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UPCOMING LAUNCH > Burnaby SOLO DISTRICT Condos from mid $200’s by Appia Group of Companies > Phase 1 SOLO District Burnaby Brentwood Real Estate Development > Most Exciting Lower Mainland Project for 2012!

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Phase 1 SOLO District Burnaby real estate development by Appia Group of Companies.

Burnaby SOLO District Condos

SOLO or ‘South of Lougheed’ is an exciting new community that will soon see the addition of 4 new high-rise towers in what is known as the Burnaby SOLO District real estate development. Appia Developments is building this ‘quartet of towers’ in the SOLO Burnaby district which will see an amazing transformation in the next few years. The 4 towers that make up the Burnaby SOLO District condo project will feature liveable, affordable and sustainable urban condo living and will be brought to the market by Jim Bosa’s Appia Development Group. Touted as being Burnaby’s Most Liveable Urban Community, the exciting new Burnaby SOLO District condo project will be a true mixed use neighbourhood that will see a 4 phased development strategy and an eventual build out of both residential condos, commercial and retail space in a prime neighbourhood. The SOLO District Burnaby project will also see the build out of approximately fourteen hundred (1,400) homes in a variety of layouts that will include bachelor suites to three bedroom high-rise condominiums in addition to ground level walk-up townhomes. The City of Burnaby and the developer, which includes BOSA, Embassy and Appia Developments teams have been in discussion in regards to this project site for almost 2 decades. And now, with city approval, the Burnaby SOLO District condos will become reality and will feature walkable and sustainable green living that is within a few minutes to the Millennium SkyTrain Line. In addition, the 4 tower project at the SOLO District Burnaby real estate development South of Lougheed will present a self contained, self sustainable, green and eco-friendly neighbourhood that will have beautiful and professionally landscaped grounds, green spaces, walkways and biking paths for residents. All of the high-rises at the new Burnaby SOLO District condo development (both commercial and residential components) will be built with sustainable materials, local materials and a general built green design for low maintenance living. The addition of the South of Lougheed Brentwood Burnaby SOLO District condo project by Appia Developments will make this community a truly sustainable and self-reliant neighbourhood that will see huge growth in capital appreciation of real estate as well as a good influx of professional singles, couples and families. For more information, you can visit The show homes at SOLO District Burnaby South of Lougheed condo high-rises will be situated at Lougheed on Willingdon and will be opening for pre-sales in March or April 2012. Phase 1 SOLO District Burnaby Brentwood real estate condo release will feature 350 suites for sale (approximate), with three other phases planned for release later in 2012. The expected price range will start from the $200’s and the floor plans at the preconstruction Brentwood Burnaby SOLO District condos for sale are expected to be approximately four hundred and eighty square feet (480 sqft) to about seventeen hundred square footage (1700 sqft) in size. Please register for VIP at SOLO District condos in Brentwood Burnaby today to receive first selection and best pricing as soon as they become available. SOLO DISTRICT BURNABY. BRENTWOOD, CONNECTED, URBAN, COMPLETE.


Burnaby real estate’s value champion! New release this fall! Don’t miss this limited opportunity to join the hundreds of smart home buyers who have already saved thousands of dollars! The limited new release at the Burnaby Solo District Stratus condo high-rise is coming this Fall 2012! The Best Value > The only project in Burnaby real estate market to offer: Central air conditioning, 9 foot ceiling heights, floor to ceiling windows, geothermal heat exchange system, panoramic views, steps to the SkyTrain Station which takes you to downtown Vancouver in less than 20 minutes as well as 4 iconic high-rise towers. The new release at the Solo District Stratus Burnaby condos will also feature limited opportunities and the best pricing, selection and value. There is a Whole Food Market as well as an unbelievable Lougheed and Willingdon location. The master planned development will be home to over 1400 residences. The latest release is the Burnaby Solo District Stratus Condo Tower.

North Burnaby Brentwood SOLO District condo towers.

Master Planned SOLO District Burnaby Brentwood Condo Project

GREAT Location – AFFORDABLE Condo Prices – HIGH POTENTIAL Capital Gain Growth – MASTER PLANNED Brentwood Neighbourhood – FOUR High-Rise Towers – MIXED USE Community. This is the SOLO District Burnaby South of Lougheed condo project by Appia Developments. Located in the centre of the city, close to both local transit systems (SkyTrain and bus) as well as major thoroughfares and roads, the Brentwood Town Centre SkyTrain Station along the Millennium Line is just seconds away. For home buyers at the new Brentwood Burnaby SOLO District condos for sale, you can get to downtown Vancouver in less than 20 minutes! Or Highway 1 and Lougheed Highway are just blocks away from your parking spot. The North Burnaby Brentwood real estate district is well known for its shopping, dining and entertainment options, in addition to the community centres, recreational facilities and outdoor activities. The community itself is very excited about the transition to a master planned mixed use environment that will see the addition of about 400 condominium residences in Phase 1 of Burnaby SOLO District South of Lougheed condos starting in Spring 2012. The mandate by the City of Burnaby is to create multi family urban living that is eco sensitive, built green, sustainable and affordable for today’s homebuyers. Here, the SOLO District Brentwood Burnaby condo development will feature affordable price points for first time condo buyers as well as professional singles, couples and families. In addition, there are perfect suites for sale for empty nesters and upsizers too. The Phase 1 SOLO District Burnaby condo tower is expected to release more than three hundred market units for sale in a 45 storey high-rise landmark tower in the heart of Brentwood Burnaby real estate market. There will also be a podium level grocery store, another local amenity that homebuyers are sure to enjoy. Because of its location and height, the new Burnaby SOLO District condo tower in the first phase will enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, water and city skyline. The glass and steel high-rise will feature energy and water efficient fixtures and features, luxurious interior design and open concept layouts with large windows to maximize light. The North Burnaby Brentwood location is fast becoming the sustainable neighbourhood of the Lower Mainland and the choice amongst savvy home buyers and investors. According to the marketing team, the North Burnaby Brentwood real estate neighbourhood will become the fastest growing community in the Lower Mainland within the next ten years. And this is all master planned, so there is no urban sprawl, but the creation of well thought out, professionally designed and landscaped, liveable and eco friendly neighbourhoods such as the South of Lougheed Burnaby SOLO District project.

本拿比SOLO区公寓中旬200元由阿皮亚集团的公司>第一阶段SOLO区本拿比Brentwood的房地产发展最令人兴奋的低陆平原(Lower Mainland)项目的2012年!

本拿比房地产的价值冠军!新版本在今年秋天!千万不要错过这个机会有限,加入数聪明的购房者已经节省了数千美元!有限的新版本在本拿比个区层云公寓高层今年秋季2012年!最佳价值的唯一项目,在本拿比房地产市场提供中央空调,9英尺高的天花板高度,落地窗,地热交换系统,全景,这需要你在更短的温哥华市中心的轻轨列车站的步骤超过20分钟以及4个标志性的高层塔楼。新的版本在个区层云本拿比公寓还配备了有限的机会和最好的价格,选择和价值。有一个整体的食品市场,以及一个令人难以置信的Lougheed和威灵顿的位置。主计划的发展将超过1400住宅。最新的版本是本拿比个区的的层云公寓大厦。 展望一个美丽的新的社区在北本拿比Brentwood的附近,总体规划SOLO区的地标公寓大楼大厦将代表在低陆平原(Lower Mainland)曾经有史以来最大的发展之一。 4高层塔楼住宅以及商业地产的一个混合用途物业,SOLO区布伦特伍德本拿比房地产公司的阿皮亚集团的发展正在开发的吉姆·博萨的从博萨发展集团分支出来的公司。以卓越的品质,客户服务和精致的装饰和功能,将代表北本拿比Brentwood的SOLO区公寓与家庭可能在20万美元左右开始下内地房地产的价值。欲了解更多信息,阿皮亚的SOLO地区项目,请访问,或者您可以访问他们的办公室在4445 Lougheed公路本拿比BC。


優越的地理位置 – 負擔得起的公寓價格 – 高潛力的資本收益增長 – 總體​​規劃布倫特伍德鄰里 – 4個高聳的塔樓 – 混合使用的社區。這是本拿比南區的SOLO的Lougheed公寓項目由阿皮亞發展。坐落在城市的中心,靠近當地交通系統(輕軌和巴士),以及主要街道和道路,千年沿線布倫特伍德鎮中心輕軌站只需幾秒鐘的路程。對於購房者在新的布倫特伍德本拿比SOLO區公寓出售,你可以得到溫哥華市中心不到20分鐘! 1號公路和Lougheed高速公路是從您的停車位只有幾個街區之遙。北本拿比Brentwood的房地產區是眾所周知的購物,餐飲和娛樂選擇,除了社區中心,康樂設施及戶外活動。過渡到一個總體規劃的混合使用環境,將看到在第1階段的本拿比SOLO區南的Lougheed公寓從2012年春季開始增加了約400個公寓社區本身是非常興奮的。本拿比市的任務是建立多戶的城市生活,是生態敏感,內置綠色的,可持續的和負擔得起的,今天的購房者。在這裡,SOLO區布倫特伍德本拿比公寓的發展將有第一次公寓買家的負擔得起的價格點以及職業單打,夫婦和家庭。此外,還有在完善銷售為空巢老人和upsizers套房。第一階段的SOLO區本拿比公寓在布倫特伍德本拿比房地產市場的心臟在一個45層的超高層地標塔,塔預計將釋放超過三百市場銷售單位。此外,也將是一個平台的雜貨店,購房者一定要享受當地另一家設施。由於它的位置和高度,新的本拿比SOLO區的公寓塔的第一階段將享受山,水,城市天際線的全景。玻璃和鋼結構的高層建築將包括能源和節水裝置和功能,豪華的內飾設計和開放的理念佈局,設有大窗戶,以最大限度地提高輕。北本拿比Brentwood的位置正迅速成為可持續社區的低陸平原(Lower Mainland)和精明的購房者和投資者之間的選擇。北本拿比Brentwood的房地產鄰里的營銷團隊,將成為增長最快的社區,未來十年內,在低陸平原(Lower Mainland)。這是總體規劃的,所以沒有城市的蔓延,但創建好想出來的,專業的設計和美化環境,適宜居住和生態友好的鄰里如南Lougheed伯納比SOLO區項目。

About Appia Group of Companies > Brentwood SOLO District Developer

Envisioning a beautiful new community in North Burnaby Brentwood neighbourhood, the master planned SOLO District landmark condominium towers will represent one of the largest ever developments in the Lower Mainland ever. Featuring a mixed use property of 4 high-rise towers featuring both residential as well as commercial property, the SOLO District Brentwood Burnaby real estate development by Appia Group of Companies is being developed by Jim Bosa’s branch out company from the Bosa Development Group. With superior quality, customer service and exquisite finishes and features, the North Burnaby Brentwood SOLO District condos will represent the best Lower Mainland real estate value with homes potentially starting in the $200k range. For more information about the Appia SOLO District project, please visit or you can visit their office at 4445 Lougheed Highway Burnaby BC.

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