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Renovations in Vancouver real estate: Dale Construction, Shakespeare Homes, Home Renovation Tips, Vancouver Specials, North Shore Georgie Award Winner

North Shore Homes Win Georgie Awards!

The North Shore is well known for its beautiful architecture, so it’s not surprising that a handful of properties from North Vancouver and West Vancouver in the North Shore real estate market were honoured with Georgie Awards at a ceremony last week. The awards, which have been given out by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association every year, recognizes the best and most innovative real estate development in the province including everything from single family homes to townhouses and apartments and renovations of all kinds. Winners from the North Shore real estate market for the Georgie Awards 2009 include: North Vancouver: Best residential renovation $250,000-$499,900 by RJR Construction Management Ltd. and residential renovator of the year award to CCI Renovations. West Vancouver Georgie Award winners 2009 include: Best single family detached home valued over $3 million by Best Builders Ltd., Best kitchen over $40,000 (new) by G.D. Nielsen Developments Ltd. and Small volume single family up to 15 units (customer choice award) to G.D. Nielsen Developments Ltd again. Premier Gordon Campbell attned the Georgie Awards event – held a the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, along with several ministers and partners in the BC home building industry. For more information about the Georgie Awards and the North Shore award winners, please visit By Manisha.

Dale Construction: Builder, Renovator and Contractor

Dale Construction is a leading Vancouver builder, renovator and contractor for new and old homes in the Lower Mainland.Dale Construction – a family business built on repeat clients and lasting relationships. An advertisement from the Canadian Real Estate Magazine. “Home is where the heart is.” And for most, it’s also our largest single investment of our lifetime. So it’s no wonder that year after year millions of Canadians decide to expand, improve, or build their place. But unless you’ve had extensive home building experience, one of the most difficult steps is finding a company that understands your vision and has the experience to create it. It’s been almost 15 years since Dale Construction’s founds Marshall and Pauline completed their first real estate project. And over the years, this family run company at Dale Construction has become a fixture in several Toronto neighbourhoods. “We’ve gotten tok now many of our clients’ homes inside and out because we keep getting invited back,” says Marshall McCarroll, President of Toronto Dale Construction Ltd. “For some customers we’ve done everything from building their new home or addition to adding a third washroom. And while we’re just as comfortable building a dream home as we are creating a dream kitchen, what we really build is relationships.” “People like working with us at Dale Construction Toronto. They like the way we keep the job site clean, the like the team that’s been with us for years. But most of all what clients appreciate is that we can look deeper into a real estate project that merely surface improvements. WE know foundation. We know Structure. We understand building codes. And we’re detail oriented. All of which means we can customize the job to closely match our clients’ vision. Because Toronto Dale Construction has a “one job at a time philosophy,” clients have the comfort of seeing the same team on the job day after day and they know their home project is progressing on schedule. “We walk customers thorugh the real estate phome project one step at a time. No homeowner wants to be in the middle of a project wondering when the crew wil be back. That’s right, right from the start, I promise my customers that we’ll be there from day one until the job is complete. It’s the lack of stress that always makes us a huge hit.” And what’s construction company like Dale construction Toronto renovators, contractors and builders without tools? Because of the wide scope of their work, Dale Construction in Toronto real estate builders, contractors and renovators has it sown light and heavy equipment and that’ sabove and beyond the arsenal of power tools. “We have a passion for what we do. It’s not a quick in and out mentality. It is the workmanship that clients come for and that’s what we deliver. That’s why we always get referrals and why so many of our customers count on us time after time. Find out more about Dale Construction Toronto builders, contractors and renovation people at or call 416.266.4039 for your next home project.

Dale Construction Toronto’s Marshall’s 3 Tips For Selecting Your Renovation Partner
You’ll be working with your builder or renovator for a while, so getting your relationship started on the right foot is important. Aside from experience, you’ll also want to evaluate these points: 1. Does the Contractor listen? Make certain they really understand your wants and needs. Be aware of repeated misunderstandings. 2. What do past clients say about them? More than being satisfied with the home project, find out if they enjoyed the experience. Would they hire the same Contractor again for another job or prefer to avoid a repeat experience? 3. Ask for supplier references. It’s not just about paying the bills on time – is the Contractor a difficult customer? And would the supplier rather miss a sale then have to deal with that person?

Slowdown Helps Homeowners Renovate For When the Property Market Heats Up - By Shakespeare Homes North Vancouver

The North Shore Shakespeare Homes is a leading renovation team that provides outstanding service to maximize your home's potential.When real estate is the news, friends and acquaintances often press me to forecast the future of home prices ont eh North Shore real estate market. Further up? Steady? Down? A great article by Mark Cooper for the North Shore Magazine. I tell them that my daily dealing with homeowners on the North Shore, realtors and builders here hasn’t given me a crystal ball, but they still ask. My responses these days are fairly positive – the North shore real estate market is in a great position to weather any real estate storm in Vancouver, and to continue to more than capitlize on any general upswing. But if my friends get any value from my musings, it may be from my opinion about how construction and renovation could affect value in the various possible futures of the North Shore real estate market. Turmoil and dropping prices in the US are having some effect here, but in the longer term, things are looking good. We’ve had a pre-2010 boom. The real effect of the Olympics, though, will come a eyar or two after the games. Expo 86 boosted prices after millions saw the West Coast. In 2010, TV and the internet will beam our beautiful North Shore mountains to billions of people worldwide. Vancouver is always in the top three most livable cities, but North Shore homes here are still less expensive then most of the top 10. In London, a basic one bedroom flat can go to $2 million. The Thames may be nice, but it’s not Ambleside and you can’t ski 10 minute from home. In San Francisco any real estate property with just a glimpse of The Bay gets $3 million… the price for sweeping views of ocean and city o the North Shore property mansion. Prices here have some room to grow. North Shore homeowners have made sizable gains in their home equity positions in recent years and, with softer markets elsewhere, many are tempted to cash out. But it can be scary to give up a home now – it’s expensive to find another home here, and even more expensive to trade up. So, if you are happy with what you have in the North Shore real estate market, the neighbourhood, the neighbours, schools, etc, you have an incentive to re-invest in your own North Shore home. Besides, if you buy a different house, you’ll probably do some renovations anyway. Selling and buying means a myriad of costs: agents’ commission, lawyers, transfers, taxes, moving costs, refinancing fees and possible penalties. Add it up and think about renovation that money could buy for your new North Shore home. Kitchens and bathrooms continue to be the renovations that produce the most value. Ont eh North shore property market, renovations that add alevel or part level to take greater advantage of views are smart. And just opening up a floor plan can make your home feel huge. Enlarge for a growing family, or for your entertainment space. But be sure your renovation makes your home “cool.” Green building used to be mainly about saving on energy costs, although renovations usually cost ore than savings on heating. Now, eco-friendly North Shore condo buildings is valued just on its own. Exotic hardwood floors still look nice, but home buyers in North and West Vancouver want materials to be environmentally responsible – they don’t wan tot help destroy the Amazon. To look at what’s happening with green building here, chech out. This may be something that’s like the dramatic change in the North American vehicle market – a few months ago – almost overnight, bit trucks and SUVs stopped selling. Part of that has to do with the cost of fuel, but is’ also about what’s now cool. In a recent column Peter Simpson, head of Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association, pointed out that there’s no slowdown in the North Shore real estate market for homes that have what buyers now demand – advanced technology, sustainable construction method and eco-friendly materials. As he quotes business guru Tom Peters,” Cool stuff is cooler than stuff that’s not cool.” Mark Cooper is president of Shakespeare Homes and Renovations Inc. at or 604.970.2281.

Low Cost Renovations Can Pay Off Big in the Vancouver Real Estate Resale Market

How can a homeowner add real value without overspending on a renovation asks the question in the latest REW newspaper. A report in Home Makeover magazine says that often the least expensive work can actually pay off the most on sale day. For do it yourselfers, the key is to only tackle work that is easy to handle, or that you are extremely good ad. “Renovations offer a relatively affordable means to boost the value of a home,” said Lisa da Rocha, vice presient, marketing and sales, Royal LePage Real Estate Services in Vancovuer. “Do-it-yourself tasks such as painting walls, changing cupboard knobs or laying new flooring will make a house not only more appealing to home buyers, but also offer a great return on investment.” According to a survey of Vancouver realtors and appraisers, by Royal LePage published in Home Makeover, the following are the top five smaller projects for the best return on real estate investment:

Paint: Adding a new coat of paint to your Vancouver home can freshen up a house and make the interior or exterior look like new. For homeowners looking to sell in the near term, neutral colours are most preferred.
Hardwood Floors: If genuine hardwood exceeds budgets, laminate flooring works well. Home buyers like to see hard flloors throughout, so try to lay down laminate in dining rooms, living rooms and eve bedrooms.
Lighting: Old or standard grade light fixtures, and cover plates can date a house. To modernize, install new light fixtures. Remember to go green, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs, where possible.
Front Lawn: to increase curb appeal and entice buyers, ensure front lawns are tidy and gardening is minimal. While there is no need to go overboard, adding some standard shrubs and flowers will make a home more inviting.
Kitchen Upgrade: replace the cabinet knobs wit more modern styles repaint the cabinets. Install a modern new faucet set and if you can do it on your budget, upgrade to stainless steel appliances, including a new range hood.

Renovation Dollars and Sense

A great article published in the North Shore News and written by Kevin Vallely in the Architecturally Speaking section of the Vancouver home guide on September 10, 2008. Virtually everyone with eyes to building a new home in Vancouver or renovating an existing one has the limitations of budget. There are many things one can do to maximize their construction Vancouver dollar but one of the most important is to learn the conventions of the Vancouver construction industry. We can build almost anything these days. New methods and materials allow us to build Vancouver real estate that would have been deemed impossible just a short time ago. But utilizing this technology comes at a cost. The further we move away from conventional building practises in the Vancouver real estate market of construction the further we move away from economic ones too. It’s essential in the Greater Vancouver real estate market to understand where the benchmark lies in the residential construction industry so that the decisions you make are grounded with the knowledge of convention. Foundation walls support the structure of a home and are typically built to be eight inches wide. Since formwork needs to be constructed before the pouring of concrete begins, a complex Vancouver layout will require more time to build and will result in additional costs. Most Vancouver homes today are built using 2x6 wood studs for the exterior walls and 2x4 wood studs for the interior walls partitions. A 2x4 is actually 1 ½” x 3 ½” in dimension with all the larger 2x members being 1 1/2'” by X ¼”. Ceiling heights in your Vancouver home construction project will vary but the conventional floor to ceiling height is eight feet to accommodate standard sheet sizes of interior finishing materials. Ordering eight foot studs for a typical ceiling height seems logical until you realize that a wall is constructed with floor plate and a double header plate made of the same 2x members. Calculate for a three quarter inch floor thickness in your Vancouver real estate construction project and a half inch drywall ceiling and you realize that to get the exact floor to ceiling height of eight feet you need studs of 7’ – 8 ¾’. Knowing this before hand is helpful as you can order the stud sizes. It may seem like a small thing at first but thorugh the construction of an entire Vancouver house, this little thing can become a significant cost savings. Understanding Vancouver construction conventions helps the homeowners appreciate what’s involved in the building process and allows them to make the most rational and budget conscious choices for their project.

Making that Vancouver Special Pop Through Renovations

Vancouver Specials homes can be made into attractive, contemporary and attractive houses if you put some tender loving care into restoring them.A great article published in 24Hrs Vancouver by Carly K. ‘Special’ isn’t always a compliment. And never has that rung true than with the Vancouver Special, a box-like home that popped up all over the Lower Mainland in the 1960s and 70s. But these mid-century Vancouver Special gems are right on trend with the current love affair with all things retro. And as it turns out a little more paint, and a lot less picket fence, are all that’s required to make a Vancouver Special home, if not extraordinary, a lot less of an eyesore. The Vancouver Special “was designed for the unique needs of the immigrant working class in Vancouver,” says Elana of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. “They were really designed to maximize the building code. But how far can you go with the sidewalk? How close can you be to your neighbours?” This boundary-pushing, along with an almost flat roof to maximize the second floor’s ceiling, a second-floor veranda and mirror-image (including two kitchens) top and bottom floors, is what makes the Vancouver Special architecture practical, flexible and to be honest, a little ugly. But there’s no room for name-calling in today’s Vancouver real estate market. Scott and his wife were shopping in the Strathcona neighbourhood three years ago and found themselves in a bidding war hell until they settled upon a Vancouver Special home. “Economically for us, the Vancouver Special was a much better option,” says Plumbe. Not because he got it for a song, or rents out the lower level (he and his wife use all 2,200 square feet) but because renovation-wise, all it requires was a little aesthetics. Vancouver Specials were often owned by immigrant families, says Plumbe. “They were their pride and joy. They put a lot of care into maintaining them,” he says, and as a result, the oak flooring in his home was like new. The “curb appeal” however for the Vancouver Special home, however, was a definite obstacle to Plumbe and his wife, who’s a jewelry designer. “We’re very visual people,” he laughs, “but [we] live in a Vancouver Special.” Plumbe went to work on the front garden right away. An offensive fence was removed from the Vancouver Special. And the Funky brick pattern on the façade, typical of a Vancouver Special home, was painted out to a subdued charcoal grey. The difference, he says, is phenomenal. And historically speaking, the Vancouver Special house can hold its head high above its snooty Victorian, Edwardian or Craftsman neighbours, says Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Zysblat. “Those styles came from other cities or other countries,” she says, “but the Vancouver Special is unique to us. It was designed for and exists only in Vancouver.” Attend a public lecture and open house to see how architect Stephanie Robb turned her Vancouver Special home into an inspiration award winner. Lecture about Vancouver Special house renovation is Tuesday September 23rd at 7pm at the Unitarian Church at 949 West 49th at Oak Street and costs only $12. The Open House for the renovated Vancouver Special home is Saturday, September 27th at Robb’s Lakewood Residence from 1 to 4pm and costs only $15. For registration to these Vancouver Special home renovation lecture and open house, please visit Seen a few of these boxes around? Architect Stephanie Robb took this drab old Vancouver Special home and turned it into something amazing. Robb’s award-winning changes to the old Lakewood Vancouver Special house breathes new life into the entire property.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Surrey Apartments for Rent, Surrey Rental Condos (1 to 3 bedroom suites) including MainStreet Equity Corp, Maple Place, Evergreen Place, Gardens

Maple Place Apartments For Rent Surrey

Spectacular move-in allowances are now going on at the Surrey rental apartments at Maple Place community. The residential rental building at 10675 150th Street in Surrey real estate provides one bedrooms from $710/month and two bedrooms from $850/month. If you are looking for a larger Surrey apartment for rent, there are three bedrooms for rental lease at the Maple Place community from only $895/month. This is a family complex that is friendly to kids, seniors, couples and singles. With an excellent location that is close to shopping and schools, the Surrey Maple Place rental suites also provide residents with an outdoor pool and playground. Laundry facilities are on site as well. Included with your rental lease at the Maple Place Surrey suites for rent is heat, and h/w package. Cats and small dogs are welcome in this pet friendly rental apartment complex in Surrey. The resident manager is located at 604.585.1966.

Mainstreet Equity Corp Presents Surrey Apartment Rentals

Mainstreet Equity Corp provides affordable Surrey rental apartments to renters looking for new or renovated condos for rent including Guildford.The first rental units in Surrey are located at 14955 107A Avenue where these condos for rent in Surrey BC are close to everything, but nothing comes too close. With an indoor pool, in addition to a wide selection of one and two bedroom suites, these Surrey rental suites are closet o schools and within walking distance to Guilford Mall. Indoor cats are also welcome. With security and children’s playground, these rental lease units in Surrey go very quickly. Only $50 is required as a deposit for Seniors who are renting in these Surrey apartments. Call 778.835.9526 for more details. The next set of lease units in Guilford Surrey are located at 14921 104 Avenue and represent great value and excellent condition suites. Just renovated, these Surrey rental apartments include one, two and three bedroom layouts with hardwood flooring and some ground level units have backyards. All three bedroom rental Surrey suites have 1.5 baths and it is security patrolled. Next to Guilford Mall, these Surrey rental apartments can be reached at 778.327.8792. Another Mainstreet Equity Corp Surrey apartment for rent is at 9450 128 Street and it is showing seven days a week if you are interested in looking to lease a Surrey home. Just renovated, these one to three bedroom rental apartments will have hardwood flooring, fireplaces and management/security on site. Cats are welcome and you can reach them at 778.835.9487. Large renovated Surrey rental suites are available at 9555 128 Street with modern units for rent with dishwashers, family complex with playground and outdoor pool. Close to schools and shopping, the Surrey hospital, these Mainstreet Equity Corp rental Surrey apartments are viewable seven days a week and are security patrolled. The last residential Surrey rental building by this property management team is the 34 – 10320 127A Street condos for rent that include a perfectly located offering of 2 and 3 bedroom suites. Beautiful hardwood floors and some units with dishwashers are some key differentiating items for these new Surrey rentals. This is a family complex that is close to transit and schools and for more lease Surrey information, please call 778.835.9628 or just visit

Other Surrey Rentals

The most affordable and well managed new Surrey apartments for rent include Hillside Place, Ashley Court, Imperial Parkside, Pacific Park and Regent Place rental condos.This Mainstreet Equity Corp Surrey rental apartment building at Hillside Place is located at 12751 – 103 Ave. The one bedroom condos for rent are five hundred and eighty five sq ft and rental rates range from $725 to $750 per month. In addition, the Surrey Hillside Place apartments for rent include two bedroom suites that are approximately seven hundred and eighty sq ft and range between $875 and $900 per month. The three bedroom family style condominium residences for rent at Hillside Place Mainstreet Equity Corp presents are $1000/month and the layouts are just under 900 square feet. The new Surrey rental apartments feature everything from parking to water and heat being included with your rent, fridge and stove and blinds for privacy. In addition, the Hillside Place Surrey apartment condos for lease have on site laundry including washer and dryer and some suites have newly renovated balconies for great outdoor living spaces. The Hillside Place Surrey apartments for rent are close to Royal Kwantlen Park, Central City Surrey Shopping Centre, Surrey Memorial Hospital and the Pattulo Bridge. Also, renters at Hillside Place in Surrey will enjoy close access to major bus transportation routes and of course the SkyTrain. Seniors incentives for renting at Surrey Hillside Place is a low deposit of only $50 and pets are allowed in this residential lease building too! Mainstreet Equity Corp also presents Ashley Court rental condos in Surrey rent market which includes the same incentives, and the interior finishings include blinds, fridges and stoves in addition to heat and water being included with the lease rent. Parking is extra and the Ashley Court apartment rentals are close to Guildford Town Centre, the Hawthorne Rotary Park, Holly Park, Hjorth Road Park and has great convenient access to Hwy 1 and bus transportation. Like the Hillside Place rental suites, the Ashley Court Guilford rentals have onsite laundry facilities. One bedroom suites for rent are $750/month and 662 sq ft while two bedroom homes are $900 to $925 and 928 sq feet in size. The larger family sized three bedroom rental apartments at Ashley Court Surrey are over 1100 square feet and only $1,000/month. Mainstreet Equity Corp also presents the Surrey Imperial Parkside condo rentals and apartments for lease that include on site laundry, renovated balconies and beautifully and professionally landscaped common areas with outdoor pool and playground for children. These family friendly rental Surrey apartments at Imperial Parkside are close to the Alex Fraser Bridge, Pattulo Brige, Central City Shopping and the Surrey Memorial Hospital. Skytrain and parks are also within walking distance for renters here. Imperial Parkside Surrey rent apartments feature 1 bed (665 sqft) to 3 bed (1112 sqft) and from $750 to $1000/month for rental pricing. All two and three bed rental suites have dishwashers. Pacific Park Surrey Apartments for rent by Mainstreet Equity Corp is located at 9450 – 128 st in the Cedar Hills district neighbourhod close to Alex Fraser, Pattula, Central City Shopping and the Surrey Memorial Hospital. Most of the rental suites have fireplaces and there are laundry room available. The Pacific Park Apartments for rent in Surrey rental market also have landscaped grounds with playground and pool in addition to a wide selection of floorplans to choose from bachelors to three bedroom suites. Last but not least, Mainstreet Equity presents the Regent Place apartments Surrey for rent that are in the Guildford district and just minutes to Port Mann Bridge and Hwy 1. Parks, Guildford Town Centre, bus routes and highways are just around the corner. There is also an indoor pool at the Regent Place Surrey apartment rental homes and the suites include one and 2 bedroom from $750 to $900/month. There are also larger three bedroom Surrey rental apartments at Regent Place lease options at $1000.

Suncreek Estates Surrey Rentals

Large two and three bedroom rental apartments in Surrey are now offered at the Suncreek Estates residential community that provides great leases to renters. With five appliances, unique wood burning fireplaces, private root top patio and on site security, these Surrey rental apartment suites are one of the finest in the city. In addition, located at 71212 133B Street in Surrey, the Suncreek Estates are very close to schools and shops and provide tennis courts and a recreation room. The Surrey apartment property for rent at Suncreek Estates also is a non pet friendly community (so you can’t bring your dog or cat) and you can view the suites by appointment by calling 604.596.0916.

Evergreen Place by Gateway Property Management Corporation

Affordable 1 and 2 bedroom rental suites in Surrey available now at 10525 150th Street at Evergreen Place condos for rent. Across from Guilford Mall, the library and other new community centre as well as schools and buses, this centrally located rental apartment complex at Evergreen Place is managed by the well established Gateway Property Management Team. The Surrey apartments for rent come with heat, h/w, drapes, carpets and a spacious and very clean. The Evergreen Place rental Surrey building features an outdoor pool, balconies and patios. For personal viewing, please call 604.582.0465.

Greenwood Gardens Apartment Rentals

Greenwood Gardens is a Surrey apartment rental building for people wanting to lease one or two bedroom condos for rent.Under new ownership! Greenwood Gardens Surrey apartment suites for rent provide one, two and three bedroom layouts that are perfect for any lifestyle. Heat and water are included in the rent at Greenwood Gardens Surrey rental lease building and all suites contain fridges and range, carpet and window coverings as well as ample storage. There is a seasonal pool on site as well at these rental suites in addition to a children’s play area and underground parking is available upon request. There is on site management at the rental Surrey Greenwood Gardens and you can call the leasing centre at (604) 582.1917 or visit them at 14831 – 104th Avenue in Surrey. The hours of the rental leasing Surrey centre is 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, and Sat/Sun through viewing appointments. You can email or visit for lease information and other pertinent details about the rental suites at Surrey’s Greenwood Gardens today. This lease complex is managed by Shelter Canadian Properties Limited. Located at 104th Ave in between 148th and 152nd Street in the Guilford rental apartment district, the Greenwood Gardens condo suites for rent include floor plans that have one bedroom, two bed and three bedrooms with 1.5 bathrooms. Online is also the site plan, rental inquiries application form and aerial photos of the Greenwood Gardens Surrey Guildford rental apartments. No pets are allowed in these rental suites however. They apartment rentals in Guilford Greenwood Gardens are centrally located close to the recreation centre, shopping, public library and other Surrey real estate highlights and amenities. The physical address is at 14831 104th Ave in Surrey rental apartment market and the property manager at this point is Grace. You can contact Grace regarding renting at the Greenwood Gardens Surrey apartment rentals today by calling 604.582.1917 or emailing The business hours for the Greenwood Gardens rental application office is Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm or you can also book a private viewing appointment of the rental suites anytime by calling ahead of time. The rental rates at the Surrey Greenwood Gardens apartment Surrey condos for rent include heat and water. Some features of these Surrey rental apartments in Guilford include underground and surface parking, heated outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground, and on site management staff. Also, there are coin operated laundry (washer and dryer) facilities on site in addition to an intercom security system at the Guilford Greenwood Place Surrey rental apartment suites in addition to balconies for some floor plans. Other features of the rental Greenwood Place apartments for rent in Guilford Surrey include frost free fridges and ranges in addition to additional storage. There are three residential rental Surrey buildings on site with a central courtyard too. The one bedroom Guilford Surrey rental apartments are 662 sq ft and the Greenwood Gardens two bed condos for rent are roughly 882 square feet. Lastly, the rental Greenwood Gardens Surrey apartments features three bedroom family residences at 1120 square feet.

Surrey Gardens Apartments for Rent

Surrey Gardens Rental Apartments provide a wealth of amenities including on site laundry, clubhouse, swimming pool and much more all included in your rental lease agreement.At home in a great community, the Surrey Gardens rental building provides a community with beautifully established landscaping that is surrounded by a quiet residential area that is close to shopping centres. In addition, the Surrey Gardens apartments for rental lease have on site laundry facilities, a clubhouse with billiards table and a rec room for cards, bingo, shuffleboard and darts. The one bedroom rental suites in Surrey Gardens complex provide private bright homes, most with balcony or patio, upgraded carpeting in the living room and bedroom in addition to upgraded flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. These Surrey rental suites have newer appliances and vertical blinds in addition to two ceilings fans. For a personal tour at the Surrey leasing centre, please call 604.589.7040 or you can visit 12747 -102 Avenue in Surrey BC. For more information about the apartment rentals Surrey Gardens, please visit or Sorry, no pets are allowed. A home in a great community is the rental Surrey Gardens apartment suites that provide great amenities including an outstanding location close to central city shopping centre, North Surrey Arena, Sunrise Senior Centre, Surrey Public Library and other community features. In addition, renters at the Surrey Gardens rental apartment residences will be close to Surrey Central, the SkyTrain station and other major transportation bus routes and highways to get in and out of the city quickly. Surrey Gardens apartments for rent also include renovated one bedroom suites with newer appliances. Some of the other outstanding features of these surrey rental apartment homes include upgraded carpeting, vinyl flooring in kitchen and entryways in addition to vertical blinds for your privacy. All of the one bedroom rental Surrey suites at Surrey Gardens condos are located within three residential buildings. The central clubhouse community courtyard is also for renters here. You can access all the Surrey Gardens apartment rental floor plans, photo gallery, rental rates and community information online in addition to receving updates on availability for your requested rental apartments. The Surrey Gardens apartments for rental office include Monday from nine to five, Tuesday to Friday from nine to six and Saturday from nine to five. The Surrey rental application form is located online.

Bon Terra Apartments Surrey Rentals

Check out these large 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites with balconies starting from just $640/month in Surrey’s rental apartment market. Excellent for singles and families, access to Highway #1, near Guildford Shopping Centre and large fenced playground for children at these Surrey apartments for rent at Bon Terra. Also, heat and hot water are both included with your monthly rent but no pets are allowed at the Surrey Bon Terra apartments rentals. Please call 604.581.2915 for more information. Professionally managed by Touchstone Property Management Ltd.

Municipality of Surrey in the Midst Of Heavy Real Estate Development

By Andrea for Metro Vancouver newspaper: Diversity changing Surrey’s reputation. The municipality of Surrey may not have a glowing reputation as a hot place to live, but local realtors say it’s in the midst of heavy real estate development and is one of the most affordable communities in the Lower Mainland. Ed Wiebe, a realtor for Re/Max Colonial Pacific Realty specializing in Surrey property, said that B.C.’s fastest growing municipality used to have a reputation as a “poor” neighbourhood, but the construction of new homes and plazas, plus the addition of the SkyTrai line, has made it an up-and-coming area. He also said Surrey real estate market has a large selection of detached homes, townhomes and apartments that range from $300,000 to well into the millions. “Surrey’s diversity in style, size and lot sizes of homes makes it pretty much affordable to most homebuyers and owners,” he said. Scott Williams of Money Saver Realty agreed, adding the Panorama, Fleetwood and Cloverdale areas are some of the more popular for real estate purchases. “Those are the big areas that everyone wants to look in,” he said. “They’re all farily new and clean with nice houses and good price ranges.” Both realtors also lauded its proximity to Vancouver. “People like the fact that you’ve got the SkyTrain and Alex Fraser, Patullo and Port Mann Bridges,” said Williams.

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Canadian ecoENERGY Retrofit Initiative AmeriSpec, LEED Certification, GREEN Realty, LiveSmartBC Grants, GREEN Homes, Evolution Fund, EcoDensity

Canadian Home Owners Get Paid to Go GREEN through the ecoENERGY Retrofit Initiative

Canadian ecoEnergy Retrofit Initiative is a Federal Government initiative to help home owners make their homes more GREEN and environmentally friendly ... a process using AmeriSpec.(NC) Canadian homeowners will be big winners now that the Federal Government has officially launched its ecoENERGY Retrofit initiative, offering financial incentives to Canadians who improve their home’s energy efficiency. Natural Resources of Canada (NRCan) has licensed AmeriSpec Inspection Services, Canada’s leading home inspection company to perform residential energy evaluations that identify how homes use energy and where it is being wasted. AmeriSpec evaluators will show Canadian home owners how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce heating and cooling costs and improve comfort in their homes, while ensuring adequate ventiliation for a healthy indoor environment according to the ecoENERGY Retrofit initiative. To take advantage of the ecoENERGY Retrofit program, Canadian homeowners first must complete an assessment by a licensed energy evaluator who will determine the home’s current energy rating. The service for the ecoENERGY Retrofit Initiative in Canada real estate includes: a detailed energy evaluation of the home, a blower door test to find air leaks, a printed report that shows where energy dollars are being spend, recommendations on what homeowners in Canada can do to improve their home’s energy efficiency and an energy efficiency rating label that shows how efficient their home is compared to other homes in the region. Using the ecoENERGY Retrofit report’s recommendations, Canadian home owners have 18 months to complete upgrades. Grants of up to $5,000 are available based on individual retrofit initiatives under ecoENERGY Canada. The average grant is expected to be close to $1,100. Canadian homeowners can expect to receive their cheque within 90 days of the follow-up evaluation.

More about Canadian GREEN ecoENERGY LEED Certified Building

“Many provinces, such as Saskatchewan and Ontario, have recently announced that they will cover a portion of the evaluation cost and/or offer additional grant monies,” said Colin Smyth, a business leader for AmeriSpec of Canada. According to NRCan, once Canadian home owners complete their required energy evaluation for the ecoENERGY Retrofit initiatve, and make some or all of the recommended improvements, they can expect federal grants such as: Furnace upgrades up to $600, installation of heat recovery ventilator up to $300, upgrading central air conditioner to an Energy Star unit up to $200, retrofitting doors and/or windows to Energy Star up to $30 per unit. 17 per cent of all energy used in Canada real estate goes towards running our homes. As many as 140,000 homeowners are expected to benefit from this national and provincial ecoENERGY Retrofit Initiative. “By completing all of the Retrofits recommended by an AmeriSpec evaluator for the ecoENERGY Retrofit, Canadian homeowners should be in a position to decrease their average annual greenhouse gas emissions by about 4.5 tonnes per year, per house and they should also be able to reduce their energy bills by 38 per cent – a huge win for everyone,” Mr. Smyth added. You can book an appointment or get additional information regarding the Canadian ecoENERGY Retrofit Initiative and AmeriSpec by calling toll-free 1.866.284.6010 or online at

Adera Developers is Verified Built Green: Building Healthier Homes For Families and the Community

Built GreenTM is moving the home building industry forward in producing quality homes and enhancing healthy living. These benefits of Built GreenTM extend beyond the walls of your new Adera home. Built GreenTM is helping to ensure that these benefits are available to all homebuyers who purchase a home that meets Built GreenTM standards. By choosing energy efficient BuiltGreen options, you’ll be making a choice to help protect our environment for the future as well as make a difference to your bank account today. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Built GreenTM Standard: As energy costs take a noticeable chunk out of homeowner budgets, using energy wisely is being widely promoted. We also need to be aware of the source of our electricity. Next to a mortgage, energy costs are the most significant household expenditure. Products like the hot water tank insulating blanket contribute to a more energy efficient home that offers lower energy costs. COMFORT Built GreenTM Standard: A less drafty home with improved ventilation increase the homeowners control of humidity and temperature. Appropriate design and orientation can take advantage of the sun’s warmth in the winter and reduce the sun’s impact in the summer. WATER EFICIENTY Built GreenTM Standard: Given past drought conditions experienced almost everywhere in Canada, water is becoming a previous resource. Installing water conserving fixtures such as low-flow toilets and energy Star dishwashers can significantly reduce the amount of water a household consumers. HEALTHIER INDOOR AIR QUALITY Built GreenTM Standard: Tightening a home to make it more energy efficient without adequately addressing the ventilation can create health problems. Built GreenTM encourages the use of combustion appliances that are sealed and interior building materials that reduce indoor air pollution. Low VOC wall paint also adds to the improvement of air-quality. DURABILITY AND LESS MAINTENANCE Built GreenTM Standard: Built GreenTM encourages the use of building materials that are more durable both inside and outside the home. This reduces maintenance and replacement costs. GLOBAL BENEFITS OF Built GreenTM: Building a Built GreenTM home results in some direct benefits to the home owners but there are also benefits to the community and the environment in general. For example, the use of local materials is encouraged, thereby reducing transportation costs and stimulating the local economy. Also, focusing on choosing materials and products made from recycled content reduces the need and energy to extract new materials. They are resource efficient and produce less waste than typical products and usually have long life-cycle requiring less maintenance. Built GreenTM homes just make sense. For the building industry to sustain itself, increasingly more efficient and creative ways to build homes without sacrificing the environment and quality of life must be achieved. Built GreenTM British Columbia.

Vancouver GREEN Home Checklist

A great editorial provided by that encompasses what makes a Vancouver GREEN home development that includes location, size, building design, materials, insulation, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality and landscaping. Whether you’re a Vancouver homebuyer or a renter looking for a Vancouver GREEN home, how do you know if a home is truly GREEN? What should you look for? This checklist for Vancouver GREEN home considerations will help you identify a truly green home and ensure you get a healthier high-performance green home that costs less to operate and has fewer environmental impacts:

1. LOCATION: New GREEN homes and neighbourhoods must not be built on environmentally sensitive sites like prime farmland, wetlands and endangered species habitats. The greenest real estate development sites are “in-fill” properties like former parking lots, rail yards, shopping malls and factories. Look for compact green development where the average housing density is at least six units per acre. Your Vancouver GREEN home should also be within easy walking distance of public transportation – bus lines, light rail, and subway systems – so you can leave your car at home. A Vancouver GREEN home should also be within walking distance of parks, schools, and stores. See how many errands you can carry out on a bike. That’s healthier for you, your wallet and the environment.

2. SIZE: No matter how many Vancouver GREEN building elements go into your home, a 5,000 square foot green home still consumes many more natural resources than a 2,000 square foot green home in Vancouver. The larger home will also require more heating, air conditioning and lighting. If you really want a sustainable GREEN home, choose a smaller size.

3. BUILDING DESIGN: The GREEN home should be oriented on site to bring abundant natural daylight into the interior to reduce lighting requirements and to take advantage of any prevailing breezes. Windows, clerestories, skylights, light monitors, light shelves and other strategies should be used to bring daylight into the interior of the green house. The exterior should have shading devises (sunshades, canopies, green screens and best of all trees), particularly on the southern and western faccades and over window sand doors, to block hot summer sun, [t4]Dual-glaze windows reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss during cold winter months in Vancouver GREEN homes. The roof should be a light-colored, heat reflecting Energy Star roof, or a green (landscaped) roof, to reduce heat absorption.

4. GREEN BUILDING MATERIALS: A Vancouver GREEN home will have been constructed or renovated with healthy, non-toxic building materials and furnishings, like low-and zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and sealants and non-toxic materials like strawboard for the sub-flooring. Wood-based features of GREEN Vancouver homes should come from rapidly renewable sources like bamboo, but if tropical hardwoods are used, they must be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. A Vancouver GREEN home uses salvaged materials like kitchen tiles, and materials with significant recycled content.

5. INSULATION: A non-toxic insulation, derived from materials like soybean and cotton, with a high R (heat resistance) factor in a GREEN home’s walls and roof will help prevent cool air leakage in the summer and warm air leakage in the winter. Windows and Doors – Windows and exterior doors should have ENERGY STAR® ratings, and they should seal their openings tightly to avoid heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

6. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A Vancouver GREEN home has energy efficient lighting, heating, cooling and water heating systems. Appliances should have ENERGY STAR® ratings. Renewable Energy – The Vancouver GREEN home should generate some of its own energy with technologies like photovoltaic systems.

7. WATER EFFICIENCY: A Vancouver GREEN home has a water conserving irrigation system and water efficient kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Look for a rainwater collection and storage system, particularly in drier regions where water is increasingly scarce and expensive.

8. INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Natural daylight should reach at least 75% of the GREEN home’s interior. Natural ventilation (via building orientation, operable windows, fans, wind chimneys and other strategies) should bring plentiful fresh air inside the green house. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system should filter all incoming air and vent stale air outside. The garage of a Vancouver GREEN home should not have any air handling equipment or return ducts, and it should have an exhaust fan.

9. LANDSCAPING: Vine covered green screens, large canopy trees and other landscaping should shade exterior walls, the driveway, patios and other “hardscape” to minimize heat islands. Yards of GREEN homes in Vancouver should be landscaped with drought tolerant plants rather than water guzzling plants and grass in most regions.

City of Vancouver Share Green Building Ideas

Canadian municipal leaders come to Vancouver for Green building tips according to Metro Vancouver magazine’s Andrea. Municipal leaders from across the country are in town this week looking at some exemplary green sites as part of a week long tour of sustainable green communities in the Vancouver real estate market. Yesterday, the group of more than 30 people from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) – which included councilors and mayors – toured the National Works Yard near the Main Street SkyTrain station. It has a gold rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system and is considerd a model of energy efficiency, using up to 55 per cent less energy than traditional buildings in Vancouver real estate. Berry Vrbanovic, councilor for the city of Kitchener, Ontario, and vice-president of the FCM, was in attendance. “One of the things that Vancouver real estate does very well is the whole planning process,” he said. “Ensuring, for example, that new buildings are taking into account various sustainability practises.” Vrbanovic said a report written based on the findings of the tour will be posted on the FCM website. This is the first time the FCM has brought its Sustainable Communities Mission to B.C.

GREEN REALTY a Reality for a number of Real Estate Agents in Vancouver

According to the Vancouver Sun: The term “green realtor” is a label increasingly applied to real estate Vancouver agents with a keen eye on sustainable homes, energy efficiency and a growing niche market. While some Vancouver realtors specialize in condos, green realtors focus on homes for clients who are looking for environmentally friendly houses or seeking to retrofit older homes, either to live in themselves or sell to green home buyers. A survey last fall done by Royal LePage found 72 per cent of Canadians said they would look for a greener home in their next Vancouver home purchase, and 63 per cent said they’d be willing to pay more for an environmentally friendly home. Green Realty is becoming a growing trend throughout B.C. and Ontario, says James Rodgers, head of the Green Realty Association in B.C. Christy Boulter, a longtime environmental activist who now sells green realty real estate in Edmonton, says simple changes – updating appliances, improving windows – can make a big difference.

New LiveSmartBC Grant and Federal Government Grants for Eco-Sensitive and Environmentally Sensitive Homes

Federal Government Grant up to $5,000* and New LiveSmartBC Grant of up to $4,000*. Fedearl government and provincial government grants now available to home owners. Save 50% on heating costs. Windows and furnaces, doors and insulation. Energy Star Partner, Ask us about the ecoEnergy Program and House Smart Home Improvements. Free home assessment so call 604.585.2020 today. Financing available from $75/month. Call now for your free energy assessment and see how you can benefit from the new LiveSmartBC Grant as well as the Federal Government Grants for GREEN living. *Some conditions apply.

GREEN Olympic Village Vancouver Real Estate Setting the Bar

A bus full of municipal politicians was reduced to a gawking mob as it toured the construction along southeast False Creek real estate – the future home of the Olympic village according to 24 Hrs. “That’s a lot of cranes,” remarked Lethbridge, Alberta, alderman Jeff Carlson during a Federation of Canadian Municipalities walking tour of the Olympic Village real estate site yesterday. Towering construction equipment aside, Carlson and his politico companions were there to see how a developing community in Vancouver Olympic Village real estate ticks from a sustainability standpoint. The sustainability contigent was thoroughly impressed with everything from energy saving materials and public green space to transportation options and other green initiatives and designs. “I’ve got a really good feeling right now,” Carlson told 24 hours. “Vancouver is setting the bar for every Olympic City and other communities.” So what did Carlson – a former Vancouver resident – learn? “the main thing was having a vision and having the dedication to follow through,” he said. “that’s where our council is behind the curve.” By Matt Ki.

Sustainable Green Building Council Tours Set for 2008

Sustainable GREEN Building Vancouver Council tours are set for this year including residential developments and LEED Certified homes in Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan property markets.A great tour of great green building construction and LEED Certified developments in Greater Vancouver will be part of a grand tour presented by the Green Skyline Tour by Cascadia Region Green Building Council. According to the Vancouver Sun, this Green Skyline Tour of Greater Vancouver and BC Green building developments will be happening very soon. Showcasing the top thirty innovative residential and commercial green buildings, the Green Skyline Tour is a great way for you to check out the newest ideas and implementation of sustainable community features. Right now, the scheduled line-up for the Vancouver Green Skyline Tour includes the Vancouver Jang Residence, a 1950 sq ft heritage style house located at 4540 James Street in addition to the Vancouver Southeast False Creek masterplanned development and Moore-Babiki Home from the 1950s. Featured at the Green Skyline Tour is Victoria’s Dockside Green residential building development that is LEED platinum certified, Eco-Sense and Zigloo Domestique. The Okangan green building featured will include the Johnsen Makiwich Residence. For more information about the Green Skyline Tour Vancouver, including the schedules and a list of green buildings featured, please check out

Cash in, Going Green… With the Evolution Fund from the Lawson Trust Finance Group Company

The Evolution Fund finances BC and Vancouver GREEN real estate building developments and GREEN equipment.  In additoin, the Evolution Fund finances LEED Certification and Certified residential buildings in the Lower Mainland.The Evolution Fund ( finances BC and Vancouver GREEN Real Estate & Equipment, thereby offering the opportunity to help the environment which we all live in, in B.C., by creating an Environmentally Considerated GREEN real estate developments and GREEN equipment combined effort with a strong growth potential. See our Article "The Rising Tide" in 2008 July's Business in Vancouver's "Green Spaces" Magazine on Vancouver and BC GREEN real estate developments and LEED Certified building construction. The real estate investment market in B.C. has seen recognition of value in quality sustainable companies and Environmentally considerate GREEN real estate developments in Metro Vancouver. It is clear that the return derived from conscious responsible investments has proven to generate above average results. The Evolution Fund invests in GREEN construction and LEED Certified developments including:

Real Estate Development Financing: Boutique environment friendly buildings, Ecodensity focused development, GREEN Residential and commercial projects, GREEN Equipment Financing, Environmental upgrades to existing properties, Geothermal heating and cooling systems, Installation of Smart technology. The Evolution Fund for GREEN equipment and real estate developments is Eligible investments for RRSP, RRIF, RESP, Targeted returns of 12% annually, plus performance bonus and Local tangible asset based GREEN environmentally sensitive investment.

More about the Evolution Fund for Vancouver GREEN Real Estate Development

The Evolution Fund primarily finances businesses that demonstrate a desire to improve our community in our Healthy province of British Columbia. provides the opportunity for individuals to achieve competitive returns with the knowledge that their investment is creating a better environment through GREEN building construction and real estate developments in Vancouver BC. For further information on this and other green developments contact The Evolution Fund at 604.629.7697, or read more at A Lawson Trust Finance Group Company at 1602 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1G1.

What is Ecodensity?

EcoDensity is a concept currently being discussed with the Vancouver real estate community. In brief, EcoDensity Development and Construction is an acknowledgement that high quality and strategically located density can make Vancouver real estate communities more sustainable, livable and affordable. It has been illustrated as a tricycle, where the driving wheel is environmental sustainability, while the side wheels that keep it up and allow movement, are livability and affordability in this EcoDensity Vancouver community real estate theory. The right kind of quality density in the right places can help address climate change as well as lower our ecological footprint in an EcoDensity Vancouver development and community.

Density uses less land to house more people, reducing pressure on the region to sprawl over agriculturally productive land through EcoDensity. A range of different Vancouver housing choices and prices can be provided to suit peoples' diverse needs. Higher density buildings themselves in EcoDensity Vancouver development enable sharing of resources such as energy and water. Dense EcoDensity communities support vibrant and walkable commercial areas, with residents walking and biking more, and driving less. These Vancouver EcoDensity communities also support public transportation systems and community amenities, and can make green systems such as district energy cheaper to build. Denser, mixed-use EcoDensity neighbourhoods with a high quality public realm and accompanying amenities are great places to live. For more information on The Evolution Fund or Green initiatives, please call us at 604-629-7697. "The aim of EcoDensity is to provide a product that allows the community to make tangible and conscious investments into the future of the region."

More Vancouver Green Development Building Features at by Streamline Developers and Builders

Please be introduced to 's development partner, Green Features at Streamline Real Estate Developments. All exterior wood details use reclaimed wood or FSC approved materials. The exterior cement and siding system is made with recycled and non-combustible materials that inhibit algae or moss growth for all Streamline Green real estate developments in Greater Vancouver property market. Expansive decks and terraces with permeable pavers to allow efficient water runoff. Superior reinforced concrete construction blended with floor to ceiling low E glass to maximize insulation and maintain panoramic views of the mountains and city in Greater Vancouver real estate GREEN developments by Streamline Builders. Low energy, efficient LED and fluorescent exterior lighting are provided. Fresh air will constantly be circulated throughout each unit by heat recovery ventilation fans. The corridor will be ventilated by a separate ventilation system for all Streamline properties in the GREEN Vancouver real estate development market. Secured underground parking is vented by an air quality sensor activated fan system. For further information about this project or other green developments Vancouver real estate and in British Columbia, please see or call 604.629.7697

More Green Features at Streamline Real Estate Developers
More built green Vancouver real estate development features going into Vancouver Real, targeting LEED Platinum certification through its development partners...Green Features at Streamline. Some of the Built Green LEED Certified features include: Twin Coil Solar Heat System combined with Geothermal Heat Exchange turns the whole building into a thermal mass that is the most efficient on the real estate Vancouver GREEN market to both heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Financial savings of up to 70% per year compared to a conventional residential heating and cooling system for geothermal heating and cooling systems for new Vancouver Green and LEED Certified real estate development. Secondly, Rainwater runoff from the roof will be harvested and stored to prevent excess pressure on the city sewer system. It will be used to supply all the building's hose bibs for landscape watering, car and bike washing, and toilets. For further information on this and other green developments in British Columbia, see , or call 604.629.7697

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Latest Trends and Numbers from the Vancouver Housing Market - July to September 2008 Vancouver Real Estate State of the Union

Vancouver Home Prices to Fall Almost 18% by 2010, says analysis

According to the Vancouver Sun and MetroNews Vancouver by Maria C. Credit Crunch. The average price of a home in Greater Vancouver is expected to drop more than $100,000 by 2010, according to an economic analysis by Central 1 Credit Union released yesterday. The report suggests that Greater Vancouver homes in the area will cost an average of $460,000 compared to the average going rate of $570,795 for a home last year. The roughly 18 per cent devaluation over the next two years is being blamed on the world wide credit crisis. “The downturn is widespread and affects most real estate markets and most housing types,” Centrals’ chief economist Helmut told Metro. “The markets are weak and prices are heading lower fo the next several months.” The forecast takes into account the higher demand for homes expected ahead of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. “For the year as a whole, I do expect that market conditions will imrpove during the course of the year 2010 and even potentially later in 2009,” he added. “But the year-over-year will still be negative.” Provincially, the study anticipates median housing prices will fall 13 per cent in 2009 to $310,000 compared to March 2008 rates.

Vancouver Housing Prices Drop One Per Cent

According to Metro News: Economy – Canadian average home prices have fallen for the second straight month in a row, raising concerns by economists that the Canadian housing market may have been caught in the undertow of a U.S. based recession. Home prices nationally fell by a significant 3.6 per cent to $327,020, from year ago levels in July, according to figures released by the Canadian Real Estate Association yesterday. In June, prices fell by 0.4 per cent, the first time decrease in nearly a decade. “We had a small drop the month before, but this looks like the real thing. We hope it’s not the beginning of an accelerating trend,” said TD Securities Economics Strategist Millan Mulraine. The bulk of the declines were in the western provinces, with cities such as Calgary down by 7.8 per cent and Edmonton by 5.3 per cent. The previously unassailable Vancouver real estate market saw a one per cent drop, all helping to bring the national average down. A drop in prices is typically preceded by a fall in sales. In this case, sales volume in cities such as Vancouver were down by a mammoth 44 per cent and Calgary by 13 per cent.

Housing: Canadian Foreclosure Info Takes Some Digging According to Georgia Straight – How the BC Foreclosure Process Works

Media reports from the United States routinely lists a litany of horrors about the number of foreclosures. According to the August 4 New York Times report, 8.41 per cent of subprime-mortgage loans from 2005 were in arrears by 90 days or more or in foreclosure in the month of June. Of subprime-mortgage loans from 2007, 16.6 per cent were delinquent, according to the report. This is creating huge problems for US real estate lenders, who have to put properties in foreclosure and then find a buyer in a property market that is already glutted with distress sales. Fortunately, in B.C. there haven’t been nearly as many foreclosures, which are loegal processes in court to extinguish all rights, title, and interest in an owner’s property so that it can be sold to pay a lien against it. According to the Canadian Bankers Association, just 0.15 per cent of B.C. residential mortgages were in arrears in April, the latest month for which figures are available. This is quite low when compared with other months dating back to 1990. The percentage of B.C. mortgages in arrears peaked in May 1999 at 0.66 per cent – more than four times the most recent figure.

Vancouver real-estate educator and foreclosure researcher Kap Hiroti told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview that he expects the number of B.C. foreclosures in real estate to increase – but only because the numbers are so low. He noted that some high-risk borrowers who’ve previously relied on alternative financing companies are finding themselves in trouble because those lenders have abandoned the real estate market. “What that means is that you’ve got people who’ve got a mortgage one or two years ago,” Hiroti said. “They’re coming up for renewal, and that company cannot renew because they pulled out of the real estate market. Usually, they’re very highly leveraged loans.” Those cases, however, are the exception to the current B.C. real estate market norm here. Hiroti pointed out another difference between the U.S. and Canada when it comes to B.C. foreclosure properties: south of the border, information is readily available. In Canada, it’s much more difficult to find data on foreclosure properties that are about to enter foreclosure proceedings. a Web site owned by Hiroti, does the legwork in digging up information on B.C. foreclosures. He explained that a foreclosure typically beings when a bank lender issues a demand letter to a property owner seeking repayment of a debt. If the borrower doesn’t respond appropriately, the next step is for the bank lender to file a legal document called a petition to the B.C. Supreme Court. The foreclosure petition lays out the particulars, and normally asks for a court order quashing the owner’s rights, title and interest in a B.C. property. At this point, the owner of the property has a chance to file a response, which sets the legal wheels in motion. Prior to judicial ruldings, the home owner still has control over the property and can usually sell it without obtaining permission from the lender.

Hiroti said his company at web site compiles information form these petitions and distributes it for $99 per month to subscribers, most of whom are real estate investors in B.C. foreclosure properties. He estimated that there are approximately 20 foreclosure petitions filed in B.C. Supreme Court each week. Doing this research isn’t cheap. In B.C. it costs $8 to research a court file and $1 per page to photocopy documents about petitions and potential B.C. foreclosure properties. Ordinarily, a judge or a master of the B.C. Supreme Court will issue a decree nisi, which may require home owners to pay down the debt within six months. Hiroti said the next step is for a judge or a master to issue an order for the conduct of sale. “That’s where they actually bring a realtor onboard,” he commented. The agent has to list the property for market value on the Multiple Listing Service. Once an offer is made on the BC foreclosure property, the court must approve the sale. It can be a time consuming process, which is why Hiroti thinks it’s useful for real estate investors in BC foreclosure properties to find out about foreclosures much earlier in the process. So can a buyer get a better deal by approaching a property owner who has just received a petition? “It’s a good question,” Hiroti responded. “There is the potential,”

Local Housing Market Plummets

According to MetroNews, Vancouver’s housing market is slowing with sales down by 54 per cent from the same month a year ago. According to the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board, 1568 units were sold in the region this August compared to 3,348 units the previous year. Sabine Boersch was going to sell her condo in Burnaby, but decided to rent it out after seeing the signs. “We have four units in our complex and five across the street that have been for sale since spring,” she said. Boersch said the fact that neighbours rented their apartment after just two showings made her confident it wouldn’t be an issue.

Redefining Greater Vancouver Homeowners

According to New Canada and republished in the West Coast Homes and Design Magazine by the Vancouver Sun, the girl next-door is more likely to own that home, as research shows women are anticipated to keep driving the Vancouver real estate market. To better understand emerging demographics in the Vancouver real estate market, Royal LePage has commissioned research on various home buyer segments. A recent Canada nationwide consumer poll examined the growing trend of female homebuyers in the Canada real estate market. The Royal LePage Female Buyers Report found that just over one third (37 per cent) of single never before married women own their own home and that another 28 per cent plan to purchase their next home in the next three years. A regional Vancouver real estate market analysis also showed a surge in female home buyers over the past five to ten years across the country. “Today, women are driven by independence and a growing desire to set up their own place. They are more real estate savvy than in the past and they are financially stable,” said Lisa da Rocha, vice president of Marketing and sales for Royal LePage Real Estate Services. “an active and healthy real estate market with affordable interest rates and properties targeted specifically to womens’ needs are also in their favour,” added da Rocha. Related industries have also identified women as an emerging influential group and are empowering and educating them through specialty stores and tools designed specifically for female homeowners. As the number of Vancouver single female home buyers continues to show significant year to year growth, women are anticipated to keep driving the Vancouver real estate market. More on trends in your neighbourhood is available online at

Federal Canadian Government Takes $2 Billion GST on New Homes in Canada Real Estate

The federal government is raking in more money than it ever intended from the GST on new home sales, study shows. Ottawa takes in about $2 billion a year in GST on new Canadian home construction. The GST on the average priced new home in Canada is fast approaching $20,000 almost double what it was in 1991. New home prices higher than $450,000 were not elgible for a rebate. Resale homes are exempt from the GST. The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association notes tha the vast majority of local new home buyers have paid more for the GST than other Canadians for many years.

Vancouver Real Estate Builders Start on $2.9 Billion in New Work

According to Real Estate Weekly of Greater Vancouver: The total value of building permits increased for the second straight month in May, despite a decline in the overall residential Vancouver building sector. Contractors in the Vancouver real estate building industry took out $6.6 billion in permits in May, up 1.1 per cent from April and the highest value for permits since October 2007. The total was 6.7 per cent above the monthly average for 2007 and it marked the first back to back increase in construction intentions since November 2006. Statistics Canada reports municipalities issued $2.9 billion in non-residential permits in greater Vancouver real estate building, up 12.8 per cent. Residential intentions fell 6.6 per cent to $3.7 billion in May, the result of a considerable decrease in the value of multi-family permits. The value of Greater Vancouver real estate building permits in the residential sector has been on a downward trend since September 2007.

Vancouver Home Buyers Jump Back into the Drivers’ Seat

Higher property listings and easing Vancouver home prices have put buyers back in control of the MetroVancouver housing market. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that housing sales declined 42.9 per cent in June to 2,425 from the 4,244 sales recorded in June 2007 according to REW magazine. New listings, meanwhile, increased 18.3 per cent to 6,546 compared to June 2007, when 5,533 new units were listed. For home buyers in Vancouver’s real estate market, this may represent a great opportunity to search out that dream house or condominium which would have been hard to find just months ago. “We are beginning to see more price reductions in properties listed on the market today,” said REBGV president, Dave Watt, though he noted that prices are generally still higher than a year ago. “Home prices at a competitive level continue to sell quickly, but it is important for people to accurately identified their home’s value when putting it on the market.” Sales of Vancouver detached properties in June declined 43.4 per cent to 918 from the 1,623 units sold during the same period in 2007. The benchmark price, as calculated by the Board’s housing price index for Vancouver real estate for single detached houses rose 7 per cent from June 2007 to $765,654. Sales of Vancouver condominium declined 42.7 per cent last month to 1,057 compared to 1,846 sales in June 2007. The benchmark price of a Vancouver apartment condo increased 7.8 per cent from June 2007 to $388,722. Attached Vancouver property sales in June 2008 decreased 41.9 per cent to 450, compared with the 775 sales in June 2007. The Vancouver benchmark price of a attached unit increased 7.6 per cent between June 2007 and 2008, to $476,585. Ask your local Vancouver Realtor for specific market details.

Vancouver Home Prices Drop as Listings Rise

According to the Real Estate Weekly newspaper, the change is moderate, but Vancouver housing price reductions of all types of residential property are now being seen for the first time in nearly a decade, reports the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. The overall benchmark price in Greater Vancouver housing real estate market dipped 2.1 per cent since the end of May 2008, to $556,605 as of July, the Real estate Board of Greater Vancouver said. “We’re seeing price reductions on properties listed on the real estate Vancovuer housing market, which is having a leveling impact on housing price increase,” explained Real Estate Board president Dave Watt. Watt noted that there has been also been a decline in the total active listings on the real estate Vancouver housing market “Which is a welcome departure from recent trends.” The Vancouver housing price reductions reflect a general softening of the housing market. Total sales through MLS were down 43.9 per cent in July to 2,174 units, compared to July of 2008. Still, Greater Vancouver housing and real estate values reamin the highest in Canada. As of July, the benchmark price for a Vancouver detached house was $753,165, while a typical townhome sold for $473,953, and the benchmark price for a condominium apartment was $381,687. On the West Side of Vancouver housing real estate, the average detached house now sells for $1.3 million which is up 5.3 per cent from a year ago. East Vancouver real estate housing has the lowest priced condominiums, on average, in the city with a benchmark price of $326,324, up 7.2 per cent from a year earlier. On the West Side of Vancouver real estate, the benchmark price for a condo apartment is now $482,080, which is up a modest 3.5 per cent from last year.

Less New Vancouver Homes Being Started as Construction Slow

According to REW Newspaper: The Vancouver residential and non-residential building sector both dropped as the total value of building permits in June fell 5.3 per cent from May to $6.3 billion, according to Stats Canada. The decline hit most provinces and was 5.5 per cent in constant dollars. The value of Vancouver housing building permits fell 4.4 per cent in the residential real estate sector to $3.6 billion driven by lower values in multi-family permits in all provinces except Saskatchewan. The value of building permits dropped 6.6 per cent to $2.8 billion in the non residential sector due to declines in commercial and industrial intentions. Municipalities issues $1.3 billion worth of housing permits for multi-family real estate developments in June, down 13.8 per cent, with most of the declines occurring in Ontario and Alberta. Single family housing permits edged up 1.8 per cent to $2.3 billiong, StatsCan reports.

Vancouver Realtors Raise $1.2 Million for Charities

Greater Vancouver Realtors and their companies donated more than $1.2 million to 60 local charitable organizations last year, according tot a recent examination. This revelation is the result of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REGBV) efforts to aggregate the annual monetary contributions its members give the charity each year. This is the first time a real estate board in the country has embarked on such a program said REGBV president, Dave Watt. “We know this figure likely only touches the surface, since many Realtors wanted their giving practices to remain quietly low key and anonymous,” Watt says. “As well, our members give a tremendous amount of time volunteering in their communities, doing everything rom coordinating the annual Realtor’s Care Blanket drive to coaching kids’ sports.

Vancouver Realtors Recycle Electronics

In a recent recycling effort, Greater Vancouver Realtors recently donated over 2,000 used electronics items to the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA), a non-profit organization that collects computers and electronics and recylces or refurbishes them for charities and community groups. All of the items received were given to the ERA and will be recycle for local schools, charities, non profit groups, libraries, elderly homes and other Greater Vancouver community organizations. “this event garnered an incredible response. Nearly 400 Vancouver realtors made drop-offs during the five days we offered the service,” said Dave Watt, president of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Hard-drives, printers, and monitors wer the three most collected items, followed by mobile phones, VCRs and old stereo equipment. Four trips were a full-sized moving truck were required to pick-up all the accumulated items. Environment Canada estimates that computers phones, AV equipment and small household appliances account for more than 140,000 tonnes of waste in Canadian landfills each year.

Vancouver Realtor to lead Real Estate Institute

According to REW Newspaper, Vancouver Realtor Peter Remillong has been elected president of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia’s board of governors for the 2008-2010 term. Remillong is a licensed Realtor and a director with the Real estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Other newly elected officers of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia board include: vice president Peter Bretherton (BC Assessment), secretary/treasurer Don Ellis, and past president Scott Ullrich. New to the board of governors are Bonnie Knight with BC Assessment and Richard Wood of the Fraser Valey Real Estate Board. Both will represent the Fraser Valley District. The mission fo the REIBC or Real Estate Institute of British Columbia is to advance the highest standards in education , knowledge, professional development and business practises in all sectors of the Vancouver real estate industry. Professional members are accredited by the RI designation which recognizes their experience education and commitment to professional and leadership development in the real estate industry. For more information about the Real estate Institute of British Columbia or REIBC, and its members, visit the website

Real Estate Market Blamed for Housing Slowdown

New housing prices increased at their slowest pace in more than six years, with Vancouver’s year-over-year prices up only about half the rate of the national increase according to Metro Vancouver’s Andrea W. According to Statistics Canada report released yesterday, national contractors’ selling prices rose 3.5 per cent between June 2007 and June 2008, compared with the 4.1 per cent year-over-year real estate increase in May. Vancouver was up only 1.8 per cent. Neil Killips, economist for Stats Canada, attributed the slowing to a softening Vancouver real estate housing market. “We try to ask the builders why they increase or decrease their prices and they’ve been saying that there’s an increase in competition and the real estate Vancouver property market in general is slowing down,” he said. While Vancouver property price increases have been relatively slower, however, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) reported yesterday that housing Vancouver property starts took a big jump last month. There was a 25 per cent increase in Vancouver homes going up than in July 2007, attributed heavily to higher density, multiple-family projects.

Choosing a Vancouver Home of Lasting Value requires Due Diligence

Buy smart and over time your Vancouver real estate investment will almost certainly appreciate. Whether you’re thinking of buying your first home or planning to move from one to another, your Vancouver home purchase is more than a place to live, it will probably be your biggest investment ever. And like any real estate investment in Vancouver, you want it to appreciate in value. Whether it does, and to what degree, depends a great deal on your own pre-purchase due diligence. Once you’ve considered the needs of yourself and family and know what you’re looking for, now is the time to consider the factors that will maximize the Vancouver home investment value of your home in the future – the day when you sell your home and move on. “I know people have heard this before, but it bears repeating: location is the single most important component in home value,” sayd Gary Marshall, VP Sales and Marketing of ParkLane Homes Vancouver real estate developers. “ParkLane pays meticulous attention to siting. That’s why we feel a well-lcoated community will appreciate in value over the ong term, especially as our products are matched to the neighbourhood and what home buyers want in a home.” ParkLane Homes will, for example, select a prime location close to services, shopping, schools, and transit that’s perfect for singles, young families and empty nesters, then build residential options to suit these demographics. Alternatively, ParkLane Homes may choose a premium Vancouver real estate site for an enclave of luxury presales homes where the location’s value is enhanced by prestigious amenities within the community or nearby. Either way, purchases of new homes are buying into the ideal fit for their needs and resources – homes that will have al asting appeal to them, as well as for future home buyers when the time comes to resell. To Gary Marshall, buying Vancouver homes smartly, also means buying now. “Timing is Everything. There’s a real window of opportunity that makes this the perfect time to make a move. Mortgage rates remain low and there’s lots of choice available.” But Marshall sounds anote of auction to these looking to buy build and finished products: The Lower Mainland’s real estate market has temporariliy slowed with fewer new home starts, which means existing Vancouver real estate inventory is going to get snapped up pretty quickly.” He adds, “So my advice is to get out there and start looking at what’s available. You shouldn’t rush into buying a new home, but don’t wait so long that the best is gone.” Once you’ve bought your home, Marshall says not to be concerned about small real estate Vancouver fluctuations. “The real estate market goes up, the market goes down… it’s a market. But when you’ve done your homeowkr, you mitigate th risk over the long term. If you’ve purchase a Vancouver residence in a master planned architecturally controlled community such as ParkLane’s Bedford Landing, Southport or Heritage Woods, values will most certainly increase over time.”

By seizing this window of opportunity to buy a new Vancouver home in a master planned community built with ParkLane’s legendary quality, you’ll not only enjoy and appreciate the wonderful neighbourhoods, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the lasting value is assured in your real estate investment. One of the largest and most recognized home builders in Western Canada, ParkLane Homes has built over 5,500 homes in beautiful master planned communities throughout the Greater Vancouver area and has won more then 250 provincial and national awards for their efforts. For more information, please visit

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vancouver Odenza Home Builders PLUS Flashback to Resale Vancouver Condos & Townhomes: Cressey Developments, Max II, Camera, Virtu, elan, Olive, Milano

Odenza Homes – We Build Dream Vancouver Homes

Vancouver Odenza Home Builders and Renovation Team is a luxury real estate developer which focuses on livable, luxurious, prestigious developments in the Lower MainlandWe do: Custom Homes, Major Renovations. Vancouver Lot Owners – planning to build this year? Odenza Homes builds dream homes with an uncompromising attention to detail, quality finishing, constant innovation and the caring service of our staff. To view our spectacular home desisn, visit or call 604.644.0338. or you speak with Megan regarding the properties or any other property renovations or custom builds available right now. A stunning new luxury home in Dunbar Vancouver real estate market by Odenza Home Builders located at 3728 West 20th Avenue and this is a new listing with completion early 2009. Purchase early to customize the home the way you want it. Offered at $2,289,000. The Dunbar Vancouver home by Odenza Builders is 2420 sq ft in size with a roof top deck, 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a double garage. Some of the features of this new Dunbar custom home by Odenza Vancouver real estate developers includes mixed hardwood and tile throughout, large kitchen immaculately finished with granite and custom wood cabinets, sun drenched patio, private balcony off of master suite as well as professionally designed arrangement of greenery and landscaping. The Odenza Homes in Dunbar Vancouver property market will also have a SubZero 36” stainless steel fridge, Wolf 30” stainless steel, 4 burner convection range, Frigidaire Gallery front load washer and dryer as well as pre wiring for phone, internet, cable, satellite, surround sound in family room. The other Dunbar Odenza Homes features include air conditioning, HVAC heat recovery, fresh air ventiation system and infloor radiant heat on all floors. Another beautiful Dunbar dream home built by Odenza Homes is offered at $1,839,000 at 3450 West 20th Avenue and is another new listing by Odenza builders with completion in early 2009. This unique family custom home in Dunbar real estate district includes 2414 interior square feet, four bedroms and five bathrooms, open floor plan and extensive hardwood flooring throughout. In additon, the features of this new Odenza Home in Dunbar Vancouver community will have granite countertops, gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances, beautiful patio, basement suite with separate entrance, in floor radiant heating and pre wiring all installed for you. The last custom home build by Odenza home builders in Vancouver’s real estate market is the new listing at 3706 West 30th Avenue offerd at $1,869,000 with open houses on Saturday/Sunday between two and four in the afternoon. New luxury home in the heart of Vancouver’s finest neighbourhood can now be your dream home. Brand new home at 2574 square feet with four storey’s, three bedrooms up and 1 bedroom down in addition to 3.5 bathrooms up and 1 bathroom down. This exciting new Vancouver custom home build by Odenza real estate builders also has mixed hardwood and tile throughout in addition to a large kitchen finished with granite counters and custom wood cabinets. The state of the art appliance set includes a Sub-Zero fridge, Wolf range, pre wiring with outside patio speakers and air conditioning. In addition, this fabulous new luxury Vancouver home by Odenza Home builders has an HVAC system, air ventilation system and a full house security system with multiple panels. For more information, please contact Megan at 604.644.0338.

More about Odenza Home Builders

Since 1986 Odenza Home Builders and Renovators have been building luxury Vancouver homes with a style, and flair appealing to people who appreciate quality, luxury and expect the very best in service. The Vancouver Odenza real estate developers and home builders build dream homes, so whether you choose one of their fully custom presale homes, a semi-custom home or a model show home you will find uncompromising attention to detail, constant innovation in design, and the caring service of their staff. After all, you deserve only the best. Come drop in at the Odenza Vancouver home builder interactive design centre, or give them a call today to build your dream Vancouver home.


CRESSEY Elan Yaletown Condos

Resale Yaletown condos at elan Vancouver downtown re-sale real estate development are going strong, so own your own private home in one of the most desirable locations in all of Vancouver.Yaletown élan condo living by Cressey Developers. An unequalled Yaletown real estate address featuring bold, refreshing architectural lines and obsessive attention to details is at the élan condominium residences in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver property market available for resale only. Across every aspect of life in Elan’s landmark Yaletown condo tower apartment homes the accent ison distinctive and stylish elegance.

Vancouver Westside Olive Apartment Resale

West Side Olive Condos in Vancouver real estate market are now available at great re-sale condominium apartment pricing.West Side Vancouver living is available at Olive condo apartment suites by Cressey Developers. Satisfy your appetite for all the best in Vancouver West Side living. Lcoated above Caper’s Market, these one-bedroom, one and den condos as well as luxury two bedroom Olive city homes at 16th and Cambie Street in Vancouver’s real estate resale market are designed with gourmet lifestyles in mind, just like yours.

55 Alexander Vancouver Downtown Heritage Apartments

This Cressey real estate develompent in Gastown 55 Alexander Street apartments is a heritage condo building with great interiors and re-sale value.With panoramic urban views, this concrete residential downtown Vancouver condo buildingt at 55 Alexander street is a romantic reflection of Vancouver’s architectural heritage. Behind the brick façade and elegant arched windows of the 55 Alexander Street downtown Vancouver condo resale properties by Cressey, Robert Ledingham’s impeccable interior designs combine bright, open spaces with comfortable modern materials. Completed in 2000, 55 Alexander was one of the first luxury condo buildings enabling home owners to take advantage of Vancouver’s premier Gastown locations. The Gastown 55 Alexander condo apartments are now available for re-sale only.

Milano Downtown Vancouver Condos

A Cressey Development in downtown Vancouver Milano Condos are available with resale listings right now.Milano condominiums’ bold Italian design and cutting edge sophistication made it one of the first landmark pre-construction residential condo buildings in downtown Vancouver. Situated right at Burnaby an Burrard Street, this downtown Vancouver resale condo development has modern classic features with floor to ceiling glass, a walled private courtyard, extensive landscaping, as well as the very best in refined finishings. Milano Vancouver condos are only available for re-sale and it was a Cressey Development.

MAX II Condo for Sale at 973 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC

Max II Condo re-sale listing available for purchase now in the Yaletown real estate community at 973 Expo Boulevard in downtown Vancouver.766 square foot, 1 bedroom + Den and 1 bathroom condominium suite in Yaletown’s Max II condo building is now available and offered at $485,000. This wonderful re-sales suite in Yaletown also has a 13 X 13 outdoor terrace. The condos at Yaletown MAX II – located on the edge of Yaletown and the Entertainment District. Loft Space Living with townhome convenience and nearly 200 sf of private deck surrounded by green flourishing gardens. Max II condominium have no elevators, key entry, quite and very private. This Max II condo open plan concept with 18’ ceiling height, hardwood floor in the kitchen and living area. Great space conveniently located off the kitchen can be used for in-suite storage or as an office. Bedroom and bathroom located upstairs. Unique plan that LIVES LARGE at Max II Yaletown real estate. Enjoy all the amenities available to the tower residences: concierge, fitness centre including large gym, indoor pool, sauna/steam room/ hot tub and yoga room. The Max II condo suite has 1 secured underground parking space. Extra Large storage locker with an easy access is a bonus! Urban Fare, GM Place, BC Place, Seawall – all just minutes away for your ultimate convenience. Move right in, all furnishings are negotiable. For all pictures and more information please visit

VIRTU Townhome at Th 1632 West 7th Ave, Vancouver

South Granville Virtu Townhome for sale at 1632 West 7th Avenue in the prestigious Vancouver real estate district offers a re-sale of 3 level townhome with 3 bedrooms and den.South Granville almost new townhome in Vancouver at Virtu Townhouses is now available for $825,000 for a 1257 square foot, 3 level townhome with 3 bedroom + Den and 2 bathrooms. This Vancouver Virtu townhouse also has a terrace and patio on the main floor and roof top deck. About the VIRTU Vancouver real estate development - Exclusive boutique building in the ultimate South Granville location. Intelligently designed and rare to find 3 bedroom/ 2 bath 3 level north-south facing Virtu townhome. Open plan living & dining with unique south facing private & secured terrace just off the kitchen and north facing patio facing South Granville Vancouver off the living room. The resale Virtu Vancouver townhome has beautiful h/w floor on all levels, custom built-in closet organizers, granite countertops, Grohe fixtures and the very best in Kitchen Aid s/s appliances. 2 bedrooms on the second level and your own master suite with spa like en-suite and fabulous private terrace on the very top! In addition, this re-sale Vancouver townhome at Virtu includes TWO parking spaces, 1 storage locker and visitor parking. Exercise studio & lounge is conveniently located at lobby level but easily accessible thru the courtyard. Live the lifestyle that remains unmatched - foot steps to Granville Island, Kits beach, spas, shopping, Meinhardt's and the very best in dining at West, VJ's or Cru.

601 - 1675 West 8th Avenue @ CAMERA Vancouver Residences - just listed!

C A M E R A - Suite 601 – 1675 West 8th Ave for sale by assignment in the Vancouver real estate market now! This Vancouver Camera suite offers 1060 square feet of living space in a 2 bedroom + den and 2 bathroom layotu with estimated completion late 2008. The offering for this Vancouver Camera residence is listed at at $739,000. CAMERA – refined living by Intracorp in the most sought after area of beautiful Vancouver - South Granville. Fresh and intelligent architecture by Ramsay Worden with breathtaking views of Downtown & North Shore. Brilliantly designed & light-filled 2 bdrm, 2 ba, den & in-suite storage. SUPERIOR INERIORS by BBA Design at the South Granville Camera Residences in Vancouver real estate: engineered walnut h/w flooring throughout, custom-designed gas fireplace with glass surround, Sub Zero Fridge, Bosch gas cook top, convection wall oven, composite stone counters, flat-cut custom white oak cabinets, spa-like bathrooms with square-shaped vanity basin, marble counter tops, deep soaker tubs & slate floor tiles, Fashion, Art, Culture and Fine Cuisine – only minutes away in the South Granville real estate district where the Camera condo residences are located. 1 parking/storage/ bicycle locker/ 2-5-10 warranty. For all photos and more details visit

Sophisticated Elegance at Reflections Adera at UBC

UBC Reflections Townhomes by Adera real estate developers are now available for resale in the Vancouver market.Reflections townhomes at UBC built by Georgia Award winner builder Adera Group of Companies. Stnning West Coast architecture with classic quality traditional finishing. Spectacular corner Adera Reflections condo suite resale with entertainment size patio of over 225 sq ft – finished in concrete pavers, granite columns and planters, with your own private gate to pedestrian walk way to easy access to UBC Neighbourhood Centre. The UBC Adera Reflections condo home is two bedrooms plus a den with two bathrooms – a full ensuite plus second bathroom with double size shower! Decorated in muted tones with crown mouldings, rich mahogany hardwood flooring int eh living room and dining room area. The Reflections Adera condo at UBC has a kitchen featuring granite counter tops, stainless steel G.E. appliances, including gas cook top stove. Easy walk to the many venues, attractions and services of UBC. Attractively listed at $569,000 right now. For more information about this re-sales UBC Reflections condo home, please contact Carolyn at 604.649.2249.

West Point Grey Condos - 2 bedroom Penthouse Open House

Beautiful resale Vancouver West Point Grey condos are now on sale.West's 2 bedroom Penthouse Now Available for Viewing! The last home at pre-sales Point Grey West Residences is a lovely south facing 903 square foot penthouse. This two bedroom, two bathroom West Point Grey condominium home boasts an impressive private 275 square foot sun drenched terrace, acoustic glass frontage and over-height ceilings and is priced at $799,900. I will be hosting it's first Open House on Friday July 18th from 2-4pm at 4463 W10th Ave and would love to see you there. For more information or to book a private viewing appointment please contact me at 604-780-2045. Select the button below to read more about West Point Grey.

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