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Under $500k! Beautiful Edmonds Burnaby BRITTON Townhomes for Sale > 44 Signature Burnaby Townhouses with 3 Bedrooms

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Red Brick Britton Burnaby Townhomes for sale.

South Burnaby Britton Townhomes

Designed in a great way to reflect the spirit of a traditional English rowhome, the new South Burnaby Britton Townhomes is a unique and bold development that will give residents not only an amazing location but also the finest finishes on the market. From bold roof lines to elegant detailing in addition to the use of fine red brick, the unique Britton Burnaby townhomes will feature three bedroom floor plans that are spacious and functional. The interiors will be bright and open and the homes will also feature ample green space for outdoor living. The South Burnaby Britton townhomes gives residents easy access to an every expanding array of amenities and shopping in the community too. The homes are ideally located close to top rated schools for all ages, public transit, the Edmonds SkyTrain Station as well as the Burnaby Business District as well. Professionally designed grounds in addition to landscaped yards are other great features here. The new classic. Limited release of 3 bedroom townhomes starting from under $500,00 is coming soon! The Britton Burnaby townhomes are brought to you by South Street Development Group. The historically inspired architecture will bring both timeless design as well as modern living spaces for home buyers who want to live in an exclusive townhouse property. The unique character is defined by bold roof lines as well as red brick finishing. With only 44 unique signature 3 bedroom townhouses for sale, Britton Burnaby demonstrates South Street Development’s commitment to developing and designing bright open living spaces with lots of outdoor living and green space. Couple that with functional and efficient layouts, and you’ve got the best South Burnaby real estate development of 2013. The other project team members include: Integra Architecture Inc (architecture), Noble Construction Management (construction) and id.LAB inc (interior design). Find out more online at today.

Edmonds Burnaby Britton Townhomes by South Street Developments.

Beautiful kitchens at South Burnaby Britton Townhouses.

The Interior Specifications at Britton Burnaby Townhomes

The homes at South Burnaby Britton project will come with 2 designer selected colour schemes (both a light and dark palette for you to choose). All homes have beautiful Taymor satin chrome door handles, electric baseboard heating throughout, high grade laminate hardwood floors throughout the main floor, 2 inch designer horizontal blinds for added privacy as well as vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom. As well, the new Britton Burnaby townhomes for sale will have main floors with 9 foot ceiling heights, privacy doors to the master bedroom, expansive glass windows, outdoor living space and whirlpool stacked front loading washer and dryer. There is an option for a main floor powder room for convenient. As well, the homes at Britton Burnaby will have spa inspired ensuite baths with classic white shaker style or dark flat panel cabinetry with lots of storage in addition to double sinks, modern Grohe fixtures, large format porcelain tiled floors and a deluxe glass enclosed shower and separate deep soaker tub. The designer kitchens have a Whirlpool stainless steel appliance set, open concept kitchen space with pantry storage in select floor plans in addition to built-in floor to ceiling accent shelving (some homes) and designer selected quartz counters. The new Britton Burnaby townhomes also have integrated under cabinetry lighting and the homes have quartz counters with porcelain tiled backsplashes. All home buyers receive a premium warranty through Travelers as well as a 30 year manufacturers warranty on reinforced asphalt shingle roofing with R40 insulation and 50 year manufacturers warranty on durable vinyl siding with shingle accents. The homes also have either double and triple glazed windows and patio doors for energy efficiency. They are also hard wired with in home smoke detectors and have rough in for home security systems.

Bright and airy living rooms with 9 foot high ceilings at Burnaby Britton Living.

Britton bathroom.

More Information About the Edmonds Burnaby Britton Townhouses

Located in the Edmonds Burnaby neighbourhood, the new Britton Townhouses will offer an exclusive offering of only 44 three bedroom residences. The well thought out and spacious floor plans at Britton Burnaby Edmonds townhomes will range in size between 1,150 to 1,250 square feet (over several floors) and will have bright, open concept modern designs for today’s homebuyers. As well, the main floors will have over height 9 foot ceilings and vaulted ceilings in the master bedrooms, which is an added bonus and not something you see very often. The presale Burnaby Britton Edmonds townhouses will also feature two full bathrooms as well as a rough in for a powder room on the main floor if that is the way you like to go. The interiors will have beautiful stainless steel appliances as well as ensuites with deluxe glass enclosures for the showers (truly modern) and separate deep soaker tub (which is again very rare in today’s townhouse floor plans). In addition, the interior specifications will be sophisticated yet modern and will also include quartz stone counters. The exterior façade has great curb appeal with its traditional brick accents. The South Burnaby Britton Edmonds townhouses for sale will be situated on Kingsway, a major thoroughfare that will whizz you to and from everything in the city. Also, within walking distance from your new home is Edmonds Community Centre, which is brand new and will have facilities and recreational options for people of all ages in addition to the HighGate Shopping Mall. The Edmonds SkyTrain station is literally a 10 minute walk from Britton Burnaby townhomes too. The presale prices start from under $500,000 making the very affordable for today’s families and first time buyers.

Edmonds Burnaby floor plan B at Britton Town Homes.

Britton Floor Plans

Here are some draft Burnaby Britton floor plans in this amazing new boutique development in the Edmonds neighbourhood:

> Britton Floor Plan A = 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms between 1,151 to 1,165 square feet
> Britton Floorplan A1 = 3 Beds and 2 Baths between 1,151 to 1,165 sq ft
> Edmonds Burnaby Floor Plan A2 = Another variation with similar size and layout
> Floor Plan B = 3 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms at 1,257 square feet
> Floorplan C = 3 Beds and 2 Baths at 1,172 square footage
> Britton Floor Plan D = 3 Beds/2 Baths at 1,213 sqft

Britton floor plan D.





>布里頓平面圖A = 3間臥室和2個浴室1,1511165平方英尺
>布里頓平面圖A1 = 3床和2個浴室介乎1,151至1,165平方呎
埃德蒙茲伯納比平面圖A2 =另一個相似的大小和佈局的變化
>平面圖B = 3臥室+ 2浴室在1,257平方尺
>平面圖C = 3臥室和2個浴室1,172平方尺
>布里頓平面圖D = 3床/ 2個浴室1,213平方英尺

Townhome cross-section.




设计中体现的精神传统的英rowhome的一个伟大的方式,新南本拿比布里顿,排屋是一个独特而大胆的发展,会给居民不仅是一个惊人的位置,但也是市场上最好的饰面。从大胆的车顶线条优雅的细节,除了精美的红砖使用,独特的布里顿伯纳比排屋将有三间卧室的地板,宽敞和功能的计划。内饰明亮,开放的家园也将拥有充足的绿色空间,为户外生活。南本拿比布里顿排屋为居民提供了方便地访问到每阵列的不断扩大设施和购物在社区也。家园地理位置优越,靠近最受好评的青睐,公共交通,埃德蒙兹轻轨站,以及本拿比的商务区以及学校。中除了花木码外的专业设计的理由是这里的其他强大的功能。新的经典之作。限量发行的3间卧室的住房,从下500.00美元即将到来!布里顿伯纳比的排屋给你带来由南大街发展集团。历史特色的建筑都将带来永恒的设计以及现代的生活空间,为购房者谁不想生活在一个独有的联排别墅。独特的字符被定义为大胆的车顶线条以及红砖整理。只有44独特的签名3间卧室的排屋出售,布里顿伯纳比演示南街发展的承诺有很多户外生活和绿色空间的开发和设计明亮的开放式的客厅空间。情侣功能和高效的布局,你已经得到了最好的南本拿比地产2013年开发的。其他项目团队成员包括::INTEGRA建筑公司(架构),高贵的建设管理(建设)和id.LAB INC(室内设计)。了解更多在线在www.brittonliving.com今天。

South Burnaby real estate for sale near Edmonds SkyTrain Station.

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