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From $109,900! New BALANCE Surrey Micro-Suites are Canada’s Smallest Condos but also the Most Affordable Surrey Condos for Sale > 56 Suites Ranging from 290 – 653 sqft & $110k – $180k

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New Balance Surrey Micro-Suite Condos for Sale by Tien Sher Developers.

Balance Surrey Condos > New Surrey Micro Suites for Sale!

Balance at Gateway represents the newest concept in urban Surrey condo living with an offering of new Surrey micro-suites. Brought to you by Tien Sher Developers, the same team that offered Quattro and plenty other affordable Vancouver condos, the new Surrey Balance Micro-Suites are affordable Surrey condos that feature smaller floor plans that are functional and affordable. How affordable you ask? The new Surrey Balance micro-suite condos start from just $109,900 if everything is approved by the City of Surrey. Within walking distance to the Gateway SkyTrain Station, the new Gateway Surrey Balance micro-suite condos for sale wil include only 56 suites for sale with 60% of the homes less than 305 sqft in size. The smallest of these new Balance Surrey micro-suite condos is planned to be around 290 square feet in size. So really, these Vancouver microsuites are actually micro-priced as well, making them affordable for homebuyers who represent the $22,000 to $55,000 a year pay cheques (which is really most of us). This four storey, 56 unit development is located on 108th Avenue in Surrey Gateway neighbourhood, just steps away from the Skytrain station and to retail, commercial and amenities. The Tien Sher developer president, Charan Sethi, describes these affordable Surrey micro-suites and small condos as being the perfect affordable housing project to battle the affordability problems in the Lower Mainland. A recent rental building at Vancouver Burns Block condo building recently were snapped up very quickly, with Vancouver micro-suites all the rage because of there affordability and location. The same goes for the new Balance Surrey condos at the Gateway SkyTrain Station. For more information about the affordable Surrey micro-suites at Balance by Tien Sher, please visit today to register your interest. If the project passes 3 city reviews this Fall, pre-sales for the new Surrey Balance microsuites will go on sale in January 2013 (or early 2013).

Affordable Surrey Balance microsuites which are Canada's smallest condos for sale.

Back in September 2012, San Francisco just voted on a change in the building code that would allow developers to develop homes as small as 220 square feet in size. This would be the smallest official living areas in the United States, far smaller than the 290 square foot floor plans at the new Balance Surrey micro-suite condo project proposed by Tien Sher Developments. Proponents have always argued that these new micro apartments provide more affordable home buying options in pricey real estate markets such as San Francisco and Greater Vancouver where rental rates are skyrocketing along with real estate prices. What do you think about these new Surrey micro apartments at Balance at Gateway?

Canada’s Smallest Condos? Check Out the New Balance Surrey Micro-Suites by Tien Sher

Marketed at Canada’s smallest condos, the micro-suites at Surrey’s Balance condos by Tien Sher are certainly making waves in the Greater Vancouver property news sections. Priced affordably from just $109,900, the affordable Surrey condo micro-suites at Balance by Tien Sher will be situated at 108th Ave Surrey near the Gateway SkyTrain Station, making it a great opportunity for first time buyers to get into the market. The 4 level building will feature fifty six suites, of which the smallest will be roughly 290 square feet (priced in presales from $109,900). The new Balance Surrey condo micro-suites will start presales in January 2013 if city approvals go as planned and the target market are for young professionals and current renters seeking affordable Surrey condos in a Gateway location close to the SkyTrain. According to Sethi, the Tien Sher president, “I’m trying to provide something at a very low cost and fulfill the needs of those people in that income bracket.” The income bracket that Sethi is referring to is between $22k to $55k … and the new Balance Surrey condo micro-suites should come to about $600 after maintenance and taxes per month for the monthly costs to own here. The Balance Surrey condos will feature nine foot over height ceilings, hardwood laminate floors, a stainless steel appliance set (five in total) as well as a small balcony. The Tien Sher Balance Surrey condo micro-suites for sale will also feature in suite laundry closets with washer and dryer. Over 60% of the homes will be at or below 305 sqft in size (with the smallest and most affordable Surrey condo at 290sf) and the largest of the homes will be a one bedroom unit at 653 square feet in size. A comparable 242 square foot unit in London England recently sold for $280,000 according to 24 Hours news.

From $109,900? What are you waiting for? Affordable Surrey Condos Available Soon!

Starting in early 2013, the new Balance Surrey micro-suite condos will be available during presales from $109,900. Suite floor plans ranging between 290 to 653 sqft (mostly studios and some one bedroom homes) are both functional as they are open concept. These affordable Surrey micro-suite condos, according to the Vancouver Sun, will be home to Canada’s smallest condos if the City of Surrey approves this new housing project by Tien Sher. The smallest of the micro-suite options at Surrey Balance condos will come in at 290 square feet and will be located at Whalley Boulevard and Grosvenor Road in the Surrey City Centre real estate district. According to Sethi, the president at Tien Sher, “If you can afford the $6,000 down payment, and you make a salary of $17 per hour, we have a home for you.”

> 33 Surrey micro-suites will be 305 square feet or smaller
> The largest of the affordable Surrey condos for sale will be 653 sqft (one bedroom layout)
> The price range of the Tien Sher Surrey Balance micro-suites will be between $109,900 to $180,000
> If approved by City Council, presale Surrey micro-suites at Balance will start January 2013
> Layouts are functional and open concept, most of them are studio plans
> Affordable Surrey housing project is aimed towards homebuyers who make between $22,000 to $55,000 annual income
> Target market includes young professional singles/couples, retail employees and single parents
> Balance Surrey micro-suites will have high-end condo finishes with 5 stainless steel appliances, hardwood laminate flooring, balcony and washer/dryer
> No parking is included, but parking is available for purchase
> Car-Share program on site will be included in the development proposal

All in all, these affordable Surrey housing options will give prospective home buyers an opportunity to get into the market and not get bogged down by the extra expenses associated with home ownership. With the central Gateway Surrey Whalley real estate location, most home buyers are likely going to forego owning cars as well. The Lower Mainland is home to some of the most expensive real estate, and now, Surrey will be getting Canada’s smallest condos as well.

Tien Sher Developers are very experienced in multi-family affordable Surrey housing projects, as seen through the Surrey City Centre Gateway District Quattro condo projects that feature over 420 homes. Tien Sher has admitted that the company’s profit margins are very slim in order to keep the new Balance Surrey micro-suite condos affordable to home buyers. Here’s a great article from the Daily Brew on Yahoo! Canada by Steve Mertl.

“Balance is unique. No suite comes with a parking stall, but they are available for purchase. A 2012 parking study we commissioned showed most purchasers will forego car ownership and its associated costs, in favor of an affordable home purchase,” says Charan Sethi. “Balance homeowners’ transportation options include bus, Skytrain and a car-share vehicle onsite. Who needs a car with such a short walk to municipal amenities, shopping and services?”

Sales are set to start in early 2013 here at the new Surrey BALANCE Micro-Suites and Condo Residences. Featuring a four storey wood framed building dubbed the ‘smallest condos in Canada’, the new Surrey BALANCE condos will feature 60% of suites at 305 square feet or smaller including 56 Surrey micro-suites that are around 290 square feet in size. But, size is not everything! Inside these new BALANCE Surrey micro-suites will be five stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring as well as outdoor living. The starting price point … $109,900! Suites are sold without parking here at the new BALANCE Surrey micro-suites, but there are limited stalls for purchase. There is also an on-site car share program available to residents. Best of all, it’s only a 7 minute walk to the Gateway SkyTrain Station! It’s also located at 108th Avenue near Whalley Ring Road, making it truly accessible to everything.

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