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REGISTER EARLY! Luxury Yaletown PACIFIC POINT Vancouver Condos for Sale by Bosa Development (awesome builder) | Sophisticated Vancouver Pacific Pt Yaletown Condominiums from Under $400k with Ultra Spacious Floor Plans & Views

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The newly renovated Yaletown Pacific Point Vancouver condos for sale.

Vancouver Yaletown Pacific Point Condos

Yaletown’s most sophisticated address is coming to the downtown Vancouver luxury real estate market early 2013! Called Pacific Point Yaletown Condos in Vancouver Downtown, sophisticated Yaletown condo living is brought to you by Nat Bosa of Bosa Development, a leading developer in the local market. The luxury homes start from under $400,000! An exclusive collection of ultra spacious and flexible concrete homes luxuriously reinvented will be coming to market as early as February 2013, so please register your interest! The pre-sale Vancouver Pacific Point Yaletown Condos will feature one of the most coveted waterside addresses in downtown Vancouver Yaletown real estate’s most sophisticated enclave with commanding views of False Creek as well as the sparkling city lights of the downtown skyline and beyond. The Yaletown Pacific Pt. Condos – Sophisticated Yaletown brought to you by Bosa Development.

New Yaletown Vancouver luxury condos at Pacific Pt.

This modern masterpiece presents a unique and spacious living experience in the heart of the Yaletown Vancouver real estate district which is well known for its urban lifestyle choices, great amenities and waterfront/waterview location. From the amazing views of False Creek to Stanley Park and the bright city lights of the downtown skyline, the Vancouver Yaletown Pacific Point condo tower was purchased by Bosa Development in 2012 and will be re-launched as a new luxury Yaletown condo highrise in early 2013! The Pacific Pt Yaletown condos are located centrally at 1323 Homer Street Vancouver and will offer residents and homebuyers great options when it comes to urban downtown living. From the entertainment district to all the nightclubs and bars and from the great shopping and dining experiences in this urban neighbourhood, the presale Vancouver Yaletown Pacific Point condos will provide everything that a downtown home owner wants and more. In addition, residents at Pacific Point Yaletown condo high-rise will be within walking distance to the Seawall, waterfront district, Robston Street dining and shipping as well as the Granville Street entertainment nightlife district. Also the central Vancouver Yaletown Pacific Point condos are a close few minutes to the Canada SkyTrain Line at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station. Register today for more information.

The refurbished kitchens at Pacific Point Vancouver Yaletown presale condos.

Spacious living areas in the renovated Vancouver Downtown Condos by BOSA.

The Luxury Vancouver Pacific Pt Yaletown Condo Features

Some of the best selling features of the new Pacific Point Yaletown luxury condos for sale by Bosa Development include: location in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown real estate district, the unparalled views out to Stanley Park, the skyline and False Creek in addition to the unit sizes that we’ll explain a bit later. The completely renovated Pacific Point Yaletown condo tower will feature high-end and sleek Armony Cucine cabinets, spacious spa inspired bathrooms and the most luxurious finishes you have seen. In addition, the Bosa Pacific Pt Yaletown Vancouver condo tower will boast some of the most spacious suites for sale. The units at Pacific Point Vancouver downtown condos range in size between 450 square feet (studio layouts) to 1,678 square feet (for a 2 storey Yaletown penthouse suite!). The 1 bedrooms and den Yaletown Pacific Point floor plans range in size between 700 to about 780 square feet (all approximate) and the 2 bedroom and den layouts at Pacific Pt floor plans range in size between 925 to almost 1,300 square feet. These are by far the largest Yaletown floor plans of any new development in the area. Because the high-rise was built more than 2 decades ago, the Pacific Point floor plans are significantly larger than anything else. This high-rise tower also has only 214 suites because of this! Inside the units at the luxury Vancouver Pacific Pt Yaletown condos are floor to ceiling windows with expansive views (many suites have this) in addition to unparalleled features and modern finishes. It’s a unique offering.

Separate dining room spaces at the downtown Vancouver Pacific Pt Yaletown apartments is unheard of.

Ultra spacious bedrooms at these new Yaletown luxury condominiums.

Eco Friendly Yaletown Condo GREEN Features

As mentioned above, the newly re-invented Pacific Point Condos in Yaletown Vancouver downtown are environmentally friendly packed with awesome green features and a liveable location. Centrally located at 1323 Homer Street Vancouver, the Pacific Point condos in Yaletown are close to local transit via the SkyTrain as well as local bus as well as within walking distance to the downtown business core, entertainment, shopping, dining, local amenities and services. Within a five to ten minute walking radius is everything that a downtown urbanite would need on a daily basis. In addition, there are numerous bike routes surrounding you in addition to the Seawall which is great for jogging, walking and just getting out of the house. The eco friendly Yaletown Pacific Point condos for sale also have interiors that are impressively green including new energy and water efficient appliances, sustainable flooring and cabinets. The complete facelift of Pacific Pt Yaletown is almost complete and the 214 unit building will feature presale Vancouver condos from under $400k!

Beautiful bathrooms at the Pacific Pt Vancouver apartment condos.

Another luxurious ensuite bathroom.


耶魯鎮(Yaletown)的最先進的地址,來到位於溫哥華市中心的豪華房地產市場在2013年初!複雜的耶魯鎮(Yaletown)太平角耶魯鎮(Yaletown)在溫哥華市中心的公寓房,公寓生活,是給您帶來由Nat Bosa的的博薩發展,在當地市場的領先開發商。豪華住宅從40萬美元以下的!獨家珍藏的超豪華的寬敞,靈活的混凝土房屋改造將進入市場早在2013å¹´2月,因此請登記您的興趣!施工前溫哥華太平洋點耶魯鎮(Yaletown)的公寓房將有一個最令人垂涎​​的的水邊地址位於溫哥華市中心耶魯鎮(Yaletown)房地產最先進的飛地與指揮意見,以及波光粼粼的福溪市中心的天際線和超越城市的燈光。耶魯鎮(Yaletown)太平洋鉑。公寓 – 完善的耶魯鎮(Yaletown)為您帶來的的博薩發展。這家現代化的傑作提供了一個獨特和寬敞的生活經驗,在心臟的耶魯鎮(Yaletown)溫哥華房地產區,這是眾所周知的城市生活方式的選擇,一流的設施和海濱/水景位置。從福溪到斯坦利公園和市中心的天際線明亮的城市燈光的迷人的景色,溫哥華耶魯鎮(Yaletown)太平角公寓塔是在2012年購買的Bosa的發展,將在耶魯鎮(Yaletown)作為一種新的豪華公寓高層在2013年初重新啟動!太平洋鉑集中在1323荷馬街溫哥華耶魯鎮(Yaletown)公寓,將提供居民和購房者的偉大的選擇,當涉及到城市繁華生活。從休閒娛樂區,所有的夜總會和酒吧,從大的購物和餐飲的經驗,在這個城市​​附近,預售溫哥華耶魯鎮(Yaletown)的太平角公寓將提供一個位於市中心的房主希望和更多的一切。此外,在太平角耶魯鎮(Yaletown)公寓高層居民步行距離之內的海堤,Robston街餐飲和運輸,以及Granville街娛樂夜生活區,濱水區。此外,中央溫哥華耶魯鎮(Yaletown)太平角公寓密切幾分鐘,加拿大輕軌線在耶魯鎮(Yaletown)迴旋站。註冊獲取更多信息。


From award winning iconic developer Nat Bosa (one of our all time favourite builders!), an exclusive collection of ultra spacious concrete homes luxuriously reinvented will be offered at the Pacific Pt. Yaletown Vancouver condos tower. A coveted waterside address in Yaletown Vancouver real estate’s most sophisticated enclave community, the new Bosa Pacific Pt. Yaletown condos will provide commanding views of both False Creek and the dazzling city skyline lights. The presale Vancouver Pacific Pt Yaletown condos provide sophisticated, centrally located and affordable luxury. It is one of the most highly anticipated projects for 2013. More information about the new Yaletown Pacific Pt. Vancouver condos is online at Presales Vancouver Pacific Pt. Yaletown condos are expected to start in early Spring 2013.

According to a recent Metro newspaper article, more families are opting to move or stay in the Yaletown Vancouver community. As single family detached housing becomes unaffordable for more young families, many home buyers are now choosing to purchase condos in urban and walkable areas, such as Yaletown Vancouver. According to Bosa Development, the trend towards families moving into Yaletown is on the rise, which bodes well for the new Pacific Pt Yaletown condo tower residences which have premier luxury Vancouver condos for sale starting from under $400,000! Located centrally at 1323 Homer Street Vancouver Yaletown Pacific Pt condos are also located within a very walkable and liveable, children and pedestrian friendly neighbourhood close to great parks, urban green spaces, children’s facilities, playgrounds, the waterfront and Seawall. Plus, with floor plans larger than most, the new luxury Vancouver Pacific Pt Yaletown condos are also much larger than any other in the area, boasting two bedroom plus den suites up to 1,300 square feet and penthouses up to 1678 square feet in size. The extra space and storage areas are ideal for young families.

The presale Vancouver Pacific Pt Condos by Bosa Development is located in Yaletown real estate district.


的最好的销售功能的新的太平洋点耶鲁镇(Yaletown)豪华公寓出售由Bosa的发展包括:在温哥华市中心的耶鲁镇(Yaletown)真正的地产区的中心位置,的无与伦比的意见,斯坦利公园的天际线和福溪,除了单位面积,我们将在稍后解释一下。经过全面装修,太平角耶鲁镇(Yaletown)的公寓大楼则提供高端和时尚的阿莫尼CUCINE柜,宽敞的水疗风格的浴室和你所看到的最豪华的装饰。此外,的博萨太平洋铂耶鲁镇(Yaletown)温哥华公寓塔将拥有一些最宽敞的套房出售。在太平角温哥华市中心的公寓范围内的单位面积为450平方英尺(工作室布局)(2层高的耶鲁镇(Yaletown)复式套房!)1678平方英尺。 1间卧室和书房耶鲁镇(Yaletown)太平角的平面图尺寸范围在700至约780平方英尺(近似)和2个卧室和书房的布局在太平洋铂地板之间计划大小925几乎1300平方英尺之间的范围内。这是迄今为止最大的耶鲁镇(Yaletown)地板在该地区的任何新的发展计划。由于高层建立了超过20年,太平洋点的平面图是明显大于别的。这家高耸的塔也有因为这个只有214套房!在豪华的温哥华太平洋PT耶鲁镇(Yaletown)公寓内的单位是地板的落地窗膨胀的看法(许多套房有这样的),除了无与伦比的功能和现代化的完成。这是一个独特的产品。


如上所述,重新发明太平角在耶鲁镇(Yaletown)温哥华市中心的公寓房是环保包装真棒环保设施和宜居的位置。 1323荷马街温哥华位于市中心,太平角公寓在耶鲁镇(Yaletown)是当地的交通,通过轻轨列车站以及本地总线以及步行距离之内最繁华的商业核心,娱乐,购物,餐饮,当地的设施和服务。一个5至10分钟步行半径内,是一个位于市中心的都市人每天需要的一切。此外,还有众多的自行车路线,你周围的海堤,这是伟大的慢跑,散步,刚开出的房子。生态友好的耶鲁镇(Yaletown)太平角公寓出售也有内饰,包括新能源和用水效率高的电器,可持续地板和橱柜是令人印象深刻的绿色。太平洋小改款的铂耶鲁镇(Yaletown)已大致完成,214个单位建筑将有预售温哥华的公寓从40万美元!

Luxury Yaletown condominiums at PacificPt high-rise.

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