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Exclusive Waterfront Richmond Blue Heron Marina Estates Homes for Sale from $1.7M with Moorage and Future Clubhouse!

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Waterfront Richmond Blue Heron Marina Estates homes for sale in South Richmond real estate market.

New Richmond Waterfront Homes at Blue Heron Marina Estates

Grand opening is on now at the waterfront Richmond Blue Heron Marine Estates. 9 brand new waterfront homes are now selling from $1,700,000 at 23740 Dyke Road Richmond BC. This brand new detached Richmond waterfront home project on the banks of the Fraser River is your ultimate luxury living experience on the water. The 9 home strata community also includes a future private marina clubhouse with full services and even moorage for those who have boats and yachts. The Blue Heron Richmond Marina Estates is south facing, which means that you will have plenty of natural light in your new home. The open floor plans and nine foot ceiling heights on the main floor are spectacular. You can enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains and rivers from many rooms too. Quality finishing throughout, the Blue Heron Marina Estates in Richmond BC will feature designer kitchens and sumptuous bathrooms. The Richmond waterfront homes will have four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The master bedrooms with views of the water and spa like ensuite bathroom are the ultimate. All counters will have granite stone tops and there are outdoor living patios and a three floor elevator in each home. Some of the other spectacular finishes at the waterfront Richmond Blue Heron Marina Estates includes solid plank walnut flooring, 65 oz Saxony carpets, deluxe Sub-Zero fridge and stainless steel Wolf appliance package. The ground floor at these Richmond waterfront homes features room for four more cars plus a large flex area. For more information about this grand opening launch at the Blue Heron Richmond Marine Estates, please register your interest online at their marketing web site at:

Blue Heron Richmond waterfront homes for sale.

Beautiful Richmond Waterfront Homes at Blue Heron

The nine unit strata complex of beautiful marina estates and waterfront homes in Richmond BC are now for sale! Developed in 2 phases, the Blue Heron Marina Estates is a beautiful new community along the banks of the Fraser River in East Richmond where you will find a unique living opportunity. Phase 1 has the residential docks and homes while Phase 2 will involve the development and construction of an adjacent marina with clubhouse and moorage. Waterfront living with great views and spectacular interior finishes is now available. Some of the highlights of this Richmond waterfront community includes south facing waterfront lots with beautiful homes featuring 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. There are three floor elevators as well as a 4 car garage! All homes will come with the standard 2/5/10 Home Warranty protection plan in addition to professionally maintained landscaping. The residential marina features at the waterfront Richmond Blue Heron Marina Estates will include U shaped moorage from 142’ to 185’ total feet with maximum slip lengths between 64’ to 96’ for rental. As well, there will be a new 8’ wide concrete engineered dock system and motorized loading assistance. There is a portable pump out station and security gates with closed circuit surveillance. The waterfront Richmond Blue Heron marina will have calm, deep fresh water moorage in addition to full dockside services including an onsite caretaker, maintenance and repair service. The 9 available waterfront Richmond real estate opportunities range from $1,700,000 to $1,950,000.

Blue Heron Richmond Marine Estates site plan.

In addition, the Blue Heron Club will be exclusive to marina members and home owners at the Blue Heron Richmond Marine Estate homes. There is an area that has a bar, food prep area, meeting space and a large open deck. There is also a dedicated area for minor boat repairs by owners.


九個單元地層複雜的美麗的碼頭村和水岸家園在Richmond BC現已有售!分兩階段開發,的藍鷺濱海置業是一個美麗的東里士滿沿菲沙河的銀行在新的社區,在這裡你會發現一個獨特的生活機會。第1階段有的住宅碼頭和家園,而第二階段將涉及與會所相鄰的碼頭和停泊的開發和建設。海濱生活的美景和壯觀的室內裝飾。此里士滿海濱社區的一些亮點包括朝南海濱地段,美麗的家園,設有4間臥室和3.5個浴室。有三層樓的電梯,以及一個4輛車的車庫!所有家庭將配備標準的2/5/10主頁保修保護計劃,此外專業維護美化。在海濱里士滿藍鷺濱海置業的住宅碼頭功能將包括U形停泊142’185’總方呎,最大滑移長度在64’至96’供出租。同時,會有一個新的8寬闊的水泥工程船塢系統和機動裝載援助。閉路監控系統是一種便攜式泵的出站和安全門。海濱里士滿,藍鷺碼頭將有平靜,深淡水停泊除了完整的碼頭服務,包括現場看守,維護和修理服務。 9海濱里士滿房地產的機會是不等從170萬美元1950000美元的。


Blue Heron Richmond Moorage.


盛大开幕式是在海滨里士满蓝鹭海洋置业。 9全新水岸家园现在卖1700000美元23740江堤路里士满BC。这家全新的分离里士满水岸家园项目的菲沙河的河岸上是极致奢华的生活体验在水面上。 9家阶层社区还包括未来的私人游艇会所,提供全方位服务,甚至为那些谁拥有船和游艇停泊。蓝鹭里士满滨海置业朝南,这意味着在新家里,你将有充足的自然光线。开放式的计划,并在主层的9英尺高的天花板高度是壮观。您可以欣赏到壮丽的景色也从许多房间的山山水水。整理整个的质量,在Richmond BC蓝鹭滨海地产将有名家设计的厨房和豪华的浴室。里士满水岸家园将有四个卧室和四个浴室。像卫浴间的水和水疗中心的意见是主卧室了极致。所有计数器将有花岗岩石材台面,并有户外生活的庭院和一个三层楼的电梯在每个家庭。一些其他壮观的海滨里士满蓝鹭滨海置业完成包括固体板胡桃木地板,65盎司萨克森地毯,豪华Sub-Zero的冰箱和不锈钢狼家电套餐。这些里士满水岸家园一楼设有四个多辆,再加上一个大的弹性区的空间。对于这个盛大开盘推出的蓝鹭里士满海洋置业的更多信息,请在线登记您的兴趣在自己的营销网站。

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