Water will temporarily house an international delegation of approximately 2,800 athletes, coaches and officials. The project is already being recognized around the world as a model for future host cities. Adaptability was key in the design of the Village, as the design team had to find flexible, workable solutions to the challenge of creating buildings with two distinct purposes: accommodating the event, as well as its legacy.

• The Village “overlay period” applies to a six-month “Exclusive Use Period” in which the site will be controlled by VANOC, and includes provisions for temporary housing, dining, fitness and health care facilities, and security.

• Residential suites will be protectively retro-fitted for the duration of the overlay period in order to safeguard luxury furnishings such as hardwood floors and kitchens.

• All of the ground floor commercial spaces will be fitted out to accommodate operational facilities for the athletes.

• Legacy features include silhouettes of athletes that will take shape in the vegetation on the buildings’ green roofs, as well as local street names, including Athletes Way.

Waterfront Park at Vancouver Millennium Water – a post-games legacy for all of Vancouver to enjoy

Waterfront Park represents the first phase of SEFC’s primary park and open space system, and will be a significant addition to Vancouver’s iconic seawall. Through walkways, bicycle paths, diverse seating and gathering areas, the park will provide a variety of vital green spaces that will reconnect SEFC residents and visitors alike with the heritage-rich waterfront, and offer unique and memorable experiences unlike any other in Vancouver.

• The multifunctional waterfront promenade offers recreational and social opportunities, extends the seawall by 650 metres, and connects to green spaces and walkways throughout the neighbourhood.

• Native and adaptive shoreline planting will add a soft edge to the hard elements inspired by the former industrial site. The tidal terraces allow access to the water and pier remnants speak to the site’s shipyard heritage.

• The bridge crossing over the shipyards inlet is inspired by the form of a canoe. The steel grating of the arching deck offers a unique experience when crossing the inlet by allowing views through the decking to the water below, and creates fewer shadows on the water in order to maximize habitat value.

• The habitat island and naturalized segments of the shoreline will host aquatic, riparian and upland ecologies. The island includes vertical snags, native vegetation and a natural shoreline which have attracted perching bald eagles and a variety of waterfowl. The natural shoreline demonstrates the ability to reintroduce natural habitat back into the urban environment; a connecting segment of land will emerge at low tide, providing limited access to the public.

• Herring have laid eggs on approximately 1 km of shoreline starting on Habitat Island and eastward. Marine biologists confirm that the environmental cleanup and shoreline habitat creation is a huge success.

Millennium Water Websites

Millennium Water:
City of Vancouver:

For more information, please contact:
Valerie Wan, NATIONAL Public Relations, 604-691-7397, OR Richard Gilhooley, NATIONAL Public Relations, 604-638-7451,

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Athlete's Village Condos at Millennium Water Development to be Sold May 2010 - Affordable Housing Component May Be Scrapped

Waterfront Olympic Village Condos To Be Sold After the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games at Millennium Water

The waterfront Vancouver Millennium Water False Creek condos will be sold after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in May 2010.An announcement in early October 2009 by mayor Gregor Robertson has told the city that the sales for many of the high-end luxury Millennium Water Olympic Village condos will not start until next May 2010, after the Olympic Games. In an interview with the Georgia Straight, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson explained that the current Vancouver real estate market is still under performing, and therefore, Millennium Development Corp has decided to wait until the market gets a bit better before putting their prime waterfront Vancouver condos on sale next year. This will allow Millennium Water and the 2010 Olympic Village to gain all the media coverage and exposure during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, which will attract local Vancouver homebuyers, Canadians and international investors into the master planned community. In addition, because the 2010 Olympic Village is still under construction and considered a presale or pre-construction Vancouver condo purchase, many homebuyers are waiting to see what the finished product will look like, to do a walkthrough, feel and touch the finishes and features, and this will not happen until after April 2010. Therefore, the new strategy at the much anticipated waterfront Vancouver condos at Millennium Water will put sales on hold for now in this one billion dollar project. According to the marketers as well as the Mayor, many of the two hundred and sixty six (266) units that still remain unsold at the waterfront Vancouver Millennium Water condo development are of the higher end and represent multi million dollar high-end condominiums and townhomes for sale. These are in addition to the approximate seven hundred (700) Millennium Water Olympic Village condos that have already been sold to pre-construction condominium buyers. According to the latest Vancouver 2010 Olympic reports, approximately four hundred and twenty (420) Olympic Village condos have been completed, inspected, approved and now locked down by VANOC and IOC in preparation for athletes. This is almost half of the eleven hundred (1100) market units and affordable housing units available. In any case, for homebuyers looking to purchase a luxury waterfront Vancouver condo at Millennium Water, you’ll just have to wait until May 2010, before the dreaded HST hits new condominium purchases.

Metro Newspaper and Rennie Marketing Confirm that Remaining Millennium Water Olympic Village Condos to Be Sold Next Year

Site Plan of the masterplanned southeast False Creek Vancouver real estate development called Millennium Water condominiums.Citing lower than anticipated market sales values in the southeast False Creek Vancouver real estate district, the developer, marketer and mayor have now confirmed that the remaining market units at the 2010 Olympic Village, also known as Millennium Water False Creek condos, will be sold next May 2010 after the Winter Games. In order to recoup the initial cash investment by the city into this master planned waterfront False Creek development, mayor Gregor Robertson has stated that the city needs a very hot real estate market to recoup some $1.2 billlion spent on building the Olympic Athlete’s Village. With the property market still realing from the global economic crisis, even with the recent upwards spike in sales volume, the sales prices of condo units around the southeast False Creek Olympic Athlete’s Village have not increased enough for the numbers to work. The Olympic Village has been under huge scrutiny due to the ballooning budget that now sits around $1.196 billion, which represents over $250 million more than the original budget of $950 million. Up until October 2009, the Millennium Water condos have been quite successful in attacting Vancouver presale condo buyers. Of the 730 Millennium Water condominiums presented to the public as market units, 226 suites have been sold as pre-construction or presale Vancouver condos at the Olympic Athlete’s Village which represents more than 25%. The total sales of the presale Vancouver Millennium Water condos is priced at around $217 million. As the mayor has suggested, along with Rennie Marketing Systems, all presales will be put on hold for now until May 2010 after the increased exposure and marketing during the Olympic Winter Games.

Affordable Housing at Millennium Water Olympic Athlete’s Village to be Scrapped?

The Millennium Water affordable housing component of the 2010 Athlete's Village may be scrapped due to cost over runs and budget problems.There are rumours around town that the Millennium Water affordable housing component of this master planned Southeast False Creek waterfront community may be scrapped due to the budget overruns and tax burden on Vancouver residents. An official has confirmed that affordable housing and homes at Millennium Water after the 2010 Games may no longer be a certainty after the latest auditor’s report came out this week. The cost of the social housing component here at Millennium Water False Creek community may be scrapped because of the costs, and the projected losses even if all the remaning units of this development are sold next year after the Olympic Games. A city report will be presented to the council later this fall as to the issue of the Millennium Water False Creek social housing component. It was originally proposed that two hundred and fifty two (252) of the eleven hundred (1100) units within the southeast False Creek Vancouver Millennium Water development be for social housing. According to the latest reports, the developer and Rennie Marketing have had lots of trouble selling these waterfront suites at market prices due to the global economic crisis. In addition, with the recent drop in Vancouver real estate prices, the city is now preparing itself for a big loss even with a sellout of all units. The only hope now is to keep the unsold units for after the Olympics, and then launch sales in May 2010.

Will the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village Be Ready on Time?

Completion of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village is very tight as only less than half of the total 1100 Millennium Water suites have been completed and handed over to VANOC.The race is certainly on in order to keep pace with a November 1st, 2009 handover date of all condominiums to VANOC in preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. According to the city manager of Millennium Water Olympic Villlage, there are a couple of tight deadlines that are coming up and an update was released in a KPMG status report on the southeast False Creek Vancouver real estate development. The report that was based on details and information back in January 19th showed that Millennium Development was the lowest ranked of the three bidding Vancouver real estate developers before the price was considered, but came out on top due to the fact that they promised to deliver on time and at the best price. So will the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village be ready? Well, certain things have been changed or left out from the original proposed Millennium Water False Creek development, including a triangular shaped park that was to be located next to the inlet. Another feature of the 2010 Olympic Athlete’s Village that won’t be complete until after the Winter Games will be the dock for non motor boats. Design changes to the parks, plazas, streetscapes, and other factors have already been dealt with, but according to the city manager, some of the Athlete’s Village condo buildings at Millennium Water won’t be complete before the November 1st deadline. One of the three affordable housing parcels at the Vancouver 2010 Athlete’s Village was handed over to VANOC very early, back on October 1st, 2009, another one needs monitoring and the third parcel for the affordable housing Millennium Water residential building will definitely not be ready for November 1, 2009. The expected completion of that affordable housing False Creek parcel is for December 1st. In addition, the completion of the Salt Building is still set for October 31st, but the Civic Centre that was suppose to be due for completion and handover back on July 31st, is not yet done or ready. In the entire master planned Millennium Water Vancouver 2010 Athlete’s Village, about four hundred and twenty of the eleven hundred condo units have already been completed and handed over to VANOC for final inspection.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Vancouver Stadium Site Real Estate Proposal for North East False Creek District in addition to an update on the Strathcona Housing Plan for Affordable

Vancouver Stadium Site for Urbanites

Vancouver real estate has never seen a neighbourhood like this. While the city has managed to balance residential and entertainment land uses in areas such as Robson and Davie Streets, Vancouver city planning director Brent T. says that the future Vancouver hosuing development at B.C. Place Stadium will break new ground in redefining livability. Some 1,200 residential units are expected to rise at the stadium’s site at the northeast end of False Creek, a district that Toderian noted will become an entertainment, sports, and cultural centre. At present, this Vancouver downtown real estate housing area houses GM Place, the Edgewater Casino, and the Plaza of Nations, which will soon be the new home of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Noise, traffic and lack of community amenities are some of the challenges future residents will face. Obviously, these housing units aren’t for everyone. “It’s going to be a different kind of buyer here,” Toderian told the Georgia Straight. “It would be seomeon with a very urban perspective, someone with a high tolerance and even interest for that kind of environment, individuals who are choosing to live in what would ultimately be an entertainment and cultural district. If you want peace and quiet, it would probably not be your first choice.” Not too many families with children are likely to settle at the Vancouver Stadium real estate site. “You might end up with more singles, you might end up with units where there’s even a market cachet for being associated with the stadium,” Toderian said. Aside from the 700,000 square feet of housing spaces, the B.C. Pavilion Corporation, which operates BC Place for the provincial government, will also develop another 700,000 square feet of commercial space. On October 30, Vancouver city council approved PavCo’s proposal to upgrade BC Place, including the installation of a retractiable roof, at no cost to the city. However, this would entail an amendment to the False Creek North Official Development Plan to allow the provincial Crown corporation to undertake real estate development.

More about the Downtown Vancouver Stadium Development

According to a city flyer handed out during an open house event regarding changes to the development plan of the Stadium downtown Vancouver site, a three to five storey podium will be put up at the west side of the stadium. Above this base will rise three towers of eight to 10 storeys. A tower of 21 to 27 storeys is also proposed on the east side of the stadium site. A city staff report submitted to council noted that BC Place Stadium sits on 6.78 hectares of property, of which 2.93 hectares is undeveloped land. Udner the deal, approved by council, there will be no provisions in the amendment of the development plan for family suitable housing and affordable housing. The deal likewise doesn’t allow the city to collect a community amenity contribution from PavCo to fund parks, child-care spaces, and other items of public benefit, even though the provincial government has consistently boasted of a budget surplus. “Staff agrees that the Stadium rehabilitation should be considered the only public benefit because the Stadium is a publicly owned and operated facility which is unique and critical to the downtown and city economy,” the city saff report stated. Toderian said that the BC Place model is one that is unlikely to be replicated in other parts of the city. “It’s certainly different than the livability we’ve stressed elsewhere,” Toderian said, explaining that the common notion of livability usually involves family friendly amenities. “We often say that neighbourhoods that work well for kids tend to work well for everyone.” This past May, BC Liberal premier Gordon Campbell announced the renovation of BC Place and the relocation of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Sought for comment by the Georgia Straight at that time, former Vancouver councillor Anne Roberts, who chaired council’s planning and environment committee, predicted that this signalled the start of a real estate development rush in the waterfront area. “So now it seems to be – irrespective of ideas about livability and city planning, the province seems to just say, ‘Well, let’s just open her up for development and let’er rip,’ without really looking at the quality of the kind of housing that would be built around there,” Roberts said. This according to Carlito P.

Vancouver Strathcona Housing Demands a Plan

This according to P. Woolley written for the Georgia Straight newspaper. Barbara Lee and her family live in the gorgeous heritage neighbourhood of STrathcona real estate, but they put up with a lot to do so. The other day, she arrived home with her two kids to find a man defecating in her driveway. Someone smashed the window of a visiting friend’s rental car to steal a GPS unit. Last week, someone stole her shoes from her backyard. Her 80 year old father’s house has been the target of several break-ins, she said. Two years ago, someone shot a bullet through it. Yes, this is downtown Vancouver’s Strathcona real estate district. “They’re creating a ghetto,” she told the Georgia Straight, referring to The City of Vancouver housing planning decisions that have concentrated social services and non market housing in the family Strathcona neighbourhood. “We have been fighting, pleading to get a city housing planner for our neighbourhood – I think they city is just starting to understand that we’re not going away.” Lee’s “we” is the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association, a feisty lobby group that’s been fighting for a political voice for the Strathcona real estate neighbourhood since the 1960s. Her father, Sang Lee, is its chair. SPOTA has joined with four other community groups to make sure their voices are heart when the Vancouver City reviews the Downtown Eastside/Oppenheimer official real estate hosuing development plan in early 2009, potentially allowing for greater housing density in Strathcona as well. Together, they call themselves the Strathcona Revitalization Committee, which wants to stake claim to represent the neighbourhood, which, they assert extends from Terminal Avenue to the central waterfront real estate community.

In “Strathcona 2010: A Clear Vision for Our Community,” an SRC document released on August 15, the Strathcona Revitalization Committtee, offered the City of Vanocuver its plan for a mixed income neighbourhood, inclusive of all people. Low-rise market housing in Strathcona should be built along with non market housing, it argued. Make East Hastings Street a vibrant retail hub, like West 4th Avenue, by offering encentives to businesses. Build recreational facilities. Vancouver city councillor Suzanna Anton plans to meet with the Strathcona Revitalization Committee SRC on Thursday (August 28) and she told the Georgia Straight that she strongly supports Strathcona market housing being built in what’s commonly known as the Downtown Eastside. “It would be unfortunate result should it be a neighbourhood of social hosuing only and nothing else,” Anton said, noting that Concord Pacific’s application to builtd a tower at 58 West Hastings Street across from Woodward’s saw more than 40 community groups show up at the real estate development permit board in June to argue that the real estate Strathcona site should be set aside for social housing. The City of Vancouver, she said, has committed to keep 10,000 low-income units in the East Side of Vancouver as of this point. “Everybody recognizes it is a low income neighbourhood, and it always will be,” Anton said. But just around the corner, near the Main Street SkyTrain Station, the five swish CityGate condo towers once offered the same promise of revitalization for the neighbourhood. However, the building’s eastern border, along Main Street is still a dusty, isolated stretech. As Downtown Eastside Strathcona real estate city planner Jessica Chenpointed out, there’s plenty of real estate developer interest in the neighbourhood now, after about 20 dead years. The V6A and Ginger condo projects, both near CityGate are under construction. The once affordable Strathcona real estate neighbourhood’s heritage homes have been priced at more than $1 million. Plus, Oppenheimer Park is getting “revitalized” as of early 2009. Chen said she’s aware that changes in each part of Vancouver’s heritage districts – Chinatown, Gastown, STrathcona, and the Downtown Eastside, affect the others.

How will real estate Strathcona city housing planners ensure that the streetscape of East Hastings is more virantthan the area around CityGate? “There’s no one approach,” Chen said. “The key important improvement is only going to come when this neighbourhood planning is part of a larger strategy. The drug issue and affordable housing are national issues. We need to make sure our work is connected with other levels of government.” Chen promised that the Strathcona Revitalization Committee, along with other groups, will be included in making arrangements for next year’s review of the Downtown Eastside / Oppenheimer official real estate housing development plan.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vancouver False Creek Real Estate Projects are transforming the city into a world-class sustainable community

V6A - Downtown Vancouver Real Estate's Best Value! September 2009 Update

DIFFERENT REAL ESTATE MARKET. DIFFERENT CONDO PRICING. DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER REAL ESTATES BEST CONDO VALUE! OVER 40 V6A VANCOUVER CONDO HOMES ARE PRICED UNDER $299,900 in this re-launch of this Onni real estate development featuring true value basd pricing. Join the V6A Downtown Vancouver Condo Insider's Club and be first in line! THE V6A SALES TEAM at 604-684-8717.

Relaunch - Downtown Vancouver Real Estate’s Best Value is At V6A Condos by Onni!

Different Downtown Vancouver real estate market. Different pricing here at the presales Vancouver V6A condos for sale. Now under construction, you can move into your new downtown Vancouver condo for sale in fall of 2010! With over 40 presales V6A homes still selling for under $299,900, now is the time to take advantage of the best downtown Vancouver real estate value on the market. Concrete loft like residences with V6A floor plans ranging from one to three bedroom layouts, these downtown Vancouver condos for sale feature between six hundred and ten to thirteen hundred square feet of living space. A central location at the corner of Union and Main Street, these downtown Vancouver condos for sale at V6A by Onni Developers is literally minutes away from downtown, Commercial Drive, Yaletown and Gastown districts. The grand relaunch of the downtown Vancouver condos at V6A real estate development is coming this September 2009 so call 604.684.8717 or visit and register today for more information. Vancouver Chinatown has a bright future according to analysts. As a neighbourhood in transition, the downtown Vancouver Chinatown real estate market has been transforming and gaining value in recent years, and with the relaunch of Onni V6A condos for sale, the area will be forever transformed with urban condo apartment living at affordable pricing. The nine storey concrete mid-rise building in the heart of downtown Vancouver real estate’s historic neighbourhood, Chinatown, the Onni V6A condos will be one of many building renovations, new condominium starts and other revitalization projects within the community. The V6A Vancouver condo architecture is very distinct, traditional with red lined brick and pays homage to the heritage neighbourhood in which it is located. In addition, the penthouse has window walls of glass, providing great outdoor living spaces with balconies and patios and also offering fantastic views of False Creek and beyond. Inside the downtown Vancouver condos for sale at V6A Onni condominiums include full sized appliances, over sized undermount sinks, linear designed layouts with moveable kitchen islands and lots of storage space throughout the homes. In addition, the Onni V6A condo development features the best downtown Vancouver real estate value at this time, reflecting current property values. On site amenities are also offered here with a fitness room, bike lockers and a great location within Chinatown that is close to transportation and many landmark historic sites within downtown Vancouver.

The latest on the pre-construction James Condos Living by Cressey Developers is here.

Vancouver Wall Centre False Creek Condos

Previewing this spring, the presales Vancouver Wall Centre Falls Creek real estate development by Concord Pacific will transform this neighborhood into a hip and urban community!PREVIEWING SOON! SELLING THIS SPRING! From the latest marketing email push by Rennie Marketing Systems, the Wall Centre Condominums in Vancouver’s beautiful waterfront False Creek area are going to start sales this spring! Thank you for your interest in Vancouver’s Wall Centre False Creek - home to the new Playhouse Theatre Company. Featuring a collection of 399 luxury homes in four towers, Wall Centre False Creek in Vancouver will neighbour Urban Fare, London Drugs and the new Community Centre. Enjoy fabulous standard features including SubZero refrigerators, Wolf ranges, Faber hoodfans, hardwood flooring, and much more. Your name has been added to our False Creek Wall Centre condo sales VIP list and we will keep you updated on new details for this exciting community. The Wall Centre False Creek Team - t. 604.874.9232 | web. | email. | About this email: Our records indicate that you would like to receive updates about Wall Centre False Creek from us. If you would no longer like to receive these updates, please email your request to

Wall Centre False Creek Vancouver Condominiums
The tradition continues. From the real estate developers of Capitol, Yaletown Park, Electric Avenue, and of course, Wall Centre in downtown Vancovuer, comes Wall Centre False Creek. Located just south of West 1st Avenue between Columbia and Manitoba, and barely a view-minutes stroll from the future athletes village, a new Urban Fare, and a new London Durgs, WCFC or False Creek Wall Centre Vancouver presales real estate will also be the new home of the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company. Comprised of four towers, pre-construction Wall Centre False Creek’s 400 suites are designed to appeal to a city-savvy, urban condo pre-sales purchaser who appreciates fine finishing details like Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Faber appliances and is searching for something different in the heart of the new Southeast False Creek neighbourhood. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Previews for the presales at Wall Centre False Creek Vancouver begin April 12th, sales start May 3rd. Prices start at $429,900. Watch for the opening of the WCFC sales centre coming to 130 West 1st Avenue. For more info and to priority register, call 604.874.9232 or you can visit today.

Update on Vancouver False Creek Real Estate

The tradition continues at the Wall Centre False Creek development - from the real estate developers of Capitol, Yaletown Park, Electric Avenue and, of course, Wall Centre... 400 new pre-construction condo homes on First Avenue in the heart of the new Southeast False Creek area. Previews for the pre-construction real estate condos at the False Creek Wall Centre start April 12th so save your money! The one bedroom preconstruction condos will start from the low to mid $400s and the two beds from $600s. The waterview homes at the False Creek real estate at Wall Centre will start from the $800s. West First starts at $429,900 and see their iew of Vancouver at the sales centre at 130 West First Avenue (enter of Columbia) in the Vancouver False Creek southeast community. Featuring luxury brands and finishes by Sub-Zero, Walk and Faber in four high-rise pre-construction Vancouver False Creek condo towers located in the most desireable Southeast community and just steps from Urban Fare, London Drugs, and the Community Centre, the pre-construction Wall Centre False Creek condo development is also the new home of the Vancouver Play House Theatre.

Congratulations to Tahereh Afshar and Allan Palmer, winners of our fabulous "Drama Vancouver, Drama New York" event door prizes (worth $8000)! We are pleased to report that we sold 140 homes during the opening week! That's because Wall Centre False Creek offers the whole package: An amazing kitchen package featuring Sub-Zero, Wolf and Faber, an enviable Southeast False Creek location and unbeatable Wall value!

Wall Centre False Creek Vancouver LIMITED TIME OFFER ALERT: Ask about our BOND PROGRAM and learn how you can own with only 10% down!* One Bedroom plus Flex from $429,900 | Two Bedroom plus Flex and Enclosed Balcony from $664,000 | Completion for 2011. Our Wall Centre False Creekancouver preconstruction Wall Centre False Creek Presentation Centre is located at 130 West Frist Avenue and open daily 12-5pm (closed Fridays) or by private appointment. There is ample parking – enter off Manitoba for access. For more information, please call us at 604.874.9232 or visit us online at

Latest Print Marketing Push for the Wall Centre False Creek Development

Embracing eco-density. Respecting our planet. Protecting your investment. Tomorrow’s neighbourhood today – design, architecture and value. The top 8 reasons to buy Wall First: Wall Centre False Creek provides solid home ownership value. Your real estate investment is protected by National Home Warranty. In the heart of Vancouver’s future – the Southeast False Creek neighbourhood, minutes to Granville Island, Kitsilano, downtown and Main Street. Next to Vancouver’s newest waterfront neighbourhood featuring Urban Fare, London Drugs, new parks, a brand new Community Centre, the new Salt Building, the new seawall and more. Wall Centre False Creek is LEED Silver certified. New home of the Playhouse Theatre Company. Embracing the world’s finest luxury brands at the Southeast False Creek Wall Centre including Wolf, Sub-Zero, Kohler, Faber and Kindred. Steps to environmentally friendly public transportation: False Creek streetcar, buses, False Creek South SkyTrain Station. The Wall Centre False Creek is located in the nerve centre of Vancouver’s newest, most vibrant neighbourhoods on West First Avenue. The four striking glass towers, designed by Gomberoff Bell Lyon, feature 400 luxury pre-construction homes that will provide not only superb real estate Vancouver investment value but also offer a truly unique place to live and work. Wall Centre False Creek is a vibrant new part of the Southeast False Crek community, connected by the seawall and the water to downtown, Granville Island and Yaletown. At Wall Centre Flase Creek you are only minutes away from Vancouver’s world famous neighbourhoods – Main, Cambie, Chinatown, Castown, South Granville and Kitsilano. The pre-construction sales for the Vancouver West First Condos starts from just $429,900 and you can see our view of Vancouver from the presentation centre. Four hundred new homes on First Avenue in the heart of the Southeast False Creek community are coming onto the market and the Wall Centre sales centre opens on April 12th for previews only.

Or are you searching for a new Southeast False Creek home at the Maynards Block Apartment Flats in Vancouver?

Millennium Water South False Creek Condo Pre-sales Previews begin this Saturday - April 19th

DON’T MISS OUT ON WALL CENTRE FALSE CREEK - PREVIEWS BEGIN ON SATURDAY APRIL 19TH AT NOON! Thank you for your interest in Vancouver real estate's Wall Centre False Creek condo pre-construction purchase opportunities. The response has been overwhelming and as you read this email, the finishing touches are being placed in our new Wall Centre False Creek Condominium Presentation Centre located at 130 West First Avenue (parking is available – enter off Manitoba Street). Previews of our new presales condo Presentation Centre begin this Saturday at noon. We will be open daily from 12-5PM, closed Fridays. Featuring a full one bedroom display suite and two kitchen displays, our Presentation Centre for False Creek Vancouver Wall Centre condo sales will showcase one of the finest kitchens on the market. Experience the luxury of a Wolf stove, Faber hoodfan, and Sub-Zero refrigerator. Accompanied by classic design and contemporary styling, the homes at Wall Centre False Creek are sure to impress you. See you soon! The Wall Centre False Creek Sales Team, 130 West First Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Open daily Noon-5PM, closed Fridays | t. 604.874.9232 | f. 604.874.9233 | email. | P.S. Save the date for our VIP Sales Event on April 29th from 5-8PM!

FOR SALE! Wall Centre False Creek Vancouver real estate pre-sales - 400 HOMES IN THE EAST AND WEST TOWERS!
Make your claim on a part of Vancouver history – Southeast False Creek is poised to become one of Vancouver's most desirable neighbourhoods! Completion in 2011. Just a friendly reminder that our VIP SALES EVENT for WALL CENTRE FALSE CREEK condo presales in Vancouver IS TOMORROW AT 5PM! Please call us at 604.874.9232 for more information.

BREAKING NEWS - Onni's V6A Condos Put on Hold

Yet another victim of the slowing Vancouver real estate market, the South False Creek real estate development at the pre-sale V6A condominium homes has now been temporarily placed on hold. Although the V6A sales centre will remain open during this time, Onni Developers has stated that not only are the pre-construction V6A condo apartments in Southeast False Creek placed on hold, but there will be no completion date set at all, according to CTV News. Apparently, the Vancouver V6A condos on hold will be staying there until the real estate market changes. Located along the border of downtown eastside Vancouver and Southeast False Creek, the Onni V6A condominiums were suppose to provide affordable condo housing to this area with a heritage facade and modern interior finishes. This hold on the condo project follows on the heals of Evelyn in West Vancouver, Ritz-Carlton in downtown Vancouver and SkyTower in Surrey.

Pre-Sales V6A Condos Vancouver

The pre-construction False Creek Vancouver V6A Condos is located at Union Street between Main Street and Gore Avenue. V6A condominiums feature great views, authentic urban living experiences and great amenities.A different code for living. V6A is a collection of modern residences created for those with a desire for authentic urban living in the heart of Vancouver’s original neighbourhood, Strathcona. Located on Union Street between Main Street and Gore Avenue, Vancouver V6A Condos provides a current outlook on a vivid city. Just a few minutes from the downtown core, Yaletown, South East False Creek, Gastown and Commercial Drive is the condo residences presales at Vancouver V6A. This pre-construction condominium development is coming soon and is being developed by Onni Group of Companies. Get to the heart of what matters most at V6A Condos. For priority registration and for more information about presales Vancouver opportunities at V6A, please visit the Onni web site at Because you have priority registered, you will receive updates and information regarding V6A Condos as soon as it comes available and before the general public. Thank you again for your interest! The V6A Team at (604)684-8717.

V6A Vancouver Modern Loft-Style Residences - UPDATE on Pre-Sales

Thank you for registering for V6A Loft Condo pre-sales - we will be opening for previews this June! Because you have registered, you will be receiving information and updates about the False Creek Vancouver V6A condos before the general public and be granted VIP privileges at future events! Now, we would like to provide you with a little more information about V6A: V6A Condo pre-construction proeprties in Vancouver real estate is a collection of concrete loft-style residences located on Union Street between Main Street and Gore Avenue in Vancouver’s original neighbourhood of Strathcona. V6A is a short walk, drive or bike ride away from the downtown core, Yaletown, South East False Creek, Gastown and Commercial Drive. Vancouver V6A Lofts is comprised of 128 homes including 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms plus a limited collection of penthouse V6A homes that include roof top decks! Natural wood, quartz, marble and integrated appliances are elemental in the contemporary construction and sleek open-concept design. With ingenious features such as sliding glass walls (in some bedrooms) homes have been carefully planned to allow easy function and cool form. Offering un-matched value in the heart of Vancouver, prices at V6A condominium loft-style residences are expected to start in the low 300’s! Now is your chance to be a part of an area catalyst to the transformation of a city - the international Olympic Village will revitalize the nearby metropolitan inner harbor of South East False Creek and leave lasting legacy of housing, parkland, offices and shopping all steps from V6A's front door! We will continue to keep you updated as we finalize information regarding Vancouver pre-sales V6A floorplans, interior specifications and pricing. In the meantime, if there is anything you need from us or any questions we can answer, please do not hesitate to call. If you leave a message on our phone line we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you! THE V6A SALES TEAM Call for more information: (604)684-8717 or

V6A Condos by Onni Group of Companies
There is a life outside of Yaletown! Move East! Introducing the new V6A Condo residences that are in the priority registration phase. Purhcase your new pre-construction Vancouver real estate condominium today at base bottom prices. A different code for living will be offered at the V6A residences by Onni real estate developers and they are coming soon to the STrathcona community. Discover a great collection of concrete, loft style pre-sales residences at V6A Vancouver in the heart of its original neighbourhood. Look east to V6A and you will find an exciting area experiencing lots of changes. With a spectacular location just minutes from downtown Vancouver V6A residence condos by Onni Group of Companies will also be close to South East False Creek, Yaletown, Gastown and Commerical Drive districts without the affordability issues. V6A Condos by Onni allow residents to walk or ride their bike anywhere to get to anything and will become part of the up and coming Strathcona part of Vancouver real estate market. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prioirty register today at 604.684.8717 or you can visit

V6A Vancouver Condominiums
Located in Strathcona, one of Vancouver’s original and still most fascinating neighbourhood, V6A Condo pre-sales is a collection of stylishly, contemporary condominiums brought to you by Onni Developers. Just minutes from the Yaletown, seawall, Gastown, South Main, Commerical Drive, and False Creek, this nine storey brick and glass pre-sales Vancouver residence boasts loft-style, open concept floor plans with expansive balconies and the linear beauty of kitchens designed with integrated, European appliances. Eighth floor sub-penthouses at V6A Vancouver condo pre-construction rela estate will feature oversized garden patios, penthouses feature private rooftop terraces. Prices of the presales V6A Condos in Vancouver are expected to begin in the low $300,000s with the sales centre opening in June. Don’t miss this exciting property opportunity. For more details, visit or call 604.684.8717.

Strathcona V6A Pre-Sales Condos - Opening for Previews this June!

As an Onni VIP Registrant we want you to be among the first to hear about V6A Vancouver real estate offering - opening for previews this June! V6A Condos is a collection of modern residences created for those with a desire for authentic urban living. Located on Union Street between Main Street and Gore Avenue in Vancouver’s original neighbourhood of Strathcona, V6A Condominium pre-construction properties in Vancouver is a short walk, drive or bike ride away from the downtown core, Yaletown, South East False Creek, Gastown and Commercial Drive. The New Vancouver V6A Pre-Sales Condos is comprised of a variety of homes including 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms plus a limited collection of penthouse homes that include roof top decks! Natural wood, quartz, marble and integrated appliances are elemental in the contemporary construction and sleek design at V6A residences. With ingenious features such as sliding glass walls (in some bedrooms) homes have been carefully planned to allow easy function and cool form. Offering un-matched value in the heart of Vancouver, prices at V6A real estate are expected to start in the low 300’s! Be a part of an area catalyst to the transformation of a city - the international Olympic Village will revitalize the nearby metropolitan inner harbor of South East False Creek and leave lasting legacy of housing, parkland, offices and shopping all steps from V6A Condos!


By doing this you will receive information and updates before the general public and be granted VIP privileges at future events!
THE V6A SALES TEAM | Call for more information: (604)684-8717 |

Strathcona's V6A Condo Features
Thank you for your ongoing interest in V6A. We are pleased to be able to share with you our V6A Feature List, hot off the press! After reading through this list, you will notice that no details have been overlooked in the Vancouver pre-sales Strathcona homes at V6A Condominium Apartments. The 128 concrete loft-style residences offer well-planned spaces with modern finishings and stylish new-age design. From well-laid out living spaces to plentiful storage options we have designed these homes through the eyes of the homeowner and really have not missed a thing! A few of the many note-worthy features at the pre-sales Vancouver V6A Condos are: A choice between two Danish-inspired colour palates with custom wood cabinets and durable composite stone countertops, Integrated European Appliances, Frosted sliding glass walls in the bedrooms, Premium laminate flooring throughout most homes (including kitchen) with an upgrade to engineered Oak floors available, Spacious open-air balconies and roof decks (Strathcona Vancouver V6A Condo penthouse homes), Standard over-height 8’6” ceilings, We thought you might also be interested to see a shot that was captured this past Friday from the V6A Condo pre-sales presentation centre site on Union Street looking back towards our beautiful city! Offering un-matched value in the heart of Vancouver, pre-construction apartment prices at V6A Condos are expected to start in the low 300’s! Now is your chance to be a part of an area catalyst to the transformation of a city - the international Olympic Village will revitalize the nearby metropolitan inner harbor of South East False Creek real estate and leave lasting legacy of housing, parkland, offices and shopping all steps from V6A's front door! We plan to open our Strathcona V6A Condo Presales Centre for previews in the next few weeks and are working to finalize pricing. We are busy working away and would be happy to field any questions you might have about V6A Apartment Residences in Vancouver or to simply discuss what you are looking for in a new home.

V6A Condos – A Different Code For Downtown Vancouver Living
The new Vancouver condo presales for V6A Development will be arriving in June 2008, and pre-registrations for the best condominium suites in this landmark Vancouver building are expected to be robust. For complete information about the V6A Onni condo offerings in the new Vancouver real estate market in Strathcona community, please visit or call 604.684.8717. An article from the Real Estate Weekly newspaper explains: Onni’s V6A presale Vancouver condos brings sophisticated loft style living to Vancouver’s original neighbourhood of STrathcona – and introduces an originality in style and architectural design that will be applauded by urban home buyers. V6A condos presents only 128 condominium Vancouver presale units, sensitively designed by renowned Vancouver architect Lawrence Doyle and delivered by the award winning Onni Group of Developers. These masters of the built environment may have created a masterpiced in urban living with the presale V6A Strathcona condo homes, named after the postal code of the historic and vibrant Strathcona community. With a blend of one bedroom suites from 680 square feet, two bedrooms from 800 square feet, and an innovative selection of penthouse and V6A sub-penthouses, the nine storey presale Vancouver V6A condos has already created a buzz in the real estate and architectural community.

First of all, V6A condominium homes in the new Vancouver real estate downtown market will be affordable, especially compared with prices in oh-so yesterday Yaletown, and even nearby Gastown. With prices of these new Vancouver condos starting from the low $300s, V6A may be unmatched for value in the heart of Vancouver real estate. The Doyle design is simply captivating. The new floor plates are large, the floor plans are open, and just about every presale new Vancouver condominium unit has an oversized balcony at V6A. Suites on the eighth floor boast expansive patios and the ninth floor penthouses feature huge rooftop decks with fireplaces. You will not believe the views from the V6A Strathcona real estate properties. With high-quality integrated European stainless steel appliances, environmentally astute Corian counter tops, laminate hardwood floors with the option of engineered hardwood, and the flexibility of frosted glass, moveable walls, the presale Vancouver V6A condos reflects the best of downtown towers, but without the high prices or the monochrome design. As befits this Strathcona community on the cusp of Chinatown, V6A residences reflects contemporary design blended with architecture that compliments its heritage neighbours at Union Street and Gore Avenue in downtown Vancouver’s real estate property market. V6A Strathcona presale condos has secured and ample underground parking, and the entire building is designed to the latest in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards, a sophisticated approach to ensure that secureity of residents and property. Excellent light, special landscaping and advanced perimeter security systems are all part of the presales package at these new Vancouver condos at V6A by Onni Developers.

V6A Condos Vancouver Downtown - Opening for Previews June 7!

Right now, we are working hard to compile the presale new Vancouver V6A Condos information that you are waiting for. Very soon, more information will be uploaded to our webpage and e-mailed out to you but in the meantime we wanted to provide you with an update: THE V6A PRE-SALES CONDOMINIUMS CENTRE WILL BE OPENING FOR PREVIEWS THIS SATURDAY – JUNE 7! Join us this Saturday as we unveil the Vancouver preconstruction condos V6A Sales Centre! Be among the first to walk through our pre-sale new V6A designer loft-style display home and get the first peak at the finishing’s of the 128 V6A homes in downtown Vancouver! We have two full kitchen displays so you will be able to view both of our Danish-inspired colour schemes. Our new Sales Centre is located at: 1829 Quebec Street (at the corner of W.2nd Avenue). Please note that we hope to have V6A Condo Vancouver real estate floorplans, more detailed pricing information and information about our VIP Sales Program for Vancouver V6A Condos to share with you later this week. To learn more about pricing today please contact us as we do have preliminary numbers. Located on Union Street between Main Street and Gore Avenue in Vancouver’s original neighbourhood of Strathcona, V6A Condo presale is a short walk, bike ride or drive away from the downtown core, Yaletown, South East False Creek, Gastown and Commercial Drive. Click here to see the neighbourhood map that shows how connected residents of V6A will be to parks, restaurants, shopping and a variety of other areas and amenities! Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything, we will be in touch shortly!

Strathcona V6A Condos pricing has just been released!

Don't forget that the new VAncouver V6A PreSales Centre is opening for previews THIS Saturday - June 7! Come visit us to see our designer display suite and receive a full set of preconstruction condo floorplans as well as more detailed pricing information! Here are some important points explaining how V6A condo residences offers the ultimate in VALUE in today's marketplace: There are approximately 40 homes in Strathcona neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver real estate priced UNDER $400,000 ranging in size from 610-675 SqFt!, All presale homes include over-sized decks that range in size from 40-540 SqFt! Location, location, location. The east is an area in evolution, emerging as one of Vancouver's most sought after urban environments - like Yaletown in it's infancy. The International Olympic Village will further revitalize the nearby metropolitan inner harbour of South East False Creek leaving lasting legacy of housing, parkland, offices and shopping, all steps from V6A! Don't wait until it's too late to stake your claim in one of the city's most dynamic new neighbourhoods!

Strathcona Vancouver V6A Starting from Prices:
- Open 1 Bedroom - 630 SqFt - $336,900 = $535/SqFt
- 1 Bedroom + Nook - 680 SqFt - $351,900 = $518/SqFt
- 2 Bedroom - 825 SqFt - $470,900 = $571/SqFt
- 3 Bedroom - 1140 SqFt - $630,900 = $553/SqFt
- V6A Condos has 20 unique penthouse and sub-penthouse homes that range in size from 720-1,335 SqFt! All of these homes include either an oversized terrace or a roof top deck! Please call us for more information!

Our new VANCOUVER V6A Sales Centre is located at: 1829 Quebec Street (at the corner of W.2nd Avenue). We will be open daily from 12-6pm (except Fridays) starting this Saturday!

The opportunity to purchase at V6A has arrived! WE WILL BE OPENING FOR SALES THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 21st! In case you missed the features on Strathcona V6A pre-construction Vancouver condos in this weekend's Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers. V6A presales Vancouver condos offers the ultimate in VALUE in today's market place, here's why: There are approximately 40 homes priced UNDER $400,000, All homes include over-sized decks that range in size from 40-540 SqFt!, Location, location, location. The V6A Strathcona east real estate area is an area in evolution, emerging as one of Vancouver's most sought after urban environments - like Yaletown in its infancy. The International Olympic Village will further revitalize the nearby metropolitan inner harbour of South East False Creek leaving lasting legacy of housing, parkland, offices and shopping, all steps from V6A Condominium Residences! Don't wait until it's too late to stake your claim in one of the city's most dynamic new neighbourhoods! Check out these featured homes: Open 1 Bedroom - V6A Floorplan B - Unit 311 - 630 SqFt - Priced from just $346,900* and 3 Bedroom - V6A Floorplan A - Unit 501 - 1140 SqFt - Priced from just $645,900* and Parking and storage included! V6A also has 20 unique penthouse and sub-penthouse homes that range in size from 720-1,335 SqFt! All of these V6A pre-sales Vancouver homes include either an oversized terrace or a roof top deck! We look forward to seeing you this weekend, if you have any questions please contact us!

V6A - Early Purchase Incentive!
As a valued VIP V6A Condo registrant we wanted you to be the first to know... Pre-construction Onni V6A Residences will be offering a 2% incentive for Early Purchasers as of this Saturday June 21st! This incentive will only be available for the next 30 days, so make sure to visit the V6A Onni sales center this weekend to secure the perfect V6A loft style home before its too late! For Example: Open One Bedroom 630 sq ft - Plan B Was starting from $336,900, Now starting from $330,162
Plan B | Two Bedroom 825 sq ft - Plan D Was starting at $470,900, Now starting from $461,482 | Plan D Three Bedroom 1140 sq ft - Plan A Was starting at $630,900, Now starting from $618,282 | Plan A

Vancouver Q1 Condominiums at Quebec + First

Quebec and First Vancouver condos are in pre-construction phase.  Q1 Condominiums in Southeast False Creek will provide studio to three bedroom homes and cityhomes.Located in the heart of Southeast False Creek in Vancouver, Q1 pre-sales real estate development consists of the careful planning and design of a wide range of studio condos to three bedroom city homes at Quebec and First Avenue. The property sales at Q1 Condos will be launching this Spring 2008. Straight from the Q1 marketing website at, this Vancouver MAC Marketed condo development is: Urban Condos and Cityhomes from studios to three bedroom suites. Coming Soon. For you, everything is not black or white. You appreciate both refined classic elegance and innovative contemporary flair. You respect the past but revel in the possibilities of the future. That’s why at Vancouver South East False Creek Q1 Condo pre-sales cityhomes is the perfect showcase for your sophisticated style. In Southeast False Creek’s newsest community you’ll find comfort, convenience, and an exciting, distinctive neighbourhood that mirros your own individuality. Q1 Vancouver Condos and Cityhomes is more than an address at Quebec and First, but is also a bold statement of your signature style. Click here to register now: or you can call 604.873.8797. The Pre-Construction Q1 False Creek condominiums allows you to express yourself to the fullest. This is a BG Beedie Development Corp project.

Thank you for registering at Q1
Your recent online registration for Vancouver’s Q1 Quebec and First Avenue Condo homes will insure that you receive important updates as they become available. It will also allow you the opportunity to receive information on the Q1 homes before the general public! Check your email again soon as a member of the Q1 Sales Team will be in contact with you shortly. Best regards, Q1 Sales Team - This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made by way of Disclosure.

Q1 Southeast False Creek Condominiums For Sale

Getting ready for a launch later this fall, Q1 Southeast False Creek condos is located in the heart of this fabulous Vancouver West Side neighbourhood. Offering a wide variety of pre-sale Vancouver homes rnaging from studio Q1 condominiums to three bedroom and den city homes for sale, the presale Southeast False Creek Q1 Condos is designed to reflect the fun loving spirit that is the embodiment of one of Vancouer real estate’s hottest neighbourhoods. For more information about the Vancouver Q1 condominiums in the Southeast False Creek real estate district, please register online at or call 604.873.8797 for additional details.

Coopers Quay False Creek: life as work of art

Copper Quay Lookout luxury condos in Southeast False Creek are scheduled for completion very soon.  A rare collection of False Creek condos is still available.Coopers Quay Neighbourhood is Concord Pacific newest waterfront neighbourhood on False Creek, scheduled for completion in 2008. You won’t need art on your high walls at Coopers Quay. Here the entire horizon, framed by city lights, is your canvas, an ever-changing celebration of life at the exclusive edge. You will embrace southern sun streaming into your life of impeccable luxury in this rare collection of False Creek Coopers Quay collection of homes, each a living masterpiece.

The location is all about the best of life on the West Coast. Situated between the Cambie Bridge and the west side of the Plaza of Nations, Coopers Quay by Concord Pacific in False Creek Vancouver is composed of ultra waterfront condominium homes and townhomes, crafted in a special designer collection.

The Coopers Point Townhomes by Concord Pacific are two bedrooms and den with great landscaping and panoramic views of the city.There is a Coopers Point Townhome, with 1,324 square feet with two bedroom and den and a large view patio, all set on a meticulously landscaped park with False Creek in Vancouver as your backdrop. Each of the upstairs bedrooms provides panoramic views.

Concord Pacific Mariner Coopers Quay False Creek condominiums provides an extensive array of luxurious condo homes.The Mariner, with more than 1,100 square feet with two bedroom and den at Coopers Quay in False Creek Vancouver plus view balcony, comes with elegant touches such as granite and marble in the spacious master bedroom.

The Flagship in Coopers Quay by Concord Pacific provides the most luxurious Southeast False Creek condo homes.Or you can choose the Flagship, a two bedroom suite perched high in the Coopers Quay tower, with breathtaking sunset views and a plan featuring the largest living room, spacious enough for a grand piano at Coopers Quay Vancouver.

Better yet, ascent to the Coopers Lookout Villa Penthouse on a direct elevator to a near 3,000 square foot masterpiece of design with three bedrooms, and a private wing and balcony for exclusive entertaining.

Coopers Quay False Creek in beautiful Vancouver is designed, located and priced to match the most sophisticated tastes in urban living, a once-in-a-lifetime Vancouver real estate investment in False Creek in the best city on the planet.

Prices from $1 million to $7 million. In a special limited time offer, the GST is included in the price. For details, visit the Coopers Quay Presentation Centre, 1079 Marinaside Crescent, open daily 10am to 5pm, phone 604.899.8800, or visit

The Future Looks Bright for Vancouver

Significant data supports this and other such accolades but most notably the number themselves speak volumes. According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Housing Forecast, strength in the Metro Vancouver economy has bolstered housing demand this year. Despite eroding affordability, the housing stock provides a mix of home types that appeal to a wide consumer real estate market in Vancouver. This year, 60 per cent of Vancouver home sales are forecast to be eiterh attached units or apartments, and 77 per cent of housing Vancouver starts are expected to be multi-family. Last spring, no fewer than 47 condos in the city were under construction and it shows. Our Vancouver vacancy sign continues to illuminate as an average of 6,000 people move in every year. The City of Vancouver Population and Housing Summary indicates that Vancouver’s population has been growing steadily in the past 30 years, and is now approaching 600,000. It is anticipated that by the year 2021, Vancouver could have a population of over 635,000.

Vancouver continues to be at the forefront of high density residential real estate development. Case in point: Major Sam Sullivan’s progressive EcoDensity plan, which at its core seeks to add a sustainable dimension, a green element to all future city property developments. It’s a program to help Vancouver grow in a way that reduces the city’s ecological footprint, but also protects future liveability and promotes more affordable housing. The concept of more condensed, sustainable housing that unites public transit systems with communities in gaining momentum. And it doesn’t hurt to have former US president Al Gore packing the Westin Bayshore conference centre, as he did this past September. He came armed to educate over 1,400 Vancouverites including real estate developers, city planners, and the upper echelons of the political sector ont eh defining crisis of our time – a “planetary emergency,” as he called it. Gore presented Vancouverites with a call to action, a way to retool our thinking of how we envision the city’s future growth in real estate terms. “Your leadership in Vancouver is really important; I wish it were that way everywhere,” he said.

Known for its idiosyncratic architecture, the heart of Vancouver city real estate combines the elegant, glinting, glass-swathed condo towers that mirror its thrumming metropolis with s soothing backsplash of ocean and mountains. Other new construction Vancouver real estate condos and townhomes are located online here.

Tomorrow’s Neighbourhood Today at Wall Centre False Creek
A quick exerpt from the latest news article about the Vancouver Wall Centre False Creek real estate development by S. Boyce. Dynamic, sleek, and distinctly Vancouver, Wall Centre False Creek is now open for previewing. And like a whole lot of other Vancouverites, I’m in a big hurry to see this higly anticipated collection from the same property development managers of Capitol, Yaletown Park, Electric Avenue, and of course, Wall Centre in downtown Vancouver. Immediately apparent is the ultra sophisticated interior design concept. These are pre-sales Vancouver condominium residences with a 21 st century outlook and a timelss attention to detail. Four gracious towers will be part of the False Creek Wall Centre development in Vancouver’s new neighbourhood. Between them will be the new, state of the art Playhouse Theatre home to one of Western Canada’s largest live theatre companies. This 260 seat and 4000 square foot theatre will bring a sparklingly new venue to the Vancouver entertainment scene. Wall Centre False Creek Vancouver is a LEED Silver designed community with four 13 to 15 storey tower condos bringing a combined total of 400 suites. Don’t miss the rare real estate Vancouver purchase opportunity to become part of this vibrant, world-class neighbourhood. Sales for the first phase of the False Creek Wall Centre condo pre-construction sales will commence in May and start from $429,900 all the way to $1.39 million. Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances are some of the high-end features at the Wall Centre False Creek condos.

38 Homes Sold in August at Wall Centre Southeast False Creek
IT’S YOUR MONEY, SPEND IT SMART. COME AND SEE WHERE THE ACTIVITY IS HAPPENING. IT’S IN THE NUMBERS – SALES AND VALUE. SPECTACULAR PRESALE SOUTHEAST FALSE CREEK WALL CENTRE HOMES FROM JUST $429,900. SUB-ZERO – W0LF – URBAN FARE - 38 HOMES SOLD IN AUGUST AT WALL CENTRE FALSE CREEK real estate development in Vancouver BC. Here are some of the added features of the pre-construction Southeast False Creek Wall Centre condominium homes: Steps to the new Community Centre, Hinge Park, and the fabulous new Seawall, Minutes to London Drugs and Urban Fare. In addition each presale Wall Centre Southeast False Creek condo home includes a free membership to the co-operative auto network car-sharing program or forget the car - use the new trolley system and the new Canada Line Skytrain. The interior features of the pre-construction Wall Centre False Creek condo homes includes gorgeous stainless steel Sub-Zero, Faber and Wolf appliances, Wood flooring and deluxe interiors and the Southeast False Creek real estate development in Vancouver is designed for LEED Silver certification. Wall Centre will also be the new home of the Playhouse Theatre Company and will provide Incredible Wall Value! You owe it to yourself to see why VANCOUVER LOVES WALL CENTRE FALSE CREEK! Our Presale Wall Centre Southeast False Creek condo Presentation Centre is open by appointment only. We are located at 130 West First Avenue. Ample parking is available - take West 2nd Avenue, turn North onto Manitoba, and left into our parking lot. For more information, call us at 604.874.9232 or visit us online at SEE YOU SOON! The Sales Team at Wall Centre False Creek at 130 West First Avenue Open by Appointment - Free Parking Available - turn North from West 2nd onto Manitoba | t. 604.874.9232 | e. | w. *The real estate developer for the Vancouver Wall Centre False Creek condos reserves the right to modify the information contained herein. Prices and availability of these pre-construction Southeast False Creek real estate condominiums are subject to change without notice. Mortgage calculations are base on a 5 years term, Open Variable Rate Mortgage at the current prime rate of 4.75% amortized over 25 years Some conditions may apply. Please see a Vancouver Wall Centre False Creek Sales Representative for details.

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