Friday, October 16, 2009

Millennium Water - Vancouver's Last Waterfront Community (Introducing the Southeast False Creek Millennium Development)

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From industrial work yard to sustainable Vancouver waterfront community

The 2010 Athlete's Village will be the future home of a sustainable Vancouver real estate development along the southeast False Creek waterfront district at Millenium Water.Millennium Water is a new sustainable community that will be situated on the waterfront of Vancouver’s Southeast False Creek (SEFC), a former industrial site. The project has been designated as the home of the Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Games. Environmental sustainability is a priority for Millennium Water, affecting every aspect of the design – the project will be Canada’s first LEED™ Gold neighbourhood, with LEED ™ Platinum being targeted for the community centre.

• Millennium Water comprises seven hectares, a total of 1,122 residential units and 70,000 square feet of commercial space.

• The residential units are a mix of market, rental and affordable housing to accommodate seniors, singles and families.

• All residences are being designed to meet the Safer Home™ initiative, which ensure that housing is safe and accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.

• The neighbourhood will contain an array of residential, commercial and community amenities.

• Millennium Water is the product of extensive collaboration between the public and private sectors, numerous designers, engineers and consultants and, most importantly, the public at large.

Millennium Water Vancouver - A new kind of community

Vancouver real estate's last waterfront community is now located at the Millennium Water neighbourohod of southeast False Creek.A diverse community of seniors, young people and families will enliven the Millennium Water neighbourhood and provide a social balance unlike any other residential development in Vancouver. Following the 2010 Winter Games, the 1,122 residential units will be converted to permanent housing – approximately 736 of the units will be sold as market housing, 119 will be rentals, and 253 of the units will be non-market (affordable) housing. Virtually a self-sustaining community, the neighbourhood at Millennium Water will offer a variety of long-term environmental, health, social and economic benefits to residents:

• The promotion of alternative transportation and active living through proximity to transit, designated bicycle and pedestrian areas and car share programs;

• Employment opportunities and day-care facilities located within the neighbourhood;

• Parks, gardens, green roofs and urban agriculture projects to augment the local environment, create recreational opportunities and provide a source of local food production; and

• Enhanced community life through public, shared amenities, such as public art, non-motorized boating facility, community centre, pedestrian plaza and commercial district.

Millennium Water Southeast False Creek - Setting a new standard in Vancouver sustainable design

Millennium Water will establish a new standard for sustainable community development in Canada and North America, with green buildings that use less energy, are based on renewable resources and help protect our environment for future generations. Millennium Water buildings will be a showcase of sustainable development, and will offer an exquisite collection of homes featuring water savings, energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

• The buildings at Millennium Water are designed to be Canada’s first LEED™ Gold neighbourhood. The waterfront community centre at Millennium Water will be designed to achieve LEED™ Platinum, also a first for a community centre in Canada.

• Canada’s first multi-unit residential "net-zero” building will include residential units and affordable seniors’ housing. The design approach incorporates five key principles of sustainability: health, energy, resources, environment and affordability. The net-zero building will have an aggressive low-energy design, and will use renewable energy systems which allow the facility to produce as much energy as it uses on an annual basis.

• Urban agriculture is incorporated into the landscape design with the intent of creating opportunities for onsite food production and distribution.

• A water use reduction strategy will aim to reduce the use of potable water by 30 per cent below conventional standards, and storm water runoff will be reduced 25 per cent through the use of green roofs, swales and retention ponds.

• Energy is conserved using passive design strategies including operable shading devices to control heat gain, widened stairwells and public corridors to maximize natural lighting, and enhanced building envelopes that reduce energy loss and include high performance rain-screen, insulation and glazing systems.

• Millennium Water’s leading sustainable design exceeds the City of Vancouver’s Green Building Strategy and the sustainability principles of the Official Development Plan for Southeast False Creek.

• Building to Safer Home™ criteria will mean that residential units will be safe, comfortable and adaptable for people of varying ages and physical abilities. Safer Home™ design criteria include features such as widened hallways and stairwells, lowered light switches, and pressure/temperature control valves on shower faucets.

• The Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU), a community energy system, will use sustainable heat sources like sewage waste to provide space heating and hot water to all buildings.

Accommodating the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and its legacy at Millennium Water False Creek

As the Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver, Millennium Water will temporarily house an international delegation of approximately 2,800 athletes, coaches and officials. The project is already being recognized around the world as a model for future host cities. Adaptability was key in the design of the Village, as the design team had to find flexible, workable solutions to the challenge of creating buildings with two distinct purposes: accommodating the event, as well as its legacy.

• The Village “overlay period” applies to a six-month “Exclusive Use Period” in which the site will be controlled by VANOC, and includes provisions for temporary housing, dining, fitness and health care facilities, and security.

• Residential suites will be protectively retro-fitted for the duration of the overlay period in order to safeguard luxury furnishings such as hardwood floors and kitchens.

• All of the ground floor commercial spaces will be fitted out to accommodate operational facilities for the athletes.

• Legacy features include silhouettes of athletes that will take shape in the vegetation on the buildings’ green roofs, as well as local street names, including Athletes Way.

Waterfront Park at Vancouver Millennium Water – a post-games legacy for all of Vancouver to enjoy

Waterfront Park represents the first phase of SEFC’s primary park and open space system, and will be a significant addition to Vancouver’s iconic seawall. Through walkways, bicycle paths, diverse seating and gathering areas, the park will provide a variety of vital green spaces that will reconnect SEFC residents and visitors alike with the heritage-rich waterfront, and offer unique and memorable experiences unlike any other in Vancouver.

• The multifunctional waterfront promenade offers recreational and social opportunities, extends the seawall by 650 metres, and connects to green spaces and walkways throughout the neighbourhood.

• Native and adaptive shoreline planting will add a soft edge to the hard elements inspired by the former industrial site. The tidal terraces allow access to the water and pier remnants speak to the site’s shipyard heritage.

• The bridge crossing over the shipyards inlet is inspired by the form of a canoe. The steel grating of the arching deck offers a unique experience when crossing the inlet by allowing views through the decking to the water below, and creates fewer shadows on the water in order to maximize habitat value.

• The habitat island and naturalized segments of the shoreline will host aquatic, riparian and upland ecologies. The island includes vertical snags, native vegetation and a natural shoreline which have attracted perching bald eagles and a variety of waterfowl. The natural shoreline demonstrates the ability to reintroduce natural habitat back into the urban environment; a connecting segment of land will emerge at low tide, providing limited access to the public.

• Herring have laid eggs on approximately 1 km of shoreline starting on Habitat Island and eastward. Marine biologists confirm that the environmental cleanup and shoreline habitat creation is a huge success.

Millennium Water Websites

Millennium Water:
City of Vancouver:

For more information, please contact:
Valerie Wan, NATIONAL Public Relations, 604-691-7397, OR Richard Gilhooley, NATIONAL Public Relations, 604-638-7451,

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luxury 2010 Hotel Accommodations & 5 Star Olympic Rentals for the Winter Games are Now Available in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby & Whistler

Five Star High End 2010 Winter Olympics Accommodations.

Five star Vancouver hotels are now almost fully booked, but you can rent 2010 housing in downtown Vancouver at private homes and condos at better prices.Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympics in February 2010 and we will see a tremendous volume of travelers all over the city. With the majority of Downtown hotels already reserved by VANOC, guests who want luxury 2010 accommodations will need to make alternative arrangements. Even with the financial resources to book luxury 2010 accommodations, our high end clients will find it difficult to find suitable Vancouver 2010 hotel rooms. During the period of February 12 – 28, 2010 Vancouver will see a large exclusive guest list from presidents to ambassadors of over 80 countries. These very high end and security conscious clients will already have secured the majority of the luxury and five star 2010 hotel accommodations in Downtown Vancouver. For other non 2010 guests the alternative is to book luxury private 2010 rental accommodations in Downtown Vancouver. Luckily there are quite a few choices and our company has secured some of the most exclusive luxury 2010 rental condos and townhouses in Downtown Vancouver. The most important quality of luxury Olympic rental suites is the location, after all that is where the events will take place. Our rental Olympic condo suites are located walking distance to Olympic venues or the Skytrain (rapid transit) so that guests can get to their favorite destinations in less time. For Olympic 2010 corporate rentals, click here. Follow this link for Vancouver Whistler 2010 group travel packages and special deals for furnished accommodations.

More info about furnished Whistler 2010 rentals accommodations and Olympic resort housing is available here.

Five Star 2010 Rental Homes and Condos

Luxury 2010 Vancouver hotel accommodations and suites are fully booked by VANOC, but there are many other 5 star private residences for rent during the Winter GamesHotels have created the five star Olympic accommodation system to provide a rating system for their different classes of rooms. Five star 2010 accommodations are the best room types available and guests will have the best views and comfort that their exclusivity provides. Catering to five star 2010 rental housing in Vancouver is other type of private Olympic accommodations such as luxury condo suites. A luxury condo suite is equivalent to a five star 2010 accommodation in a hotel or better. What you can expect is private bathrooms and ensuite bathrooms. This is standard in the luxury 2010 private accommodations available in our inventory. Another 5 star requirement is to have a full kitchen with cooking and eating supplies. Our luxury Olympic condo rentals have a full kitchen with granite countertops and breakfast bars. The kitchen is fully equipped with a gas cook top stove, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher and a double sink. An added bonus of our private 2010 accommodations is insuite laundry. You will not need to call for room service to do a small amount of laundry. The extras of a five star Olympic accommodations is the size of the suite. Most of our luxury private 2010 rental accommodations are over 700 sq ft and some are 1,200 sq ft. This really defines the five star 2010 housing as hotels will rarely have this size and comfort in their rooms even though they are five star rated. Read more about the VANOC concerns over the number of affordable 2010 housing and available downtown Vancouver 2010 hotel accommodation still available. For Vancouver 2010 Olympic ticket concerns with Roadtrips or more info about licensed ticketing resellers, please click here.

2010 Olympics Destination Travel Planning

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics will be a top destination travel planning spot for visitors around the world. This will be the ultra luxury package tour for high end travelers who are looking for the best experience and destination travel in February and March. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics destination will provide visitors with the ability to experience world class sporting events with top international athletes competing against world record breaking times. This will be a full adrenaline rush for all 2010 travellers and it will be the experience of a lifetime. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics destination travel planning can begin with just the Opening ceremonies or something more exciting such as Gold Medal Hockey or Speed skating. There are a lot of events to watch and not enough time to enjoy all the different events. Of course the 2010 Olympics destination travel planning should also include the local Vancouver sites and attractions. Some of the can’t miss places include a walk along the seawall at Stanley Park, a ride up to the top of Vancouver at Grouse Mountain with breath taking views of Downtown Vancouver and the ocean, and the ultra scary Capilano Suspension Bridge. For affordable Richmond 2010 rentals and furnished rent 2010 Coquitlam condos and townhouses, click on these links.

Five Star Hotel Amenities for 2010 Games

5 Star Vancouver hotel amenities for 2010 Winter Olympic Games can include a swimming pool with a hot tub and steam room. These are standard in our luxury Vancouver rental condo suites. Most guests will need to relax and unwind after a long day watching the 2010 Winter Games so a light swim followed by a soak in the hot tub should relieve most of the days stress. Another feature of five star Vancouver 2010 hotel amenities is the fitness center. Our luxury private Olympic accommodations all have a fitness centre with a mix of cardio equipment and free weights and universal weights. Most of our luxury private 2010 furnished rental condos also have a lounge and a media and entertainment room. These are great places to watch the 2010 Olympic Games as there is usually also a billiards table and some comfortable sofas and lounge chairs. So what's the difference between 2010 condos versus hotel accommodation? Affordable Sea to Sky rentals and Squamish 2010 accommodation is available here.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Advice on Finding Furnished 2010 Rental Accommodations including Rent 2010 Suites from Professional Vancouver 2010 Olympic Property Managers

Vancouver 2010 Furnished Rentals – Condos and Apartments for Rent Accommodation During the 2010 Winter Olympics

Vancouver will be on the world stage during the Olympic Winter Games and if you want to be part of the experience, you will need help in finding a furnished 2010 rental accommodation right now.Are you looking for a place to stay when the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics roll around? Well, it’s just months away, and now is the time to start looking for furnished 2010 Olympic rentals. Whether you’re looking for rental apartments or furnished townhomes or waterfront or riverside living spaces, there are certainly a lot of 2010 furnished accommodations to choose from. The Vancouver 2010 furnished rentals comes in all shapes, sizes and locations, so finding the ideal fit for you and your friends/family is of utmost importance. So how do you figure out what kind of Vancouver 2010 furnished rental you should look for? Here at Vancouver Real Estate Direct, we are here to help you sort through all the information on the internet blasting you with ads and reasons why you should choose them as your Vancouver 2010 furnished rentals condos and apartment accommodations. The rent 2010 Vancouver Olympic furnished rentals are everywhere, so in order to know where and what to look for, you must first understand a few important things about the real estate marketplace and protect yourself when it comes to booking your furnished 2010 rental condos, apartments, homes and alternative accommodations. Vancouver is a big city with lots of accommodation for rent during the 2010 Winter Olympics, so by going through the steps outlined below, you will not only choose the right furnished Olympic rental home or apartment, but also protect yourself from fraud and fraudulent Vancouver 2010 rental ads and websites. The key here is that you can sleep soundly after booking your 2010 furnished rentals and not have to worry about fraudulent landlords or other problems that may be lurking in a few months time. If you are looking to travel to Vancouver-Whistler during the rent 2010 Olympic Winter Games, now is the time to start looking for the best deals for 2010 furnished rentals and apartments, condos, and homes for rent for 2010 Olympics. We recommend that you read through this article in order to decide where you want to be during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, what kind of furnished rental accommodations you’re interested in and also, where and how to book securely so that your Vancouver 2010 furnished rentals booking goes smoothly.

Click Here for recommended steps in finding the BEST Furnished 2010 Vancouver Rental Accommodation, Condos and Homes for Rent during the Winter Olympics - PART 1

If you are a current Vancouver homeowner, click here to see why you should rent your home during the 2010 Olympics

Should You Rent From an Individual Renting Their Apartment as a 2010 Rental Suite?

You can either rent a home or apartment suite from an individual or a Vancouver 2010 rental property management team. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but you must do your research into location, size, duration and booking reservations online.There are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios when it comes to deciding on which Vancouver Olympic 2010 rental accommodation to choose between. There are numerous online websites for rent 2010 Rentals right now and they seem to be blossoming as we approach the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. So, as a person or party looking to rent a 2010 furnished suite in Vancouver, which accommodation listings should you look at? Renting from an individual who has put their apartment or home for rent for the 2010 Olympics is an option. By choosing a rent Vancouver 2010 furnished rental from an individual, you may be getting a better deal for the same unit as there are no overhead charges for the home owner. In addition, individual homeowners are more personable and less business oriented, allowing you, as a visitor, to truly experience who and what a Vancouverite is. There may be more room for negotiations on pricing for furnished 2010 Vancouver rental apartments, suites and homes from individual homeowners too and it is a direct negotiation with no third party property management company involved in the working of the deal. Some of the drawbacks of renting a furnished 2010 suite for the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games is that you may not know what you’re getting unless you are willing to fly to Vancouver prior to the Olympics to see the specific suite for rent. The furnished accommodations for rent 2010 Winter Olympics may be entirely different from what you envisioned. In addition, there are some problems with 2010 rental scams and fraud related furnished 2010 rental apartment listings online. Many individuals will ask for a larger deposit as well.

Click Here for the steps involved in choosing The TOP Vancouver 2010 Furnished Rentals - PART 2

If you are looking to rent your condo or home as furnished 2010 Olympic rentals by yourself, make sure you read this

Or Should You Consider a Vancouver 2010 Olympic Property Management Company and Their rent 2010 Furnished Rentals?

Furnished 2010 Vancouver Rental Suites and home accommodation comes in all floorplans, sizes, and locations, so make sure you do your due diligence in finding the best 2010 rental home for you and your friends.If you are looking for a professionally managed 2010 furnished rental apartment or home, everything should be smooth. A professional rent 2010 Olympic rental management company is one that markets and rents out other home owner suites and accommodations during the Vancouver Winter Olympics on behalf of the homeowner and they take a certain percentage commission from the profit. The advantages of dealing with a professional 2010 Rental Management Company is that you have more rent 2010 furnished rentals homes and apartments to choose from (as they usually manage multiple properties) and everything is written and legally bounded by documentation. In addition, you can be assured that what you book in terms of a 2010 Vancouver furnished rental is what you get, as their reputation as a professional 2010 rental management company is on the line as well … well into the future too. Many 2010 property management companies have online websites where you can browse through all the unfurnished as well as furnished 2010 rental accommodation apartments, condos, townhomes and homes. There, you will also find all sorts of location information (including maps), amenities on site, local conveniences, 2010 Winter Olympic Venues, transportation guides/routes, community details as well as possibly even incentives on Olympic tickets. Also, most 2010 Olympic rental management companies allow booking of 2010 furnished rentals homes and apartments online. You can possibly pay the Olympic 2010 management company by credit card, which again, protects you from rent 2010 rental scams and frauds online (if you have that protection on your card). Lastly, if you opt the professional route, you can also be assured that the furnished suite at you’re renting for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are absolutely clean and perfect when you move in for the duration of your stay.

If you are renting your accommodation as 2010 furnished rentals, consider a professional 2010 property management company to handle the transaction

Click here for more Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Resources

Searching for furnished New Westminster rentals for the Olympics? Or try the luxury North Shore furnished rentals here.

Also recently launched are the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Japanese site as well as the Furnished Vancouver 2010 Korean language site. For traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese click on these links.

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