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Downtown Vancouver Condo Project Update: Gastown Woodwards Condominium Residences Complete! Both W43 and W32 High-Rise Towers Finishing Summer 2009!

BREAKING NEWS: The much anticipated Gastown Woodwards Condo District development is reaching completion! The W43 Woodwards condominiums will be completing between late July and mid August. The W32 Condos at Woodwards Gastown real estate development will be ready for occupancy shortly afterwords.

The Gastown Woodwards Condo Towers Completion is just around the corner

The Gastown Woodwards condo project is now nearing completion for summer 2009 with upscale downtown Vancouver tower residences for re-sale.Update from June 2009: The Gastown real estate redevelopment of Woodwards Condominium Tower Residences is perhaps the most significant mixed-use property development project to be undertaken in Vancouver downtown ever. In a few short weeks you will bring Woodward's Gastown condo homes to life and become part of its community! After years of neglect and uncertainty over its future, the Woodward's Gastown real estate condominium redevelopment is now weeks from opening and the beginning of a new era for this historic Gastown site. The downtown Vancouver Woodward's redevelopment is approximately 1,000,000 square feet consisting of major retailers (London Drugs, Nesters and TD Bank), office space, 536 new Gastown homes for sale and 200 non-market downtown Vancouver condominium residential units. Simon Fraser University has demonstrated its enthusiasm for the community and their conviction to the project with their commitment to a 120,000 square feet SFU School for the Contemporary Arts. We are estimating completion for Woodwares tower W43 (128 W. Cordova St) to be in June 2009 and for Gastown Vancouver Woodwards tower W32 (108 W. Cordova St.) to be in July/August 2009. What you should look out for in the upcoming weeks are: Lawyer selection correspondence, walk-through scheduling, and Woodwards condo closing notices. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of your downtown Vancouver Woodward’s Gastown condo unit or need to update your contact information please do not hesitate to contact us at 604.682.2088.


Impressive amenities at the high-rise Downtown Vancouver Woodwards Gastown condos present a rooftop swimming pool, lounge area, billiards room, catering kitchen, outdoor terrace and much more.PUBLIC GETS FIRST PEEK INSIDE REDEVELOPED WOODWARD'S CONDO BUILDING (April 2, 2009 - The Vancouver Sun) "A Who's Who of politicians - including Premier Gordon Campbell and Mayor Gregor Robertson - turned out to heap praise on the Gastown condo real estate project and its developer, Ian Gillespie of Westbank...". WOODWARD'S GETS ITS WELCOME MAT READY (April 3, 2009 - The Globe and Mail) "Mayor Gregor Robertson said he expects the development to be "a huge benefit" to the Downtown Eastside. New Gastown housing, new businesses and better amenities such as a new daycare facility will create opportunities for those who live in the Woodwards condominium neighbourhood, he said...". DOWNTOWN WOODWARD'S ALMOST FINISHED (April 3, 2009 - The Vancouver Province) "It's more than I ever dreamed of and city planners from around the world will come to see how this works" said former Vancouver city councilor Jim Green, who had the vision for the development when the city brought the former iconic retail store and land from the province for half its cost in 2003. More details about the re-sale Gastown condos at Woodward's Vancouver real estate development is located here.

Timeline and Dates for the Downtown Vancouver Woodwards Condos Development

The interiors of the pre-sale Gastown condominiums at Woodward's Vancouver real estate development are truly some of the best in the area.Construction on the pre-sale Woodwards Gastown condos began the Summer of 2006. On July 13, 2006, Council approved the process for the selection of the Purpose Built Non-Profit tenants to be located in the City Parcel at the old Woodwards site. On April 22, 2006, the residential market units in the Woodward's condo development went on sale. The majority of 536 pre-construction Gastown condominium units were sold by April 23, representing over $200 million in sales - the City's most successful downtown Vancouver real estate project launch ever recorded. In February 2006, the Development Permit Board approved the Woodward's planned master plan development. In March 2005, the City of Vancouver and Simon Fraser University announced that the university's SFU School for the Contemporary Arts would relocate to the historic Woodward's condo tower residence site as part of the redevelopment project. In January 2005, Vancouver City Council selected the PHS Community Services Society to sponsor the development of 200 non-market downtown Vancouver condo residential units. In September 2004, City Council chose Westbank Projects/Peterson Investment Group (Henriquez Partners, architects) as the developer for the Woodward's condominium Gastown real estate project. In July 2004, from 20 received submissions, the City unveiled three design submissions for the future of the landmark downtown Vancouver Woodward's building. In November 2003, the City of Vancouver opened the "W" Room Presentation Centre. The "W" Room was used for community events and for providing updated information on the status of the Woodward's redevelopment project in Gastown Vancouver. The City of Vancouver started an extensive community consultation process in May 2003 that included workshops, an Ideas Fair, open houses and meetings - All involving the local community and other Vancouver residents in designing and planning the redevelopment of the Woodwards building in a way that was socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. The number of non-market housing units doubled to 200 Woodwards Gastown units, from the original Developers Purchase Agreement

News for Vancouver Woodward's Condo Purchasers and Useful Links

An update from the pre-construction Woodward's Condominium tower residences was sent to all purchasers for this presale Vancouver real estate development in December 2006. Here is a breakdown of the updates for Woodward's Vancouver. Be Bold or Move to Suburbia Now a branded statement. On the heels of demolition, the Woodward's project has quickly become the success story of Vancouver. Congratulations! You bought a piece of history – presale Woodward's signature address at the heart of an amazing urban renaissance. Nowhere else will you find such an inspired collection of creative and progressive artists, designers, investors, retailers, activists and intellectuals as pre-sales Woodward's Vancouver downtown real estate condo residences. Construction has officially started and it is happening right now as you read this. Rennie Marketing Systems is so proud to be a part of the Gastown Woodward's Redevelopment team and pleased to keep you up-to-date on progress in this truly integrated neighbourhood. A message from Bob Rennie of Rennie Marketing Systems on behalf of the entire Woodward's team. Selective demolition activity continues on the Woodwards Condo site. The remaining building shells, with the exception of the heritage building on the southeast corner of Abbott Street and Hastings Street, were carefully brought down on the morning of Saturday, September 30. Excavation on the pre-construction Gastown Woodward’s Condominium site in downtown Vancouver Gastown real estate district will begin in November and concrete pouring will begin in early December. Demolition and construction photos are available on the website at Drawing Board. Passion is in the details. It's very well known that the talented partners, staff and designers at Henriquez Partners Architects, under the guidance of Gregory Henriquez, have contributed greatly to Vancouver's urban environment and are particularly passionate about Woodward's and the surrounding community. Even before the Gastown redevelopment project was awarded at Vancouver's Woodward Gastown condo towers, they spent countless hours on drawings, from napkin sketches to computer renderings, all to ensure the proposed project was every bit as successful as it has turned out to be. Today there are 14 architects, three administrators, two partners and one associate working on the architectural drawings for the presales Woodward's Gastown condo construction. At well over 800 pages, the drawings are now nearing completion. By early 2007 they will be 100% complete and topping out at a whopping 1,000+ pages. In the past 6 months alone, this dedicated team has clocked over 25,000 hours on this very complex Woodward's Gastown condo high-rise project!

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