Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MAC Bulk Condo Market Update - The Upside of Down in Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market - Cora Coquitlam Condos & Pitt Meadows Keystone Condo Living


The Greater Vancouver real estate market is heading upwards and now you can purchase some remaining MAC Bulk receivership sales at Keystone Pitt Meadows and Cora Coquitlam condos.In fact, the month of July 2009 was a record month for Greater Vancouver real estate sales and showed a continued strengthening of home prices. We have included the full news release from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver for you to view here. What is important to stress is that the Greater Vancouver real estate market continues to see a drop in new housing starts and a return to a healthy equilibrium in the supply side, which is causing prices to increase from Fall 2008 lows. With historically low interest rates in place, it looks as though we can expect a healthy Greater Vancouver real estate market to continue through the summer and into the fall. If you are considering buying a new Greater Vancouver home, now is a great time to take advantage of low prices and low interest rates. Two MAC Bulk condo projects offering incredible opportunity are Keystone Pitt Meadows and Cora Coquitlam.

For more information about the new BC HST on homes in Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam and Greater Vancouver real estate markets, click here.

Pitt Meadows Keystone MAC Bulk Condo Sale

Keystone Condo development is ideally located in the heart of Pitt Meadows real estate market. In their annual report the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) recently named Pitt Meadows real estate as the #2 Best Place to Invest in BC property. Basing their study on key economic fundamentals, REIN highlighted the Pitt Meadows real estate major transportation infrastructure projects as a key driver to the region's positive future. It also stressed that based on infrastructure improvements and the transition it will bring, that Pitt Meadows real estate will become known as "The Place to Live for Lifestyle". Great homes at the presales Pitt Meadows Keystone Condos are still available at Keystone living. And, all prices INCLUDE GST and 2 Parking stalls at Keystone Pitt Meadows MAC Bulk condo sales! Here are some sample remaining presales Pitt Meadows Keystone condos remaining through MAC Bulk sales: #307 Keystone Pitt Meadows condo development s 946 sf with 2 bedrooms and was priced at $336,943 until presales pricing was slashed to $299,900 for a total savings of $37,064! In addition, Unit #422 at the presales Pitt Meadows Keystone condo development features 946 sf two bed suite originally listed at $379,743 priced down to $314,900 for a great homebuyer savings of $64,843. Lastly, there is Suite #108 at the pre-sales Pitt Meadows condos at Keystone MAC Bulk which is an impressive Pitt Meadows townhome at 1,480 square feet priced at $427,893 and reduced to $329,900 for a savings of $97,993! All of these MAC Bulk Pitt Meadows Keystone Condo opportunities represent great savings for first-time homebuyers in this market. Call 604 633 9988 for more information or to book a private appointment to tour the Keystone Pitt Meadows homes for sale.

Cora Coquitlam Condo Sale by MAC Bulk

We are excited to report that only 2 homes remain at Cora Coquitlam MAC Bulk condo sales. Right now you can save an additional $30,000. Suite #1601 East Cora Coquitlam condo tower is 944 square feet with a two bed and den configuration. This presales Coquitlam condo was originally priced at $509,900 and further reduced to $399,900 for an awesome savings of $110,000!. Also available through MAC Bulk Coquitlam Cora Condo sales is Unit #1904 West tower that is a total of 1010 sf (2 bed/den) at a listing price of $523,900 reduced to $418,900 for a great savings of $105,000. Call 604 722 8613 to schedule an appointment with Anky to view these exclusive availabilities at MAC Bulk Cora Coquitlam condo towers today! Warm regards, The MACBulk Team! *Prices subject to change with out notice. E&O.E.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

MAC BULK Vancouver - The Next Big Condo Auction Sales Events by MACBulk by MAC Marketing Solutions-Huge Vancouver Real Estate Liquidation Coming Soon!

Get Ready for Next Week's MAC Bulk Sales Events! March 25th, 2009

Thank you for your interest in MAC Bulk Vancouver real estate liquidation sales events. Our first MAC Bulk program experienced an overwhelming response and over 375 homes were SOLD in less than 8 weeks. So… We’re Doing It Again! We have been approached by 3 of Western Canada’s leading real estate developers to sell their remaining unsold inventory of Greater Vancouver homes. We have 4 amazing opportunities for you to choose from. These 4 MacBulk Condo projects include both wood frame low-rise and concrete condo towers and are located throughout Greater Vancouver:

The 4 MAC Bulk projects by MAC Marketing Solutions are:
- Cora Towers - Located in Coquitlam - Built by Intergulf
- Legacy Towers - Located in Burnaby - Built by Embassy
- Edgebrook Condos - Located in Abbotsford - Built by Amacon
- To be announced - Located in Surrey - Coming Soon

The MAC Bulk Vancouver real estate liquidation condo Sales Events are just over one week away! Our MACBulk Call Centre has been very busy over the last week touching base with everyone who has responded to the recent MAC Bulk Ad Campaign. Call us today if you don’t already have a preview appointment. Call 604.633.9988 to learn more about how you can get in on the MAC Bulk savings in this once in a lifetime liquidation Vancouver real estate condo auction sales. Call now to book your appointment to preview and select your new MACBulk condo home for far less than real estate market value. Call now because opportunities are limited and savings like these will soon be gone. Ashley at ashley@macbulk.com or 604.633.9988 or www.macbulk.com

More Vancouver Real Estate Liquidations and Condo Auctions by MAC BULK

MacBulk Vancouver condo auctions and real estate liquidation is featuring 4 new projects with unsold inventory from 3 developers.After MAC Marketing Solutions sold 375 homes in two months for Onni at the MacBulk Vancouver real estate liquidation and condo auction events and thousands of presale homes working for many other Lower Mainland property developers over the years MAC Marketing Solutions knows absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about the market. MAC Marketing Solutions Vancouver knows where the best deals are, what developers are willing to do, how to get lower prices, better selection, better terms and many industry secrets unknown to the public. NOW MAC Marketing Solutions WANTS TO WORK FOR YOU. They are negotiating bulk prices, Vancouver condo auctions and real estate liquidations at Greater Vancouver real estate projects in the Lower Mainland including: Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Port Moody, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock, Abbotsford and Squamish. CondoMod is negotiating with property developers, lenders and receivers. MAC Marketing Solutions knows who is getting homes back from defaulting buyers, who has the most standing inventory, who is the most eager to give the best deals, Vancouver real estate auctions and liquidation sales events and we know how to get them. MAC Marketing Solutions even has opportunities that will never hit MLS or be offered to the general market through condo liquidation events and private auctions. This is an unprecedented time in history. To take advantage of the MAC BULK and the liquidation real estate and Vancouver condo auction sales, call 604 688 5566 and speak to one of us about the home you want. We'll do the rest. If you already have an agent, please put them in touch with us. The best part is: IT'S FREE. MAC BULK will analyze your needs and "group" you with other people with complimentary needs and negotiate deep, bulk discounts and Vancouver liquidation real estate sales on your behalf. It's a win-win scenario where the Lower Mainland property developer appreciates the business and you get a better price than you could ever get on your own through a bulk condo auction sale or Greater Vancouver liquidation real estate sales event. It's good, fair, logical and HIGHLY effective. You know if you were to buy a home from a developer right now you could negotiate a great deal. If you got a couple friends to buy at the same time from the same developer you know you could negotiate a really, really great deal. Now imagine if you had hundreds of friends and experienced, professional negotiators working for you here at the Vancouver liquidation real estate experts at MAC Marketing Solutions. Imagine the deal you could get through MACBULK Vancouver condo auctions. Buying power means better prices in the Vancouver liquidation real estate market. This free service by MAC BULK Vancouver is brand new to the real estate industry so you must have questions. Please feel free to call Vancouver MAC BULK and find out more: 604 688 5566. Cam Good and the rest of the CondoMob Team.

MAC Marketing Solutions Presents An Even Bigger MAC Bulk Vancouver Real Estate Liquidation Event - Great Condo Auctions and Deals on New Townhomes Across Vancouver

CondoMob Vancouver presents the latest release of condo auctions by MAC Marketing Solutions and MAC Bulk Sales for Vancouver real estate liquidation of new condominiums and townhomes for saleAccording to the latest advertisement in the back page of the Georgia Straight, MAC Marketing Solutions is gearing up towards another huge launch of new Vancouver liquidation condo and townhome sales through a program from the MAC Bulk Sales. This unique way of selling unsold Vancouver condo inventory is very new to the real estate market and the style of liquidation townhomes and condos is getting the attention of many first time hombuyers, investors and downsizers. According to the Ad: We're doing it again! Our last MAC Bulk Vancouver real estate liquidation project was an overwhelming success. We helped hundreds of people purchase brand new condo auctioned homes for far less than market value through the Onni real estate liquidation Vancouver condo sales. And so, we're doing it again through MACBULK at MAC Marketing Solutions. But this time even bigger! 4 Beautiful Greater Vancouver liquidation condo projects will be sold by MAC Bulk Sales through 3 Trusted Developers and 1 amazing opportunity. MAC BULK - Watch for it. The savings will blow you away. Contact 604.633.9988 or visit macbulk.com to register your interest in these condo auctions and Vancouver real estate liquidation sales events by MAC Bulk Sales. Thank you for your interest in MACBulk Sales for liquidated Vancouver condos. We are experiencing a significant volume of interest in these 4 new condo auction/Vancouver liquidation real estate amazing projects throughout the Lower Mainland property market. We thank you in advance for your patience. One of our MACBulk Sales Associates will contact you within 48 hours.

For more information about Cancelled Vancouver Condo Projects, click here. For details about Stalled Vancouver Condos on Hold or Delayed, click here. For current Developer Lawsuits on Pre-Sale Vancouver Condo Buyers Breach of Contract, click here.

The 375 homes sold during the MAC Bulk - Onni Liquidation were sold by MAC Marketing Solutions. Condomob did NOT sell the 375 homes, MAC Marketing Solutions (through the MAC Bulk program) sold the homes. MAC Marketing Solutions and MAC Bulk are NOT related to Condomob. MAC Marketing Solutions (through the MAC Bulk program) is gearing up for another release MAC Bulk which includes 4 projects from 3 of Western Canada’s top developers. For more information on the MAC Bulk release please call 604.633.9988 or visit online at www.MACBulk.com.

MAC Bulk - The Perfect Time to Buy is NOW! Vancouver Condo Liquidation Events for 4 New Lower Mainland Developments!

Our complete MAC Bulk website is now live. Visit www.MACBulk.com today to find out more about ALL FOUR of the exciting MAC Bulk Projects for Vancouver real estate liquidation sales. We would like to introduce our final project in the MAC Bulk condo Vancouver liquidation sales portfolio: The Morgan in South Surrey’s Morgan Heights. Built by Amacon, this 4 storey wood frame property at Morgan Heights The Morgan Apartment Homes will impress you for its design, space and neighbourhood amenities. We are very excited to offer such a wide array of Vancouver liquidation homes and locations to choose from through the MAC Bulk Program. We are certain you will find a MAC Bulk Vancouver real estate liquidated home that will suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a new home to live in or an investment opportunity; now is a great time to buy. Three reasons to buy with MAC Bulk: 1.Unprecedented Financing; 2. Limited Supply and 3. MAC Bulk Pricing. UNPRECEDENTED FINANCING AT AN ALL TIME LOW - Financing rates are now lower than they have been in decades here in Greater Vancouver real estate district. For every $100,000 financed, the monthly payment is approximately $475*. Regardless of the home you are looking for, the financing cost will make it even more affordable. Talk to us at MAC Bulk Vancouver real estate liquidation sales reps about some recommended lenders for your mortgage. LIMITED SUPPLY - There have been few to no new property developments started in the Vancouver area in the past 12 months. In the next 6 months you will see availability drop as more completed new homes are purchased and nothing new is started. As these homes are purchased the demand will be maintained but supply will continue to drop. Eventually the demand will overtake supply. The key is to finding the Vancouver liquidated home or condo you want and buying it before someone else does. The questions to ask are "is this the home for me" and "can I afford it?" If you can answer yes to both then you need to act before someone else does. MAC BULK PRICING - The MAC Bulk program allows us to bring great savings to you. Every MACBulk liquidated Vancouver home for sale is priced to sell. New MACBulk homes have been reduced up to $150,000. It is because of MAC Bulk that you will be able to find homes of this calibre at these prices. Call 604.633.9988 or visit us on site for more detailed pricing. Call now to learn about these amazing opportunities at the MAC Bulk Vancouver condo liquidation event and to book your personal tour of one or more of the properties. *Monthly Mortgage Rate based on TD VIP closed Variable rate currently at 3% (Prime (2.5%) + 0.5%) 25yr amortization / 5yr term.

Vancouver Condo Liquidation MAC Bulk Reminder - Cora and Legacy Sales Events Tomorrow!

MAC Bulk. Watch for it. The savings will blow you away! Countdown to the MACBulk Vancouver real estate liquidation condo and townhome Sales Event! Starting on April 1st, MAC Bulk Cora Towers and Legacy Towers will begin selling the remaining new homes in each community. Over the last 2 weeks we have had 100's of people previewing the Cora Towers and Burnaby Legacy Tower condo homes and learning how they can save up to $150,000* on a brand new home through the Vancouver real estate liquidation sale managed by MAC Marketing Solutions' MAC Bulk!!! Now you can too. On April 1st, both Cora Towers and Legacy Towers will be open for a special MACBulk Buying Event from 5pm to 8pm. Join us then to select the home that is best for you at far below Greater Vancouver real estate market values. Call 604.633.9988 to book your appointment. This could be the best $150,000* you never spent. Don't miss out. The savings will blow you away. Call 604.633.9988 to learn more about how you can get in on the MAC Bulk savings for the Legacy Towers and cora Towers condo sales. Call now to book your appointment and learn how you can select your new Vancouver home for far less than property market value. Call MACBulk condo liquidation sales now because opportunities are limited and savings like these will soon be gone.

We’re Doing It Again at MAC Bulk Vancouver Condo Sales
We’ve negotiated massive discounts on another stunning portfolio of beautifully finished, brand new Greater Vancouver homes for liquidation MAC Bulk sales by some of Canada’s leading developers. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to own a brand new home in Greater Vancouver for far less than real estate market value. MAC Bulk liquidation Vancouver ocnod sales – the savings will blow you away. Presented by MAC Marketing Solutions, the Vancouver MAC Bulk condo liquidation sales includes four new developments: South Surrey The Morgan Condos MAC Bulk liquidation condos inclue one bedroom and den suites from 653 sq ft starting from $219,900 (original price of $299,900) and two bedrooms from 835 sq ft from $299,900 (originally priced at $384,900). In addition, the MAC Bulk Morgan South Surrey condominiums include two bedroom and den suites at 953 sqft from $289,900 (from $404.900) and three bedroom spacious family condominiums at 1089 sqft from $334,900 from $444,900. The second real estate development featured at the MAC Bulk Vancouver liquidation condo sales event are the Central Abbotsford Edgebrook condominiums that includes one bedroom sat 696 from $159,9000 from $219,900 and one bed plus den suites at 714 square feet from $169,900 (original pricing at $229,900). Also at the pre-sale Edgebrook Abbotsford MAC Bulk liquidation condo sales events are two bedroom suites at 967 sq ft from $224,900 (originally priced at $309,900) and 954 square foot two bed and den units from $219,900 (from $299,900). The third development for the liquidation MAC Bulk condo sales event are the Lougheed Coquitlam Cora Tower Residences that include the one bed plus den at 650 sq ft from $264,900 (from $348,900) and two bed plus den suites at 944 sq ft from $338,900 (from $458,900). Lastly, the larger 2 bed plus den Cora MAC Bulk Coquitlam condo liquidation sales features two bed plus den 1010 sf units from $363,900 from the original $483,900. Lastly, the Brentwood Burnaby Legacy Towers at the MACBulk Liquidation Mac Bulk sales includes one bed plus den at 823 sf from $299,900, two bed plus den at 1362 sf starting from $487,900 and finally the three level 2 bed plus den Burnaby Legacy MAC Bulk townhomes for sale that are 1787 square feet from $539,000. Contact MAC Bulk Sales at 604.633.9988 or register your interest today.

April 2009 - MAC Bulk by MAC Marketing Solutions - Now is a great time to buy!!!

In just 3 weeks we have sold 50% of the MAC Bulk homes at Cora and Legacy. We are also preparing for the opening of The Morgan MACBulk (South Surrey) and Edgebrook Mac Bulk condo sales (Abbotsford) Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 for both. All Vancouver condo liquidation MAC Bulk buyers realized that now was the time to buy. What makes now a great time to buy? According to Vancouver real estate market analysts there are many reasons but the most important are: 1. Interest rates are at an all-time low (the best buying power in over 40 years!) Banks giving Greater Vancouver condo liquidation home buyers an interest rate break; 2. Limited supply - Housing starts in B.C. will total approx. 22,800 units in 2009 and 20,700 in 2010, compared to 34,321 home starts in 2008, a reduction of over 12,000 for the next 2 years; 3. Growing population base - Population in BC has grown by 71,070 or 1.64% from a year ago; 4. Vancouver condo liquidation sales are starting to pick up - 53% increase in sales February to March in Metro Vancouver. MAC Bulk liquidation Vancouver condo sales events has sold over $15,000,000 of Vancouver real estate liquidated properties in the past 3 weeks (Cora and Legacy) and over $115,000,000 in the MAC Bulk Liquidation Vancouver real estate since January. Headlines in the April 2nd Vancouver Sun definitely speak to the recent increase in condo and townhouse sales as financing rates and prices have both dropped. "Metro Vancouver real estate sales bounce back" (March home sales in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver's region jumped 53% from February, the Board said in a news release today. The Board said 2,265 sales were recorded across the region last month.) Regardless of what you are looking for in a home, now is the time to take a serious look. First-time buyers are perfect for the Vancouver liquidation real estate Mac Bulk condo sales, Move-up buyers and Downsizers are in a unique position to take advantage of unprecedented financing, home prices and (for now) availability. But don't wait too long. The 4 MAC Bulk projects are: Liquidated Cora Towers NOW SELLING - Located in Coquitlam and Built by Intergulf; Legacy Towers Liquidation Burnaby condo sales NOW SELLING and Built by Embassy; South Surrey The Morgan condo liquidation sales (Opening April 25) Built by Amacon as well as the liquidated Abbotsford Edgebrook condos (Opening April 25) and Built by Amacon . Below are just a few examples of what's available at the MAC Bulk liquidation condo real estate projects. If you are looking for a new Greater Vancouver liquidation home for sale right now is the perfect time to buy. But don't wait, we have already SOLD 50% of the MAC Bulk homes by MAC Marketing Solutions. Call 604.633.9988 to learn more about how you can get in on the MACBulk Vancouver condo and townhouse savings. Call now to book your appointment to preview and select your new home for far less than Vancouver real estate market value.

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