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SPECTACULAR LAUNCH > Granville at 70th Vancouver Condo Towers by Westbank from mid $400’s > West Side Vancouver Granville & 70th Condominiums, Townhouses, Cornish Estates > 2 Towers, Spectacular Townhomes & Safeway > REGISTER NOW!

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West Side Vancouver real estate for sale.

Vancouver Granville at 70th Condos

A new perspective. Two landmark towers will reign skyward and change the landscape of this part of Vancouver. Offering spectacular views and high-end interiors, the new Vancouver Granville at 70th Condo Towers by Westbank Project Corp is now underway and launching presales Spring 2012. The Granville at 70th Vancouver Condos by Westbank Project Corp will feature condominium residences in mid and high-rise towers in addition to spectacular multi-level street-side homes that offer an intimate style of living in the heart of the city, all amidst beautiful lush gardens and professionally designed boulevards with mature tree lined streets. The community of Granville at 70th Vancouver real estate development is defined by a host of vibrant features including live green walls, rooftop gardens and beautifully designed and planted green spaces on site. In addition, the preconstruction Vancouver Granville at 70th condo towers will present on site amenities that rival the best and will include resident use only media room, sauna, steam rooms and The Granville Club fitness centre. Add to it a putting green, entertainment clubhouse lounge both inside and out and an outdoor yoga pavilion, and you have Vancouver real estate’s most anticipated project of 2012. This is Granville at 70th Vancouver condo towers and townhouses by Westbank Project Corp. Not only is the master planned 70th and Granville Street Vancouver condo project a residential master piece, but Westbank Developers is also anchoring the site with a new deluxe Safeway grocery store and additional boutique retail space on the ground level and podium. The offering at the Granville at 70th Vancouver condo towers will introduce one bedrooms, one and den layouts, 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom+flex condominium homes that are catered to professional singles and couples. In addition, the Westbank Granville at 70th Vancouver real estate development will also feature spacious 3 bedroom and flex floor plans as well as 7 penthouse suites that are geared towards families, upsizers and downsizers. Inside, home buyers will find sleek high end finishes/features as well as Miele European style appliances. The show home is now available for previewing, so please register with us for the latest details about the VIP Sales Launch. The new Vancouver Granville at 70th Condos and Townhouses will start from just $454,000 for 1 bedrooms with 2 bedrooms starting from $685,000. The marketing is by New Asia Realty Inc. Completion is slated for early to mid 2014.

The entrance at Granville at 70th Vancouver condos by Westbank Project Corp and designed by Henriquez Partners Architects.

The 17 storey high-rise at Granville & 70th Vancouver West Side condos for sale.

A NEW PERSPECTIVE > Luxury Granville at 70th Vancouver Condos & Townhomes

The developer for the new Granville and 70th Vancouver real estate development is by Westbank Project Corp. The Westbank Granville at 70th condo tower project will consist of several phases and segments to the property that includes four major buildings. The first is a spectacular 19 storey residential condo tower while the second is a fourteen storey residential mid-rise offering boutique Vancouver condos for sale. In addition there is a 7 storey slab residential building that will offer thirteen Granville at 70th Vancouver Townhouses for sale by Westbank Project Corp that will have ground level entry. On the street level is retail space as well. On top are boutique Vancouver Granville & 70th condos as well as an amenity space that covers the roof top terrace. In addition to these 3 buildings, the fourth is the one storey boutique Safeway grocery store. The project of this magnitude will add over 380,000 square feet of retail, commercial and residential space to the West Side Vancouver real estate district. In addition, the buildings will be designed by world renowned Henriquez Partners Architects and the estimated completion date is for February 2014. Homebuyers can only expect premium features and finishes for the interiors of the spectacular Westbank Granville & 70th Vancouver condos and townhouses. The state of the art design as well as top of the line Miele and Sub-Zero appliances start it off. There are premium Kohler hardware, beautiful hardwood flooring and even air conditioning standard in every suite. As the landmark towers at Granville & 70th Vancouver condos are the tallest in the area, home owners will also enjoy fabulous views in all directions. Granville & 70th is by Westbank Project Corp.

The mid-rise and Granville at 70th cornish estates Vancouver townhomes rendering.

Impressive interiors with Miele and Sub Zero appliance packages available to West Side Vancouver home buyers.

The Granville at 70th Vancouver West Side Real Estate Location

The central location of the new Westbank Project Corp Vancouver West Side real estate development is impeccable. Recreational options include the Southlands area and Equestrian Clubs in addition to golf courses, tennis courts, beautiful natural parks and lush forests. Just a ten or fifteen minute drive in any direction will take you to bustling city life or rural lifestyle. From beaches to parks and from nature to community centres, the new West Side Vancouver condos at Granville & 70th will be very close to everything you want to experience in this beautiful city that is ranked as one of the top most liveable cities in the world consistently. One of the most important factors when it comes to home buying is location and proximity to public/local transit. Here at the new Westbank Granville at 70th Vancouver condos and townhouses, you will be very close to YVR International Airport in Richmond in addition to the Canada Line SkyTrain station that will get you to downtown Vancouver or Richmond and many major bus routes. Also, the Granville at 70th Vancouver West Side real estate project will be within biking distance to over four hundred kilometres of biking trails for you to enjoy year round! Also, from South Granville to Granville Island and from the sports venues to the Vancouver Art Gallery, residents at the Westbank Granville at 70th Vancouver West Side condos and townhomes will be within reach of the city’s most exciting things to do. Shopping is also nearby with South Granville, Kits, West 4th, Oakridge Centre, Richmond mega shopping malls and night markets within 15 minutes of your front door! For homebuyers with children, the new West Side Vancouver condos will be close to top ranked private schools, UBC and Langara College.

The Condominium and Townhouse Floor Plans at Granville/70th Vancouver

There are 3 residential parts to the master planned Westbank Granville/70th Vancouver West Side real estate development that includes: West Tower, South Tower and the Cornish Estates. We will go through briefly the showcase Granville/70th floor plans on the West Side Vancouver real estate market by Westbank Project Corp below:

Unit 1502 in West Tower Granville 70th Vancouver project.

West Tower at Granville at 70th Vancouver West Side
> Suite 02 > 2 Bedroom plus Flex and 2 Full Baths at 930 square feet
> Spacious 1 Bedroom Suite 03 with Flex space at 649 square feet
> Granville at 70th Suite 06 > 2 Bed+Flex at 939 square feet
> Suite 09 floor plan is a 3 Bedroom + Flex family sized floor plan at 1371 sqft
> Suite 1502 at Granville at 70th Vancouver West Side > 3 Bed+Flex at 1,798 sf
> Granville at 70th Penthouse #3 > 3 Bed+Flex at 2965 sf with roof terrace deck

Luxury Vancouver penthouse for sale.

South Tower Vancouver Granville at 70th by Westbank Developers.

South Tower Condos at West Side Vancouver Granville at 70th
> Suite 01 Floorplan > 2 Bedroom and Flex Space at 1,154 square feet
> Granville at 70th Vancouver Floor Plan 02 > 2 Bed + Den + Flex at 1,143 sqft
> 1 Bedroom and Flex at 675 square feet with 1 full bathroom and small balcony
> Suite 08 South Tower Granville 70th Vancouver > 2 Bed + Office+ Flex at 1120 sf
> Granville at 70th Penthouse #02 > 3 Bed + Family + Flex at 2,602 square feet

Vancouver Cornish Estates Townhomes.

The Granville at 70th Cornish Estates Townhomes and Suites
> Cornish Estates Vancouver Suite 03 > 1 Bedroom and Flex at 679 sqft
> Cornish Estates Floor Plan 05 > 1 Bed and Flex at 662 square footage
> Suites 8, 10 and 12 > 1 Bedroom plus Flex Space at 607 square feet
> Granville at 70th Cornish Estates Townhouse 2 > 3 level townhome at 2,411 sf with 3 bedrooms + family + flex room with large terrace, patio and balcony
> Vancouver Cornish Estates Townhouse at Granville at 70th > Townhome #7 is a 3 Bed + Family + Study and Flex Room at 1935 square feet with large patio and balcony (2 levels)


一个新的视角。两个亮马河将统治天空和改变这部分温哥华的景观。在70公寓大楼,由项目公司的Westbank提供壮观的景色和高档的内饰,新的温哥华威目前正在进行的2012年春季推出预售。除了壮观的多层次路边家园生活在城市的心脏,提供了一个亲密的风格之中美丽茂盛,由项目公司的Westbank威在第70届温哥华公寓将采用在中期和高层塔楼公寓住宅花园和专业设计与成熟的树大道街道两旁。威在第70届温哥华的房地产开发的社区是指由一个充满活力的新的特点,包括活的绿色墙壁,屋顶的花园和精美的设计和绿地种植现场。此外,温哥华威70公寓大楼在施工前将出席现场设施,媲美最好的,将包括居民利用媒体室,桑拿浴室,蒸汽浴室和威俱乐部健身中心。添加到果岭,娱乐会所的内部和外部休息室和一个室外瑜伽馆,和你有温哥华真正的房地产的最令人期待的2012年的项目。这是由项目公司的Westbank在第70届温哥华的公寓大楼和排屋威不仅是主计划70和温哥华Granville街公寓项目住宅主件,但一个新的豪华Safeway的杂货店和额外的Westbank开发商也锚固与网站地面水平及平台上的精品零售空间。在威在第70届温哥华公寓大楼的发行将引入一间卧室,书房布局,2间卧室和2卧室+柔性公寓住宅,迎合专业单打和夫妇。此外,在第70届温哥华的房地产开发的Westbank威也将设有宽敞的三间卧室和柔性地板计划以及7复式套房,正朝着家庭,upsizers和downsizers的面向。内,购房者会发现豪华高档饰面/功能以及Miele的欧洲风格的家电。秀家现在可用于预览,所以请与我们注册贵宾销售有关启动的最新细节。温哥华新威在70公寓和排屋将从$ 454,000从$ 685,000起与2卧室1间卧室。营销是由新亚置业有限公司完成预定的早期到中期2014。






有3个住宅部分总体规划的Westbank Granville/70th温哥华西城房地产开发,其中包括:西塔,南塔和康沃尔遗产。我们将通过简要地展示以下的Westbank项目公司西城温哥华房地产市场Granville/70th平面图:

>套件02> 2卧房,加上Flex和2全浴在930平方尺
>宽敞的1卧室套房03 Flex的空间在649平方尺
>威在70套房06> 2房+在939平方尺的Flex
> 09套房的平面图是3卧房+ Flex的家庭在1371平方英尺大小的平面图
> 1502室威在第70届温哥华西城> 3床+ 1,798呎的Flex
>威在阁楼70#3> 3床+ Flex中在2965平方英尺屋顶露台甲板

> 01室平面图> 2卧房和Flex在1,154平方尺的空间
>威在第70届温哥华平面图02> 2房+ DEN +在1143平方英尺的Flex
> 1卧房和Flex在1个完整的浴室和小阳台675平方尺
>套件08南塔威第70届温哥华> 2房+办公室+在1120呎的Flex
>威在70阁楼#02> 3房+家庭+ 2,602平方尺的Flex

>康沃尔遗产温哥华套房03> 1卧房和Flex在679平方英尺
>康沃尔屋平面图05> 1床,在662平方英尺的Flex
> 8套房,10和12> 1卧房,加上Flex的空间,在607平方尺
威70康沃尔庄园联体别墅2> 3水平在2,411呎的楼房有3间卧室+家庭+ Flex的房间,大阳台,露台和阳台


一個新的視角。兩個亮馬河將統治天空和改變這部分溫哥華的景觀。在70公寓大樓,由項目公司的Westbank提供壯觀的景色和高檔的內飾,新的溫哥華威目前正在進行的2012年春季推出預售。除了壯觀的多層次路邊家園生活在城市的心臟,提供了一個親密的風格之中美麗茂盛,由項目公司的Westbank威在第70屆溫哥華公寓將採用在中期和高層塔樓公寓住宅花園和專業設計與成熟的樹大道街道兩旁。威在第70屆溫哥華的房地產開發的社區是指由一個充滿活力的新的特點,包括活的綠色牆壁,屋頂的花園和精美的設計和綠地種植現場。此外,溫哥華威70公寓大樓在施工前將出席現場設施,媲美最好的,將包括居民利用媒體室,桑拿浴室,蒸汽浴室和威俱樂部健身中心。添加到果嶺,娛樂會所的內部和外部休息室和一個室外瑜伽館,和你有溫哥華真正的房地產的最令人期待的2012年的項目。這是由項目公司的Westbank在第70屆溫哥華的公寓大樓和排屋威不僅是主計劃70和溫哥華Granville街公寓項目住宅主件,但一個新的豪華Safeway的雜貨店和額外的Westbank開發商也錨固與網站地面水平及平台上的精品零售空間。在威在第70屆溫哥華公寓大樓的發行將引入一間臥室,書房佈局,2間臥室和2臥室+柔性公寓住宅,迎合專業單打和夫婦。此外,在第70屆溫哥華的房地產開發的Westbank威也將設有寬敞的三間臥室和柔性地板計劃以及7複式套房,正朝著家庭,upsizers和downsizers的面向。內,購房者會發現豪華高檔飾面/功能以及Miele的歐洲風格的家電。秀家現在可用於預覽,所以請與我們註冊貴賓銷售有關啟動的最新細節。溫哥華新威在70公寓和排屋將從$ 454,000從$ 685,000起與2臥室1間臥室。營銷是由新亞置業有限公司完成預定的早期到中期2014。






有3個住宅部分總體規劃的Westbank Granville/70th溫哥華西城房地產開發,其中包括:西塔,南塔和康沃爾遺產。我們將通過簡要地展示以下的Westbank項目公司西城溫哥華房地產市場Granville/70th平面圖:

>套件02> 2臥房,加上Flex和2全浴在930平方尺
>寬敞的1臥室套房03 Flex的空間在649平方尺
>威在70套房06> 2房+在939平方尺的Flex
> 09套房的平面圖是3臥房+ Flex的家庭在1371平方英尺大小的平面圖
> 1502室威在第70屆溫哥華西城> 3床+ 1,798呎的Flex
>威在閣樓70#3> 3床+ Flex中在2965平方英尺屋頂露台甲板

> 01室平面圖> 2臥房和Flex在1,154平方尺的空間
>威在第70屆溫哥華平面圖02> 2房+ DEN +在1143平方英尺的Flex
> 1臥房和Flex在1個完整的浴室和小陽台675平方尺
>套件08南塔威第70屆溫哥華> 2房+辦公室+在1120呎的Flex
>威在70閣樓#02> 3房+家庭+ 2,602平方尺的Flex

>康沃爾遺產溫哥華套房03> 1臥房和Flex在679平方英尺
>康沃爾屋平面圖05> 1床,在662平方英尺的Flex
> 8套房,10和12> 1臥房,加上Flex的空間,在607平方尺
威70康沃爾莊園聯體別墅2> 3水平在2,411呎的樓房有3間臥室+家庭+ Flex的房間,大陽台,露台和陽台

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