Monday, July 6, 2009

Adera Real Estate Builder – Building Trust for 40 Years in Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market

From their recent advertorial in the New Home Buyer’s Guide, Vancouverites learned more about the leading Vancouver real estate developer, Adera. Here are some of the many reasons why Adera Builders are considered one of the top developers in the Lower Mainland. The year was 1969. The year man first walked on the moon, the Boeing 747 was unveiled and Cablevision premiered in Vancouver. It was also the year Adera was founded in Vancouver real estate market. Four decades later, Adera is one of British Columbia’s leading multidisciplinary real estate organizations. From Langley to Steveston, from White Rock to the North Shore, Adera has built more than 7,500 BC homes – all with a vibrant, innovative style and an inherent quality that’s as much felt as seen – and over three million square feet of commercial building space as well. Adera is now known as a respected leader and innovator in the Vancouver multi-family residential marketplace. But more than that, ADera is a company with heart and soul. Award winning by design – Already, during this 40th anniversary year, Adera has received some of the industry’s rarest awards. For a second year in a row, an Adera project was recognized as the best project locally, nationally and internationally. Pathways at UBC by Adera picked up the awards hattrick this year right on the heels of its sister, Legacy. Adera was named Best Multi-Family Builder in BC at the Georgies and Best Builder of he Year in Canada at the National SAMS awards. This was alos the year that Adera developers earned a Platinum Georgie for winning more than 25 major Gold Georgies over the years, the second time ever that this award has been granted. Adera Developers was also named 20th on the Globe and Mail’s Top 50 Canadian Employers list for 2009.

Adera Innovation – Innovators in the Vancouver Real Estate Marketplace

Building Communities – At Adera Builders they are about more than just building homes. They create lasting communities: unique, vibrant communities filled with real heart and soul, and families, too. Each Vancouver Adera real estate development is an individual with its own character and special outlook – no two are quite the same. You’ll discover all are thoughtfully designed to maximize their livability and minimize their eco-footprint. These are real Vancouver homes where real people can celebrate life with a style all their own. Connecting People – Adera believes strong communities are created through a strong sense of community. Adera Builders make it a priority to connect their home owners with their neighbours. When a new Vancouver real estate development is nearing 80% occupancy, Adera organizes a party so that you can meet people who live next door. They will also introduce you to the folks behind the scenes here at Adera – the construction crew who built your home, the Adera management and your customer service representatives who will ensure your new Vancouver home meets your expectations in every way. The will even help organize clubs within the community so that you can socialize with people who have similar interests. Celebrating Individuality – You’re an individual and your Vancouver home should reflect that. Which is why Adera Builders offers the most extensive customization program found anywhere in British Columbia for new and pre-construction Vancouver real estate developments. From backsplashes and flooring to light fixtures and appliances, the Adera Customization Prgoram gives you enormous choices you can use to personalize your new Vancouver home. That way you’ll know your home will directly assume your own personal style.

Sustainability in Adera Vancouver Real Estate Developments

Sustainable Confidence – Adera has a profound respect for environmental stewardship. Adera has made a conscious decision to embrace sustainable building practises as a core value. Why? Adera Builders believes it’s just the right thing to do. Leaders in Innovation – One of BC’s green building pioneers, Adera is proud to have helped define Built GREEN BC practices and standards in the province. Adera is a Platinum Sponsor and have an employee serving on the board of directors for Built GREEN BC. Veranda was BC’s first Built GREEN townhouse community. Now Adera is the largest multi-family Built GREEN builder in BC. They have also worked closely with UBC, sharing sustainable expertise as they developed their REAP standards, now used for all residential construction on campus. Every Adera Vancouver home that they build today is certified by an independent third party body to ensure it meets sustainability standards. Talk about confidence. Active and Involved – Sustainability comes in many forms – Adera has donated vehicles to the Co-Op Auto Network in many of their new Vancouver real estate development communities; sponsor ongoing programs for young people, recognizing they are our future and; at GREEN, for our 40th, they are sponsoring a controlled release of salmon fry into a local cree with the help of Taylor Park Elementary students. From sourcing materials locally, which reduces fossil fuel consumption in transport, to investing in solar powered hot water preheat systems, to recyling programs for waste reduction, Adera Vancouver developer is making a big difference. Triple Bottom Line – The Adera environment savvy gives their homebuyers a winning triple bottom line: a direct, ongoing financial benefit – lower energy costs for themselves, and an advantage if they decide to sell (up to 35% savings on annual operating costs); a personal benefit – pride knowning your home positively affects the environment, and; finally, a social benefit contributing to the preservation of a better world and cleaner environment for all who share this planet.

Passion at Adera Vancouver Builders

Award winning customer service – At Adera, customer service begins the first time a potential Vancouver homebuyer walks into one of their condo or townhouse presentation centres – and never ends. It’s not a ‘service department’, it’s a way of life for every member of the Vancouver Adera team. Although they have won many awards during their 40 years of Vancouver real estate development communities, it’s the recognition for outstanding customer service the they value the most. They have been honoured seven times for the Best Customer Service Award and recipient of the first ever Customer Choice Award at the prestigious Georgie Awards – a record unrivalled in the BC residential reale state construction industry to date. Experience the joy of Vancouver Home Ownership – Adera Builders understands that purchasing a new Vancouver home can be daunting, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. Which is why the Adera team pledges to you that they will do everything that they can to make your journey of Vancouver home ownership uncomplicated, exciting, and ultimately fulfilling. They will help you choose the home that’s perfect for your lifestyle and within your budget. They will explain te many financing options now available, help you navigate the legal complexities and answer all of your questions regarding Vancouver home buying – whether you want to know more about just how your home was built, how your home warranty protects your real estate Vancouver investment or even how strata operates. And, of course, we’ll help you personalize the finshing details through the Adera Customization Program – an unparalleled opportunity to make your new Vancouver home as distinctive as you are. With you into the future – At Adera Developers, exceptional customer service doesn’t end when they hand you the keys upon closing of your new Vancouver home. Whether you’ve lived in your Adera home for two days or two years, they aren’t satisfied until you are – until you’re so delighted with your new Vancouver home that you’ll tell your friends and family about them. After all, it’s now just awards that count. It’s the testimonials and referrals that Adera receives from customers past and present.

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