Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luxury 2010 Hotel Accommodations & 5 Star Olympic Rentals for the Winter Games are Now Available in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby & Whistler

Five Star High End 2010 Winter Olympics Accommodations.

Five star Vancouver hotels are now almost fully booked, but you can rent 2010 housing in downtown Vancouver at private homes and condos at better prices.Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympics in February 2010 and we will see a tremendous volume of travelers all over the city. With the majority of Downtown hotels already reserved by VANOC, guests who want luxury 2010 accommodations will need to make alternative arrangements. Even with the financial resources to book luxury 2010 accommodations, our high end clients will find it difficult to find suitable Vancouver 2010 hotel rooms. During the period of February 12 – 28, 2010 Vancouver will see a large exclusive guest list from presidents to ambassadors of over 80 countries. These very high end and security conscious clients will already have secured the majority of the luxury and five star 2010 hotel accommodations in Downtown Vancouver. For other non 2010 guests the alternative is to book luxury private 2010 rental accommodations in Downtown Vancouver. Luckily there are quite a few choices and our company has secured some of the most exclusive luxury 2010 rental condos and townhouses in Downtown Vancouver. The most important quality of luxury Olympic rental suites is the location, after all that is where the events will take place. Our rental Olympic condo suites are located walking distance to Olympic venues or the Skytrain (rapid transit) so that guests can get to their favorite destinations in less time. For Olympic 2010 corporate rentals, click here. Follow this link for Vancouver Whistler 2010 group travel packages and special deals for furnished accommodations.

More info about furnished Whistler 2010 rentals accommodations and Olympic resort housing is available here.

Five Star 2010 Rental Homes and Condos

Luxury 2010 Vancouver hotel accommodations and suites are fully booked by VANOC, but there are many other 5 star private residences for rent during the Winter GamesHotels have created the five star Olympic accommodation system to provide a rating system for their different classes of rooms. Five star 2010 accommodations are the best room types available and guests will have the best views and comfort that their exclusivity provides. Catering to five star 2010 rental housing in Vancouver is other type of private Olympic accommodations such as luxury condo suites. A luxury condo suite is equivalent to a five star 2010 accommodation in a hotel or better. What you can expect is private bathrooms and ensuite bathrooms. This is standard in the luxury 2010 private accommodations available in our inventory. Another 5 star requirement is to have a full kitchen with cooking and eating supplies. Our luxury Olympic condo rentals have a full kitchen with granite countertops and breakfast bars. The kitchen is fully equipped with a gas cook top stove, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher and a double sink. An added bonus of our private 2010 accommodations is insuite laundry. You will not need to call for room service to do a small amount of laundry. The extras of a five star Olympic accommodations is the size of the suite. Most of our luxury private 2010 rental accommodations are over 700 sq ft and some are 1,200 sq ft. This really defines the five star 2010 housing as hotels will rarely have this size and comfort in their rooms even though they are five star rated. Read more about the VANOC concerns over the number of affordable 2010 housing and available downtown Vancouver 2010 hotel accommodation still available. For Vancouver 2010 Olympic ticket concerns with Roadtrips or more info about licensed ticketing resellers, please click here.

2010 Olympics Destination Travel Planning

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics will be a top destination travel planning spot for visitors around the world. This will be the ultra luxury package tour for high end travelers who are looking for the best experience and destination travel in February and March. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics destination will provide visitors with the ability to experience world class sporting events with top international athletes competing against world record breaking times. This will be a full adrenaline rush for all 2010 travellers and it will be the experience of a lifetime. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics destination travel planning can begin with just the Opening ceremonies or something more exciting such as Gold Medal Hockey or Speed skating. There are a lot of events to watch and not enough time to enjoy all the different events. Of course the 2010 Olympics destination travel planning should also include the local Vancouver sites and attractions. Some of the can’t miss places include a walk along the seawall at Stanley Park, a ride up to the top of Vancouver at Grouse Mountain with breath taking views of Downtown Vancouver and the ocean, and the ultra scary Capilano Suspension Bridge. For affordable Richmond 2010 rentals and furnished rent 2010 Coquitlam condos and townhouses, click on these links.

Five Star Hotel Amenities for 2010 Games

5 Star Vancouver hotel amenities for 2010 Winter Olympic Games can include a swimming pool with a hot tub and steam room. These are standard in our luxury Vancouver rental condo suites. Most guests will need to relax and unwind after a long day watching the 2010 Winter Games so a light swim followed by a soak in the hot tub should relieve most of the days stress. Another feature of five star Vancouver 2010 hotel amenities is the fitness center. Our luxury private Olympic accommodations all have a fitness centre with a mix of cardio equipment and free weights and universal weights. Most of our luxury private 2010 furnished rental condos also have a lounge and a media and entertainment room. These are great places to watch the 2010 Olympic Games as there is usually also a billiards table and some comfortable sofas and lounge chairs. So what's the difference between 2010 condos versus hotel accommodation? Affordable Sea to Sky rentals and Squamish 2010 accommodation is available here.

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