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BC Builder Profile: Adera Developers Building Vancouver Homes for Over 40 Years - Part 1

Adera Has Been Building Vancouver Homes for 40 Years

Adera real estate developers have been building Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver condos, townhomes and single family homes for over four decades.Here is a list of the most recent Vancouver real estate developments including condos, townhomes and other multi-family residential projects.

1984 – Richmond Brigantine Square I & II (40 Homes)
1985 – Vancouver Ballyntyne Square (19 Homes)
1986 – Richmond Brigantine Square III & IV (97 Homes)
1986 – Richmond Ridgecrest (55 Homes)
1986 – Vancouver Seascape Vista (22 Homes)
1987 – Coquitlam Cedar Green (54 Homes)
1988 – Coquitlam Le Parc (64 Homes)
1988 – Richmond Sunset Terrace (84 Homes)
1989 – Coquitlam Le Chateau I (75 Homes)
1989 - Burnaby Mission Woods (68 Homes)
1989 – Richmond Springate (72 Homes)
1990 – Port Coquitlam Country Park Estates (115 Homes)
1990 – Coquitlam Le Chateau II (75 Homes)
1990 – Burnaby Sandborne Hill (42 Homes)
1991 – Coquitlam Country Park Phase III (40 Homes)
1991 – Burnaby Saturna (42 Homes)
1992 – Burnaby Cascade West (60 Homes)
1992 – Richmond Redonda (154 Homes)
1992 – Burnaby Saltspring (54 Homes)
1992 – Port Coquitlam Stonebrook (84 Homes)
1993 – Burnaby Winchelsea (160 Homes)
1994 – Maple Ridge Gabriola (119 Homes)
1994 – Maple Ridge Galiano (82 Homes)
1996 – Richmond The Hamptons (167 Homes)
1996 – Langley Highland Ridge (176 Homes)
1996 – Richmond Nautica I (114 Homes)
1996 – Burnaby Tudor Gate (56 Homes)
1997 – Langley Mayberry (91 Homes)
1997 – Burnaby Tudor Grove South (137 Homes)
1998 – Richmond Nautica II (106 Homes)
2001 – North Vancouver River Rock I (62 Homes)
2001 – Burnaby The Village (405 Homes)
2002 – North Vancouver River Rock II (33 Homes)
2002 – Richmond River’s Reach (150 Homes)
2002 – Richmond Riviera Garden (25 Homes)
2003 – Bunaby Ledgestone I (83 Homes)
2003 – Burnaby Riverstone (65 Homes)
2004 – Langley Denim Condos (283 Homes)
2004 – Vancouver I (65 Homes)
2004 – Vancouver Journey (80 Homes)
2004 – South Surrey Sundance (195 Homes)
2005 – Richmond Granville Greene (31 Homes)
2005 – Richmond Heather Greene (60 Homes)
2005 – Burnaby Ledgestone II (49 Homes)
2005 – Vancouver Reflections (77 Homes)
2005 – South Surrey Solay (175 Homes)
2006 – Surrey Veranda (200 Homes)
2006 – Richmond Red (84 Homes)
2006 – Richmond Red II (76 Homes)
2006 – Vancouver Legacy (55 Homes)
2007 – Vancouver Pathways (109 Homes)
2007 – North Vancouver Noma (81 Homes)
2007 – South Surrey Brownstones (97 Homes)
2007 – Burnaby Green (325 Homes)
2008 – Surrey Salus Cityhomes (160 Homes)
2008 – Surrey Salus Flats (238 Homes)

Adera On The Podium – It’s Only Bragging If You Can’t Back It Up! Here are the numerous awards that Adera Builders has won that include numerous awards from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC – Georgie Awards, SAM Awards, Gold Nugget Awards and other awards.

West Coast – World Class Homes

Adera Builders was founded on four core values: Passion, Partnership, Innovation and Sustainability. Guided by these guiding principles Adera aspires to grow the real estate development company into a true West Coast world class company – a meaningful, valuable group producing real estate and other business solutions competitive and accepted anywhere in the world. Other members of the Adera group include Adera Capital Corp., a diversified group investing in small and middle market companies who are leaders in mature Canadian insdustries. Adera Commercial Inc. includes construction management and holdings in a diverse array of office, industrial and retail buildings that help maintain the company’s financial stability. A fully integrated real estate mortgage lender and investment company, Terrapin Mortgage Investment Corp., deals primarily in first and second Canadian mortgages, as well as short term construction financing and interim mortgage funding. Thanks to the talents and skills of the extended Adera family of direct employees, consultants and trade partners, Adera is an acknowledged leader in Vancouver real estate residential construction. Each and every member of the Adera team is passionate about what they do, but it came as a wonderful surprise when Adera was name one of Canada’s Top 50 Small to Medium Employers for 2008 by the Globe and Mail – number 20 in the first year they were nominated. It’s a responsibility that Adera takes seriously. Saluting the Finest – When the world arrives in Vancouver in 2010, Adera will be ready to do their part, representing all the things that make the city and province great. Adera salutes the dedication of the athletes who will achieve gold as the fastest, strongest and most skilled in the world. It takes guts and determination to be the best. Looking to the Future – During the next 40 years, Adera will continue to look for innovative strategies to make home ownership more accessible and more exciting then ever. Adrea will explore new ways to preserve the fragile environment. And Adera will never lose sight of the fact that without you, the customers and friends, Adera would not survive as a company.

The Adera Platinum Partners

The Adera Platinum Partners Awards were created in 2007 to honour the companies and trades who consistently go above and beyond. These Senior Adera Partners exemplify the extraordinary teamwork and commitment that make our success possible. Here are the Adera Platinum Partners Awards. Integra Architecture, Inc: Integra, our first ever Platinum Parnter, was founded in 1999 by Dales Staples and Duane Siegrist, both ‘graduates’ of Graham Crockart Architecture, and have worked with Adera since it opened 40 years ago. The quality of the Integra Architecture designs has helped Adera win countless awards. Many times the Integra Architecture team anticipated what Adera would need next, getting started on it before they even asked, in order to ensure every Vancouver condo project not only meets but exceeds the level of excellence that home buyers insist on these days. Inf act, it was Adera’s desire to recognize Integra Architecture exceptional performance that led them to create the Adera Platinum Partners Awards. The second awards goes to CIR Mechanical Ltd. Headed up by Daryle Anderson, CIR Mechanical has worked on Adera condo projects for over 20 years. At the start of any Vancouver condo project, CIR Mechanical advises Adera on plumbing and mechanical issues that will have to be solved. The CIR Mechanical expertise maximizes each Adera condo project’s value engineering right form the design phase. During construction CIR Mechanical is also a true and proven leader in teamwork on the site, and when customer service is needed, they are always there to help. The last Adera Platinum Partners Award goes to MCAP Financial Corporation. MCAP, Adera’s leader of choice for more than a decaide, became the newest Adera Platinum Partner award winner in 2009. Lead by Bob McIvor in the Vancouver Branch and Derek Norton in head office Toronto, MCAP Financial Corporation is Canada’s largest independent mortgage and equipment financing company, developing sophisticated financing products tailored to the specific needs of each new Vancouver real estate development from project inception to completion. Coordinating the numerous critical deadlines for everything from progress payments and letters of credit to legal document processing requires an extraordinary high level of teamwork. MCAP Financial Corporation continues to deliver excellent service in all areas of their business, while leading the industry in sophisticated structuring to look after all of Adera’s financial needs.

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