Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Mark Yaletown Condos for Sale - A Downtown Vancouver Landmark Condo Building - Pre-Construction Vancouver Condominiums Coming Winter - Onni Group

The Downtown Vancouver Yaletown Mark Condos by Onni Launching Sales Saturday, November 28th!

The downtown Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo tower is launching sales soon.Tallest Building in Yaletown In Nutshell – What We Know About The Sales Event
The grand opening for for the downtown Vancouver condos for sale at The Mark by Onni will commence on Saturday November 28, 2009. An overnight line-up is expected as is a sell-out of Phase 1 by the end of the weekend. The Yaletown Mark Condos will be built at the corner of Seymour Street and Pacific Street in the downtown Vancouver real estate district. The released of Phase 1 Yaletown condos for sale at the Mark Vancouver will consist of the bottom 26 floors. However, through some realtors and inside contacts, some homebuyers will be able to purchase up to the 29th floor. Anything above the 29th floor will be released next year in the Phase 2 release of the pre-construction Vancouver Yaletown Mark condos. As for floor plans, the floorplates and layouts have been released for the new Yaletown condos at The Mark by Onni from floors 11 through 26. However, the developer, Onni, has not released the floor plans for floors 3 to 7 in addition to the downtown Vancouver Yaletown Mark townhomes that are most sought after. However, at the grand opening on November 28th, the floorplans for the Mark Yaletown condos on the lower floors as well as the downtown Vancouver townhomes for sale will be released. Homebuyers can only purchase units under their own name. In addition, floors 7 through 10 is reserved for amenity space as well as guest suites in this luxury Yaletown condo development at The Mark Vancouver real estate development. The exact pricing for these pre-construction Vancouver condos has not yet been released, and won’t be released until the grand opening of the Presentation Centre. However, it is anticipated that these pre-construction Vancouver luxury Yaletown condos at The Mark will start from a price point of about $675 per square foot, and rise as you get to the higher floors. As usuall, the one bedroom suites are price higher per square foot when comparing them against two bedroom suites here at the luxury Yaletown Mark condos for sale. In addition, any unit under six hundred square feet will not come with parking (and these include studios and some one bedrooms). In order to purchase your new pre-construction Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo for sale, you will need to put down 20% of the purchase price within 18 months, but this can potentially be negotiated to 24 months through some realtors. The anticipated completion date for The Yaletown Mark Vancouver condo high-rise is expected to be within 3 years.

Vancouver Yaletown Condos at The Mark - 76% Sold Opening Weekend! Get Ready for the 2010 Olympic Release

On Saturday we opened our doors to a line-up of downtown Vancouver homebuyers who slept outside the Onni Presentation Centre in hopes of purchasing a home at The Mark Yaletown landmark condo building. You bought 163 of 214 presale downtown Vancouver homes released. We were overwhelmed by the demand for 76% of our available inventory! The local media picked up on what was going on at our downtown Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo sales centre on Saturday. See their reports on CTV News and The Province. A RISING VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE MARKET – THE MARK SAYS GOODBYE UNTIL 2010! The Vancouver real estate market is exceeding everyone’s expectations as it continues to strengthen. The balance of unsold Mark Yaletown condo homes are being taken off the downtown Vancouver real estate market, for now. These homes, along with the top of the tower will become available for sale during our Olympic Release. To all those with outstanding holds and expressions of interest: We will honour our commitments to you up until December 20th. After the 20th, all presale Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo homes will be completely taken off the market. We can’t make exceptions to this so please visit or call us today to make arrangements. WARMING UP FOR THE OLYMPIC RELEASE at The Mark Yaletown. We are putting together a VIP group for our downtown Vancouver Mark Condo Olympic Release. For best selection, visit or call us today to add your name to the list. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support of this iconic downtown Vancouver Yaletown real estate development and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Take advantage of The Mark Yaletown Condominiums for sale, the one and only downtown Vancouver real estate offering this fall. Prices start from: 1 Bedroom Mark Vancouver condos between 460 – 730 sf and priced from $320,900; 1 Bedroom + Den floorplans between 745 – 820 sf and priced from $492,900; 2 Bedroom downtown Vancouver Mark Condos between 760– 1330 sf and priced from $484,900 and the spectacular Yaletown Mark Townhomes between 1050 – 1500 sf and priced from $660,900. The Mark sets a new standard for downtown Vancouver real estate condo living with phenomenal features including air conditioning in all homes, design to meet LEED Gold standards, panoramic views, sophisticated interiors and a 10,000 sqft Wellness Centre with rooftop pool and hot tub! Call TODAY for more information about these pre-construction Vancouver condos at The Mark Yaletown. We expect tomorrow to be very busy, in fact people have already started to line up!

The Landmark Yaletown Vancouver Condos for Sale at The Mark High-Rise

Marketed as an iconic, architectural masterpiece, the pre-construction Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo tower is about to begin presales. Coming soon to one of Yaletown Vancouver real estate’s last landmark locations. The Mark Yaletown condos exemplifies high-end, luxury and convenient urban living in the downtown Vancouver real estate distict. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable and beautiful cities, Vancouver will soon welcome a striking landmark Yaletown condo tower that will forever change the skyline. Called The Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos by Onni Developers, this high-rise condominium tower will soon become a residential iconic tower in a city that is already renowned for its beauty and natural advantages: a backdrop of both the city skyline and water that provide the most spectacular settings for any new Vancouver condo for sale. At the epicentre of Vancouver real estate’s most coveted communities, The Mark Yaletown condos for sale by Onni Developers rises with a distinct profile and architectural elegance that will shape future horizons. Positioned to capture views across English Bay, the North Shore Mountains, the downtown Vancouver skyline and surrounding Yaletown real estate community, The Mark Condos are designed fro inspired urban condo living and intelligent environmental sustainability. Come home to The Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos for sale. This is truly an Onni masterpiece that will be launched very soon. All homes at the new Vancouver condos for sale at the Yaletown Mark development will come with a new home warranty too.

The Architecture and Design of The Pre-Construction Vancouver Condos at The Mark Yaletown Condominiums for Sale

Luxury Vancouver Mark Condominiums are located in the Yaletown real estate market place.A stunning blueprint for a new age of architectural elegance in the heart of downtown Vancouver real estate is coming soon at The Mark Yaletown condos for sale. Art of the possible. The seamless fusion of urban context and sustainable design that is so important in today’s construction and design can be seen here at the pre-construction Vancouver Mark condos. Conceived to transform, yet graciously complement the Vancouver real estate skyline, The Mark pre-construction Yaletown Vancouver condos for sale will provide distinctive, contemporary residences offering the most beautiful living spaces and the utmost in urban condominium living features. Described as being bold and sculptural, the architectural façade of the pre-construction Mark Vancouver condo tower residences features broad, curtain glass, sun shades and a living wall. The Mark Yaletown condominiums evokes understated beauty while revealing panoramas of Vancouver from English Bay and beyond. These luxury Vancouver condos for sale at the Yaletown Mark real estate development also offer amazing panoramic views of the False Creek skyline. On the lower levels of the Mark Yaletown project, operable shade screens allow home owners to control environmental exposure in response to the sun’s changing position and desired outlook. And to welcome new residents home in style at the pre-construction Yaletown Mark Vancouver condos presents a unique living wall providing a peaceful and inviting entry into the landscaped outdoor corridors, communal courtyards and quiet paths to private Mark Yaletown townhomes for sale. All of the downtown Vancouver condos for sale and Yaletown Mark townhomes are created in compliance with LEED Gold sustainability guidelines. Mark your legacy today by pre registering for this spectacular pre-construction Vancouver condo development at The Mark Yaletown today. Brought to you by Onni. You can also see the views from various floors of the high-rise Vancouver condominium tower on their marketing website in addition to reading a profile piece on the Onni Story.

The Vancouver Mark Yaletown Condos by Onni

LEED Gold Vancouver condos at the Yaletown Mark by Onni Group is an architectural masterpieceThe Vancouver Mark Yaletown Condo is an Iconic Architectural Masterpiece. COMING THIS NOVEMBER TO ONE OF YALETOWN VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE’S LAST LANDMARK LOCATIONS! A stunning blue print for a new age of architectural excellence is coming soon to the extraordinary high-rise tower Yaletown Mark Condominiums by Onni Developers. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver welcomes a gem of architectural excellence to its enviable skyline. The Mark Yaletown. Soon to become a Vancouer condo residential landmark in a city renowned for its beauty and natural advantages: a backdrop of mountains and water that provide a spectacular setting to a world-class cosmopolitan culture. Positioned to capture views across English Bay and beyond, designed for inspired urban living and intelligent environmental sustainability here at the pre-construction Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos for sale, coming soon. Come home to a modern masterpiece; the crowning touch to the False Creek Yaletown Vancouver real estate skyline. Interested in learning more about the pre-construction Vancouver Yaletown Mark condos for sale? Call 604-687-4353 to speak directly with a sales representative or you can visit their presale Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo web site located on the internet at today. Visit phase one of The Mark Yaletown condo website today at ONNI.COM as well. We look forward to talking with you soon. THE YALETOWN MARK SALES TEAM.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Luxury Yaletown Condos for Sale at the Vancouver Mark High-Rise Condominium Tower by Onni - VIP Grand Opening on November 28th!


Exterior rendering of the new Yaletown condos for sale November 28th.We are pleased to announce.... THE MARK VANCOUVER CONDO VIP OPENING NEXT SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28th! This Saturday is your last chance to visit us and receive a full information package (including the Yaletown Mark condo floorplans) before our VIP opening next Saturday, November 28th. The Mark Vancouver condos for sale set a new standard for downtown living with these phenomenal features: Air conditioning, Designed to meet LEED Gold standards and Panoramic views. In addition, the spectacular downtown Vancouver condos for sale have sophisticated interiors with over-height ceilings* Introducing the 10,000 sqft owners only Wellness Centre that includes a rooftop pool & hot tub, state-of-the-art fitness centre, yoga & dance studio, steam room & sauna, dining hall with professional kitchen, theatre, rooftop garden terrace on eighth floor with plots for urban agriculture and guest suites for visiting friends and relatives. Visit The Vancouver Mark Yaletown condo website today at ONNI.COM to view all the latest updates! For further details drop by the Onni Presentation Centre from 12-6pm tomorrow or call me direct at 604-377-7136. Look forward to seeing you, Laura at the Yaletown Mark Vancouver Onni Presentation Centre located at 1035 Seymour Street (at Nelson), downtown Vancouver - Open Daily 12-6pm (Closed Friday).

The Impressive Onni Mark Yaletown Floor Plans Released Online!

The Phase One release of new Yaletown condos for sale will introduce seven different floor plans from floors 11 to 26. These floor plates are large and present very unique and spacious Yaletown floorplans for homebuyers to choose from. Facing south to Pacific Street is Plan A at the Yaletown Mark Vancouver condos that features a two bedroom plus flex layout and approximately 1235 square feet. The master ensuite bathroom has double vanities and a separate shower from soaker tub. The flex room can be used as a pantry or a computer room. Plan B at the pre-construction Vancouver downtown condos at The Mark high-rise features another 2 bed plus flex layout with 1040 sqft in tisze facing Seymour Street. Walk in closets, in suite laundry and a great flex space an outdoor balcony are some of the features. Facing North is a one bed plus flex Mark Yaletown floorplan that is 645 sf in size. Plan D has a solarium and flex space and is very large at eight hundred and five sq ft in size. Plan G at the Yaletown Mark high-rise features 1 bed and flex space with galley style kitchen and is a smaller five hundred and ninety square footage while Plan E is 480 sf. Last but not least is the south facing Mark Yaletown floorplan in downtown Vancouver real estate market place that features 2 bedrooms and a flex room at 965 sqft.

Sustainable LEED Gold Yaletown Condo Living Here at Onni’s Mark

The Yaletown Mark condo high-rise Wellness Centre is one of the most comprehensive downtown Vancouver condo amenity spaces ever with LEED Gold Certification.There are a number of amazing LEED Gold featuers here at the downtown Vancouver Mark condominium high-rise apartments and townhomes that every homebuyer should be aware of. Designed by a professional award winning team, the LEED Gold Vancouver condos at the Mark Yaletown will have durable concrete construction throughout and high efficiency heating and cooling system to reduce energy costs both in the summer and winter. In addition, the LEED Gold Vancouver Mark Condos will have a living wall to reduce the temperature of the building in addition to solar panels on the roof top deck to collect the sun’s energy for building use. The presale LEED Gold Vancouver Mark Yaletown condos for sale by Onni Developers will also present such things as a green screen at the north end, electric plug-ins for cars, on site car share so that you don’t need to own a car in addition to high efficiencty Energuide rated washer and dryers in every suite. In addition, the LEED Gold Mark Yaletown high-rise condos also feature low flow fixtures for reduced water consumption in addition to water efficient professional landscaping throughout the grounds. There is a cistern tank for rain water collection of self irrigation that reduces maintenance in addition to slab projections, deep balconies and horizontal shade devices on the western LEED Gold tower façade. There are movable shade screens, and operable windows here at the presale Yaletown Mark condos in downtown Vancouver real estate market place. Other LEED Vancouver condo features include such things as the use of recycled local products to reduce transportaion costs and fuel in addition to bike lockers, close proximity to services and public transportation in addition to recycling and garbage collection. There are wall mounted planters on the podium structure in addition to water and natural vegetation that is used throughout the community. The LEED Gold Vancouver Mark Yaletown condominiums also feature such things as an urban roof top garden and dining area in addition to a swimming pool that encourages homeowners to grow their own vegetables and fruits.

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