Friday, December 18, 2009

Landmark Vancouver Artemisia Condominium Residences Launched! Designed by James Schouw (Grace Residences) - Featuring Luxury Vancouver Condos for Sale

Luxury Vancouver Homes for Sale at Artemisia Condominium Residences

Luxury Vancouver condos at James Schouw Artemisia Condominiums are now selling.Another signature condominium residence in the heart of the downtown Vancouver real estate district is now upon us. Brought to you by James Schouw & Associates, the luxury Vancouver Artemisia Condominium Residences is a form of habitable art that will become an instant landmark in the downtown Vancouver real estate market place. Designed for discerning home buyers, the luxury Artemisia Vancouver homes for sale is a boutique collection of only twenty one (21) magnificent presale condominium residences by James Schouw & Associates, well known for their Yaletown Grace Residences that offers unparalleled urban living spaces in this beautiful city. The presale Vancouver Artemisia condominium residences is presented in collaboration between James Schouw & Associates and local/international artists as a one of a kind habitable art installation in the heart of the downtown Vancouver real estate district. The inspiration of these luxury Vancouver homes is Artemisia Gentileschi, an early Baroque Italian painter who is now recognized as one of the most accomplished painters ever. She was one of the most inspirational women in her time and some of Artemisia’s work included both historical and religious themes that were beyond the women’s reach back then. Artemisia was the first female painter to become a member of the first drawing academy in Europe at the Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence, Italy. According to their marketing, Artemisia Vancouver condominium residences will expand the unique architectural texture that previous James Schouw & Associates projects have introduced to Vancouver. By beginning with a clean sheet of paper, the luxury Vancouver Artemisia condominium residences must be truly exemplary and never to be duplicated again. The spaces at the presale Artemisia luxury Vancouver homes for sale are unlike any other on the market. From internal angles, volumes, curves and circulation patterns, these features at the pre-construction Vancouver Artemisia luxury condominiums throw the status quo out of the window right from the get go.

More Features of the Luxury Artemisia Vancouver Condos for Sale

Downtown Vancouver Artemisia Condo Residences and Townhomes located at Hornby and Helmcken.Some of the exceptional features that James Schouw & Associates are incorporating into these luxury Vancouver homes for sale at the Artemisia Condominium Residences include very high ceiling heights, huge structural spans and extraordinary demising wall systems. In addition, other features of the luxury Vancouver Artemisia condos for sale include expansive conservatory building envelope and window systems that give it that iconic landmark look and feel. Most homes leave a lot of room for improvement. Completely rethink internal circulation and sight lines here at Artemisia Vancouver. The extraordinary three dimensional free form entry will be a surprise this side of Gandi’s Barcelona. Here at the presale Vancouver luxury homes at Artemisia Condominiums, you will find an entry through massive custom wood/glass doors in addition to a granite base continuous with the foundation detail, free form mosaic floor detailing, semi circular vaulted ceilings with apex height varying. Attention to every detail is the work of James Schouw & Associates, and here at the Artemisia Vancouver luxury condos for sale, you will find very special mouldings, fittings, floors, doors and glass in addition to flat screen television monitors integrated into bathroom mirrors. Other impressive high-end features at the downtown Vancouver Artemisia Condos for sale include a warranty case by Louis Vuitton, access to chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom and much more. Look beyond conventional design and construction as there is so much freedom for imagination. Showers, for example: Rather than built up curbs around each shower, thick structural slabs allow for recessed showers, dropped slightly below the floor level here at the downtown Vancouver Artemisia luxury condos for sale. Better design, better sense of space, better durability and easier cleaning and maintenance are the results of this well thought out design process by James Schouw & Associates. Some of the luxury Vancouver condominium residences feature floor to ceiling glass that are almost thirty feet high. When designing and integrating the kitchens at the Artemisia Vancouver, the designer never lost sight of function. But forget the aesthetic balance of the last hundred kitchens you have seen and visualize a sculptural piece, then develop from there. If a kitchen were a piece of art or furniture, what would it look like? Find out here at the James Schouw Artemisia Vancouver condominiums.

The Artemisia Vancouver Luxury Condominiums

The prestigious Artemisia Vancouver homes for sale are designed by James Schouw & associates, same as the Yaletown Grace residencesJames Schouw & Associates was the first developer and designer to bring energy savings technology to Vancouver high-rise construction. Now, here at the Artemisia Vancouver condominiums, homebuyers can expect to find an impressive geothermal heating and cooling system in every home. In fact, many other features have been designed to reduce the short and long term environmental impact on the community. With high efficiency plumbing systems, fixtures, appliances and lighting, induction cooking, rainwater collection for irrigation and low volatility paint, flooring and finishing material, James Schouw & Associates have ensured the homebuyer that the downtown Vancouver Artemisia Condominiums are certainly environmentally friendly. You also add in the facts that there is construction waste management, the presale luxury Vancouver homes at The Artemisia condos are designed, engineered, and specifically constructed for permanence so that many generations of capital appreciation and contribution to the character of the city can be promoted. Another unique feature at the luxury Vancouver homes is biometric security. Convenient, safe and reliable, there are no keys, cards or fobs to carry, misplace or lose track of here at the Artemisia Vancouver condominiums for sale. Proven in military, government and financial installations and introduced to condominium applications by James Schouw & Associates, biometric security will simplify your life. The presale Vancouver Artemisia condos will integrate a permanent collection of local and international art works. This is truly habitable art, as never seen before.

The Location of The Artemisia Vancouver Real Estate Development

Most luxurious downtown Vancouver condos for sale.Artemisia Vancouver Condos will stand at the intersection of Hornby and Helmcken Streets in the heart of the downtown Vancouver real estate district. Along Hornby Street, Artemisia Vancouver condo residences can enjoy the Bacchus Restaurant and Piano Lounge, Future Murray Hotel restoration, Arthur Erickson’s Law Courts, Granville Island ferry, Waterfront Centre, Vancouver Club, Terminal City Club, Cathedral Place, Il Giardino Ristorante, Hy’s Encore, Wedgewood Hotel, Hotel Vancouver and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Along Helmcken Street, the Artemisia Vancouver condo homebuyers can enjoy one of only two non arterial downtown cross streets. The future Helmcken Street Greenway will have flora and boulevards to invite pedestrians and cyclists. So why Vancouver? Vancouver real estate needn’t be complicated. Greater Vancouver’s population quietly grows by about 50,000 a year. We need homes for 1,000 more every week and meeting that demand will be an increasing challenge. James Schouw & Associates is committed to advancing the character and liveability of Vancouver. Witness Grace Residences, best high-rise in BC – 2008 Canadian Home Builders’ Association Georgie Awards. For more information about Artemisia Vancouver Condos, please call Virani Real Estate Advisors, the exclusive sales and marketing team at 604.913.1000. He’s calling his latest Artemisia. James Schouw and associates is a developer with a capacity to add to a prominent property building and homes of commensurate prominence. His Artemisia project will rise at Hornby and Helmcken in downtown Vancouver real estate market.

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