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EXCITING NEWS – Approved Downtown Vancouver Telus Garden Mega Project by Henriquez Partners Architects & Westbank Developers – 22 Storey Office Tower plus 44 Storey Telus Garden Vancouver Condo High-Rise

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Introducing the new Telus Garden Vancouver real estate development proposal.

Exciting New Telus Garden Vancouver Real Estate Development

One of the knocks on the downtown Vancouver skyline is that most of the office towers and residential high-rises look too similar, with green/marine glass and a typical rectangular shape. Well, Vancouverites can celebrate the newly proposed Downtown Vancouver Telus Garden towers development which will see a planned $750 million project at 520 West Georgia Street Vancouver. The new Vancouver Telus Garden mega development will not only transform the entire landscape and skyline, but also bring about unique architecture to the downtown core that is sorely needed. The proposal and unveiling of this master planned project came out in early March to huge fanfare, and it was named Telus Garden Vancouver real estate development as it will be the future headquarters for the Canadian Telus telecommunications company. The project itself will be located in a large area that is bound by Seymour, Richards, Robson and Georgia Street and Telus itself owns this land. The team surrounding the new Telus Garden Vancouver Downtown project includes Telus itself, as well as Westbank Corp and Gregory Henriquez of Henriquez Partners Architects. Both of these companies also worked on the revitalization of the downtown Vancouver Woodwards District including the residential towers and commercial component. The downtown Vancouver Telus Garden towers will begin construction later in the Fall 2011 and will be completed sometime in 2015 if the proposal is approved and there are no construction delays. Eventually, the Vancouver Telus Garden commercial tower will be home to over one thousand Telus employees and it will become the national headquarters for this growing telecommunications company. The developer is Ian Gillespie and the project also has the backing of Vancouver’s mayor, Gregor Robertson.

The architecturally beautiful entrance to the downtown Vancouver Telus Garden towers.

Quick Facts About the Proposed Vancouver Telus Garden Development

– Telus Garden is located in downtown at 520 West Georgia Street Vancouver.
– The proposed budget for Telus Garden Vancouver towers is $750 million.
– Construction is to start late 2011 with completion expected in 2015
– The Vancouver Telus Garden team includes Westbank Corp Developers, Henriquez Partners Architects and Telus
– Telus Garden commercial tower will become the national corporate headquarters for Telus and will be home to 1,000 employees
– The Telus Garden Vancouver commercial tower will be 22 storey office tower built with LEED Platinum certification (first in Canada)
– The Vancouver Telus Garden condo tower will be 44 storey residential tower built with LEED Gold certification
– The master planned downtown Vancouver real estate project will feature over 10,000 square feet of green roofs providing organic produce to local restaurants
– The project will also have 2 elevated roof forests to minimize the heat island effect
РThe western fa̤ade of will have programmable LED lighting

A second rendering released by Henriquez Partners Architects for the Telus Garden condo tower.

The New Vancouver Telus Garden Condo Tower

As part of the one million square foot development along Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver, the new Telus Garden condos will be situated in a striking landmark building of 44 storeys in height. Called Telus Garden condos, these downtown Vancouver condominiums will radically transform this part of the downtown core with advanced environmental stewardship, quality construction and LEED Gold standards. It is expected that the pre-sale Vancouver Telus Garden condo tower will be home to about 500 suites that will be market units. Also, it is assumed that both the office tower and residential high-rise components will be completed together as a master planned community and in a single launch in 2015. The masterplanned project mimics the success of the Woodwards District community development that saw the same team create and re-develop a historic part of town into a vibrant residential and commercial neighbourhood. Now, Telus Garden Vancouver real estate development will try to do the same with a great mix of both commercial/office space in addition to retail and residential components. Business in Vancouver noted back in November 2010 that a large telecommunications company was on the verge of announcing a grand plan for a mixed use project in downtown, and now, it has been confirmed. The new Vancouver Telus Garden condos will have energy efficient heat recovery systems, energy and water efficient features, solar arrays, green rooftop decks and many other green features for environmental protection. Telus Garden condos will be one of very few downtown Vancouver condo towers to be built with LEED Gold standards. However, due to the increase in height of the residential component, a public hearing is set for Summer 2011 before approval of the rezoning of the land.

The Vancouver Telus Garden entry way.

The Telus Garden Office Tower

Built with LEED Platinum standards, the downtown Vancouver Telus Garden office tower will be the first of its kind in all of Canada. Featuring over 500,000 square feet in office space, the new office tower will become the official national headquarters for Telus itself and will be designed to meet internationally recognized standards for environmental sustainability. It will become the most technologically and environmentally advanced master planned project sites in Canada and in the world once complete. As with the condo high-rise, the Telus Garden office tower will also be designed by Henriquez Partners Architect firm and it will be built by Westbank Corp Developers. It’s a great proposal for the City of Vancouver as it keeps one of the largest telecommunication companies in the downtown core while benefiting from the mixed use features of the site. LEED Platinum standards will also mean that Telus employees (which may eventually number 1,000 at this office tower) will be working in one of the cleanest and most energy/water efficient offices in the country. The green work environment inside also spreads outside, with retail and transportation just outside your door. Mega projects of this size don’t usually happen in downtown Vancouver real estate market, mainly because there are not many parcels of land this big left to develop. The office space and land is located at the crossroads between Georgia, Robson Street, Seymour and Richards. The project cost is around $750M but it will also bring millions of doors into the local economy. The architectural landmark high-rises will consume almost 30% less energy due to its leading LEED standards design and will also feature over 10,000 square feet of green roofs and two elevated roof forests.

You can click here for the official Telus Garden press release.

Vancouver Telus real estate development.


溫哥華市中心的天際線敲之一是,大多數的辦公大樓和住宅高樓看起來太相似了,綠色 /海洋玻璃和一個典型的長方形,。好了,溫哥華可以慶祝新建議的溫哥華市中心Telus的花園塔的發展,會看到在西佐治亞街溫哥華 520計劃的7.5億美元的項目。新溫哥華 Telus的大型花園發展,不僅將改變整個景觀和天際線,但也帶來獨特的建築風格,以最繁華的核心,是迫切需要。這個總體規劃項目的建議和揭幕在三月初就出來了巨額大張旗鼓,它被命名為 TELUS花園溫哥華的房地產開發,因為它會為加拿大Telus的電信公司的未來總部。項目本身將設在大面積,西摩,理查茲,羅布森和格魯吉亞街和Telus的本身擁有這片土地上的約束。圍繞新TELUS花園溫哥華市中心項目團隊包括Telus的本身,以及Westbank公司和Gregory Henriquez Henriquez建築師事務所。這兩家公司都還致力於振興 Woodwards溫哥華市中心區,包括住宅塔樓和商業組件。溫哥華市中心Telus的花園塔將在2011年秋季開始建設,將完成在2015年的某個時候,如果建議獲得批准,有沒有建造工程延誤。最終,溫哥華 Telus的花園商業大廈將 Telus的員工超過一萬,這種不斷增長的電信公司將成為全國總部。開發人員是Ian Gillespie和項目也已在溫哥華市市長格雷戈爾羅伯遜的支持。

有關建議的溫哥華 Telus的花園發展快速事實

– Telus的花園位於市中心西佐治亞街溫哥華 520。
– TELUS花園溫哥華塔的擬議預算為 7.5億美元。
– 建築是2011年年底開始,預計在2015年完成
– 溫哥華 Telus的花園團隊包括Westbank公司開發,Henriquez建築師事務所和Telus
– Telus的花園商業大廈將成為國家 TELUS公司總部和1000名員工將家
– TELUS花園溫哥華商業大樓,將 22層高的辦公大樓建LEED白金認證(加拿大第一)
– 溫哥華 Telus的花園公寓塔將於 44層高的住宅大廈,建LEED金牌認證
– 總體規劃溫哥華市中心的房地產項目,將有超過 10,000平方英尺的綠色屋頂,當地的餐館提供有機農產品
– 該項目還將有2架空屋頂的森林,以盡量減少熱島效應
– 西部的外觀將有可編程的LED照明

溫哥華 Telus的花園公寓大樓

作為沿溫哥華市中心的喬治亞街一百萬平方英尺的發展的一部分,新Telus的花園公寓將設在醒目的標誌性建築的44層建築高度。被稱為 Telus的花園公寓,這些溫哥華市中心的公寓,從根本上改變這種先進的環境管理,施工質量和LEED金獎標準的市中心核心的一部分。預計預售溫哥華 Telus的花園公寓塔將約 500套房,將市場單位。此外,它是假設作為主計劃單在2015年推出的社區和辦公大樓和住宅高上升組件將完成。 masterplanned項目模仿Woodwards區社會發展的成功,看到同一個團隊的創建和重新開發成一個充滿活力的住宅和商業街道一個鎮的歷史的一部分。現在,TELUS花園溫哥華的房地產開發將嘗試做相同,除了零售和住宅部件組合的商業 /辦公空間。早在2010年11月在溫哥華商業注意到一家大型電信公司就宣布在市中心的混合使用項目的宏偉計劃的邊緣,而現在,它已被證實。新溫哥華 Telus的花園公寓將有高效節能熱回收系統,能源和水資源高效的特點,太陽能電池陣列,綠色屋頂甲板和許多其他綠色環保功能。 TELUS花園公寓將很少溫哥華市中心的LEED金獎標準建造的公寓塔之一。然而,由於在增加住宅部分的高度,公聽會,是2011年夏天前批准的土地改劃。

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