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Private Investment Club – PIC Real Estate Club Feature - How to invest in property and set your life goals

An advertorial in the Canadian Real Estate Magazine opened eyes to one of the country’s leading real estate investment clubs. We chose PIC, the Private Investment Club, as our real estate club because of the insider deals, credible leaders and overall integrity. Sunil Tulsiani, PIC’s founder and president, left the Ontario Provincial Police and became rich through real estate investing, using the techniques he NOW teaches at PIC Private Investment Club meetings. He did it, so can we! And so can YOU! Join more than 700 PIC members who are receiving exciting Private Investment Club benefits that include insider deals with projected 30% ROI, headache free real estate investments with passive income, completed due diligence packages, ongoing education and mentoring/expert advise. Call PIC now to get your FREE pass toe the next PIC meeting. As a special bonus to our Canadian Real Estate Magazine readers, you will also receive a live training DVD that teaches you “10 Ways to Invest With No Money Down,” at the first meeting for the Private Real Estate Investment Club. Offer is limited to the first 50 callers. Call 1.888.302.6163 or 905.488.4033. Take action today. Choose the Private Real Estate Investment Club and make your financial dreams a reality. Visit

PIC Membership Does Have Its Privileges – How the Right Property Investment Club Can Transform YOU into a Successful Real Estate Investor

Real estate investing is both exciting and profitable. There are scores of success stories about ordinary people becoming millionaires in short order. But there are many people that simply cannot get beyond the dream of financial freedom. They become paralyzed by fears and lack of knowledge when it comes to property investing. This is where the benefits of belonging to a good real estate investment club will truly pay off. A really good investment club will help minimize fears with education, mentoring and support. A great property investment club will go even further and give its members to insider deals with passive income and excellent ROIs. Simply put, a great real estate investment club will help you become a successful property investor. PIC (Private Investment Club) is that great investment club for you! With over 700 members, PIC is the largest non-profit real estate investment club in Canada. PIC is making the lucrative world of investing accessible to the average person. Sunil Tulsiani, the founder and president of PIC, is dedicated to member success by providing the tools and expert knowledge that will help PIC members become financially independent. “Our mission is to educate, inspire, and promote financial freedom by helping our investors acquire income producing properties.”

Private Real Estate Investment Club Can Transform The Average Person Into a Successful Investor

Members of PIC enjoy a large number of services and benefits that have been created to ensure success. First and foremost is the extensive, continuous education that is offered to every member through monthly meetings. These sessions are designed to teach beyond the fundamental principles of investing in real estate. These are the same methods that Sunil used to become wealthy after he left the Ontario Provincial Police. Many members will tell you that the main reason they joined the Private Investment Club PIC is the access to lucrative insider deals that were not available to them until finding the club. PIC members get access to these real estate deals through a close association with Tulsiani Investments, co-founded with Sunil’s brother Ravinder. Recent deals presented to Private Investment Club PIC members include real estate projects in Canada, the US and overseas. Sunil ensures these deals are throroughly evaluated to ensure they earn a projected 30% return on investment (ROI). A third key benefit that has attracted members to PIC is the individual mentorship with Sunil and Ravinder which gives members personalized attention to their goals and development.

PIC Makes Real Estate Investing Easy and Comfortable

Membership into PIC has the added benefit of easy property investing. Sunil and Ravinder Tulsiani do most of the upfront work required to source and analyze deals. “We analyze hundreds of deals and only pursue the ones that we ourselves will invest in. We complete comprehensive due diligence and then make the findings available to our investors.” The process is so complete that members at the Private Investment Club for property with limited experience need only choose their desired deals, review the investment package, sign the prepared contracts and wait for the passive income to flow. Members feel safe property investing with PIC because of Sunil’s practice to “invest in every project along with our investors, so we have a vested interest in the outcome.”

Private Investment Club Is Founded on Honesty, Trust and Integrity

PIC is the largest non profit real estate club in Canada. 100% of the net profits are donated to charities for women and children. Members know that they are not only taking action to secure their financial future through real estate investments with the Private Investment Club PIC, they are also helping important community causes as well. Sunil Tulsiani left his 16 years career as an Ontario Provincial Police officer to become a successful professional real estate investor. He has a passion to share his experiences and knowledge with PIC members. Private Real Estate Investment Club members feel safe and confident that an ex-cop is personally handling their investments. PIC is helping average people profit from the world of real estate investing. Its members are confidently taking action and making their financial dreams a reality. PIC is the investment club of choice for more than 700 members because of the access to profitable headache free real estate deals, education, and expert property investing advice. Consider your goals and call PIC to start working towards financial freedom through real estate investing with PIC. Call PIC now to get your FREE pass to the next Private Real Estate Investment Club meeting. As a special bonus to the Canadian Real Estate Magazine readers, you will also receive a free DVD at the meeting.

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L.E.E.D. Design and Construction, Geothermal Real Estate Development, Green Skyline on North Shore Property

What is L.E.E.D. Design and Construction?

LEED is a grading system to determine the Environmental Efficiency of a finished building. LEED is certification through the "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" process, and currently the most definitive certification process in North America. B.C. is the leader of LEED certified buildings and green development in Canada with 31 as of December 20, 2007. LEED certification is based on a variety of categories, such as: Site sustainability, Energy, Materials and Indoor quality. Although LEED provides credit for many types of performance improvements, energy and water savings provide the most direct financial benefits. Typical energy savings for different levels of certification: LEED Certified: 24%, LEED Silver: 33%, LEED Gold: 47%, LEED Platinum: 60%. Typical portable water savings: Indoor consumption: 30%, Outdoor consumption: 50 - 90%. For more information, please call The Evolution Fund offices at 604-629-7697.

What is Geothermal Real Estate Development?

As many people have noticed, there are many more geothermal heating and cooling Vancouver real estate developments starting right now. As a selling point, developers want to get across the importance of this new technology to its home buyers. A Geothermal Heat Pump is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth and/or the earth's groundwater to heat and cool your home. How does it work? Like any type of heat pump, a geothermal system it simply moves heat energy from one place to another, using the same scientific principle as your refrigerator. By using the refrigeration process, geothermal heat pumps remove heat energy stored in the earth or groundwater and transfer it to your home. How is heat form a geothermal heating system in a real estate development transferred between the earth and the home? The earth has the ability to absorb and store heat energy. To use that stored energy, heat is extracted from the earth through a liquid medium (groundwater or an antifreeze solution) and is pumped to the heat pump or exchanger, and the heat is used to heat your home. In the summer the geothermal process is reversed and the indoor heat is extracted from your home and transferred to the ground through the liquid. Does it do both heating and cooling? One of the things that makes the geothermal heat pump so versatile is its ability to be a heating and cooling system in one. You can change from one mode to another with the flick of a switch on your thermostat. In the cooling mode, a geothermal heat pump takes heat from the indoors and transfers it to the cooler earth through ether groundwater or an underground loop system. For more about geothermal real estate developments and heat pump processes, please visit For further information on this and other geothermal and green developments contact The Evolution Fund at 604.629.7697 or read more at

Envisioning a Green Skyline on the North Shore Property Market

Tour offers a glimpse of green construction real estate gems on the North Shore real estate market. By North Shore Outlook staff reporter Scott N. Some of the North Shore’s greenest buildings will be open to the public this weekend as part of the Green Skyline Tour. Residences that adhere to the strictest principles of green construction will be showcased as part of the second annual event. Sunday’s tour of the North Shore green real estate market is one of several events that will take place around the province this week. “Our hope is to educate professionals and the public on green building,” said Mona Lemoine, co-driector of Cascadia B.C. the organization that launched the Green Skyline Tour for Vancouver. “We hope people gain more information on what green building features are being done in B.C. already.” To qualify for inclusion for the Green Skyline Tour Vancouver, these buildings tend to have achieved the Leadership in Energy and Design Certification (LEED). Other green buildings have innovative features that reduce their environmental impact. “These buildings have features that are considered to be green,” she said. “The typical areas we look for are site design, energy, tyhpes of materials used, water efficiency, indoor air quality, beauty and inspiration.” The North Shore Green Skyline Tour focuses mainly on residences, while tours in Vancouver offer a range of public and private buildings including a bike tour of the UBC campus. Among the North Shore green residences on the Green Skyline Tour is the Hanvey-Goodland House in North Vancouver real estate. The 1,600 square foot home features low-flow fixtures such as dual-flush toilets that cut water use in half. Efficient appliances and good insulation in the home limit energy use. When the home was renovated in 2004 to green building code, the contractor was careful to minimize construction waste. Three quarters of the existing vegetation was preserved and replanted and irrigated by rainwater collected in a rain barrel. “There are a lot of ideas incorporated as features into these homes,” said Lemoine. “Professionals can look and think about what they can include in their green projects.” People on the Green Skyline Tour can start in any order and tour times are at 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm and 3:30pm on Sunday. Many of the Vancouver tours are offered with a bike option, but with homes spread across the North Shore real estate market, Sunday’s green tour is recommended by car. The Green Skyline Tour North Shore was inspired by a similar event in London that draws more than 300,000 visitors each year. Lemoine hopes Cascadia’s Green Skyline Tour BC will spread across the country and encourage more green building construction. When it comes to green building, B.C. leads the way in Canada but Ontario is catching up. The province also lags well behind Oregon and Washington, Lemoine said. One of the reasons is that U.S. contractors and green building developers have been quicker to adopt eco-friendly practises. “In Canada, much more of the public sector is doing green building whereas the U.S. it’s the private sector,” said Lemoine. “Contractors and real estate are coming on board, but architects and engineers were frist to come on board.” Cascadia is the region’s green building council with members as far south as Oregon and all the way up to the coast of Alaska. The tours are meant to spread green building principles among all its members. “We hope to continue it as an annual event,” Lemoine said of the Green Skyline Tour of Vancouver. “Our hope is that it continues to grow across the entire province.” Homes on the North Shore Green Skyline Tour include the Pagani/Carruthers renovation at 855 8th St in West Vancouver, the Passive Solar Wardrop Home at 1338 Haywood in West Van, the Hanvey-Goodland Home at 715 East 18th Street in North Vancouver, Quayside Village Cohousing at 510 Chesterfield Ave in North Van and the Moore-Babiki solar heritage home at Edgemont Village. Tours cost $15 for Cascadia members and $25 for non-members. To register for the Green Skyline Tour, please visit

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Langley Real Estate Rental Apartments - Renting Suites in Langley BC Can Be Tough During Times of Low Vacancy Rates - Majorca, Linwood, Town & Country

There are four rental buildings with apartments and condos for rent in Langley that are called the Majorca (5699-201A St. and call 604.533.6945), Stardust (5639-201A St. and call 604.533.7578), Rainbow (5669-201A St. or call 604.533.6945) and Villa Fontana Langley (5609-201A Street and call 604.533.7578. These Langley rental apartments includes free laundry, heat, hot water and covered parking. Ideal for seniors, with a resident manager on site 24 hours a day, there is handy dart, home making services and a seniors centre at all four Langley rental apartment and condo locations. Also, the bus stop is at the corner of the street and the four rental apartment Langley buildings are just five minute walk to Save on Foods, Walk In clinics, shops and restaurants. The Langley condos for rent include free cable and free laundry in addition to hardwood floors, sparking clean building premises inside and outside. However, no pets are allowed.

Linwood Place Apartments for Rent in Langley City Real Estate

An amazing rental suite opportunity is upon us at the Linwood Place condos for rent that are located at 20051 55A Avenue. Located in Langley City rental apartments at Linwood Place provide great rental housing with one bedroom suites starting from $680/month and two bedrooms from just $850/month for rent. Also, all heat, water and cable are included with your rental at the Langley City Linwood Place apartment suites. Ask about their seniors’ discount move in bonus for a limited time only. The Langley City apartments for rent at Linwood Place also features a games room and exercise area on site, underground parking that is available if you need it, 24 hour security and a great location that is close to shopping, parks and the library. The Linwood Place rental apartments Langley City are a member of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program to make sure that you are safe and well protected in this community. Call the resident manager today for rental lease information at 604.530.6555.

Town & Country Apartments for Rent Langley

Quiet living in the city of Langley real estate property for rent, here is a quick summary of what the Town & Country rental suites provide you: affordable rent, large one and two bedroom apartments and some bachelors, fridge, stove, wall to wall carpet and draperies in addition to one underground parking stall. Heat and hot water are included with your Langley apartment rental at Town & Country and there are laundry facilities on site. Recreation centre with heated indoor pool, pool tables, beautiful courtyard with park-like setting, and the Town & Country rental suites are very clean and well maintained building with secured entry. There is an on-site resident manager 24 hours and no pets are allowed in this apartment building for rent in Langley City. For more information or to view this rental lease Langley apartment community, please visit them at 20740 56 Avenue in Langley or call 604.530.1912 to book a viewing time.

Rentals Langley City Apartments at Maple Manor

Ask about the new move-in allowance provided by Maple Manor apartments for rent in Langley! Located at 20117 56 Avenue, there are Seniors’ Discounts and great allowances for renters here. Featuring 1 bed from $715 per month to 2 beds from $800 per month, all rents at Maple Manor Langley rentals include heat, hot water, cable and parking. The residential rental community is close to schools, parks and shopping. The Maple Manor rental apartments are a member of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. You can call the resident manager to view, review lease details and rental apartment details by calling 604.534.0108.

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