Thursday, March 5, 2009

Official List of Cancelled Vancouver Condo Project Cancellations, Real Estate Developments Stalled, Delayed Condos on Hold PLUS Liquidation & Problems

The Most Comprehensive List of Cancelled Vancouver Condo Projects Cancellation Times and Updated Information

The cancellation of Vancouver condo projects has caused a huge stir in the public and developer perception of developments canceled due to the economy, lender financing and a downward trend in buyer optimism.With the economic turmoil affecting the entire world's real estate markets, Vancouver has not escaped the downward trend of housing prices. With pre-build condo sales at an all-time low and with Vancouver developers having trouble seeking construction financing to proceed with small or large projects, many Vancouver condos have been cancelled. These cancellations in Vancouver real estate developments has caused a dent in the public perception of pre-sale home buying in addition to investing in Vancouver property. Vancouver Real Estate Direct has spent the past month researching information on the most updated details about these project cancellations and why the Vancouver condo projects were cancelled in the first place. From local to foreign based developers and from details regarding pre-sale homebuyers and their deposit, we have ALL the information you are looking for when it comes to canceled Vancouver real estate projects.

CLICK HERE for the official list of Cancelled Vancouver Condo Projects and Lower Mainland Real Estate Cancellations.

What's With The Recent Delays in Vancouver Condominium Projects? Is Your New Home Stalled or Put on Hold by the Developer?

An increase in the number of delayed condo projects in the Lower Mainland is a cause for concern for pre-sale Vancouver condo homebuyers who own units on hold or stalled indefinitely.The not so bad situation for pre-sale condo homebuyers in the Greater Vancouver real estate market is to know that the particular project that they purchased a new home in is NOT cancelled. With a positive spin on things, Vancouver developers have either officially delayed the construction or put the construction on hold to stall for time; either for more financing, increase in pre-sale contracts signed or just waiting for the property market to rebound. When there is a delayed Vancouver condo development, the stall can be due also to building permits not being ok'd by city council or even things like rezoning or architectural design problems. In any case, any home buyer in a new Vancouver condo development on hold cannot get their money back unless they default and walk-away (without getting their money back). You have to make sure though that there isn't a clause in the pre-sale condo contract that obligates you to close on your property. Stalls in Vancouver real estate developments and delayed Vancouver condo projects are nothing new, but they are just a pain when it comes to waiting for information.

CLICK HERE for the Most Comprehensive List of Delayed Vancouver Real Estate Developments and Stalled Vancouver Condo Projects on Hold.

Vancouver Liquidation Real Estate and Condos in Receivership in the Lower Mainland - Plus, Which Developers are in Trouble?

Condo receivership and real estate liquidation sales in Vancouver real estate market are popping up in all municipalities right now.When it comes to the best sales of the year, the recent newly completed Vancouver condo liquidation event by MACBULK for Onni properties was probably the best known and widely advertised sales event. A condo liquidation event in Vancouver is quite new and developers have chosen this method of sales in order to sell off their remaining inventory and to focus on new projects elsewhere. Homebuyers can get good deals as developers try to liquidate their inventory during this downward spiral in the Lower Mainland real estate market. In addition, more cause for concern comes from Vancouver condos in receivership where the property builder or developer does not have enough money or financing to complete an already under construction development. This has happened multiple times in the Greater Vancouver market already during the credit tightening times for lender financing. With Vancouver receivership condo sales, you are getting units usually below market value as well. Lastly, there are several developers in trouble with either completion, timeline or simply things out of their control that have delayed launches.

CLICK HERE for an Awesome List of Vancouver Real Estate Liquidation Sales and Condos in Receivership as well as Builders and Developers in Trouble.

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