Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update from MOSAIC Homes Vancouver Real Estate Builder - TATTON Coquitlam, LINKS Port Coquitlam & TURNSTONE Pitt Meadows

Mosaic Homes and the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Housing Market

MOSAIC Homes is a top builder in the Greater Vancouver real estate market.What's happening with the Greater Vancouver Housing Market? After several years at a furious pace, the Greater Vancouver Housing Market has settled down. As prices moved and interest rates came down to historic lows, affordability came back for many Vancouver home buyers. For instance, when you factor in price adjustments and interest rate drops, monthly payments for a Tri-Cities Townhome are now between 18% and 30% more affordable than they were a year ago. The result of this new affordability is the entire Greater Vancouver real estate market has seen strong Spring activity. When compared to May 2008, this May's attached real estate property sales are up 19.6% while new listings coming onto the market are down 36%. One thing is certain in this housing market: more home buyers are finding great value out there and they're making the decision to buy this Spring! What's MOSAIC Homes up to? Over the past year, hundreds of new homebuyers have decided to make our signature MOSAIC Homes rowhomes their own. With a wide selection of MOSAIC home sizes, locations, and price ranges, we currently have a home to meet every family's needs and budget. Have a look online at some of our current MOSAIC Homes real estate properties or come and visit us at one of our Home Stores today:

MOSAIC TATTON Coquitlam Rowhomes - 3 & 4 Bedroom Parkside Rowhomes in Coquitlam priced from the Upper $300,000s. Come see our 2 Model Homes today. 604.552.2220. Click here for more information about Coquitlam TATTON Townhomes for sale.

MOSAIC LINKS Port Coquitlam Townhomes - 2, 3, & 4 Bedroom Rowhomes on Carnoustie Golf Course in Port Coquitlam priced from the Mid $300,000s. Visit our 4 Model Homes and Observation Deck today. 604.464.9907. Select this link for more information about the presale rowhomes at LINKS Port Coquitlam.

MOSAIC TURNSTONE Pitt Meadows Waterfront Homes - 3 & 4 Bedroom Waterfront Duplexes in Pitt Meadows priced from the Low $500,000s. Walk through our Waterfront Model Home today. 604.460.0369. More info on the Pitt Meadows Turnstone duplexes for sale.

Should you have any questions about MOSAIC Homes or our current promotions, feel free to contact me at the number below. Kind regards, Megan at MOSAIC Home Sales | Office - 604.685.3888 |

Golden Ears Bridge Opening Soon - Last Remaining Pitt Meadows Waterfront Homes for Sale

Vancouver MOSAIC Homes features the Turnstone, Tatton and Links Rowhomes and Waterfront DuplexesThe Golden Ears Bridge Opening Celebration. A pivotal moment has come to the Ridge Meadows Community with the opening next week of the Golden Ears Bridge in Pitt Meadows. Linking the area with Surrey and Langley, this will bring enhanced connectivity to this already expanding Turnstone Pitt Meadows real estate community. This Sunday, June 14th, Translink will be holding a celebration on the Golden Ears bridge; beginning at 11am with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1pm. There will be entertainment and refreshments available for the whole family. Come join us to celebrate this important addition to the Ridge Meadows Community where Turnstone MOSAIC Homes in Pitt Meadows real estate market are located! TURNSTONE - A Limited Number of Waterfront Pitt Meadows Homes Remain. After a successful Spring and several weeks of beautiful weather, we have only a select number of Pitt Meadows waterfront homes remaining at TURNSTONE MOSAIC Homes! Each of these remaining three and four bedroom waterfront Pitt Meadows duplex homes offers unobstructed views to the river's edge and an open contemporary floorplan. Come see our designer finished waterfront model home today. Kind regards, Julia at 604.313.6158. More details on other new Pitt Meadows real estate developments.

Waterfront Pitt Meadows Homes for Sale at Turnstone by MOSAIC
One of our favourite Lower Mainland builders is MOSAIC Homes, a well established developer that focuses on building rowhomes and townhouses that are affordable and present well thought out floor plan layouts. The next instalment of property releases by MOSAIC Homes is the Turnstone rowhomes along the Pitt Meadows waterfront real estate market that features a collection of boutique townhomese that total only thirty three. This wildly popular Osprey Pitt Meadows neighbourhood that features that latest release of Waterfront Turnstone rowhomes is selling out quickly because of its unique location along the Fraser River. With the recent opening of the new Golden Ears Bridge that will connect Pitt Meadows with Surrey and other municipalities, the new presale Osprey waterfront Turnstone rowhomes will be another successful MOSAIC Home community. Waterfront Pitt Meadows real estate is hard to come by, and at the Turnstone rowhomes now selling, you can gain not only waterviews, but also 180 degree views from all three levels with vaulted ceilings in the master bedrooms as well. The spectacular floor plans and attention to detail both inside and out make the MOSAIC Turnstone townhouses an ideal next purchase for couples, retirees as well as growing families. From large and spacious side by side parking to dens/home office space and from lots of storage to in suite laundry, the presale Pitt Meadows waterfront homes for sale at the Osprey Turnstone rowhome MOSAIC community presents a great living experience ideal for all season living. Wrap around decks, BBQ outlets on the outdoor patios and security alarm systems are other details that are offered at the new Pitt Meadows waterfront homes here at Turnstone Osprey. The prices for these luxury MOSAIC waterfront residences now starts from the low five hundred thousand dollar range.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Report for Canadian First Time Home Buyers - by RE/MAX

First Time Home Buyers Report 2009 – RE/MAX Specialist

By Michael P, Executive VP and Regional Director for RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada. A great article that explains the latest in Canadian First Time Home Buyers Report, growing trends, government incentives and where the property deals are.

RE/MAX has just released its 2009 First Time Home Buyers Report. What were the most significant findings in this report?

The Canadian First Time Home Buyers Report 2009 by RE/MAX confirmed that first time homebuyers are now the engine driving Canadian home buying activity in virtually every major centre. Falling prices and rock bottom mortgage rates have been behind the push for entry level housing across the country. Market conditions across Canadian real estate markets have also helped, firmly favouring purchasers in 69 per cent of the centres surveyed, with another 31 per cent in balanced territory.

Are there any government incentives available for Canadian First Time Home Buyers?

Top of mind is the Federal Governments’ Home Buyers Plan – a plan that allows Canadian first time homebuyers to use RRSP funds tax-free to help purchaser their first home. Changes to the program outlined within the recent federal budget increased the withdrawal limit to $25,000 from $20,000 for the First Time Home Buyers Plan of Canada. The new First Time Home Buyers program, designed to help Canadians with closing costs, also provides a tax credit of up to $750. The Federal Government’s new $2.5 billion Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) program allows for a 15 per cent tax credit up to $1350 per household, on elgible renovation expenditures between January 27, 2009 and February 1, 2010.

Where are the Canadian property deals right now?

Just about every Canadian real estate market offers entry level product at an affordable price right now, but the RE/MAX report identified some key property Canadian markets offering single detached homes priced under $200,000 including Charlottetown, Halifax-Dartmouth, Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, Windsor, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Peterborough, North Bay, Kingston, London, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

What are the advantages of a Home Buyers’ Market in Canada?

It’s been over a decade since home purchasers held the reigns in a Canadian real estate transaction. The recent surge in listing inventory, diminished demand, and softer housing values have firmly place Canadian home buyers in the drivers’ seat. Homebuyers in Canada have much more leverage in the Canadian marketplace and it will be vendors, not purchasers, who will have to adjust their expectations. Entry level first time purchasers will also have a better selection of properties from which to choose and the luxury of time in making those crucial home buying decisions.

What’s in store for residential Canadian real estate in markets across the country in the months ahead?

Although they ear got off to a slow start, February home sales were well ahead of those reported in January 2009. The upward trending is expected to continue as more and more first time Canadian home buyers enter the market in the weeks ahead. The flurry of activity in the lower end condos and units may also serve to kick start sales in the mid to upper end Canadian real estate markets, which have been relatively sluggish in recent months. While home inventory and days on market was up virtually across the board, it is noteworthy that several Canada real estate markets reported tighter conditions in the lower end of the property market, where demand and buyer activity remains quite healthy.

How have changing Canadian housing markets impacted buyer intentions?

While a sense of caution still prevails, more and more first time Canadian homebuyers are finding it hard to pass up the chance to become homeowners in today’s buyer-centric real estate climate. Improved Canadian housing affordability is prompting many first time home buyers to get off the fence, out of the rental, and into the property market. With lower starting prices and interest rates at historic levels, Canadian home buyers are finding the carrying costs of homeownership at their most affordable level in more than a decade.

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VANOC Imposes More 'Lenient' Regulations on Vancouver 2010 Blogs, Olympic Athlete Blogging and Even 2010 Twitters

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Blogs for Blogging Athletes During the Winter Games

For many Winter Olympic Athletes, the Vancouver 2010 Games will be an experience of a lifetime, and for many athletes, it’s also a time for them to share their memories and feelings with their friends and family through their own blog sites. As blogging has become an international phenomenon, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics will be an incredible time for many to share their ideas, thoughts, pictures, things to do, images and memories with friends and family in Vancouver-Whistler and also throughout the world. However, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announced its athlete blogging rules for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. What many people and athletes actually don’t know is that there are strict rules and stipulations from the IOC against athlete blogging and what Vancouver 2010 Olympic athletes can actually blog and share with the general public, even on their own websites. With many restrictions in hand, the IOC has let down some guards and allowed athletes to blog more things than what they were allowed to share during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, when the blogging regulations were quite restrictive. As the Summer Olympics of 2008 Beijing came up, many Athletes expressed their needs and wants in blogging their experiences on the internet, and at that time, the International Olympic Committee stepped in and tried to control the blogging websites that these athletes wanted to share with the world. The IOC then came up with a set of rules just days before the Summer Olympics started, and to many athletes, it was way too restrictive. Now, the IOC has laid off of some of the most restrictive regulations in Vancouver 2010 Athlete blogging rules, but still maintains that they cannot add the Olympic symbol (the five rings) anywhere on their blogs or an images or videos that show the rings in any way. The IOC has stated it “considers athlete blogging… as a legitimate form of personal expression and not a form of journalism.” This position by the IOC on Vancouver 2010 athlete blogging was no doubt taken in an attempt to not upset the media companies that pay a lot of money (most in the millions and some in the billions) for exclusive rights during the Winter Games. However, like many winter 2010 athletes know, blogging has become the new age form of journalism, a way where the typical person can express their ideas, thoughts, memories and images to the world. For more information about the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, please click here.

For information about the latest furnished 2010 Winter rentals and affordable Squamish 2010 Olympic accommodation, visit these links.

More About Restrictions on Vancouver 2010 Athlete Blogging

As mentioned above, Winter Games 2010 athlete blogs are a great way for them to remember and post their memories on line and it has for some become an online form of journalism. Many people around the world are also interested in what the Vancouver 2010 athletes blogs have to say, as it gives the athlete perspective and experience first hand, rather through the filter of the media that control the journalism and stories coming out of the Vancouver Whistler 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The IOC to date has been very restrictive about what can and can’t be place on a personal athlete’s blog. In addition to banning all sorts of Olympic symbols, emblems and mascots, the Vancouver 2010 athlete’s blogs have to be careful when mentioning the word “Olympics” as well. They can mention the word, but out of context in a way where the Vancouver 2010 athlete is not promoting or expressing their own personal experience or interest on behalf of the Olympics. It’s a big step for the IOC to publicly express the rite for many athletes to post to their personal blogs and the blogging process, and the winners of it all are the athlete’s themselves as well as the internet viewers that will follow their favourite sports and Vancouver 2010 athlete blogs online throughout the games to get their first hand perspective on their performance, their experiences and pictures. In the end, according to David of Vancouver 24 Hours, despite the restrictions on Vancouver 2010 athlete blogging, the IOC may have reached a good compromise that will keep everyone basically satisfied for now. For details about Vancouver 2010 Tickets and VANOC concerns over illegal ticketing offices, please click here.

Latest update for short-term West Vancouver 2010 rentals and changes to the District bylaws that would allow for Olympic rentals in West Van.

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