Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for a New Home in Tri-Cities? Launch of Residences Suter Brook Port Moody, Oasis Coquitlam & Shaughnessy at Lions Park Port Coquitlam Condos

Tri-Cities – Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam Real Estate Markets – Onni Introduces 3 New Condo High-Rises Coming SPRING 2010

Coming Soon to the TRI-CITIES... The Onni Group presents three new exciting presale condominium high-rise opportunities coming this spring to the Tri-Cities – Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam real estate markets. Register NOW to be the FIRST to know about preview events, new presale condo suite releases, pricing and more! The new Onni condo projects include the Oasis Coquitlam Condos, Port Coquitlam Shaughnessy on Lions Park and Port Moody Residences at Suter Brook Village. Here are the details surrounding the new Onni presale condominium high-rise towers in no particular order.

Port Moody The Residences at Suter Brook Village Real Estate Development by Onni

Onni's Residences at Suter Brook Port Moody real estate condo development.The Residences at Suter Brook Port Moody are launching in February 2010. This 26 storey condo high-rise tower is located within a natural setting amongst beautiful landscaping and is by far one of the most prestigious yet affordable new condo developments available to homebuyers.. The Suter Brook Residences in Port Moody real estate market also features over thirty thousand square feet of amenities and will feature a great variety of one to three bedroom condominium floorplans, penthouse suites and unique sky garden units. Check back soon for more updates on the new Onni The Residences at Suter Brook Village Port Moody.

Onni's Oasis Coquitlam Condos for Sale

The new Onni Oasis Coquitlam condo high-rise.Another landmark condominium building will be making its way to the central Coquitlam real estate market. Built by Onni, one of the most respected and established Lower Mainland builders, the Oasis Coquitlam pre-construction condo project will be starting soon, with sales set to begin this spring 2010. The new Coquitlam Oasis real estate project features penthouse suites, and one to two bedroom presale condos. One of the most amazing features of the high-rise tower is that the Oasis Coquitlam condo building will be thirty eight stories in height, making it one of the most striking and tallest highrises in the region. With extensive amenities and a great location close to Coquitlam Town Centre, check back soon for more updates regarding the new Coquitlam Oasis condo tower by Onni.

Redefining the Port Coquitlam real estate market is the new Onni Shaughnessy on Lions Park condos and penthouse collection of luxury homes

Port Coquitlam Shaughnessy on Lions Park real estate development launchesAs the only new Port Coquitlam condo high-rise available right now, this amazingly designed and constructed landmark building will begin sales in February 2010. The new Shaughnessy on Lions Park Port Coquitlam condo building will feature a great range of 1 to 3 bedroom suite floorplans, luxurious penthouse suites with the most amazing views in addition to family sized townhomes for sale. Port Coquitlam real estate market has never seen anything like this, and Onni is transforming the skyline with the new Lions Park Shaughnessy Port Coquitlam real estate tower. Close to West Coast Express and Coquitlam Centre Mall, please check back soon for more details regarding the new Port Coquitlam Shaughnessy condo tower in Lions Park by Onni.

TO GET INSIDER INFORMATION ON THESE PROJECTS MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE LINK ABOVE. These are the 3 new condo high-rises in the Tri Cities of the Lower Mainland featuring the Oasis Coquitlam condos, Shaughnessy on Lions Park Port Coquitlam condominiums and the Port Moody Residences at Suter Brook Village. To learn more about Onni developments visit *This is not an offering for sale. E. & O.E.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Mark Yaletown Condos for Sale - A Downtown Vancouver Landmark Condo Building - Pre-Construction Vancouver Condominiums Coming Winter - Onni Group

The Downtown Vancouver Yaletown Mark Condos by Onni Launching Sales Saturday, November 28th!

The downtown Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo tower is launching sales soon.Tallest Building in Yaletown In Nutshell – What We Know About The Sales Event
The grand opening for for the downtown Vancouver condos for sale at The Mark by Onni will commence on Saturday November 28, 2009. An overnight line-up is expected as is a sell-out of Phase 1 by the end of the weekend. The Yaletown Mark Condos will be built at the corner of Seymour Street and Pacific Street in the downtown Vancouver real estate district. The released of Phase 1 Yaletown condos for sale at the Mark Vancouver will consist of the bottom 26 floors. However, through some realtors and inside contacts, some homebuyers will be able to purchase up to the 29th floor. Anything above the 29th floor will be released next year in the Phase 2 release of the pre-construction Vancouver Yaletown Mark condos. As for floor plans, the floorplates and layouts have been released for the new Yaletown condos at The Mark by Onni from floors 11 through 26. However, the developer, Onni, has not released the floor plans for floors 3 to 7 in addition to the downtown Vancouver Yaletown Mark townhomes that are most sought after. However, at the grand opening on November 28th, the floorplans for the Mark Yaletown condos on the lower floors as well as the downtown Vancouver townhomes for sale will be released. Homebuyers can only purchase units under their own name. In addition, floors 7 through 10 is reserved for amenity space as well as guest suites in this luxury Yaletown condo development at The Mark Vancouver real estate development. The exact pricing for these pre-construction Vancouver condos has not yet been released, and won’t be released until the grand opening of the Presentation Centre. However, it is anticipated that these pre-construction Vancouver luxury Yaletown condos at The Mark will start from a price point of about $675 per square foot, and rise as you get to the higher floors. As usuall, the one bedroom suites are price higher per square foot when comparing them against two bedroom suites here at the luxury Yaletown Mark condos for sale. In addition, any unit under six hundred square feet will not come with parking (and these include studios and some one bedrooms). In order to purchase your new pre-construction Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo for sale, you will need to put down 20% of the purchase price within 18 months, but this can potentially be negotiated to 24 months through some realtors. The anticipated completion date for The Yaletown Mark Vancouver condo high-rise is expected to be within 3 years.

Vancouver Yaletown Condos at The Mark - 76% Sold Opening Weekend! Get Ready for the 2010 Olympic Release

On Saturday we opened our doors to a line-up of downtown Vancouver homebuyers who slept outside the Onni Presentation Centre in hopes of purchasing a home at The Mark Yaletown landmark condo building. You bought 163 of 214 presale downtown Vancouver homes released. We were overwhelmed by the demand for 76% of our available inventory! The local media picked up on what was going on at our downtown Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo sales centre on Saturday. See their reports on CTV News and The Province. A RISING VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE MARKET – THE MARK SAYS GOODBYE UNTIL 2010! The Vancouver real estate market is exceeding everyone’s expectations as it continues to strengthen. The balance of unsold Mark Yaletown condo homes are being taken off the downtown Vancouver real estate market, for now. These homes, along with the top of the tower will become available for sale during our Olympic Release. To all those with outstanding holds and expressions of interest: We will honour our commitments to you up until December 20th. After the 20th, all presale Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo homes will be completely taken off the market. We can’t make exceptions to this so please visit or call us today to make arrangements. WARMING UP FOR THE OLYMPIC RELEASE at The Mark Yaletown. We are putting together a VIP group for our downtown Vancouver Mark Condo Olympic Release. For best selection, visit or call us today to add your name to the list. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support of this iconic downtown Vancouver Yaletown real estate development and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Take advantage of The Mark Yaletown Condominiums for sale, the one and only downtown Vancouver real estate offering this fall. Prices start from: 1 Bedroom Mark Vancouver condos between 460 – 730 sf and priced from $320,900; 1 Bedroom + Den floorplans between 745 – 820 sf and priced from $492,900; 2 Bedroom downtown Vancouver Mark Condos between 760– 1330 sf and priced from $484,900 and the spectacular Yaletown Mark Townhomes between 1050 – 1500 sf and priced from $660,900. The Mark sets a new standard for downtown Vancouver real estate condo living with phenomenal features including air conditioning in all homes, design to meet LEED Gold standards, panoramic views, sophisticated interiors and a 10,000 sqft Wellness Centre with rooftop pool and hot tub! Call TODAY for more information about these pre-construction Vancouver condos at The Mark Yaletown. We expect tomorrow to be very busy, in fact people have already started to line up!

The Landmark Yaletown Vancouver Condos for Sale at The Mark High-Rise

Marketed as an iconic, architectural masterpiece, the pre-construction Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo tower is about to begin presales. Coming soon to one of Yaletown Vancouver real estate’s last landmark locations. The Mark Yaletown condos exemplifies high-end, luxury and convenient urban living in the downtown Vancouver real estate distict. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable and beautiful cities, Vancouver will soon welcome a striking landmark Yaletown condo tower that will forever change the skyline. Called The Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos by Onni Developers, this high-rise condominium tower will soon become a residential iconic tower in a city that is already renowned for its beauty and natural advantages: a backdrop of both the city skyline and water that provide the most spectacular settings for any new Vancouver condo for sale. At the epicentre of Vancouver real estate’s most coveted communities, The Mark Yaletown condos for sale by Onni Developers rises with a distinct profile and architectural elegance that will shape future horizons. Positioned to capture views across English Bay, the North Shore Mountains, the downtown Vancouver skyline and surrounding Yaletown real estate community, The Mark Condos are designed fro inspired urban condo living and intelligent environmental sustainability. Come home to The Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos for sale. This is truly an Onni masterpiece that will be launched very soon. All homes at the new Vancouver condos for sale at the Yaletown Mark development will come with a new home warranty too.

The Architecture and Design of The Pre-Construction Vancouver Condos at The Mark Yaletown Condominiums for Sale

Luxury Vancouver Mark Condominiums are located in the Yaletown real estate market place.A stunning blueprint for a new age of architectural elegance in the heart of downtown Vancouver real estate is coming soon at The Mark Yaletown condos for sale. Art of the possible. The seamless fusion of urban context and sustainable design that is so important in today’s construction and design can be seen here at the pre-construction Vancouver Mark condos. Conceived to transform, yet graciously complement the Vancouver real estate skyline, The Mark pre-construction Yaletown Vancouver condos for sale will provide distinctive, contemporary residences offering the most beautiful living spaces and the utmost in urban condominium living features. Described as being bold and sculptural, the architectural façade of the pre-construction Mark Vancouver condo tower residences features broad, curtain glass, sun shades and a living wall. The Mark Yaletown condominiums evokes understated beauty while revealing panoramas of Vancouver from English Bay and beyond. These luxury Vancouver condos for sale at the Yaletown Mark real estate development also offer amazing panoramic views of the False Creek skyline. On the lower levels of the Mark Yaletown project, operable shade screens allow home owners to control environmental exposure in response to the sun’s changing position and desired outlook. And to welcome new residents home in style at the pre-construction Yaletown Mark Vancouver condos presents a unique living wall providing a peaceful and inviting entry into the landscaped outdoor corridors, communal courtyards and quiet paths to private Mark Yaletown townhomes for sale. All of the downtown Vancouver condos for sale and Yaletown Mark townhomes are created in compliance with LEED Gold sustainability guidelines. Mark your legacy today by pre registering for this spectacular pre-construction Vancouver condo development at The Mark Yaletown today. Brought to you by Onni. You can also see the views from various floors of the high-rise Vancouver condominium tower on their marketing website in addition to reading a profile piece on the Onni Story.

The Vancouver Mark Yaletown Condos by Onni

LEED Gold Vancouver condos at the Yaletown Mark by Onni Group is an architectural masterpieceThe Vancouver Mark Yaletown Condo is an Iconic Architectural Masterpiece. COMING THIS NOVEMBER TO ONE OF YALETOWN VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE’S LAST LANDMARK LOCATIONS! A stunning blue print for a new age of architectural excellence is coming soon to the extraordinary high-rise tower Yaletown Mark Condominiums by Onni Developers. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver welcomes a gem of architectural excellence to its enviable skyline. The Mark Yaletown. Soon to become a Vancouer condo residential landmark in a city renowned for its beauty and natural advantages: a backdrop of mountains and water that provide a spectacular setting to a world-class cosmopolitan culture. Positioned to capture views across English Bay and beyond, designed for inspired urban living and intelligent environmental sustainability here at the pre-construction Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos for sale, coming soon. Come home to a modern masterpiece; the crowning touch to the False Creek Yaletown Vancouver real estate skyline. Interested in learning more about the pre-construction Vancouver Yaletown Mark condos for sale? Call 604-687-4353 to speak directly with a sales representative or you can visit their presale Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo web site located on the internet at today. Visit phase one of The Mark Yaletown condo website today at ONNI.COM as well. We look forward to talking with you soon. THE YALETOWN MARK SALES TEAM.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Onni Presents the South Main Social Vancouver Condos - Affordable East Vancouver Apartments - Sustainable 1 & 2 Bedroom, Penthouses, Social Townhomes

Introducing the South Main Vancouver Social Condos for Sale by Onni Developers

The affordable East Vancouver condos at Social South Main follow a long list of new developments in the area.Life intersects here at the new Vancouver Social South Main Condos for sale. Ranging from one to three bedroom Vancouver condominiums, Social by Onni also features townhome residences that are spacious, open concept and truly affordable. Ranging in floor plans sizes of five hundred and seventy five square feet all the way to more than sixteen hundred square fett for the townhomes, the new Social South Main Vancouver condos for sale are now selling. Featuring the best in customer service, Onni Developers presents the new Social Vancouver condos that are designed by world renowned Lawrence Doyle + Wright Architects who are part of the IBI Group. With the traditional glass and brick facades coupled with modern over sized punched windows and floor to ceiling glass, the pre-construction Vancouver Social South Main condos and townhomes pay homage to the historic neighbourhood and the modern future of the community. For those who love the South Main Vancouver real estate district, this is your opportunity to purchase a ground level affordable Vancouver condo for sale at the Onni Social development today. There are a total of 125 new Vancouver condos and townhomes for sale here that offer open concept layouts and functional spaces, over height ceilings, massive outdoor living spaces in decks, patios and balconies in addition to two high speed passenger elevators. The over height ceilings range from eight feet eight inches from floors one to eight as well as South Main Social Vancouver penthouse suites that have amazing ten foot four inch high ceilings. The nine storey mid-rise Vancouver South Main condo building is coupled with traditional style townhomes on the ground level with street entry. Rainscreen technology has been incorporated in addition to acoutist engineered construction to make sure there is maximum sound buffering in this concrete condominium building. In addition, all homes at the Onni Social South Main Vancouver condos and townhomes will come with the standard two-five-ten year National Home Warranty. As far as resident amenity spaces go, the pre-construction Vancouver Social condos will have a common roof top deck on the 5th floor that has professionally landscaped green spaces, relaxation areas and entertainment spaces. In addition, homebuyers here at the South Main Social by Onni condos can enjoy an indoor lounge area that comes comlete with a catering kitchen. Other features include an evening concierge service throughout the year. Residents at the pre-construction Vancouver Social South Main real estate development can also enjoy an impressive gym.

View Larger Map

South Main Vancouver Townhomes at Social by Onni.

VANCOUVER SOCIAL - South Main Townhomes – Spring 2010 Update

SOUTH MAIN TOWNHOMES FROM $669,900* For a limited time only, enjoy great savings on the Vancouver South Main Social townhomes for sale form the mid $600’s. A limited number of two level concrete Vancouver South Main town homes from 1,275 to 1,295 Sq Ft in Vancouver's desirable South Main real estate district. Check out the many reasons you’ll want to own here at South Main Social Townhomes in Vancouver real estate market today: Own a new Vancouver home with just 10% down, Private street front entry and your own address! In addition, the Social South Main town homes present large terraces great for entertaining and summer nights as well as 2 parking stalls and ample in-suite storage. There are upgraded appliances including a gourmet gas range and 8’8” – 10’8” ceilings and hardwood flooring in every home at Vancouver Social Townhomes in South Main District. Also, this is one of the most advanced sustainable buildings in Vancouver real estate market and is located next door to 1 Kingsway, a comprehensive community centre offering a host of services including child care. Also, the South Main Social Townhomes for sale are steps from the funky bistros, organic bakeries, vintage clothing stores, and hip yet relaxed coffee shops of Vancouver’s South Main district. You can download sample floor plans online right now. Call 604-687-4353 or visit our downtown sales centre, located at 1035 Seymour street for more information about the fabulous new Vancouver South Main Social Townhomes for sale. I look forward to seeing you, Onni New Home Consultant for the Social South Main Vancouver townhom project. * Prices are subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.

Own A Social South Main Condo with 10% Down!

This weekend at Social Vancouver South Main condos, take advantage of: 10% total deposit and also a 3% price discount! What do you think of our sales staff's picks? We’ve had our eyes on these great South Main Vancouver Social homes this week… ANGELE Unit 320 is a one bedroom suite at 720 sf originally priced at $385,900 and discounted by $11,577 to $374,323 and it’s a bright corner unit. TARA Unit 105 at South Main Social by Onni is a studio floor plan of 500 square feet in size that is now only $283,143 and features a impressive 175 SqFt patio! HOWARD Suite 704 at the presale Vancouver Social South Main condos is a two bedroom floor plan of 820 square feet priced now at $456,773 and features great mountain views. The LAURA at Suite 108 is an East Vancouver Social Townhome with floor plan TH 8 at 1,275 sf priced originally at $679,900, discounted by $20,397 to $659,503 and features impressive 14' ceilings. The LISA is a 2 Bed layout at 870 sqft and priced now at $402,453 which is only $476/SqFt! Check out all the Social Vancouver condo and townhome floorplans at Cam & the Social Sales Team – The South Main Social Sales Centre is located at 1035 Seymour Street (at Nelson) in Downtown Vancouver, BC. Call 604-687-4353 for more information. Open Daily 12-6pm (closed Friday).

The Social South Main Condos for Sale – Floor Plans Released

A rendering of the Social Vancouver condos that feature family townhomes as well.There are a great number of floor plans available for homebuyers at the new South Main Vancouver condo development. From one bedroom to two bed condominiums to penthouse suites and townhomes, the Social South Main real estate project will give you maximum choices at affordable pricing. There are thirteen one bedroom Social South Main condo floor plans released that range anywhere from 555 sqft (Plan C) all the way to the corner 770 sqft (Plan F). Some of these 1 bedroom suites also have huge patios or balconies, increasing your living space by a lot. The two bedroom South Main Vancouver Social condo floor plans range from M1 which is about seven hundred and twenty square feet all the way to an impressively large Floorplan Q at twelve hundred and fifty five sq ft. The Vancouver Penthouse condo plan PH! Is a three bedroom residence at 1235 sf with a huge main floor terrace and then an even bigger roof top deck. PH2 is 1335 sf with two bedrooms, Vancouver penthouse 3 is 1284 sf with 3 beds, and PH4 is 1194 square footage. Penthouse 5 at Social South Main real estate development is a two bedroom and two bath suite with 1,170 square feet. For homebuyers who enjoy the family style home feel, the Vancouver Social Townhomes for sale will give you four different layout choices. Firstly Plan THA is a two bedroom South Main townhouse that features 1275 to 1295 sf over two levels with an enclosed balcony and a ground floor patio. The corner unit THB at the South Main Social Townhomes for sale features two bedrooms and is thirteen hundred and fifty five square ft. THC at Vancouver Social townhouses is 3 bedrooms and 1535 sf, while THD is 1255 sf.

Condo Sustainability is the Key to the Success Here at South Main Social Vancouver Real Estate Development

Visit the Onni Sales Centre today for more information regarding the South Main Vancouver condo real estate develop,ent at Social.Onni Developers has done their part in protecting the environment and making sure that water and energy conservation are part of their building plan. The Social South Main condos for sale will feature LEED Silver equivalent certification that provides some of the healthiest and most energy efficient living spaces in the Vancouver real estate market place. With a dedication of park space, urban gardens on site and green roofs that decrease the heat island effect, the pre-construction Vancouver condos at Social South Main are truly ground breaking when it comes to protecting the surroundings. From balconies that allow for more shading during the summer months to 50% glazing of the windows and from brick and concrete facades that insulates heat and a high efficiency boiler system, Social Vancouver South Main condo home buyers can rest assure that they are protected in every way and are doing their part for generations to come. There is also a rain water collection for central irrigation, Energy Star front loading washer and dryer, energy efficient appliances in the bathrooms and kitchens and water efficiency too. Low flow fixtures and toilets are other features as is the durable concrete construction that requires very little maintenance. The central location of the South Main Vancouver real estate district also allows Social Onni homebuyers to explore their neighbourhood with ease, and without driving their cars. Walking or biking is promoted in this condo community for sustainability. All homeowners will have key fob entry, controlled underground parking with cameras for extra security and all Social South Main condos for sale will have pre-wired in suite security systems too.

The Interior Features of the South Main Pre-Construction Vancouver Condominiums

If you are looking for a pre-construction Vancouver condo for sale, the South Main Social development by Onni is prefect for you. The kitchens will have a great energy efficient, full iszed appliance package with garburator too, in addition to solid composite stone counters, breakfast bars, islands in select suites, over height tiled backsplashes, porcelain tiled floors and lots of task lighting. The bathrooms at the pre-construction Vancouver condos at Social South Main will have imported tiled porcelain floors, oversized mirror, deep soaker tub, framed glass shower enclosures with tiled walls, under mount wash sink, stone countertops again and wood veneer cabinets. The Social pre-construction Vancouver condos will also feature such things as wire shelving in the closets, flat panel ceilings, designer colour schemes, lots of in suite storage, oversized kitchen cabinetry and bedroom closet space, baseboards, pre-wiring and Berber carpeting. Onni also gives you two choices in terms of flooring. For more information, please refer to: What more could you ask for? Perfect location, price point, services, amenities, interior features and beautiful exterior façade. The time is now to purchase here!

Email Blast from this New Vancouver Condo Development
More excitement is coming to the Vancouver South Main real estate district and trendy neighbourhood that recently launched the District South Main condos by Amacon. Located on Scotia Street and 7th Avenue, Vancouver real estate development (just one half block off of Main Street), Social South Main condos for sale is all about to open with a stylish, nine storey residential condominium building that brings a great selection of both new Vancouver condos and South Main townhomes to the market place. The floor plans for the presale Vancouver Social condos and Social townhomes range in size between five hundred and ninety five square feet for one bedroom Social Vancouver condos all the way to sixteen hundred square foot three bedroom South Main Social townhomes coming soon. Among some of the many exciting new amenities for residents include a rooftop deck that features private garden plots. The South Main Vancouver condo and townhome sales centre will open September 26th. For more information about the new Vancouver condos at Social South Main development please contact an Onni sales rep or visit

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grand Re-Opening of the downtown Vancouver V6A Condos at Union Street - Onni Development featuring affordable Vancouver condos for sale

For additional information about the new V6A Affordable Vancouver Condos for Sale, please click here.

Great Downtown Vancouver Real Estate Value at V6A Condos

January 2010 Update - Thank you so much for your interest in V6A - DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER'S BEST VALUE! V6A is a new Downtown Vancouver real estate development by Onni Builders and is only a short walk, drive or bike ride away from the downtown core, Yaletown, South East False Creek, Gastown and Commercial Drive. Offering un-matched downtown Vancouver real estate value in the heart of the city, presale V6A condo homes start under $299,900! Now under construction, the new Vancouver V6A Condos are estimated to be complete by fall 2010. These concrete loft-like residences in downtown Vancouver real estate market palce feature spacious 1 - 3 bedrooms between six hundred and ten to thirteen hundred square feet in size. The central location at the corner of Union & Main just minutes from the downtown core, Gastown, Yaletown & Commercial Drive is one of its best features. The downtown Vancouver V6A floorplans are available on our website We invite you to visit our Presentation Centre at 1035 Seymour in Downtown Vancouver to discover V6A Condos for yourself; we look forward to meeting you! THE V6A SALES TEAM - Presentation Centre located at 1035 Seymour Street (at Nelson), Vancouver, BC; Open 12 - 6pm daily (closed Fridays).

V6A Vancouver Condos Grand Re-Opening

The official grand re-opening of the project on hold at Union Street - downtown Vancouver V6A condos for sale - is now happening!After incredible demand and a hugely successful realtor information event yesterday, the Onni Presentation Centre home of V6A Vancouver condos for sale is opening today! We are located at: 1035 Seymour Street (at Nelson) in Downtown Vancouver real estate district. COME AND VISIT US TODAY! This Weekend ONLY - 2% Discount, Upgrades, Parking & Reduced Deposits on any purchase of a new V6A affordable Vancouver condo for sale! We've been inundated with calls and emails from people who have heard about the affordable Vancouver condos at V6A's price/square foot. As a result of the demand, for this weekend only, we are offering all downtown Vancouver condo purchasers the following incentives: 2% discount for your clients, Reduced deposit structure for your clients here at the new affordable Vancouver condos for sale, free moveable islands for your V6A condo clients and free parking & storage with every single V6A Vancouver condominium home! How Many Realtors in one Room Does it take to Bring CTV News Cameras? Apparently 208!! We had the biggest downtown Vancouver realtor info event the city has seen in years yesterday! The CTV cameras came down to document the grand re-opening V6A affordable Vancouver condos for sale realtor event and ran a feature at 5 and 6pm last night. It was a good news piece about the downtown Vancouver real estate market coming back and about V6A Vancouver affordable condos opening tomorrow. I saw some realtors I have a mountain of respect for buying V6A Vancouver affordable condos for sale for themselves. Nothing says more to me about value than that.

Vancouver V6A Penthouse Collection Now Released!

Looking for the best Vancouver penthouses that are affordable and provide incredible views? Look no further than the V6A Penthouse Collection that has now been released for presales. Under construction and move-ins in the fall of 2010, the Vancouver V6A penthouse collection of luxury condos will be located in a very central location close to Commercial Drive, downtown, Yaletown and Gastown. These extraordinary V6A Penthouse Collection Vancouver condos will have extended terraces and/or roof decks. You can afford a penthouse here at V6A Vancouver. The featured floorplan is M which is a two bedroom mplus office at one thousand and eighty square feet, very spacious for a V6A Vancouver penthouse suite. There is also an expansive 315 square foot terrace deck for entertaining with gas hookup for BBQ and it is also hot tub ready! This particular Plan M at the Vancouver V6A Penthouse Collection offers a large master bedroom with space for your king size bed, tons of closet space, four piece bathroom with separate tub and stand up shower in addition to a separate den/office space, spacious living and dining rooms. Plan M at the V6A Vancouver Penthouse Collection also features stone counters, wood cabinetry, gourmet gas cooktop, full size stainless steel fridge, in suite launcry and tonnes of in suite storage. Also, there is an optional second bedroom with glass partitioned walls which is an upgrade.

You Can Afford A Vancouver Penthouse!
The Penthouse Collection at V6A is undoubtedly Downtown Vancouver real estate's Best Value. Ranging in price from $406,900 - $755,900, the Onni V6A Penthouse Collection of premium condominiums has now been released for purchase. Take the Plan M for instance. A 2 Bedroom + Office unit with 1080 Sq.ft. of indoor living space and an expansive 315 Sq.ft. outdoor terrace, there is no question, this spacious downtown Vancouver home for sale would be great for entertaining. Consider the large master bedroom with walk in closet and enough space for your king sized bed, open living room, in suite laundry, upgraded appliances and modern design details and it's not hard to understand why V6A Vancouver condos for sale is downtown real estate's best value. Construction of the V6A Vancouver condo project is well under way and you could move in Fall of 2010. All of the homes in The Vancouver V6A Penthouse Collection include: Upgraded features, Extended terraces and/or roof decks and Parking and storage combo. In addition, the Penthouse Collection at the presale Vancouver V6A Condos for sale include evening concierge service 365 days a year. Visit the Onni Sales Centre and ask a member of our sales team to walk you through the V6A Vancouver condo model on display. Located at 1035 Seymour Street (Between Nelson and Helmcken) the Sales Centre is open from 12-6pm (except Fridays). WE WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW (REMEMBRANCE DAY) SO COME VISIT US! If you have any questions regarding the presale Vancouver V6A Condo Penthouse Collection prior to your visit, please feel free to call me at 604.377.7136. Look forward to seeing you, V6A Sales Rep

About The V6A Affordable Vancouver Condos for Sale - DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE VALUE, VALUE, VALUE.

The downtown Vancouver furnished rentals at LEVEL Condos by Onni Group of Companies is launching this Summer 2009.The affordable downtown Vancouver condos at V6A by Onni Developers is simply the best value in downtown Vancouver real estate condo living. Located near Skytrain on Union Street, the Adanac Bike Route, the best E/W connector to downtown, the downtown location offers all downtown within walking distance and everywhere else by high speed transit. V6A Vancouver affordable condos for sale offers a concierge, full gym and parking with every home. Over height ceilings, sealed concrete floors, full size appliances and other choice finishings make these downtown Vancouver homes perfect for owner occupiers or rentals. At these prices, rental numbers make perfect sense. This is confirmed by realtors I've quoted prices too as well as by Mike at Key Rental. If you would like to get rent estimates or have a turnkey V6A Vancouver condo rental solution put together for your clients, contact Mike at 604 688 5566 x6. The crane is swinging, the concrete is pouring and construction is already well underway – completion of these downtown Vancouver affordable condos for sale at V6A by Onni is estimated for this time next year (2010). NEW VANCOUVER V6A FLOOR PLANS & INFO ON ONNI.COM. Today will be a busy and exciting day. I really hope to see you there. Cam Good & the rest of the V6A Vancouver condominium sales team; here to serve you. Our downtown Vancouver V6A condo sales team is always at your disposal.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Condo Liquidation Sale by Onni Developers will Auction Newly Completed Condominums, Townhomes in a One-Day Event-Basement Bargain Deals

Fire Sale of Onni Developer Condos Is Fast Becoming Vancouver Real Estate’s Largest Condominium Liquidation Condo Auction Sale

The Onni Group of Companies has decided to hold a one day condo liquidation event for its unsold Greater Vancouver condominium inventory in an Onni AuctionAt first it was just speculation. Articles published in the National Post, Financial Post, CTV News and the Globe and Mail speculated that the Onni Group of Companies had a significant number of unsold condos throughout the Lower Mainland in seven recently completed master planned condo and townhome communities. During the past five years, Onni sold thousands of pre-sale and pre-construction condo units throughout the Lower Mainland, but since the global economic slowdown started in the third quarter of 2008, Onni Group of Companies found it very difficult to sell condos via pre-sale contracts. With the further dip in Greater Vancouver real estate prices, it is no wonder that this leading real estate developer in the Lower Mainland has decided to liquidate their remaining townhome and condo inventory early this year. As announced by an Onni representative, the builder will be liquidating a total of three hundred and seventy five properties via a one-time, one-day Vancouver condo auction, the first of its kind in this once red hot real estate market. The announcement of the Onni auction and liquidation of new condo units was made today, January 16th, and the one-day sale of these prime suites will happen on March 7th, 2009.

The Latest from MAC Marketing Solutions, the marketer for the Onni Auction

Labeled as Vancouver’s largest real estate liquidation event. MAC Marketing Solutions is amassing a large group of first time home buyers to investors to purchase Vancouver real estate at heavily discounted prices which includes a range of condos to townhomes for sale via Onni auction and liquidation coming in March. $150 million portfolio of prime completed Greater Vancouver real estate located throughout the Lower Mainland will be sold, at prices far below market value. Each of the 375 Onni properties for auction/liquidation has been substantially discounted for immediate sale during this one day bulk real estate liquidation event. These brand new, beautiful finished homes, condos and townhouses by Onni Developers, are set in prime locations throughout the Lower Mainland real estate market, and are ready for occupancy. None of these prime Onni auction condos have been ever lived in. Extraordinary market conditions have created a once in a lifetime chance to purchase quality homes at affordable Vancouver prices in the Lower Mainland real estate market. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity by calling 1.800.301.1010 or visit to register your interest in attending the one-day Onni condominium auction and condo liquidation sale on March 7th, 2009. MAC Marketing is proud to extend courtesy to Realtors, Bulk and institutional home buyers welcome. This is not an offering for sale. Individual Onni properties will be sold by disclosure statement. Call immediately for details. E & OE.

Onni Developer Selling Condos on Sale

According to MetroNews Vancouver and written by Jeff, a local real estate developer called Onni Group of Companies has decided to liquidate almost $350 million of condo inventory that it has found difficult to sell during this time of global economic crisis and a tightening credit market. Onni Group announced on Thursday that it will try to sell its impressive inventory of 375 new condos and townhomes at a one day event this spring. The Onni auction sale or condominium liquidation which will see discounts of 25 to even up to 40% off current market value and the previous pre-sale pricing, involves three hundred and seventy five suites that are located at seven different newly completed Onni condo developments in Richmond, Port Moody, New Westminster, Surrey and Port Coquitlam. The Onni condo auction will present properties between the new price range of $200,000 and $800,000 according to the executive VP of Onni Developers. According to him, the Onni liquidation condo sale is not a pre-sale events. These suites that are being auctioned by Onni Developers are completed, brand new and provide extreme discounts that will allow tremendous opportunities for home buyers. The liquidation of Onni condos ends on a one day sale come March. The developer decided not to hold onto the unsold inventory of condominiums and townhomes because of the carrying costs, and hence, decided to auction and sell its remaining unsold but completed inventory via an Onni liquidation condo sale through MAC Marketing Solutions.

The Onni Condo Liquidation Sale Includes the Following Developments

According to the Onni Executive VP yesterday, the liquidation condominium auction will include properties (homes, condos and townhouses) situated in seven different condo communities throughout the Lower Mainland. These will include:
- Richmond Flo Condos (SOLD OUT!)
- Port Moody Suter Brook Aria 1 and 2 Condo Tower Residences
- Port Moody Suter Brook Room Loft Living
- Port Moody Libra Homes
- New Westminster Victoria Hill Condominiums
- New Westminster The Point Condos
- Port Coquitlam South Verde Condos
- Surrey Escada Residences

1. Richmond FLO Condo Auction by Onni – an example of a condominium liquidation at the newly completed Onni FLO condominium tower residences is a nine hundred square foot two bedroom suite that was originally priced at four hundred and seventy two thousand, nine hundred dollars (or equivalent to $525/ sq ft) will now sell for a discounted liquidation price of three hundred and sixty thousand dollars (or equivalent to $400/ sq ft). This is a discounted condo liquidation price of about 24% for the Richmond FLO condos. Located at the corner of Elmbridge and Alderbridge, the FLO Condos for sale at the Onni auction will be dispersed throughout the condo towers. Date for writing offers at the Onni FLO condo auctions is Monday (Jan 19) 5pm at their Richmond sales office. All remaining unsold FLO condominiums will be offered on the March 7th sales date. The Richmond FLO Auction went VERY well and all liquidated condominiums are now SOLD OUT!

2. Port Moody Suter Brook Aria 1 & 2 Condo Auction, Room Loft Living Liquidation and Libra Homes available at the Onni Auction Sales – The three Port Moody Onni real estate developments have sold very well in their initial phases, so most of the available condos at auction at the Onni liquidation sale are part of their final releases of condominiums, lofts and new residences. An example of the Port Moody Aria condo auction will include an impressive 1105 sq ft two bedroom plus den suite that was price originally at four hundred and fifty three thousand, nine hundred dollars and will be discounted at Onni’s auction pricing to three hundred and forty thousand dollars (this represents a reduced price at the Onni Suter Brook auction of about 25%). Some upcoming liquidation condominiums at the Suter Brook Onni real estate developments include a 655 sq ft studio plan that is now discounted to $240,000 from $319,900 (another big discount of 25%). A wood framed condominium building at the Libra condos in Suter Brook Port Moody will also be auctioned by Onni Group and will be priced at an affordable $315,000 where the initial pricing was $419,900, another twenty five per cent discount on these newly completed Suter Brook Port Moody Onni condos for auction. The Port Moody auction for these Onni Suter Brook condos, Aria 1 & 2 and Room Lofts will be Wednesday (Jan 21) 5pm.

3. Surrey Escada Onni Liquidation Fire Sale Pricing – Another great development that has become more affordable for first time homebuyers and investors is that of the Onni Escada Guildford Surrey condominiums. Originally priced at $360,900, the Onni auction condo sales will list this suite at just $260,000. Impressively large at over eleven hundred square feet, this condo auction at Escada Surrey property will have two bedrooms plus a den for spacious living. This is a 28% discount off the original pre-construction pricing. With only a few unsold pre-sale units left at Surrey Escada condominiums, there will be no advanced sales date for offers for this liquidation event that will happen on March 7th, 2009.

4. New Westminster Victoria Hill and Onni Point Condos for Auction – Unlike some of the other Onni developments that have many units for sale, the New West Point condominiums and Onni’s Victoria Hill condos have sold relatively well and will see only a few suites at the Lower Mainland auction sale. The liquidation of these New West Onni suites will include a one bedroom that has been dropped to just $215,000 from $270,000 representing a twenty per cent decrease. There will be an advanced sales date for these New West Victoria Hill and The Point Condos at the Onni condominium auction on Thursday (Jan 22) 5pm. Otherwise, you can wait for the remaining inventory during their liquidation event on March 7th.

5. Port Coquitlam South Verde Onni Auction – Located in the beautiful city of PoCo, the South Verde Onni real estate development will also have several suites up at the auction liquidation sale including a 1000 sq ft two bedroom suite that will be going for a mere $280 per square foot from the original $390/sq ft. The pricing would be dropped from the asking price of $389,900 down to $280,000, representing a 28% discount on this particular 2 bedroom suite at the Onni condo auction sale at South Verde in Port Coquitlam. Advanced offers can be made on Friday (Jan 23) 5pm for the Onni South Verde condo auction.

Deep Price Cuts on New Condos by Onni Reflects State of the Lower Mainland Real Estate Market

Call it a sign of the economic times, or just an effective public relations campaign, but Onni, real estate leader in the Lower Mainland has announced dramatic priced reductions on all remaining new condos and townhomes recently completed in various property developments throughout the area. According to 24Hours Vancouver: But a prominent Lower Mainland developer yesterday confirmed it would slash prices on more than one hundred and fifty million worth of unsold new completed condos. The Onni Group will be selling some 375 vacant suites in developments throughout the region at what it calls “deep discounts” through a one time Vancouver condo auction or liquidation of property. The unusual move is being billed as a condo liquidation sale by Onni, in a property market that realtors charitably say is undergoing a correction after years of frenzied activity. No one expected the property market to shift so dramatically in so little time. The one day Onni auction condo sale, scheduled for March 7th, is being promoted by real estate marketers MAC Marketing Solutions.

MACBULK Launch Event Update! Vancouver's Largest Real Estate Liquidation Event

We have had an overwhelming response since the news of our Onni Condo bulk purchase opportunity was announced on Thursday last week. This weekend, we experienced an enormous amount of traffic at all of our Onni condominium auction websites. We have been busy booking appointments for interested homebuyers to begin making offers tomorrow. As you can probably imagine, to execute this many transactions simultaneously, in one day, would be close to impossible. To ensure both fairness and professional service for everyone in the upcoming week we have created a schedule to manage the process. To anyone who has already visited an Onni condo Presentation Centre and made an appointment to write an offer for an Onni condo auction suite, we WILL honour your reservation. To keep your reservation for the Onni liquidation sale active we ask that you please call your Onni Condo Project Specialist tomorrow morning to confirm your interest and make arrangements. In order to be fair, we will not be scheduling any more appointments. Instead, we will give everyone an equal opportunity to write an offer at our Onni “Equal Opportunity Sales Events” this week. Each Onni condo auction site has been assigned a different evening this week. We are confident that we will be able to offer a higher level of service by focusing on just one Onni liquidation condo development per evening. To those people without reservations, offers will be written on a first come, first served basis. So, for best availability, please arrive early and don’t forget your cheque book. We would like to re-iterate that we will NOT be accepting multiple offers on these liquidated Onni condo auction properties.

Here is the Onni Auction Equal Opportunity Sales Event schedule:

Monday (Jan 19) 5pm - Flo Condo Auction, Richmond - SOLD OUT!
Tuesday (Jan 20) 5pm - US Presidential Inauguration Day - No event
Wednesday (Jan 21) 5pm - Suter Brook Liquidation, Port Moody
Thursday (Jan 22) 5pm - Victoria Hill, The Grove & The Point Onni Condo Auction, New Westminster
Friday (Jan 23) 5pm - Verde & South Verde Liquidation Event, Port Coquitlam

Each Onni condominium and townhome site will be closed on the day of its event. You are welcome to visit the sites and view homes prior to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s events. All remaining unsold Onni condo inventory will be sold at the March 7th Sales Event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working hard to ensure that this unique opportunity provides a fair, orderly and professional experience for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, any of the Sales Representatives or your on-site Project Specialist with any questions. Sincerely yours, Cam Good

Thank you for your patience!

MAC is honoured to be able to provide for you the greatest opportunity to buy real estate below market value that we’ve seen in decades. We are putting together a huge group of buyers to make a bulk purchase of condos and we would really like you to be a part of it. I'm working in the Mac Bulk Call Centre right now with the many dedicated Sales Representatives and our phones have literally not stopped ringing! We apologize for the delay in responding to your calls and registrations however we have received an overwhelming response since the news broke of our bulk purchasing opportunity. We WILL get back to everyone by phone as soon as we can. We know you all have questions and we would like to answer them all! The homes that will be available as part of our bulk purchase are located in Surrey (Escada), Port Coquitlam (Verde & South Verde), New Westminster (Victoria Hill & The Point), Richmond (Flo) and Port Moody (Suter Brook Village). Please note that all homes will be viewed by appointment. To make an appointment to tour homes at any development with a Project Specialist you need to speak with someone at the Call Centre. This weekend, if you would like to visit our presentation centres please feel free. Although we won't be able to give you a tour without an appointment there will be lots of information regarding the specific project. For more information on each project please visit Thanks for your patience, we really appreciate it! Sincerely yours, Cam Good


There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding our event but the best thing you can do is come and see for yourself; what you will find is that the opportunities we are offering are truly unparalleled. And, it’s not too late… As we look forward this week, we are preparing for our next event, Suter Brook Onni liquidation condominium event in Port Moody real estate, tomorrow (Wednesday)! We will open at 5pm and expect another great turnout. To anyone who already has a reservation at the Port Moody Suter Brook auction Onni condo sales: please note that we WILL honour it! We will be in touch today to finalize details and confirm! To anyone without a reservation: for best results we urge you to visit the Suter Brook Onni Auction Presentation Centre today!! Walk through some of the homes at Suter Brook condos in Port Moody property market, familiarize yourself with the Onni liquidation condo development and decide which Suter Brook Port Moody homes suit you best. This is a crucial step in our program and will really affect how your experience on Wednesday goes! Don’t miss out - there are fantastic opportunities to be had! Today, our Port Moody Suter Brook Condo liquidation Onni auction Presentation Centre is open from 10am – 7pm. Drop by or call us at 604-552-0552. We are experiencing tremendous interest and we thank you in advance for your patience. More information on Suter Brook can be found online at For any inquires regarding our other MACBULK developments please speak with the Call Centre at 1-800-301-1010 or visit Cam Good

Sky High Condos by Onni Group Selling at Bargain Basement Prices

A recent article in MetroNews Vancouver explains the liquidation condo sales in Greater Vancouver by the Onni Group developers. By Kristen on January 20th. Hopeful would be home owners camped overnight outside a new condo development in Richmond real estate market for a chance to buy one of 55 units being sold yesterday at 25 to 40 per cent off at the Onni FLO condo auction sales. Cameron, president of MAC Bulk liquidation condo event for the Onni Group which is facilitating the Richmond FLO liquidation condominium event said the units at FLO were being sold on a first come, first served basis starting at around five o’clock. He said the demand for these new condo Richmond suites at FLO by Onni was simply “overwhelming” and that as many as 50 people had lined up by yesterday afternoon to snatch up some of these completely new FLO Richmond condos by auction. According MAC Bulk, Onni Group has several hundred units sitting on the real estate market listings right now and need to sell them at cost in order to fund new ventures in the market. Ryan of Sotheby’s Canada called it more like a condo inventory blowout sale. If you’re thinking of buying, there are several more liquidation Onni condo events coming up this week and the last resort is to wait for any unsold condo inventory during their March 7th grand liquidation condominium event.

MACBULK - It's a New Day!
We were all witness to an amazing historic event yesterday, the most exciting presidential inauguration since JFK! The unbridled optimism that is present in the United Stated is truly inspiring and when combined with the measures that the government is providing to stimulate the economy, it’s hard to believe that things will do anything but improve! The Bank of Canada (BoC) lowered its policy interest rate yet again! Overnight interest rate lowered from 1.50% to 1.00%! This all-time low interest rate is just another reason to buy Greater Vancouver real estate now! An extremely low interest rate, combined with the MACBULK condo auction opportunity to purchase prime, discounted Greater Vancouver real estate has made home ownership in the lower mainland attainable! The dropping interest rate will have an immediate effect on variable rate home mortgages as they will adjust accordingly. In terms of fixed rate home mortgages they are typically driven by the bond market so it will be a couple of days at least before we know exactly how the drop will affect the Fixed Rate mortgage products, but the belief is that there will be some relief offered, although probably not the full ½ point. After my e-mail yesterday, I received some feedback and questions that I thought I would clarify:

1. We are NOT sold out at every Onni condo liquidation real estate project! The only Onni condominium auction site that has been offered for sale and sold out is Flo Richmond condos. There are still fantastic opportunities to be had! The best thing you can do is visit the Onni condo auction site you are interested in, take a tour and find out which homes suit you best!

2. The Suter Brook, Port Moody "Equal Opportunity Sales Event" is happening today! From 9am to 3pm we will be honouring our pre-arranged reservations. Starting at 5pm our doors will open to anyone without a reservation! If you don’t have a reservation or today is your first time visiting the Presentation Centre do not be discouraged! Please join us and for best selection, arrive early at the Suter Brook condo auction in Port Moody real estate!

We are still hosting tours of several other projects while we gear up to their individual Sales Events. Today, the following Presentation Centres will be open from 10am - 7pm: New Westminster - The Grove, Victoria Hill Condo Auction and The Point by Onni - 604-523-9393 and Port Coquitlam Verde & South Verde condominium auctions - 604-468-8640. We are experiencing tremendous interest and we thank you in advance for your patience. More information on the developments listed above can be found online at any inquires regarding our other MACBULK developments please speak with the Call Centre at 1-800-301-1010.

MACBULK Onni Liquidation Vancouver Condo Sale - Happy New Year!

From everyone at The Onni Group and Mac Bulk we would like to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year! The year which we are about to enter into is the year of the Ox. The Ox symbolizes leadership and is a sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. While reading about the Ox and the new year upon us, I thought to myself, how fitting! The Ox symbolizes leadership, a quality that we have seen in the many people who have visited our MACBULK Onni Condo liquidation condominium presentation centres and Mac Bulk sales events this past week. Now is the time to be a leader and take advantage of this once in a lifetime Macbulk condo Onni real estate opportunity! It is important to remember that the best Mac Bulk opportunities are often found in the hardest of times. I was one of the 1,100 people who attended a 2009 UDI (Urban Development Institute luncheon this past Friday. The UDI Urban Development Institute luncheon’s focus was “2009 Annual Industry Forecast”. I listened to the many industry experts speak and give their own predictions on what would come in the 2009 real estate market. All of the UDI 2009 speakers agreed that now is the time to buy real estate and now is the time when the best opportunities will be found! One speaker quoted Warren Buffett and his words have sat with me since: "If you wait to hear the robins sing, spring will be over." -Warren Buffett
This quote lends itself so well to Mac Bulk condo Onni liquidation auction sale! Sales are moving briskly and we are confident that another opportunity of this magnitude will not surface for decades. Don’t wait! There are great Macbulk liquidation condominium homes still available! FEATURED ONNI CONDO DEVELOPMENT - Room Loft Living in Port Moody Macbulk auction sales is a 7-storey concrete, boutique residence featuring loft-style condominiums in the heart of Suter Brook Village in Port Moody real estate market. These Macbulk Room Port Moody homes offer fantastic value and savings of approximately $100,000! Our opportunity has been the talk of the town lately! Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to know more. What a better day than today to visit us at Mac Bulk Onni Condo presentation centres in person! Come and see for yourself what the opportunity is all about. We guarantee you will not be disappointed! All of our Onni Mac Bulk Condo Presentation Centres are open daily from 10am to 7pm. More information on our developments can be found online at Visit one of our Presentation Centres for auction condo Maculk Onni sales as soon as you can for best selection:
Port Moody - Onni Macbulk Condos at Suter Brook Village at 138 Brew Street, Port Moody (604-552-0552). New Westminster Onni Condominium liquidation sales at The Grove, Victoria Hill and The Point Condos by Macbulk located off of Royal Avenue East & McBride Blvd, New Westminster (604-523-9393). Port Coquitlam Macbulk condo liquidation at Verde & South Verde condominiums at #107 - 2477 Kelly Avenue, Port Coquitlam (604-468-8640). Surrey - Escada Onni Condos at #118 - 15388 101 Avenue, Surrey (604-583-3343). For any other Mac Bulk Onni questions or inquires please speak with the Call Centre at 1-800-301-1010.

Onni Group’s Bold New Sales Initiative called MACBULK condo sales lifts off!
Unique home buying opportunity in the Greater Vancouver real estate market is upon us for the first time in a decade and according to Susan B. of the New Homebuyers Guide of Vancouver: It’s being called Canada real estate’s largest real estate liquidation sale with three hundred and seventy five condominium suites representing more than $150 million worth of prime Metro Vancouver real estate condominiums and townhomes are being sold at discounts guaranteed to be 25 per cent but possibly as much as 40 per cent below previous list prices. For home buyers in Vancouver real estate market looking for an awesome deal, the Onni MACBULK condominium liquidation auction sale begins now. For investors looking to get into the market, now is also the time to purchase a heavily discounted Onni Condo through the MACBULK auction sales. Already ready to move-in and far below the market value in some cases, this MACBULK liquidation acution sale is a once in a lifetime chance of owning your own condo at an affordable price. These Onni Group condominiums are complete and ready for move in and the MACBULK auction condo sales have already begun. With more than 2000 people expressing interest within 24 hours of the MACBULK Onni auction sales first marketing on January 15th, it is now wonder that potential buyers have been lining up to view the properties. MACBULK events have staffed an additional 40 sales people and now up to 60 people to work the liquidation condominium sales at their offices. With unbelieveable pricing in the Greater Vancouver condo real estate market, the Onni MACBULK sales events have discounted prices about 25 to 40% in some case from the original pre-sale pricing. With an unprecedented liquidation event during the most notable economic crisis since the Great Depression, many homebuyers are looking ahead and capitalizing on these great prices for the affordable condos at MACBULK. For those who could not afford a home two years ago or even last year, now is a great time to look at these new and luxury Onni Group condominiums for sale through MACBULk liquidation events throughout the Lower Mainland. Based on first-come first-serve basis, consumers are quickly lining up for their chances at owning basement bargain condos in great locations. Beautifully finished new homes are now priced from the low $200s to over one million dollars. The new MACBULK condo sales auctions are taking place right now, so please contact MACBULK at 1.800.301.1010 or you can register online at for more information.

Deep Greater Vancouver Condo Discounts Attract Lots of Attention

A great article for MetroNews Vancouver by Ryan D of HouseLeague. As the real estate market begins to rebound, some property developers in Vancouver are finding that in order to continue with future developments in the area, they must clear out existing inventory very quickly. This is being done by offering large discounts on completed projects such as H&H or Homer and Helmcken condos in Yaletown real estate and Suter Brook Village in Port Moody property market. So what do these sudden discounts mean for you, the average buyer and seller? There are a few things to remember when it comes to buying in discounted real estate Vancouver condo developments, beginning with understanding where the new sale price stems from. Over the past several months, most property developers in Greater Vancouver have been offering different incentives to buy from them. Some have offered to buy down your mortgage interest rate. Others have offered to pay strata fees for a year. Now, we are seeing the new 30 to 45 per cent off deals for condos in Vancouver. These condo price cuts are based on the original home prices and not off previous sales prices. Most of the additional incentives will have also been discontinued in favour of these deeper condominium price cuts in sales prices. The question on sellers’ minds seems to be how discounted these Vancouver condo developments will affect their resale value. Well, as most of you know, the Vancouver real estate market value of any home is the most the buying public is willing to pay for it. When a realtor determines the fair market value of your home, they search for all comparables in the area that are similar to yours. This means that discounted Vancouver condo developments will bring down your property values slightly. That being said, the discounted property developments in Greater Vancouver real estate market right now will also bring a lot of publicity and interest to your area which may not have otherwise been there. This can make your neighbourhood more desirable in the eyes of the public and help keep the condo market values up. What it really comes down to is that as prices begin to rise again, property developer sales are going to be one of the best ways to get into the market and buy units you may not have otherwise been able to afford. Take advantage of these heavily discounted Vancouver condo deals because as the real estate market gains strength, such opportunities will be far and few between. If you are selling, use the added media attention and advertising from these Vancouver condo real estate developments to help push the sale of your unit. This is a great time to publicize how great your neighbourhood really is.

282 MAC BULK Condos Sold in 3 Weeks!
We have sold 282 homes in the MACBULK Onni Vancouver condo liquidation sale in just 3 weeks! Sales are moving so quickly through this MACBULK condo auction for new Onni condominium apartment sales in the Greater Vancouver real estate market! This weekend, we wrote another 40 sales contracts! There are still MACBULK Onni condo sales opportunities available but it’s important to act now while selection is best. Over 300 people believe that now is the time to buy or invest in Vancouver real estate and I am one of them! Please call us at 1-800-301-1010 to find out more. Update on the MAC BULK Vancouver Condo Sale! Now as of mid February 2009, the Onni Mac Bulk condo sales have been going incredibly well with 282 condominium and townhomes sold in just three weeks! Act now to become a part of the largest liquidation Vancouver condo sale that this real estate market has ever seen. Sales for these Mac Bulk Onni condo auction liquidation properties are moving quickly, but excellent opportunities are still available now. Call immediately while selection is best here at the Mac Bulk Vancouver liquidation condo sales!

Prices Drop 11.5-12.9% We are in the midst of an amazing moment in Greater Vancouver real estate history. Hundreds of people are realizing that now is the time to invest in real estate! There are three things that you must to know: 1. Interest rates are at a historic low! 2. Vancouver Rental rates are up 5%! This can mean a positive cash flow on a rental property for a Vancouver real estate investor! 3. Our homes at MacBulk Onni Condos are selling well below market value! Prices have dropped an amazing 11.5% to 12.9% since January 2008 in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley real estate markets and we at Onni MacBulk liquidation condo auction events are offering a minimum of 25% off on ALL of our new homes. In many cases prices have been reduced by over $100,000. This is incredible pricing. Both the BCREA Chief Economist and Fraser Valley Real Estate Board President are reporting that now is the time to buy and that the buyers’ market we have been experiencing is nearing an end, and so is the Vancouver condo liquidation event by Onni Developers. The information above is detailed in a survey released by the BC Real Estate Association (BCREA). Do you need proof beyond 300 deals in just 3 weeks at MacBulk Condos? This week's featured independently published articles are from the Vancouver Sun and Real Estate Weekly. We have approximately 60 fantastic opportunities remaining! The time is now.

BC Real Estate Convention - Feb. 26th - 27th

MACBULK Vancouver Real Estate Liquidation Sale Continues. The buying continues with over 320 homes sold in the past four weeks at the Onni MacBulk condo liquidation events. Home buyers just like you are purchasing their affordable dream condominium and town homes and starting incredible new chapters in their lives. Others are buying for their children to help them get started in life and others are buying because the opportunity just can't be missed. Come down to the BC Real Estate Convention tomorrow and visit us at booth 65 where we will be giving away cheques* for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be applied to a discount on your home through the liquidation auction of Onni Macbulk condos for sale. There are still incredible savings and incredible Mac Bulk Onni condo homes to be purchased. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get in today by calling 1.800.301.1010 or by visiting us at the address below: 5th BC Real Estate Convention 2009 in Ballroom A, B, C at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre - 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia. February 26, 2009 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM or February 27, 2009 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Vancouver Liquidation MACBULK condo Penthouse Savings!
The only thing better than buying a 1 or 2 bedroom home in our Onni MACBULK Vancouver real estate liquidation is buying a liquidated affordable penthouse! Amazing opportunities are available on some of the most breath-taking MACBULK Onni penthouses in the lower mainland with average savings approaching a quarter of a million dollars! Consider these examples: The Point - New Westminster - Unit 2002 - 3 Bedroom + Den - 1,590 sq ft | WAS: $749,900 and NOW: $562,425 OR Flo - Richmond - Unit 1803 - 3 Bedroom - 1,600 sq ft | WAS: $1,069,900 and NOW: $802,425 OR Aria 2 - Port Moody - Unit 2606 - 2 Bedroom - 1,475 sq ft | WAS: $893,900 and NOW: $670,425. All of these upscale Vancouver liquidation homes from MACBULK Onni Auction sales feature panoramic views, high-end appliances and large, well-designed layouts! These Onni penthouse homes are a must-see. Call now for details 1-800-301-1010.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Surrey Altura Townhomes, Port Coquitlam Shaughnessy on Lions Park, Presale PoCo Altura Condo Apartments, Pre-Construction Sapphire Condo Tower

Altura Surrey Townhomes Now Selling - Family sized Living from $618*/Month - Move In This Summer 2009!

We are about to release Altura Townhomes in the Panorama Surrey real estate neighbourhood. As a valued past visitor of a Fifth Avenue project, we invite you to be among the first to take advantage of the unprecedented values Altura Surrey townhomes for sale will represent, by registering with Altura. We will release priveledged information to you before the public has access for the floorplans and pricing here at the pre-sale Surrey townhomes for sale at Altura Townhouses. Single Family sized Living. Poolside. From the $320's or $618*/Month. The pre-construction Surrey townhomes at Altura's limited first release will offer spacious executive townhomes for sale up to 1,865 sq.ft. Our sample projected pricing below provides an exciting glimpse at the outstanding homebuyer values we plan to offer. For Plan D at the pre-sale Altura Surrey townhouse for sale, you will get three or four bedrooms and 2.5 baths at 1865 square feet starting from the $370k range with 2 car side by side garges. Plus, homebuyers here the new Altura Surrey real estate development can choose fourth bedroom or recreational room, open kitchen with island, main floor powder room and deluxe ensuite for their new Surrey home for sale. Plan E at the pre-sale Surrey Altura townhomes for sale include three beds and 2.5 baths at 1,509 square feet and priced from $320k range. These exciting new Surrey real estate townhomes for sale feature 2 car garages, main floor powder rooms, family room off the kitchen, eating bar and pantry with a formal living area. Plan F at the pre-sale Surrey townhouses at Altura Panorama neighbourhood homes features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms starting at $320k range. view our upcomming new Altura Surrey townhouse promotion to the general public with more detail on Altura's first release, interiors by award winning Giraffe Design, finishings and price points. Real Living. Poolside. The Club at Altura Surrey real estate development will offer over 7,800 sq.ft. of indoor and out door fun including: Covered Pool, Hot Tub & Sauna, Yoga Studio, Fitness Facilities, Shower & change rooms, Multi-Media Theatre, Children’s games room, Two Guest Suites, Poolside Entertainment Lounge, and Billiards. Located in the exciting Panorama neighbourhood of Surrey real estate market, Altura Townhomes is close to parks, schools, community centres, shopping and more. The Altura Townhome Team at 778-578-5275 or

Sullivan Hills Altura Townhomes – Spacious 3 Bedroom Surrey Homes for Sale – Pool Side! September 2009 Update
Phase 1 of the new Surrey real estate development at Altura Townhomes is now 95% sold out! Phase 2 has just been recentl released and is now selling with new floor plans available. 1400 square foot from $319,900 is the summer sale that won’t last long at the presales Surrey Altura townhomes and 1500 square foot townhouses priced from an incredible $329,900 as well. Experience lifestyle townhomes in the sought after Panorama Surrey real estate neighbourhood. Discover the club at Altura Surrey townhomes with a swimming pool, large hot tub, sauna, fitness studio, yoga, theatre, guest suites and more! Maintenance free living so you can focus on the more important things in life… this is what the new Altura Surrey townhomes can provide a homebuyer in the Panorama neighbourhood. Move in this winter 2009 as well. The presentation centre is now open from noon til six daily except Fridays and there are multiple show homes available for preview.

Now Previewing Altura Single Family Homes, Panorama Surrey Real Estate's Newest Resort Infused Townhomes for Sale

Limited first release of the pre-construction Surrey homes for sale featuring single family Altura Panorama townhomes with poolside living. This is an exclusive preview event before the public grand opening of the pre-sale Panorama Hills Altura Surrey single family townhomes for sale. Altura Surrey VIP previews start Saturday May 9th and the grand opening is May 23rd, 2009. Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd. would like to invite you to take a look at Altura, a charming collection of spacious 3 or 4 bedroom new Surrey townhomes for sale. Previews for these Panorama Hills Surrey homes start this Saturday May 9th until Tuesday May 12th. Get in Now. Call the VIP Hotline at 778-578-5275 or email for your private viewing appointment. Benefits of Purchasing Now at the pre-construction Surrey homes for sale at Altura Townhomes in Panorama Hills neighbourhood: We will be releasing a select number of pre-construction new Surrey homes for sale with closings starting as early as Sept/09 and an opportunity to own from the $290's up to the $390's. For a limited time, we will also be offering a Mortgage Payment Promotion with monthly payments as low as $618!* for your new Panorama Hills Altura Surrey townhome for sale. Book an appointment today and the first 10 purchasers of Phase 1 will receive a Weekend Getaway at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in beautiful Ucluelet, B.C. Here is a Sneak Preview of what Altura Townhomes in Panorama Surrey real estate development has to Offer which includes The Club at Altura, features, site plan and floor plans that are now all available for VIP registrants. Panorama Surrey Real Estate's Newest Resort Infused Altura Townhome Community is close to schools, amenities, shopping and easy access to almost anywhere in the lower mainland. Altura has it all. Call our Altura Townhome Surrey real estate Hotline at 778-578-5275 to book your Preview Appointment. Sandy, Danielle & Jessica - The Altura Team at 778-578-5275.

Update on Altura Surrey Townhomes Now Selling

Offering single family sized living but with the hassle free townhome lifestyle, the pre-sale Surrey Altura is about to launch sales this spring. This first, limited release offers spacious, executive Surrey homes for sale of up to 1865 square feet in size. Located in Surrey real estate’s exciting Panorama neighbourhood, Altura townhouses are close to parks, schools, community centres, shopping and golf. Home owners here at Surrey Altura town homes will also have exclusive membership to the Club at Altura – a 7800 square foot amenities facility featuring pool, hot tub, fitness and yoga facilities, multi media theatre, lounge and two guest suites. For more information about the pre-construction Surrey Altura townhomes for sale, please call 778.578.5275.

Altura Living Coming Soon to the Sullivan Hills Surrey Real Estate Market

A collection of Sullivan Hills Panorama Surrey townhouses for sale at the Altura Townhomes are pre-launching soon.Register Now to be invited to our first limited release at unprecedented pre-construction Surrey townhome pricing! Get ready for sensory overload here at the pre-sale Surrey Altura townhomes for sale in the Sullivan Hills neighbourhood. Get ready for sensory overload at these new Surrey townhouses: Your senses are about to be heightened in Panorama Surrey’s newest neighbourhood at Sullivan Hills with the charming boutique townhouse collection of spacious three and four bedroom townhomes for sale at Altura Living. SEE the exquisitely detailed interiors, including laminate hardwood and oversized windows. HEAR the wind in the trees as you make your way to the fully equipped Club at Altura Townhomes for a dip in the pool. SMELL the delicious food cooking in your stylish kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances. TASTE a multitude of diverse dishes at the eclectic mix of restaurants and pubs located close by the Sullivan Hills Panorama neighbourhood at Surrey Altura townhomes for sale. FEEL the spaciousness usually reserved for single family living. Experience the Altura Surrey townhomes for sale today. Register today at or call 778.578.5275.

The Shaughnessy On Lions Park Condo High-Rise in Port Coquitlam

The Port Coquitlam Shaughnessy on Lions Park high-rise condo tower is a pre-construction PoCo real estate development of epic proportions in downtown and along the riverfront property community.Another fabulous new pre-construction Port Coquitlam condo development by the Onni Group of Companies, the Shaughnessy on Lions Park highrise tower condominiums are launching soon. High-rise living for the first time, The Shaugnessy Port Coquitlam condominiums on Lions Park is a 26 storey highrise tower which boasts exceptional views of the Coquitlam River and downtown Port Coquitlam. Experience this unique pre-sales PoCo residence which will be the first of its kind in Port Coquitlam real estate, with respect to both height and environmental consideration. Located in the heart of Port Coquitlam real estate, The Shaughnessy on Lions Park condo pre-construction homes is just minutes away from the West Coast Express, the Traboulay Trail and Coquitlam Centre Mall. Expected completion of the Lions Park Shaughnessy Condo pre-construction PoCo development is spring of 2010. Pre-register today online at the Onni web site at and select ‘coming soon’ for upcoming developments. Thank you for your interest in The Onni Shaughnessy on Lions Park, the premier landmark development in Port Coquitlam. Because you have priority registered, you will be receiving updates as soon as they become available and before the general public. We will be contacting you very soon to provide you with more information. Thank you again for your interest! Sincerely, The Shaughnessy on Lions Park Team (604) 461-2750.

The Onni LEED Certified Shaughnessy on Lions Park - Coming Soon!

The Shaughnessy on Lions Park: Redefining Port Coquitlam's Skyline. As a VIP registrant, we are pleased to update you with the latest information on Onni's exciting new presales real estate condo development in Port Coquitlam: First of its kind in Port Coquitlam property market, The Pre-Construction Shaughnessy on Lions Park is a 26-storey high-rise Poco condominium tower which boasts exceptional views of the Coquitlam River, Coast Mountains and downtown Port Coquitlam. The Shaughnessy on Lions Park condo residences is comprised of pre-construction Port Coquitlam homes including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom units and a limited number of town homes. The natural green surroundings is an integral part of the design of the Shaughnessy Port Coquitlam Onni condos, which will be built with the environment in mind to LEED silver standards as well as the first class amenity space, "Club Shaughnessy." This exclusive rooftop garden includes a tranquil water feature, children's play area, putting green, meditative garden and spacious open lawn areas. Located in the heart of Onni Port Coquitlam LEED Certified real estate development, The Shaughnessy on Lions Park condo pre-sale homes is just minutes away from the West Coast Express, the Traboulay Trail and Coquitlam Centre Mall. With stunning views, innovative Onni LEED Certified Condo environmental design and unsurpassed amenity spaces, The Shaughnessy on Lions Park offers the best value in Port Coquitlam preconstruction real estate! Experience the new landmark in Port Coquitlam! The presale Shaughnessy on Lions Park condo residences will be the first of its kind in both height and environmental ingenuity. We will continue to update you with information on The Shaughnessy on Lions Park as it becomes available. However, we recommend you to: Click Here to Register for more information on The Shaughnessy! By doing this you will receive information and updates before the general public and be granted VIP privileges for this Onni LEED Certified condo tower at The Shaughnessy Port Coquitlam at future events! Sincerely, The Shaughnessy on Lions Park Sales Team - Call for more information: (604) 461.2750 or

The Shaughnessy on Lions Park Update
Port Coquitlam condos at The Shaughnessy high-rise tower is about to welcome its first presale event. And this Port Coquitlam condominium tower residence is going to be something special. Brought to you be Onni Developers, this 26 storey condo presale tower at The Shaughnessy on Lions Park is situated adjacent to Lions Park and only steps from the Traboulay Trail. Offering a wide range of one and two bedroom homes plus an exclusive collection of Shaughnessy penthouse suites, The Shaughness on Lions Park Onni condominium homes will boast upscale, luxurious finishing details, spacious floor plans and outstanding views of the Coquitlam River, Coast Mountains and downtown Port Coquitlam real estate. On the podium level, home owners at the Shaughnessy on Lions Park condos willb e able to enjoy a lush Sky Gardens with tranquil water feature, children’s play area, putting green, meditative garden and open lawn areas. Plus there’s Club Shaughnessy on Lions park condominium presales Port Coquitlam real estate development with full fitness facilities. Sales are expected to begin early 2009, but be sure to register for this Onni condo development early. The Shaughnessy on Lions Park PoCo condos is located on Shaughnessy Street directly opposite Earls. For more information, you can call 604.461.2750 or you can visit the Onni Developers web site at

Another luxury condo development in Coquitlam is the Impressions at Grand Central master planned condominium community now releasing sales.

Altura Port Coquitlam Condominiums Presale

The Pre-Sale Altura Port Coquitlam Condominiums are 35 exciting new PoCo apartments for sale close to the future Evergreen SkyTrain Station and Coquitlam Town Centre.Conveniently located at the edge of Port Coquitlam real estate’s bustling downtown core, Altura PoCo condos offers 35 exciting preconstruction condominium homes in an astonishing selection of floor plans. Features at the Port Coquitlam pre-sales Altura condominiums include such contemporary details as oversized terraces for entertaining, granite counters in both kitchen and bath, and horizontal grain cabinetry. Easy access to the WestCoast Express and future Evergreen SkyTrain Line as well as the Trabouley Trail, Coquitlam Centre and other malls, Tery Fox Library, Costco, schools, parks and a braod selection of outdoor activities. To priority register and to learn more about the pre-construction Port Coquitlam Altura condos, please visit the Altura web site at According to their print marketing and sales flyers, the Altura condos in Port Coquitlam property market are a Green modern design, meaning that nature and the environment are protected through their building process and residents and home buyers can live a healthier lifestyle one they move in. In height of your life is coming soon, the presale Port Coquitlam Altura condominium suites have a VIP preview opening on August 22 to 24 so call 604.552.5887 now for all the details. You can register noe for a VIP Preview of the Altura condo apartments in PoCo and receive a pre-market and pre-construction pricing!!. A limited selection of distinctive pre-construction Port Coquitlam penthouse rooftop terraces and townhomes at Alutra development will be coming soon to the PoCo real estate market as well two bedroom/den and two bedrooms and smaller floorplans in one bedroom plus den and one bed suites. The Green Alutra Port Coquitlam condo homes are located at 2345 Welcher Avenue in PoCo and regular show room hours will be one to five.

The Pre-Construction PoCo Apartments at Altura for Sale

One of the best features for the presale Altura Port Coquitlam apartment homes is that they are built by a respected builder and developer that makes sure that the GREEN building design code is met so that your home is environmentally sensitive for generations to come. The use of special materials, building processes and water systems allow home buyers at the preconstruction Port Coquitlam Altura condominium homes the ability to make the right choice for their lifestyle and future. GREEN modern design is what Altura Condos in PoCo real estate market can provide you. Being close to the SkyTrain station, major bus depot, and other transportation routes allow you to save time and money. Some of the luxurious interior features at the pre-sales Altura apartments include two designer colour schemes for homeowners to choose from, oversized terraces, great quality and construction, high-end 1 inch horizontal blinds, ceramic wall tiling, modern oak or hazelnut laminate wood cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchens as well as stainless steel appliance packge. In addition, the pre-construction Altura Port Coquitlam real estate development will feature such things as a modern linear tiling for the kitchen backsplash, granite counters, imported porcelain tile, composite laminate flooring and beautiful carpets. Some of the optional upgrades for presale home buyers at the PoCo Altura condo homes includes the laundry washer and dryer, real hardwood flooring and sliding glass shower doors for a full spa experience. Some of the often overlooked features of a new Port Coquitlam real estate property is the location. Close proximity to lifestyle and recreational activities throughout Port Coquitlam, the riverfront, forests, mountains as well as being steps from the West Coast Express and the future Evergreen Skytrain station, the Port Coquitlam Altura presale condo homes are set for life. In addition, all pre-construction condominiums at Altura PoCo real estate include video enterphone system, security alarm hard wiring, gated secure underground parking, fob security entrance. Other community amenities at the PoCo Altura preconstruction condos includes a fitness room, air conditioning and outdoor courtyard not to mention that you are just minutes away from shopping and dining. Images are located here. Wide selection of Port Coquitlam Altura floorplans are located here.

Altura Condos Grand Opening!
Congratulations, you have received your Certificate to the Altura Port Coquitlam condo real estate Grand Opening presales event on September 19 - 21st, 2008. For registering online, you will benefit from pre-market and pre-construction Port Coquitlam condo pricing! Just print off this Certificate and present it at our pre-sales Port Coquitlam Altura Sales Centre... don't miss out on this incredible PoCo real estate opportunity! CAll for further information at 604.552.5887 or visit Located at 2345 Welcher Avenue in Port Coquitlam.

Altura PoCo Condos
Conveniently situated at the edge of Port Coquitlam real estate’s bustling downtown core, Altura condominiums offers 35 exciting new condo presale Poco homes in an astonishing selection of floor plans. Features include oversized terraces for entertaining, granite counters in both kitchens and baths and horizontal grain cabinetry in the kitchen. Easy access to the WestCoast Express and future Evergreen Line SkyTrain as well as the Traboulay Trail, Coquitlam Centre and other malls for residents and homeowners at the presale Port Coquitlam Altura condominium suites. Also, the new Altura PoCo homes are close to the Terry Fox Library, CostCo, schools, parks and a broad selection of outdoor activities. For more info about the new Port Coquitlam condos at the presale Altura apartment homes, please visit or you can priority register today as well for the updates.

Surrey Sullivan Hills Altura Townhomes - Register Now!

To be invited to our first limited release at unprecedented pre-construction Surrey home prices, Altura townhomes are now pre-registering for homebuyers looking for a great location and affordable pricing. Heighten your senses here at the pre-sale Sullivan Hills Surrey real estate development today! As a Fifth Avenue client we thought we would share the news of our latest upcoming townhome community Altura Surrey homes for sale, arriving soon! SPACIOUS TOWNHOMES YOU CAN AFFORD! REGISTER NOW... TO BE INVITED TO OUR LIMITED FIRST RELEASE AT UNPRECEDENTED VALUES. The pre-construction Surrey Altura townhomes in the Sullivan Hills will offer 3 or 4 bedroom townhomes ranging from 1,509 square feet up to 1,865 square feet. Offering spacious open floor plans there will be something for him and for her. Altura will offer unprecedented values. Click Here to view our first ad coming out this weekend! GET READY FOR SENSORY OVERLOAD here at the new Altura Surrey townhomes for sale! Your senses are about to be heightened in Panorama's newest neighbourhood with the charming collection of spacious 3 or 4 bedroom Surrey townhomes for sale here at the Altura Sullivan Hills property development . Featuring designs from award winning interior designer Danielle Lareau of Giraffe Designs you won’t want to miss this very limited opportunity! See the exquisitely detailed interiors, including laminate hardwood and oversized windows in every pre-sale Panorama Altura Surrey home for sale. Hear the wind in the trees as you make your way to the fully equipped Club at Altura for a dip in the pool. Smell the delicious food cooking in your stylish kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Taste the multitude of diverse dishes at the eclectic mix of restaurants and pubs close by. Feel the spaciousness usually reserved for single family Surrey home living. Register Now and get ready for sensory overload! Visit to register now and be invited to our limited release at unprecedented values and to view our 2 designer display homes. At Altura Surrey townhomes in the Sullivan Hills Panorama neighbourhood you could move in as early as this summer! THE CLUB AT ALTURA. The Club at Altura will offer that perfect sense of community and help you save money! At over 5,400 square feet plus a covered out door pool and hot tub and other natural amenities including green space with large heritage trees there is no comparison! Save on gym fees and work out in the fitness room or meditate in the yoga studio. There is a children’s playroom, a multi media theatre with big screen TV, and an entertainment room complete with fireplace, billiards and kitchen facilities for those big events here at the Club at Altura Surrey real estate development! There is a sauna to relax in and full bathroom and shower facilities. The Club at Altura puts the life back in living! Located in Surrey’s Sullivan Hills Altura townhomes for sale at Panorama community is close to schools, amenities and shopping, while offering easy access to most anywhere in the lower mainland the new Altura townhouses has it all. Sincerely, The Altura Townhome Surrey Team at | Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd.

Altura Grand Opening this Weekend SATURDAY MAY 23 & 24 NOON
You are invited to the Grand Opening of ALTURA Surrey real estate development, Panorama Surrey property's Newest Resort Infused Sullivan HillsTownhome Community. Enjoy JACK FM Live on site along with snacks and refreshments and Golf Cart Tours. There will also be a great selection of prizes drawn including a Weekend at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, in Beautiful Ucluelet, BC. Set amongst towering firs; discover the Club at Sullivan Hills ALTURA townhomes Surrey Panorama real estate development, a 7,800 square foot amenity centre with a pool, hot tub, a full sized theatre and much more to create the Perfect Getaway from the Everyday! Experience two fully merchandised 3 or 4 bedroom Sullivan Hills show homes by Georgie Award Winning Danielle Lareau of Giraffe Designs. Don't miss out! See you this weekend! The Surey Altura Sullivan Hills Townhouse Team

Sapphire Port Coquitlam Condo Living

The Port Coquitlam Sapphire Condominium Tower residences is a high-rise PoCo real estate development that is now complete.Live your dreams at the Poco Sapphire apartment residential building where you can purchase pre-construction condos right now. With estimated completion for July 2008, the Sapphire condos in Port Coquitlam real estate are almost ready for move-ins. Your home is not just a destination; it’s a total living experience. A place where dreams and reality become one. A blend of spacious, sunny homes with stylish amenities and features at the Port Coquitlam Sapphire condominium pre-sales. Mountains to climb. Rivers to stroll along side. Exhilerating paths to walk and bike. Views to savor and memories to be made at the Sapphire PoCo condo homes. All Sapphire apartment units will have luxurious finishes including: ceramic tiling in bathrooms and laundry room, soothing soaker tub with glass doors and one piece toilet, granite kitchen countertops with under mounted double kitchen sink, granite vanitues and granite office desk. Other features at these pre-construction Port Coquitlam Sapphire condo apartment suites include: stainless steel fridge, stove, dishwasher, and standard in-suite laundry and microwave oven with built in hood-fan, electric fireplace with hot air blower, energy efficient windows with low-e coating to enhance thermal resistance (minimizing heat loss) and secure keyfob system for all points of entry. The Port Coquitlam real estate development at the Sapphire condo homes includes in suite TV monitoring of the main entrance, all suites pre-wired for security systems and fire sprinkler systems installed throughout. For more information about the new Port Coquitlam condos at The Sapphire apartments, please contact Satpal at 604.816.6150 or Rebecca at 604.339.5376 or visit their show home at 1969 Westminster Avenue in Port Coquitlam today. You can also visit their web site at The condo apartments come with the 2/5/10 National Home Warranty. The pricing for the Port Coquitlam Sapphire condos includes one bedrooms from $232,180, one bed plus den from $290,340, two bedroom apartments from $293,050 and 2 bed plus workspace units from $307,900.

PoCo Sapphire Condominiums

The presale Sapphire apartment condos in the Port Coquitlam property market are now ready for move-in and there are only 23 pre-construction condominium purchase opportunities remaining.The only pre-construction condominium on Port Coquitlam real estate’s north side that will be ready for occupany this August, Sapphire Condo homes offers 23 luxurious apartment condominiums in a variety of one bedroom, one bed plus den, and two bedroom floor plans ranging from 677 to 930 square feet and all with the convenience of an extra flex space. Features include wide-plank flooring throughout main living areas, polished granite on kitchen counters and built in office niche desks, soaker tubs, and slim profile one piece toilets. The prices of the pre-construction Sapphire Condos in Port Coquitlam real estate start from an affordable $232,800. Sapphire condominiums is located at 1969 Westminster Avenue in PoCo. The presentation centre and pre-sales display home open at the end of July. Until then, to book an appointment for your private showing at the Port Coquitlam Sapphire Condo homes, call Satpal or Rebecca at 604.461.2844. You can also visit for all the details.

More about this Port Coquitlam Real Estate Development

The Sapphire PoCo condo homes are close to the Coquitlam River, parks and golf courses, Eagle Ridge Hospital and Douglas College. In addition, families with children will be very close to the Terry Fox and Riverside high schools. For shopping enthusiasts, the Port Coquitlam new condos at Sapphire condominiums will be next to Coquitlam Centre and the Transit Station. The condo floor plans are located online at There are various pre-construction Sapphire condos for sale starting from the $230s and the suites include one bedroom floorplans at 677 sq ft, one bed plus den at 851 sqft, two bedrooms from 885 to 930 square feet, which represent some of the largest preconstruction Port Coquitlam apartment condos in development. In addition, all PoCo Sapphire condos will have the following standard finishing: ceramic tiling in bathroom and the laundry room (insuite washer and dryer), wide plank flooring in the living room, kitchen and all hallways, soothing soaker tub with glass doors and one piece toilet, granite kitchen counter siwth undermount double kitchen sink, granite vanities and granite office desk in addition to a great stainless steel appliance set. These new Port Coquitlam Condos at the Sapphire Condominiums will also have electric fire places with hot air blower, quality twist carpet in bedrooms, protective rain screen technology, storage lockers and secure underground parking. There will be a common amenity room with kitchenette, separate individual entrances for main floor units, outdoor common facilities and rooftop gardens in addition to energy efficient windows and secure keyfob system access. Residents at the Port Coquitlam Sapphire condos will also have in suite TV monitoring of main entrance, pre wiring for security alarm system and fire sprinkler systems. Sapphire’s central location is another hit with home buyers in Port Coquitlam real estate market. If golfing is your passion, you’ll have plenty of choice ranging from driving ranges to championship greens. And don’t forget the delights of canoeing along the waterways of Pitt Poulder or picking blackberries in Aggie Park just down the street. Mind you, it could be that a leisurely afternoon spent cycling the dikes and trails that meander along the Fraser River or through rolling farmlands is just what you had in mind. Stirking a bold new pose at the corner of Westminster and Cambridge in northside Port Coquitlam Sapphire condos and tower residences is an exclusive collection of condominiums with a zest for stylish living. The look is different and distinctive – a blend of slopes and angles that combine to create a look at once reminiscent of English manor houses yet at the same time utterly contemporary. The new pre-construction Port Coquitlam condo real estate development at the Sapphire PoCo condominiums offers just 23 luxurious apartment residences in a variety of floor plans and at an affordable price for first time homebuyers. Sapphire Condos in Port Coquitlam are located at 1969 Westminster Avenue in PoCo real estate and the presentation centre and display homes are open until the end of July, so hurry.

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