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The 2009 Vancouver Real Estate Forecast - Growing Trends in Vancouver Property Market Outlook, Credit Crunch - First Time Homebuyers Seminar

The 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Homes in Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market

It’s a great time to buy a new home! Can you believe that it’s the 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Vancouver Homes already? With the doom and gloom surrounding the Vancouver real estate market just a year ago in 2008, 2009 brings a air of optimism and some bright future outlooks for certain developments and communities in the Lower Mainland. With continued low mortgage rates, declining asking/listing prices and new home inventory coming onto the market, the 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Vancouver Homes comes at an excellent time for home buyers and investors. Brought to you by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association, also knwn as GVHBA, the 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Homes in Greater Vancouver will be happening from April 18th through 26th at various locations across the Lower Mainland. For more information, you can visit today. This year, the 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Homes in VAncovuer presents thirteen builders with 57 show homes in six cities and one presentation centre. From $209,900 to over $869,900, the wide range of homes presented at the 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Vancouver homes will have something for everyone. Here is the list of new developments featured this year.

2009 7th Annual Spring Parde of New Coquitlam Homes
1. Burke Mountain Heights single family Coquitlam homes at 3398 Don Moore Drive
2. Belmont at the Foothills single family detached Coquitlam homes at 1456 Avondale Street
3. Whitetail Lane Coquitlam townhomes for sale at 1357 Purcell Drive
4. Birchwood Estates single family detached Coquitlam houses at 3372 Scotchpine Avenue

Delta Parade of Homes
1. Radiance at Sunstone Delta at 8385 Delsom Way

7th Annual Spring Parade 2009 of Langley Homes
1. High Point Equestrian Estates at 20048 Second Avenue with single family homes
2. Milner Heights including single family Langley homes, fee simple rowhomes and four plex manor homes for sale at 20843 – 69B Avenue

Maple Ridge Parade of Homes
1. The Crest at Silver Ridge Mapel Ridge single family homes at 22845 – 137 Street
2. The Meadows at Verigins Ridge townhomes in Maple Ridge at 11282 Cottonwood Drive

The 2009 Spring Parade of New North Vancouver Homes
1. Branches low rise North Vancouver condominiums at 1111 East 27th Street

Surrey 2009 Spring Parade of Homes
1. The Brownstones Townhomes at 25 – 15833 – 26th Avenue
2. Salus townhomes and low-rise Surrey condominiums at 1-6671-121st Street
3. Springfield Village Surrey townhomes at 8676 – 158 Street
4. Lotus Townhomes at 16355 – 82nd Avenue
5. Panorama Hills single family Surrey detached homes at 15038 – 59th Avenue
6. Vista’s West Surrey single family houses for sale at 6093 – 164th Street
7. The Estates at Vista’s West single family Surrey homes for sale at 16327 – 60th Avenue
8. Glenmore at Morgan Heights South Surrey townhomes at 2450 – 161A Street
9. Kaleden townhomes at 2729 – 158th Street
10. NUVO live work Surrey townhomes at 10- 15454 – 32nd Avenue
11. Morgan Heights South Surrey single family homes for sale at 16363 – 26th Avenue
12. Clayton Heights single family Surrey homes at 7001 – 194B Street
13. Hazelwood Estates Surrey homes at 7880 – 164th Street

First Time Vancouver Homebuyers Seminar 2009 - 15th Annual First Time Homebuyers Seminar

Get out the red pen and calendar. Fire up your electronic day-timer. If you’re a first time Vancouver homebuyer, you’ll want to be sure to reserve the evening of Tuesady, March 24th, because that’s the date for the 15th Annual First Time Homebuyers Seminar in Vancouver. Brought to you by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA), this springtime tradition is a Must Attend Event for anyone considering home ownership. “Our experts will help first-time hom buyers de-mystify the home buying process,” says Peter Simpson, GVHBA’s CEO for the 15th Annual First Time Homebuyers Seminar. This year’s panel of experts for the 15th Annual First Time Homebuyers Seminar Vancouver will discuss which location and type of home best suits your needs to legal considerations, how the new federal tax credits impacts first time Vancouver homebuyers, and the benefits of builder licensiving and mandatory home warranties. The 15th Annual First Time Homebuyers Seminar takes place in the newly renovated Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel (15269 – 104th Avenue) in Surrey on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009. Doors open at 6:00 pm giving you time to browse the displays and chat with industry experts. The seminar runs from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. As always, this exceptional resource is free thanks to generous sponsorship, but pre-registration is required for the Vancouver 15th Annual First Time Homebuyers Seminar. Call GVHBA at 604.588.5036 or get more information online at today.

The 15th Annual FREE Seminar for First Time Home Buyers – Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Brought to you by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association, the 15th Annual Free Seminar for Vancouver First Time Home Buyers is happening on March 24th, 2009 from 7-9pm with doors opening right at 6pm. Located at 15269 – 104 Avenue in Surrey, or at the ballroom of the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel, this is an incredible event for tips and advice for Vancouver first time homebuyers to attend a free seminar with great professionals to speak with. You are ready to purchase your first Vancouver home, but you need a little help to understand what is involved, especially during these days of attractive sales prices. What location is best? What type of home is best suited to your current needs and financial resources? What are the Vancouver mortgage options right now? What are the legal considerations for buying your first Vancouver first time home buyer? How do the new federal tax credits benefit first time Vancouver home buyers? What is the value of builder licensing and mandatory home warranties? To help you make informed decision, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association, in partnership with its sponsors, is hosting the 15th annual FREE seminar for Vancouver first time home buyers. Plus, you can ask the expert question period, affordable home displays, financial options exhibitors and a wealth of housing information here at the 15th Annual FREE Seminar for First Time Vancouver Home Buyers. More than 40 valuable door prizes and free parking. Pre-registration for the 15th Annual FREE Seminar for First time Vancouver home buyers is required. Call 604.588.5036 from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Registrations will also be taken by answering machine at the same number on weekends. The 15th Annual First Time Vancouver Home Buyers Seminar is a free event, however, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association is asking all attendees to bring a non-perishable food donation to support the Surrey Food Bank. Shopping for a new Vancouver home after the seminar? You are invited to tour the latest new home projects during the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Assocaition’s 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Homes, April 18 – 26, 2009. Information about the 7th Annual Spring Parade of New Homes will be available at the seminar or visit today.

More About the Vancouver First Time Homebuyers Seminar March 2009
With real estate, there is much to be aware of during these days of economic uncertainty, but the current Vancouver home buyers’ market presents outstanding opportunities, particularly for first-time homebuyers. Today’s young homebuyers in Vancouver real estate market need help dy-mystifying the home buying process. Is buyins a home now a produent decision? What location is best? What type of Greater Vancouver home is best matched to current needs and financial resources? What are the mortgage options? What are the legal considerations of your Vancouver real estate purchase? How do the new federal tax credits affect first-time Vancouver home buyers? What is involved with purchasing a pre-construction Vancouver condo? What are the benefits of builder licensing and mandatory home warranties? These and other key questions will be answered by a panel of Vancouver housing experts at the 15th Annual Seminar for First Time Vancouver Home Buyers, presented by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) on Tuesday, March 24, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the newly renovated Shearton Vancouver Guildford Hotel at 15269 104 Avenue in Surrey, BC. Admission to the popular 15th Annual Seminar for Vancouver First Time Homebuyers is free. Speakers include real estate experts from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Homeowner Protection Office, Genworth Financial Canada, residential mortgages from TD Bank, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, National Home Warranty, GVHBA and otheres. More than 800 people attended last year’s Annual Vancouver Seminar for First Time Home Buyers and because real estate seems to dominate the news these days, turnout should be even greater this year. Pre-registration for th 15th Annual Seminar for Vancouver First Time Home Buyers is required by calling 604.588.5036 Monday to Friday.

Greater Vancouver and BC Home Prices Expected to Fall 13% in 2009 – Vancouver Real Estate Forecast 2009

Realty Section of MetroNews Vancouver newspaper. The average price of a home in British Columbia is expected to decline 13 per cent this year, according to the B.C. Real Estate Association 2009 forecast released yesterday. “the global financial crisis and worldwide recession will continue to take their toll on the B.C. economy this year,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA chief economist. The average BC home price is forecast to drop to $396,600 as nine per cent fewer residences are expected to sell in 2009 according to the latest 2009 Vancouver real estate forecast. According to Muir regarding the Vancouver real estate forecast 2009, prices and sales are expected to stabilize in 2010. At the same time, 24Hours Vancouver published an article on Look Out for a Home Buyers’ Market. Homebuyers looking for a good deal may hit the jackpot in 2009. Amid the global recession, job security fears and a cooling real estate market, the British Columbia Real Estate Association is predicting average home prices to drop 13 per cent this year according to their 2009 Vancouver real estate forecast. That’s bad news for sellers, but good news for home buyers across the province. “It should be a good year for potential home buyers,” said BCREA chief economist Cameron Muir. “Affordability is as good as it’s been in two years.” Muir said a high supply of available homes and low demand for them will drive down prices and eliminate competion for home buyers. And as real estate developers get desperate to sell off inventory, Muir expects several more Onni like liquidations in 2009. The property developer offerd 25 to 40 per cent off condos earlier this month as it tried to liquidate 375 condo suites across Greater Vancouver real estate market forecast 2009. It could make for a wild year before the market is expected to stabilize again in 2010 according to Matt of 24 Hours.

First Time Homebuyers in Canada Need More Info According to New Survey

As published in 24Hours Vancouver, A recently released survey of first time home buyers in Canada real estate market discovered some surprising results: Three out of four first time homebuyers in Canada property market would benefit from additional education about the buying process. The new report was conducted by Genworth Financial Canada from October 17th to November 2nd, 2008. Respondents qualified if they planned to purchase a new or resale Canada home or other property in the next 24 months and if the property they planned to purchase was to be their first home. Questions included which payment frequency pays down a mortgage fastest (bi-weekly accelerated), how much making just one extra mortgage payment each year will shorten the life of a 30 year amortization (approximately five years), and how much a first time homebuyer in Canada real estate market may withdraw from their RRSP to put toward a down payment (up to $20,000). The majority of Canadians surveyed (86 per cent) of first time homebuyers were aware the reducing the amortization period saves money on interest. However, only 38 epr cent knew monthly payments should not exceed 40 per cent of their gross income, and more than two thirds at 68 per cent incorrectly thought the term of the mortgage is the length of time it takes to pay the amount lent. Opinions were virtually split down the middle when came to variable interest with 54 per cent of respondents indicating they believe historically consumers pay less interest with a variable rate mortgage over the life of the loan and 46 per cent believing this strategy to be false.

Participants in this first time Canada homebuyer survey were also asked to identify their level of understanding of 10 common mortgage terms: Credit rating, mortgage term, variable/fixed interest rates, bi-weekly accelerated payments, mortgage amortization, mortgage default insurance, refinance loan payments, closed/open mortgages, conventional versus high ratio down payments, and debt service ratio. Only 25 per cent correctly answered more than seven out of the 10 questions and less than one per cent correctly answered all 10. Most misunderstood were conventional versus high-ratio down payments and debt service ratio, with only one in 10 respnodents claiming they understood what the terms means. A useful exercise that qualifies the need for more financial education in the school system today. Susan B.

Vancouver Real Estate Home Sales Drop Significantly – 2009 Vancouver property forecast not looking good.

According to Metro Vancouver newspaper: Homes sales dropped dramatically in Greater Vancouver last month, falling 69 per cent compared to last year, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) announced yesterday. Dave Watt, REBGV president, said 874 homes were sold across Gerater Vancouver in November 2008, compared to 2,883 sales during the same period last year. “Residential benchmark prices across all properties declined 12 per cent between May and November of this year,” Watt said in a podcast yesterday. He added that across the Lower Mainland real estate market, it’s taking longer for homes to sell compared to previous months. “In Greater Vancouver, the days on market average for November was 64 days,” Watt said. That’s 20 more days than November 2007.

Vancouver City Skyline Nearly as Bleak as Real Estate Markets

A great article by Derek for InTransit section of MetroVancouver News. The chaos on Wall Street continues to pummel the economy in the new year and is going to be felt locally. In metro Vancouver, a signature of the economic boom years – so called starchitecture – is about to take a major hit. Construction financing is harder to get and uncertainty and confusion are prevalent in the real estate business in greater Vancouver. Which means some inspired Vancouver condo buildings designs are on the verge of going down before ever getting the chance to go up. What a shame. Historically, many folks in the Lower Mainland real estate market have grumbled about the vanilla look of condominium towers. The harshest critics maintain that Vancouver’s skyline is less breathtaking than it is boring. Internationally renowned architect Arthur Erickson once referred to it as “blah.” That reputation changed, to some extent, with several sleek condominium projects slated for the region – including one created by Erickson himself. Dubbed “Vancouver’s Turn,” the Residences at Ritz-Carlton condo tower was designed by the locally based architect. But the downtown Vancouver condo project is not suspended pending “design changes.” The economic meltdown can’t take all the blame. Last year, Vancouver-based Henriquez Partners Architects put forth plans for a sleek 120 metre tower for the North Vancouver real estate market waterfront. But instead of embracing it, a group of area NIMBYs made enough noise to quash the real estate project. When it comes to inspired architecture in metro Vancouver real estate, it seems, if nervous accountants can’t kill a project, neighbourhood activists most certainly will.

Credit Tight and Sentiment Low

This according to Reuters – MetroNews Vancouver report. Lending conditions in Canada worsened considerably in the fourth quarter and overall business sentiment is at its lowest level in at least a decade, two Bank of Canada surveys showed yesterday. The central bank surveyed senior loan officers at 11 major banks and senior management at about 100 businesses during the quarter in two separate studies. “Business sentiment has deteriorated markedly since the autumn survey as the effects of the international financial crisis and the weak global economy intensified and spread to domestic demand,” the banks said. The pessimism had some bankers predicting the Bank of Canada will opt for a half point rate cut in its key lending rate rather than a less aggressive move on January 20th, 2009. Charmaine Buskas, senior economics strategist at TD securities, predicting the bank could trim 50 basis points. The loan officers reported two thirds of companies felt tighter credit conditions, compared with 44 per cent in the third quarter, both in terms of price and in terms and standards. They attributed it to the worsening economic outlook. Business owners were pessimistic as well: Three quarters of those surveyed think inflation will stay below the central bank’s two per cent target in the next two years.

Correction in Toronto Condo Market is Coming, says Chief Economist

According to MetroNews Vancouver, a prominent Toronto housing economist, Will Dunning is warning of a substantial correction in Toronto real estate’s overheated condominium market. The impact will be felt particularly in the condominium market of Toronto real estate, says Dunning. By the end of September, the economist estimates there were a looming 33,919 condos under construction in the Toronto census metropolitan area. “This very large pending inventory is setting the stage for a substantial correctin,” he said in a sobering report looking at the rental and condo market in Toronto rela estate market. Pre-sale Toronto condominium starts are normally in the 10,000 to 12,000 range annually, but a bottleneck in construction from record sales in prior years has a significant number of units still to be completed, according to the analyst. Finicky condo investors are already beginning to sell in central Toronto real estate, up by 75 per cent in November compared to a year earlier, he says.

Canadians 11% of U.S. Foreign Home Buyers

According to REW article this fall, Figures from the U.S. National Association of Realtors indicate that 11 per cent of all foreign buyers of homes in the United States last year were Canadian. In Florida, the U.S. state with the highest foreign home ownership, Canadians made up nine per cent of home buyers in 2007, up from 7.1 per cent in 2005. Tannis Dawson, a senior tax and financial expert with Investors Group, noted that “the Canadian dollar has been on par or nearly at par with the U.S. dollar for some time now and that has many thinking that it has leveled off and probably isn’t going any higher,” she said. Many Canadians also have concluded it is more expensive to try to buy a second home in Canada than in the U.S. real estate market when looking for the same square footage, she says. In the U.S., she says, in 2002, a house cost about CAN $519,000. In 2008, a U.S. house now goes for about C$325,500. Dawson has some tips for people wishing to buy a property in the United States real estate market. “It is best to have the funds to pay for a U.S. property up front especially when the currencies are at or near par” so as to take advantage of the strong Canadian dollar, she says. If people have enough equity on their house in Canada, “they can take out a mortgage on that… or do a line of credit or some personal debt,” she says.

About 53 per cent of Canadian home buyers take out mortgages and 47 per cent pay cash, according to figures compiled by the Investors Group. Dawson says it is more expensive to get a U.S. mortgage. “In the U.S., if you’re a non-resident they require you to put down 30 to 40 per cent of the property value. Plus have to put six months of your mortgage payments, insurance payments and your property taxes in an escrow account… looked after by an escrow agent,” she says. If you take out a Canadian mortgage on a U.S. home or property, you can go to the bank first and see how much you can raise, and then go shopping in the U.s. As well, you don’t have to put down as much. A seminar in investing in U.S. homes and real estate is held this Saturday, September 6 at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel in downtown Vancouver, from 9am to 3pm. The event is presented by real estate consultant Ozzie Jurock and will feature experts discussing where to buy, what markets to avoid and tips on buying U.S. foreclosures. For more information, call Marc Jurock at 604.683.1111.

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