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Proposed Vancouver Supportive Housing Initiative – $225 Million Pledged by BC Government, City of Vancouver & Streetohome Foundation to Built 8 New Vancouver Social Housing Apartment Buildings PLUS Launch of Downtown Eastside Vancouver Woodwards Social Housing

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215 West 2nd Avenue Vancouver supportive housing initiative funded by Provincial BC Government and City of Vancouver.

$225 Million Project to Build Vancouver Supportive Housing Units for Homeless

Over 1,000 new Vancouver supportive housing units will be built over the next few years in a new initiative that has seen huge funding from both the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. Collectively, the Vancouver Supportive Housing initiative has garnered $225 million funding to aid the homeless problems that have plagued the city for the past decades. Announced in late May 2010, the $225 million program to build supportive housing in Vancouver was promoted by Premier Gordon Campbell as a big attempt to solve the city’s homelessness problem. Although past projects and initiatives for Vancouver supportive housing for the homeless have gone under extreme scrutiny because they were either stalled, delayed or failures, the new $225 million Vancouver social housing projects is seen as a great step in creating more supportive housing units within core neighbourhoods, thereby creating a more liveable and healthier community in which to re-introduce the homeless to society. This 8 year funding project was finally confirmed in late May, the Premier Gordon Campbell announced that this new Vancouver supporting housing project throughout the city will get $205 million for building the social housing apartments on eight city owned sites (which are worth over $32 million) with an additional $20 million coming from the Streetohome Foundation, for a combined $225 million to help house Vancouver’s homeless population. This will account for approximately 1,006 new Vancouver social housing suites. The joint effort between BC Premier Gordon Campbell and City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has finally come to a head with this latest announcement. If everything is approved by the municaplity, construction on these eight new Vancouver supportive housing apartment buildings can even begin later this year for eventual completion in a year or two. Mayor Gregor Robertson has called out the Canadian Federal Government to get involved in overcoming Vancouver’s homeless problem by 2015, which is only five years away. With the involvement of the private sector, province and municipality, this doesn’t seem like a distant goal anymore.

590 Alexander Street Vancouver social housing to be part of $225 million Vancouver supportive housing initiative for 1,000 new suites for homeless.

More Information About the Vancouver Social Supportive Housing Initiatives

With over 8 new Vancouver supportive housing developments coming soon that will add an additional 1,000 or more social housing units into the city core, the province and city have raised up to $225 million for the projects that will be the first step in helping the homeless that has become a huge problem in the city. What some people don’t realize is that there are currently an additional 6 Vancouver supportive housing projects under construction already. The city owned property in which these currently under construction social housing projects is worth about $32 million as well. The BC Government has already pledged $108 million to complete these Vancouver social housing projects and some of the supportive housing suites will be ready for occupancy by later this year! This six building development initiative will eventually give rise to 569 new Vancouver supportive housing units, which will likely be completed before the 8 new projects get underway as part of the $225 million funding from the city and province. By giving the homeless a great opportunity to clean up and contribute to society, the city hopes that this will help revitalize parts of the downtown core where the drugs and sex trades have taken over. In downtown Vancouver, the recently completed Woodwards complex has a social housing side to the lower high-rise, which was the first step in creating more new supportive housing stock within the downtown Vancouver city core. The addition of eight new social housing buildings throughout the city will aid in creating more suites in the next few years.

The Addresses and List of the New Vancouver Supportive Housing Projects

1233 – 1251 Howe Street, Vancouver (110 new social housing units)
1233 - 1251 Howe Street Vancouver homeless units being built in the next 2 years.

1050 Expo Boulevard, Vancouver (# units to be determined)
This is one of 8 new Vancouver supportive housing apartment buildings being designed and built at 1050 Expo Boulevard Vancouver to support homeless.

Millennium Water Vancouver Supportive Housing Initiative (# units to be determined)
The homeless initiative features the Millennium Water Vancouver Supportive Housing component.

606 Powell Street, Vancouver (147 new social housing suites)
606 Powell Street Vancouver apartment development will start soon.

675 East Broadway, Vancouver (127 new Vancouver supportive housing units)
Proposed Vancouver supportive housing at 675 East Broadway.

West Seventh Avenue & Fir Street, Vancouver (62 new Vancouver social housing suites)
West 7th and Fir Street proposal for Vancouver social housing for homelessness.

1134 Burrard Street, Vancouver (141 Vancouver supportive homes)
1134 Burrard Street Vancouver real estate development.

215 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver (# units to be determined)
215 West 2nd Avenue Vancouver supportive housing initiative funded by Provincial BC Government and City of Vancouver.

590 Alexander Street, Vancouver (139 new supportive housing apartments)
590 Alexander Street Vancouver social housing to be part of $225 million Vancouver supportive housing initiative for 1,000 new suites for homeless.

STAY TUNED for more information about the proposed Vancouver supportive housing initiative.

UPDATE – Downtown Vancouver Eastside Woodwards Social Housing Project Complete

Launch of the Downtown Eastside Vancouver Woodwards social housing project in May 2010.In late May 2010, the Vancouver Woodwards social housing suites opened its doors for the first time. As part of the original four hundred million dollar gentrification redevelopment plan for the Downtown Eastside Woodwards site that included retail, commercial, community and market condos, part of the master plan was also for the construction of much needed Vancouver downtown eastside social housing suites. According to many experts and city planners, the Woodwards Social Housing Vancouver downtown eastside homes are the best in the country and will have an extremely positive effect on the community, the homeless and the downtown Vancouver eastside area. More than 200 Woodwards Vancouver social housing units will be home to more than 300 residents in the coming months. As part of the construction and evelopment team, many of the Downtown Eastside Vancouver aboriginal youts and other residents were called upon to assist in completing these suites, which also had a positive influence on them. The Woodwards site is home to a nine storey West Hastings Street building that features 125 single occupancy bachelor rooms for low income singles as part of the downtown eastside Vancouver Woodwards social housing component. The approximately rent for these bachelor suites is roughly $350/month. The W32 Abbott Tower (which is 32 storeys) features the second component to the Woodwards Downtown Eastside social housing suites and brings together 75 new two and three bedroom family sized apartments. This is in addition to 206 sold out marketing condos. The W43 Woodwards building which is 43 storeys in height has 9 apartments catered towards disabled people in addition to approximately 300 market condos.

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