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From Mid $200’s > The CORDOVAN Vancouver Eastside Apartments & City Homes for Sale by Boffo > 24 Opportunities in East Side Vancouver Cordovan Cityhomes & Condos!

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New rendering of the Vancouver Cordovan Apartment Flats and Cityhome project by Boffo Properties.

CORDOVAN Vancouver Apartments – Reside Eastside!

The time has come to reside in Eastside Vancouver and the most exciting new project is at the Cordovan Apartments located at 557 East Cordova Street Vancouver! The boutique 4 storey low-rise building will offer only 24 opportunities to purchase a brand new home with unit floor plans starting from 550 square feet all the way to multi-level cityhomes at 1,090 square feet. The 24 industrial influenced homes at the Cordovan Vancouver Eastside apartments are located in an emerging pocket that is full of character, history, arts and transit. On site will be bike facilities, a private landscaped courtyard and a car share program too. The boutique and contemporary architecture is by Gair Williamson Architects and the interior design is by BYU Design Group. The developer is well established Boffo Properties. Within walking distance of the Eastside Vancouver Cordovan Apartments is Railtown, Gastown and Strathcona. The spacious 1 bedroom plus flex space floor plans start from an incredible price point from the mid $200’s. The large 2 bedroom plus flex space homes start from the mid $400’s. These Vancouver Cordovan Cityhomes also feature rooftop decks (in select plans). There is a Modo Car Share program plus stall and all home buyers receive a one year casual membership. As well, The Cordovan Vancouver apartments have parking for electric vehicles and a bike repair room. From parks to cobblestone streets and from one of a kind retail stores and local grocers, the neighbourhood will feature some of the most unique and eclectic boulevards and shops for you to explore. The charming Eastside Vancouver community is ever evolving. Meet Cordovan Vancouver Eastside apartments: boutique flats and two storey homes with light, open interiors and extras like roof decks and your very own front door! Priced from the mid $200’s, you can now register online at

The roof deck at the East Side Vancouver Cordovan condo building.

The Inside Features at the East Side Vancouver Cordovan Condos

Being affordable does not mean cheap finishes. On the contrary, the new Vancouver East Side condo project features some of the best finishes we’ve seen in the property market this year … all at a very affordable presale price point. The Cordovan Vancouver East Side condos will have over height ceilings in most living areas as well as single plank, gently textured Oak finish laminate floors. There is a thirty five year warranty on the laminate floors plus the option for home buyers to upgrade to premium engineered hardwood floors. All windows will have white roller shades with white matte finish valence in addition to Taymour polished chrome lever door handles. The one bedroom homes will have frosted glass doors with integral pull system and all homes will come with high-end Blomberg front loading washer and stacked dryer (both in white finish). Some homes have extra spacious roof decks that have hose bib and electrical outlets for year round BBQs.

The bathrooms at the East Side Vancouver Cordovan condos includes 24” Acritec Pure Collection basin with a cabinet vanity in addition to an 18” Acritec Pure Collection wall mounted basin in the powder room and 2 bedroom ensuite bathroom (depending on the floor plan of course). Other bath features include matte black porcelain tiled floors and matte white ceramic tiled shower walls. The toilets are high efficiency dual flush by American Standard and the bathrooms have custom vanity mirror millwork that provides extra storage for residents. The baths are finished with a deep, square profile tub with integral apron.

Boffo Cordovan Cityhome floor plan.

The Eastside Vancouver City Home floorplan at The Cordovan.

The gourmet kitchens at the Cordovan Vancouver Eastside Condos are finished with black polished Caesarstone quartz counters with large islands for dining in one bedroom floor plans. The appliance set includes a 24” GE Moffatt counter depth fridge (white and Energy Star rated) in addition to a 24” GE tub dishwasher in white and also Energy Star rated. The homes are outfitted by leading Panasonic microwave and Blomberg free standing electric range in black. There is a Broan hood fan. Other kitchen features at the Cordovan Vancouver Eastside condos include Pentco full wrap white cabinet doors with soft close mechanisms in addition to a Novanni Elite under mount sink and black under cabinet recessed xenon puck lights. The backsplash is matte black ceramic tile.

All of the presale Vancouver Cordovan Eastside apartments come pre wired with in home security alarm system as well as secured, keyless garage and main entries. All homes also have the standard New Home Warranty (2-5-10 Years).

The Cordovan apartment floor plan.

Your Vancouver Eastside Neighbourhood

SO MUCH, SO CLOSE. Everything surrounds you at the new Eastside Vancouver condo project called the Cordovan. To the WEST is Gastown and central Downtown while SOUTH takes you to Strathcona and historic Chinatown. Union Market is a great place to stop by too. Heading EAST, you get to The Drive, one of the hippest and most eclectic neighbourhoods in East Vancouver. And if you head NORTH, you’ll get to Railtown, a mecca for startups, architecture and design. The top 6 feature highlights about the Cordovan Vancouver East Side condos include in suite flex space (you can use it for whatever you need) in addition to lots of oversized windows that allow sunlight to stream into your living space. The Cordovan cityhomes also have rooftop decks! The bonus details that are standard in every home include elegant roller shades and wall mounted powder room sink. Other small details that make a difference include soft glow task lights and no compromise kitchens with modern appliances, polished Caesarstone counters and sleek matte black backsplashes. You can even access your flat or Cordovan Cityhome through your very own front door that faces a green courtyard! Overheight ceilings and well designed floor plans also means that your home will always feel bigger than it is! Register your interest online today for preview information!

Vancouver Eastside real estate district map.


经济实惠并不意味着便宜的完成。相反,新的温哥华东城公寓项目提供一些最好的完成,我们已经看到在今年的房地产市场在一个非常实惠的预售价点。 CORDOVAN温哥华东城公寓将在大多数的生活区,以及单一的木板,轻轻纹理橡木完成复合地板拥有高度的天花板。有一个三十五年保修期的强化地板,加上购房者选择升级到溢价工程硬木地板。所有的窗户与白粉嫩价将有白色的卷帘,除了Taymour抛光镀铬杆门把手。一间卧室的家庭将有磨砂玻璃门整体拉动系统和所有的家庭将配备高端布隆贝格前置式洗衣机和堆叠机(白面漆) 。有些家庭有额外宽敞的屋顶甲板软管围兜和电源插座全年烧烤。

CORDOVAN东城温哥华公寓的浴室,包括24“ Acritec纯集水盆除了内阁虚荣的18 ” Acritec纯收集壁装盆地在粉房和2间卧室的浴室套间(当然根据平面图上) 。其他洗浴功能包括磨砂黑瓷瓷砖地板和哑光白色瓷砖淋浴墙。是美国标准高效率的双冲水厕所,浴室配有定制化妆镜木制品,为居民提供额外的存储空间。浴场完成了深刻的方形轮廓浴缸积分围裙。

CORDOVAN温哥华东区公寓已完成黑色抛光石英凯撒的计数器与大岛,在一间卧室的地板计划用餐的美食厨房。该设备集包括24 “ GE莫法特计数器深度冰箱(白色和能源之星额定) ,除了24 ” GE浴缸洗碗机白色和能源之星(Energy Star)额定。家园配备领先的松下微波炉和布隆贝格自由站立电灶黑色。 Broan罩有一个风扇。下柜凹进氙冰球灯除了到下一个Novanni精英安装水槽和黑色的,其他厨房功能在的CORDOVAN温哥华东区公寓包括Pentco的全包裹的白色橱柜门与柔软贴身机制。挡板是磨砂黑色瓷砖。

所有预售的温哥华的CORDOVAN东区公寓来预先有线家庭安防报警系统,以及抵押,无钥匙车库和主要条目。所有的家庭也有标准的新主页保修( 2-5-10年) 。


这么多,这么近。一切都围绕着你在新的温哥华东区的公寓项目,称为编码卡车。到西而南带你到士达科纳和历史悠久的唐人街,盖斯镇和市中心。联盟市场是一个伟大的地方停下来过。向东,你会得到驱动器,在东温哥华最时尚的,最香艳的街区之一。如果你往北走,你会得到城铁,一个圣地的初创公司,建筑和设计。关于的CORDOVAN温哥华的东城公寓前6个功能亮点包括在浴室柔性空间(无论你需要,你可以使用它) ,除了很多超大的窗户,让阳光流进你的生活空间。也有CORDOVAN cityhomes的屋顶甲板!奖金的细节,是每一个家庭的标准配置包括优雅的卷帘式和壁挂式粉末室内水槽。其他有所作为的小细节,包括软辉光工作灯,不妥协的厨房,现代化的电器,抛光凯撒计数器和流线型磨砂黑防溅。通过你自己的前门,面临着一个绿色的庭院,你甚至可以访问您的持平或CORDOVAN城市之!顶高的天花板和精心设计的平面图也意味着你的家总是会觉得比越大!今天网上登记您的兴趣预览信息!

CORDOVAN溫哥華公寓 – 居住東區!

時間已經到了居住在溫哥華東區CORDOVAN公寓坐落在557東科爾多瓦街溫哥華是最令人興奮的新項目!這家精品店4層的低層建築將提供購買一個全新的家,開始從550平方尺的單位平面圖的方式來的多層次cityhomes在1090平方英尺只有24個機會。 24個工業影響家庭CORDOVAN溫哥華東區的公寓坐落在一個新興的口袋,是充滿個性,歷史,藝術和過境。在現場將自行車設施,私家園林庭院和汽車共享計劃。精品和現代建築是由蓋爾·威廉姆森建築師和內飾的設計是由BYU設計集團。開發完善博福屬性。的東區溫哥華CORDOVAN公寓的步行距離之內是城鐵,蓋斯鎮和士達科納的。從中期的$ 200的寬敞的一間臥室加柔性空間平面圖從一個令人難以置信的價格點。從中期$ 400的大臥室加柔性空間家園。溫哥華CORDOVAN Cityhomes還設有屋頂甲板(在選擇“計劃” ) 。有一個Modo的汽車共享計劃加失速和所有購房者接受為期一年的休閒會員。同時, CORDOVAN溫哥華公寓停放電動車和自行車修理室。從公園的鵝卵石街道和從一種零售商店和當地雜貨店之一,居委會將展出一些最獨特和不拘一格的林蔭大道和商店為你去探索。迷人的溫哥華東區社會是不斷發展的。符合輕,像屋頂甲板和你自己的前門打開的內飾和額外編碼卡車溫哥華東區公寓:精品公寓和兩層住宅!從中期的$ 200的定價,你現在可以註冊在線 。

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