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PROJECT OF THE YEAR! New Burnaby MODELLO Metrotown Condo Tower Launching Previews! Luxuriously Appointed 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Modello Burnaby Condos for Sale!

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Magnificent Boffo Modello Burnaby condo tower now launching in Metrotown real estate district.

MODELLO Burnaby Condo Tower!

Striking doesn’t do this new Burnaby condo high-rise justice! We believe that 37 storey MODELLO Burnaby condos by Boffo is the most unbelievable Metrotown real estate development this year by far, and for great reasons! The new Burnaby MODELLO by Boffo condos will undoubtedly be Metrotown’s most exclusive residence and most coveted address. The art of elegant living at MODELLO Burnaby condos is all about luxury interiors, five star amenities, an impeccable transit oriented location and much more. Not only that, but the pre-sale Burnaby MODELLO condo tower is brought to you by the same developer as the award winning Jewel and Jewel II high-rises, Boffo. As the marketing suggests, the condominium interior standard features and upgrades elsewhere. Five star elegant fine living at its best is coming right now at the advanced previews starting mid-October 2013! Luxuriously appointed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condominium homes will be offered at the grand opening! As part of the master revitalization of the area, the new Boffo MODELLO Burnaby condos for sale will be located at Beresford and Willingdon which will provide residents easy access to all the entertainment, shops and restaurants at Metrotown in addition to living in an exclusive and quiet neighbourhood near Central Park. As well, the Boffo MODELLO Burnaby Metrotown condo tower will be part of the proposed Beresford Art Walk which may be expanded to include pedestrian friendly walkways, beautiful streetscapes, street level art, cafes, dining and even entertainment. The previews for the pre-sale Burnaby MODELLO condos for sale start mid-October and you can find out more online at today. The Modello presentation centre is located off-site at Unit 118 – 5021 Kingsway Burnaby (at Marlborough). The art of elegant living is now available here at Modello by Boffo!

Entrance and ground floor retail at the pre-construction Burnaby MODELLO by Boffo Metrotown high-rise tower.

Impressive city and mountain north facing views from upper levels of the Metrotown MODELLO Burnaby landmark condo tower.

More Advanced Information about the New Burnaby Modello Metrotown Condos

Some of the amazing interior features include nine foot over height ceilings, recessed LED lighting for energy conservation, marble backsplashes in both the kitchens and bathrooms, custom millwork throughout and air conditioning! Not only that, but home buyers will also be very pleased with the high-end wide-plank hardwood flooring throughout the main living ares and heated marble flooring in the bathrooms. The kitchens at the new Burnaby Modello Metrotown condos will be fully loaded with high-end finishes. This includes a Miele appliance package including a stainless steel gas cooktop, modern wall oven, fully integrated dishwasher and a large 36 inch fridge with integrated custom panel finish and freezer. As well, the kitchens at the new Modello Burnaby condos for sale will include a separate wine fridge as per floor plan. As you can see already, many of the ‘standard features’ at Modello by Boffo are upgraded items in other developments. Not so here! Other incredible features include the large terraces and outdoor living spaces for all floor plans! So not only are the interior floorplans very spacious, but they also extend outward and provide residents from all exposures and levels incredible views of the city and beyond. Depending on the unit and level at the Boffo Modello Burnaby condo landmark tower, you can have views straight out to Central Park, Metrotown, downtown Vancouver and even the North Shore mountains.

City of Burnaby proposed Metrotown Beresford Art Walk along Modello condos ground level.

The Pre-Construction Burnaby MODELLO Condos in Metrotown

Five star living coupled with environmentally friendly features make Modello Condos a compelling choice for your next home. Another amazing feature of this Metrotown high-rise tower is that there is state of the art geothermal heating and cooling technology. As well, the location is ideal for people who don’t want a car to get to and from places. This truly liveable neighbourhood is right next to Metrotown and is considered one of the best transit oriented master planned condo communities not attached to a high volume traffic area. That’s the best thing about the location! You essentially live in a quiet enclave, but just next door is mass transit that can get you to downtown Vancouver or YVR within minutes! The new Metrotown Burnaby Modello condos for sale will also feature a rooftop amenity space with a full fitness gym, whirlpool, private dining area, clubhouse lounge with a catering kitchen and a landscaped roof terrace deck with incredible views. The site location for Modello by Boffo condos is at Beresford and Willingdon Burnaby.

Burnaby Metrotown real estate's most coveted address.

ADVANCED PREVIEWS ARE ON NOW at the Pre-Sale Burnaby Modello Condos!

A striking new landmark tower is coming to the Burnaby Metrotown neighbourhood. Called Modello Burnaby, the tower will be situated at Beresford and Willingdon in Metrotown. Modello is brought to you by Boffo and it follows the highly successful Jewel I and II high-rise towers that are just a block away from this new project. The elegant Metrotown Burnaby Modello condo tower is scheduled to launch VIP previews in Fall 2013. Here, Boffo will announce a 37 storey landmark Burnaby condo tower with only 170 high-end apartment residences for sale. The presale Burnaby Modello floor plans will range between 623 (six hundred and twenty three) to 1,706 (one thousand seven hundred and six) square feet, which makes them some of the most spacious layouts in the Metrotown real estate district. The 37 floor tower will be situated on an impressive podium of 4 floors and the upscale living spaces will feature luxurious specifications never seen in this market. As well, a covered breezeway connects Beresford Street with the residential and office lobbies. In addition, the Boffo transformation of this Metrotown Burnaby neighbourhood will see the addition of cafes and restaurants in addition to a possible wine bar with outdoor patio. The new Modello Burnaby condo tower is the newest and most exciting addition to the Metrotown real estate district in years. Make sure you register your interest for the Boffo Modella Burnaby condos at today for more advanced preview information. Following on from the success of Jewel I & II, Boffo’s newest project will be located just a block away from the Jewel towers. This development will be carefully integrated with the City’s exciting new plans for the art community in Burnaby.

Boffo Metrotown condominiums at Beresford and Willingdon.


来本拿比铁道镇附近的一个显着的新的地标塔。被称为伯纳比MODELLO ,塔将坐落贝雷斯福德和威林登在铁道镇。 MODELLO给您带来博福,它遵循了非常成功的珠宝I和II的高层塔楼,从这个新的项目中仅有一个街区。优雅的Metrotown本那比MODELLO公寓塔将于2013年秋季推出VIP预览。在这里,博福将公布37层高的地标塔只有170高档公寓住宅出售本拿比公寓。预售的伯纳比MODELLO平面图将介于623( 623 ) 1,706平方尺( 1706 ) ,这使得他们的一些最宽敞的布局,在铁道镇房地产区。 37楼塔将坐落在一个令人印象深刻的4层裙楼和高档生活空间,配备了豪华的规格,在这个市场上从未见过。同时,有盖走廊连接贝雷斯福德街与住宅和写字楼的大堂。此外,博福改造Metrotown本那比,邻里除了会看到另外一个可能的葡萄酒带室外露台的酒吧,咖啡馆和餐馆。新MODELLO本拿比公寓塔是最新和最令人兴奋的除了铁道镇房地产区年。请确保您登记您的兴趣今天在www.ModelloByBoffo.ca博福Modella本拿比公寓更先进的预览信息。继成功从宝石I&II ,博福最新的项目将落户只是一个街区之遥的宝石塔。这种发展会仔细集成与艺术社区在伯纳比市的令人振奋的新计划。

Enjoy a true Burnaby condo urban living style whilst living in an exclusive tower.


五星级居住加上环保功能使MODELLO公寓房的一个引人注目的选择为你的下家。这个铁道镇高层塔的另一项惊人功能是,有最先进的地热采暖和制冷技术状态。位置好,是理想的人谁不想一辆车到地方。此真正的宜居居委会旁边是铁道镇被认为是一个最好的过境导向的公寓社区没有连接到一个高容量的交通区总体规划。这是最好的东西的位置!你基本上生活在一个安静的飞地,但就在隔壁的集体运输系统,可以让你在几分钟之内到温哥华市中心或YVR !铁道镇新的伯纳比MODELLO公寓出售也将采用屋顶休闲空间,一个完整的健身房,按摩浴缸,私人用餐区,会所休息室,一个厨房和一个风景优美的屋顶露台甲板令人难以置信的美景。现场位置MODELLO由博福公寓是在贝雷斯福德和威林登的伯纳比。

Advanced previews on now at the presale Burnaby Modello condominiums.


打擊不執行這個新的本拿比公寓高層正義!我們相信, 37層高的MODELLO博福本拿比公寓是最令人難以置信的鐵道鎮房地產開發,今年到目前為止,理由!新的伯納比MODELLO由博福公寓將無疑是鐵道鎮最高檔的居住和最令人垂涎的地址。優雅的生活藝術在MODELLO本拿比公寓豪華的內飾,五星級的設施,無可挑剔的交通為導向的位置,更是所有關於。不僅如此,但預售的伯納比MODELLO公寓塔給您帶來由同一開發商作為屢獲殊榮的寶石和寶石II高樓林立,博福。營銷建議,公寓內部的標準功能和升級別處。五星級優雅精緻的生活處於最佳狀態現在是未來的權利在2013年10月中旬起,先進的預覽!豪華的裝飾, 1,2和3間臥室的公寓住宅將提供隆重開幕!作為主區域振興的一部分,將位於博福新MODELLO本拿比公寓出售貝雷斯福德和威林登的居民提供方便地訪問所有的娛樂場所,商店和餐館鐵道鎮除了生活和安靜的獨家附近中央公園附近。同時,博福的MODELLO的本拿比鐵道鎮的公寓大樓將是擬議的的貝雷斯福德藝術步行可能會擴大到包括行人友好的人行道,美麗的街景,街道藝術,咖啡廳,餐廳,甚至娛樂的一部分。預售的預覽的伯納比MODELLO公寓出售10月中旬開始,你可以找到更多的網上在www.ModelloByBoffo.ca今天。的MODELLO展示中心位於異地單位118 – 5021富伯納比(馬爾堡) 。優雅的生活藝術,是現在可以在這裡MODELLO博福!



VIP Burnaby condo pre-sales.

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