Saturday, January 23, 2010

Downtown Eastside to Introduce New Vancouver Micro Lofts - Small Condos at 18 West Hastings Street - Affordable Vancouver Rental Housing

Vancouver Micro Lofts Coming to Downtown Soon!

Downtown Vancouver Micro Lofts are coming to the eastside at Burns Block 18 West Hastings Street.Small condos also known as downtown Vancouver Micro Lofts will soon be coming to town. Providing new and affordable housing, thirty of these Vancouver micro lofts will be built by the same team that built the Woodwards Gastown high-rise condo and mixed use development. On Monday, the announcement will be made about the creation of 30 micro lofts for downtown Vancouver Eastside by Reliance Properties Ltd. And ITC Construction Group. The redevelopment of the downtown Vancouver Eastside real estate district wil be made at 18 West Hastings. Currently, the historic Burns Block complex is on site and the redevelopment will consist of a redo of the six storey Burns Block in the Vancouver micro lofts or small condos. The micro lofts of Vancouver will consist of 270 sq ft units and will represent the smallest rental units in the entire units. It is compared as being two parking stalls at two hundred and seventy square feet, meaning that these tight spaces will do away with modern doodads and other things not required for daily living. The official launch and announcement of the Vancouver Micro Lofts coming to 18 West Hastings Street will be this coming Monday, January 25th, 2010. With the launch of 30 new affordable rental housing units in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the area will gradually redevelop into a liveable and sustainable community says the development team. By cutting out all the non-essentials that usually go into the construction and pricing on new pre-construction condos, these new Vancouver Micro Lofts at 18 West Hastings Street will have minimal features that are not essential for daily living, providing more affordable spaces. The initial designs will be released soon, and according to some analysts, the 270 sqft micro lofts will contain beautiful bathrooms and kitchens as well as built in beds. In addition, these downtown Vancouver micro-lofts will also have over height ceilings. While the project was originally passed by Vancouver City Council back in 2008, no movement has been made as the construction team was busy working on the Woodwards Gastown project.

More about Micro Lofts in Vancouver Eastsid

With much research having been done on the viability and liveability within a micro loft in downtown Vancouver Eastside, many people have compared these compact living spaces to those that have successfully been built and integrated into cities within Asia as well as Europe. In many cases, a lot of people are not willing to give up on the amount of living space they have be cause of comfort and reliability of storage. However, with property prices and rental rates still skyrocketing in downtown Vancouver, these Vancouver micro lofts in the eastside of downtown will provide affordable rental housing for those who require a better price point but can sacrifice space. The vacancy rates are at all time lows and a typical bachelor suite now goes for roughly $950 per square foot. These new Vancouver micro lofts will be slightly smaller, but will provide a more affordable rental rate for those interested. Let’s see how the grand opening announcement of this 18 West Hastings Vancouver micro loft project and its reaction will be on Monday before making judgement calls.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

City of Vancouver Approves Secondary Suites in the Sky - Essentially Vancouver Basement Suites or Condos Within Condos - Minimum Size of 280 sq ft

The City of Vancouver Council Passes “Mortgage Helpers” in the Sky for Condos within Condos

According to Metro Vancouver newspaper, the City of Vancouver has passed the bylaw that would allow for secondary suites within Vancouver high-rise condominiums. Citing a few problems with the current model, the City of Vancouver explained that availability as well as affordability are expected to rise with the ability to rent condos/rooms within condos legally in the City of Vancouver rental market. Secondary suites within high-rise Vancouver condominium towers are coming soon to the city, as new property developments will certainly take advantage of these incentives for mortgage helpers for new homebuyers. In a great move that will see the rise in the City of Vancouver’s rental condo stock and home affordability, the City of Vancouver coundil has agreed to the development of Vancouver secondary suites within condo homes. Often termed as mortgage helpers for sky suites, the City of Vancouver is the second municipality in the Lower Mainland to pass this form of secondary suite, just after Burnaby ok’d earlier this year. Just like a Vancouver basement suite, the Vancouver secondary suites in the sky will be lock-off units within condos that will be quite small, but affordable rentals. Much like UniverCity SFU Burnaby real estate development that is the first full-scale condominium project that has created floorplans that sustain secondary mortgage helpers and condos within condos, these Vancouver basement suites allow people to purchase a larger home while renting out these mortgage helpers to help pay down debt, and even make it more affordable for them to purchase new property. Many homebuyers may ultimately purchase a 3 bedroom condo with one of the bedrooms as a lock-off suite, as the Vancouver mortgage helpers or condominiums within condos will help pay part of the mortgage.

For details about the recently passed housing bylaw for legal Vancouver laneway housing, please refer to this link.

More About the Vancouver Secondary Suite Lock-Off Unit Plan

A secondary advantage of these Vancouver secondary suites is that it will help increase the Vancouver rental stock, which for decades has been very tight. With these basement suites or Vancouver lock-off suites the size of a small hotel room, the bylaws surrounding these mortgage helpers will be a minimum size of 280 sq ft with a bathroom, kitchen area. And for new Vancouver condo development, floorplans allowing lock-off suites down to 205 sq ft will be allowed upon a case by case scenario as long as all regulations are followed including security, storage and lighting in the Vancouver mortgage helper suite. Residentiaul suites the size of a five ton truck has never been seen in the rental Vancouver real estate market, so this is definitely a first. Allowing for families to age in place, homeowners can now rent out the suite before they have children and expand their own home during the time when their kids grow up, and then lock-it off again once their children leave, allowing Vancouver homeowners to effectively utilize and leverage their property investment. The City Council expects that it will take about 1 year before the first master-planned Vancouver condo real estate development will have secondary lock-off suites built into the floor plans. What people don’t realize is that the City of Vancouver allowed for secondary suites in the South Vancouver East Fraserlands real estate development.

More information about Burnaby lock-off suites and Burnaby secondary suites in the sky, please click here.

Rental Suites Inside Condos Approved by Vancouver City Council

According to Real Estate Weekly, the City of Vancouver have approved Vancouver lock-off suites within condos as small as two hundred and five square feet which is meant to ease the very tight rental market in the city. With Vancouver lock-off rental suites within condominiums becoming reality, many Vancouver condo owners will be able to rent out these ‘mortgage helpers’ to students or other individuals looking for small affordable spaces to live. Lending some of the approval to the City of Burnaby’s UniverCity development that saw the creation of these legal lock-off suites within condos, homebuyers in the Vancouver real estate market can now look from larger residences such as two and three bedroom condos and then rent out the legal rental suite within the condo to help with their mortgage payments, thereby making their own home into a valuable asset. With lock-off suites approved in Burnaby, the City of Vancouver has now followed suit, allowing for Vancouver lock-off suites within existing condos as small as 205 sq ft. In Burnaby, condo lock-off suites can be up to 240 square feet and were part of the UniverCity real estate master planned community for student housing. The rental suite or lock-off suite within the condo will have its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and can be as small as 280 square feet in Vancouver down to 205 as a minimum as long as there is adequate lighting and storage for the tenant. Such rezoning and approval of Vancouver lock-off suites in condos will allow the densification of areas such as downtown Vancouver as well as Southeast False Creek in future developments. South Vancouver East Fraserlands had already gotten approval from City Council for secondary suites in strata units and that community is in its development stage right now.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Vancouver Residential Property Developer Focus - Ledingham McAllister Building BC since 1905 - One of the top Vancouver builders is LEDMAC

Discover Ledingham McAllister Real Estate Developers – Building BC Since 1905

Looking Ahead for Ledingham McAllister Properties – A special article published in the New Home Buyers Guide in March 2008. Now well into its second century, Ledingham McAllister continues to reach for new heights as one of British Columbia’s most respected real estate builders. To reflect the increasing scope of their work, in March 2008 the Ledingham McAllister Builders moved its headquarters to spacious new offices in the recently refurbished Evergreen Building at 1285 West Pender Street. One of Vancouver’s most avante garde office towers when it was designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson in 1981, it seems fitting it is the Evergreen Building that will provide much needed space for further expansion of the Ledingham McAllister’s real estate empire.

But CEO Ward McAllister is quick to stress growth will never come at the expense of the Ledingham McAllister real estate builder’s mission statement: to not only meet but exceeed customer expectations. “We have been building for a very long time, and our reputation is absolutely paramount to us,” he says. “Our communities are built to an extremely high standard with above-average finishing details, and are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. I love the creativity involved in designing homes people truly want to live in and offer enduring value,” he acknowledges. “Most of our Ledingham McAllister home buyers are homeowners so this is probably their single largest asset. The greatest reward is when comeone comes up to you and syas: I am so thrilled with the home you built for me – thank you.”

And while draft horses and hats, jackets, and ties are no longer seen on contemporary job sites of Ledingham McAllister real estate developers in Greater Vancouver, there’s no question the commitment to superior quality Ledingham McAllister represented at the turn of the previous century lives on in the 21st. In a fast changing real estate world, Ledingham McAllister will continue to be a pioneer, leading the way to new levels of excellence and creating communities where Ledingham McAllister home owners can experience life on their own terms, secure in the knowledge they are backed by the reputation of a Vancouver real estate company that helped build BC into the province which lays claim to being “the best place on earth” to live, work and play.

Contact Information for Ledingham McAllister: 1285 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC – 3rd Floor. Telephone is 604.662.3700 or

The Official Strategic Move to Residential Property Development

Now president and CEO, Ward McAllister joined Ledingham McAllister real estate builders in 1983 fresh out of university. By the end of the decade he was a full partner and the company was renamed Ledingham McAllister Properties as it is known today. After working side by side for 20 years, Bruce W retired and Ward decided it was, once again, time for a new focus. Gambling on the housing market’s historic trend to lead BC out of recession, Ward led Ledingham McAllister on a mission to land acquisition for residential real estate development. The gamble paid off, and by 2004, Ledingham McAllister Proepries became the second largest real estate builder of wood frame condominium homes in BC and has now begun building a solid reputation as real estate developers of trendsetting high-rise concrete condo towers in Vancouver. So popular are Ledingham McAllister projects become that most are sold out long before construction is completed.

“When people look to Ledingham McAllister Properites, they see a real estate builder that’s deeply rooted in the very fabric of this province’s history,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing, Manuele Mirecki. “As BC celebrates its 150th Anniversary, it’s so exciting to know that we have been right there helping to build this province for more than 100 of those years – we are the only construction company in this province who can say that.”

With longevity, she stresses, comes responsibility – a responsibility that continues to be a driving motivator in Ledingham McAllister’s quest for excellence. “We have been a trendsetter for over a century, so people have the security of knowing they are dealing with an established builder, a real estate builder with experience and expertise in every facet of BC construction – from infrastructure to commercial to residential. And our commitment to after-sales service is exemplary.”

Although almost reticent about the numerous awards Ledingham McAllister Properties has received over the years, Ledingham McAllister real estate developers continues to receive a steady stream of accolades from consumers and industry peers. Most recently, Somerset by Ledingham McAllister Properties, an exclusive collection of only 18 attached homes set within a private, gated community on the grounds of the University of British Columbia, was awarded the title of Best Ground-Oriented Residential: Multi-Family in the prestigious 2007 Urban Development Institute’s Awards for Excellence in BC Construction. However, never one to rest on past successes, Ledingham McAllister Properties continues to embrace opportunities of not only meeting but exceeding the demands of today’s sophisticated, urban-savvy residential marketplace.

Ledingham McAllister Has Over 100 Years of Quality, Commitment and Integrity

Ledginham McAllister has long been recognized as a leader in the construction and real estate development industry throughout British Columbia. Now well into our second century of operation, Ledingham McAllister property builders reachds for new heights as one of British Columbia’s oldest and most respected builders. We are dedicated to the creation of quality homes in superior locations and providing our customers with long term real estate property value. Our past was built on it, our future depends on it. Final masterpiece is now selling at the Varley at Brentwood Gate in Burnaby real estate market by Ledingham McAllister. The craftsman inspired one, two and three bedroom homes will be your final opportunity to purchase in the highly coveted Brentwood Gate community in Burnaby real estate market. Now selling and prices for Varley apartments at Brentwood Gate start from $269,900. The Final Residences at the pre-sale Burnaby Fitzgerald at Brentwood Gate master planned Ledingham McAllister community features the final opportunity to live in the landmark condo tower within this highly successful new neighbourhood. Move in today! Move in this Spring into the Burnaby Silhouette condo tower residences by Ledingham McAllister at these stunning high-rise condo residences that soar above Lougheed Town centre and are just steps from the shops and services of the new Norrthgate Village community. Coming Soon by Ledingham McAllister is the Century Vancouver condos for sale which is a collectin of contemporary west coast style low-rise condo residences that will revitalize one of Vancouver’s first neighbourhoods. The Ledingham McAllister pre-construction Vancouver Century condos are coming soon. Also coming soon is Memento Burnaby condos by Ledingham McAllister. The craftsman inspired four storey residences, located in theheart of Brentwood Town Centre Memento Condos are nearby a myriad of shops, services and amenities.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Metro Vancouver Homelessness Key Issues and Numbers - Social Housing Updates - North Shore Homeless Count - Affordable Housing on Its Way?

Downtown Eastside Vancouver Rainier Hotel Re-Opens for Women’s Social Housing

The complex offers homes and hope according to Kristen T. of MetroNews Vancouver. Forty one women who had been sleeping in alleys or shelters will now have a safe place to call home with the opening of the women’s housing social apartment complex in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Rainier Hotel was re-opened yesterday after a $9.5 million contribution from the provincial and federal governments and $5 million from Health Canada. The 41-unit, single room occupancy Rainier Hotel Vancouver downtown eastside building will have a 20 unit treatment program for women in recovery from detox and 21 units for social housing tenants. “In our community there is a lot to be sad about,” said Liz Evans, founder of the Portland Hotel Socity, which will be managing the third floor units at the downtown Eastside social housing Rainer Hotel in Vancouver. “This building represents homes and hope for the women in the Vancouver downtown eastside. This will have a great impact on the lives of the people here.” Heather Hay, with Vancouver Coastal Health said yesterday was a “benchmark day,” for the women of Downtown Eastside Vancouver and social housing. “Housing is often the first step in recovery, but it isn’t enough,” she said. “By offering a rnage of supports to vulnerable women after detox treatment, we are giving them the tools to become stable, regain control of their health and establish a foundation for ongoing recovery.” Expanding social housing has been a priority for the provincial government. The Rainier Hotel in Downtown Eastside Vancouver was one of six single room occupancy social housing hotels bought by the BC government last year to protect and expand affordable housing. To date, the province has acquired 23 hotels with 1350 units in Vancouver, mostly in the downtown Eastside for social housing and treatment facilities. Renovations are currently underway at 11 of the buildings.

Vancouver Social Housing Update - March 2009 - BC To Fund New Affordable Social Housing Sites

The provincial government of British Columbia has announced that it will fund and build six long awaited social housing sites in Vancouver, part of a year old pledge to fast track a dozen social housing projects on city-owned land. This is according to 24Hours Vancouver and written by Irwin L on March 18, 2009. The six new Vancouver social housing sites will be located at: 1338 Seymour Street (with 105 new social housing units in Vancouver Downtown), 1005 Station Street (with 80 new Vancouver social housing suites), 525 Abbott Street in Gastown with 108 units, 188 East 1st Avenue in East Vancouver with 129 new social housing units, 3212 Dunbar Street with 51 units and 339 West Pender Street with 96 new affordable housing suites. This move by the BC government came on Tuesday as advocates in the Downtown Vancouver Eastside accused the province on failing to deliver on their election promises. By kick starting $172 million in funding for affordable social housing in Vancouver, these will be an additional 569 units built in the next year. Five of the six Vancouver social housing sites are in downtown Eastside. This is only half of the promised Vancouver social housing projects that was promised back in 2007. If fully constructed, the dozen Vancouver social housing sites would see up to 1200 small studio units of housing for low income singles, with many catered towards hard to house clients with mental health and addiction service providers.

Metro Vancouver Homeless Tally Up 22 Per Cent

This according to 24Hrs Matt K: Metro Vancouver has 22 per cent more homeless today than it did three years ago. The Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness published the final results of its March 2008 Homeless Count. “We’ve approximately named the report ‘Still on our Streets…,’” said Val MacDonald, the chair of the Steering Committeee’s communications working group. “Without exception, all communities showed an increase in homelessness.” Volunteers tallied 2,660 homeless people during the 24 hour count, which is meant to provide a “snapshot” of Vancouver’s homeless situation. In 2005, volunteers reported 2,174 homeless people. This year’s homeless numbers are particularly staggering for the Aboriginal community. After a 34 per cent spike in their homeless population, Aboriginals now make up 32 per cent of all homeless people in Vancouver included in the count. “The findings of Aboriginal homelessness are some of the most disturbing,” said Ken Clement, the chair of Lu’ma Native Housing Society. “We can’t afford to look at Vancouver homelessness just as one piece of the problem. It’s a system issue. We need to act.” Both Clement and MacDonald challenged all levels of governments to step up with funding to meet the growing demand to house the Metro Vancouver homeless.

Numbers Show Homelessness Still Rising in Greater Vancouver

According to Andrea W of Metro Vancouver newspaper: The findings of last March’s homelessness count were released yesterday, confirming what is no surprise to Vancouver locals: homelessness is on the rise. The count, done by the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee (RSCH), showed that there were at least 2,660 homeless people on the streets in Metro Vancouver during the 24 hours in which it was conducted. The total number of homeless people in Vancouver, however, is likely much higher. “Considering that 24 hour point in time counts inherently undercount the homeless, the numbers in the report tell us that the region is experiencing a continued growth in homelessness,” said Alice Sundberg, co-chair of the RSCH, in a statement. The report also found that Metro Vancouver homeless people in the region increased by an estimated 22 per cent since 2005 and 137 per cent since the first count in 2002. Street homelessness in Vancouver increased by 40 per cent since 2005 and by 373 per cent since 2002. Aboriginal people represented 32 per cent of all Vancouver homeless people surveyed, despite making up only two per cent of the Greater Vancouver region’s population.

North Shore Outlook- Homeless Count in Vancouver

The North Shore’s homeless population is now the fourth largest in Metro Vancouver real estate. According to the 2008 Homeless Count in Greater Vancouver the number of people living without shelter grew 40 per cent (to 113) since volunteers last conducted the 24 hour survey in 2005. Based on the number of homeless turned away at the North Shore Lookout Emergency Shelter, executive director Karen O’Shannacery knew this wasn’t a typo in the report. “The visible homeless is on the rise not just on the North Shore, but everywhere,” she said. “We’re not surprised by the drastic jump at all.” The overall number of homeless people in Metro Vancouver jumped by 22 per cent from 2005. The number of homeless on the North Shore ranks only behind Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey. If anything, O’Shannacery said the homeless numbers collected during the point-in-time count are underreported. The North Shore homeless shelter has limited capacity: 45 temporary beds and 25 traditional housing units. “There’s a number of people living on the streets [in North and West Vancouver] because they refuse to leave because this is where their comfort zone is,” she explained. Many are forced to live rough because of a dearth of shelter beds and – perhaps- more importantly – supported North Shore housing units. “Where is the affordable, supported housing?” she asks. Breaking the cycle of homelessness on the North Shore required permanent housing options with support services for those wishing to transition from life ont eh streets. At the moment, there’s only a “nominal” supply of supportive housing units on the North Shore, she added. Last year the provincial government announced more than $80 million in funding for approximately 1,000 supportive housing units in Vancouver, Victoria and Burnaby. O’Shannacery conceded that North and West Vancouver may suffer from the “attitude that the North Shore is wealthy and can meet their own needs,” and believes North Shore municipalities must increase pressure on federal and provincial governments to start an affordable housing supply program for the homeless on the North Shore. “The North Shore has even less affordable housing than Vancouver and other municipalities. [The temporary shelter] is the pathway to the solution – not the solution.” – The Outlook.

Government Parties Promise Housing

According to Carlito P for the Georgia Straight Real Estate section. When police started ticketing homeless people camped out in Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park last summer, Kathy Walker and her neighbours decided to take action. They started going to the park early in the morning, when police started arriving, and they stood in solidarity with the campers. One evening, Walker, a resident of the Jackson Avenue housing cooperative on the east side of the park, camped out with her young daughters amid the homeless. At one time, walker said, she counted about 30 tents in the park. In mid-August, the campers were moved into hotels and housing units owned by the provincial government. Walker recalled that one woman told her she had been on a housing wait list for the past five years. Oppenheimer Park has returned to what it was prior to the camp-out. But according to Walker, there are always homeless people hanging out there. With the federal election campaign in full swing, Walker wants to hear politicians talk more about what their respective parties intend to do about homeless and housing the homeless. “It’s such a basic thing for human dignity,” Walker to the Straight by phone on September 22nd. “People need decent, safe place to live.” On Sept 16, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that if reelected, his government will give first time home buyers a tax credit of $5,000 of the closing costs of a house purchase. The next day, ministers Monte Solberg and John Baird rolled out a pledge that a new Conservative government will extend for five years three programs with funding of $1.9 billion. These are the Affordable Housing Initiative, the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program and the Homelessness Partnering Strategy. For their part, the federal Liberals have promised to tackle the Vancouver housing crisis by providing 30,000 new social housing gunits. They will also refurbish 30,000 existing units. The Liberal platform also includes expanding subsidies for low income people living in federally funded co-op housing in downtown Vancouver east side.

More about Social Housing Vancouver

Like the Conservatives, the Liberals pledged to renew the RRAP. They will also continue with the Homeless Partnering Initiative, a component of the HPS. If ever they get to form a government, the NDP has am ambitious program to implement. They will start a 10 year national housing program that will build 200,000 social housing and co-op units. They will also renovate 100,000 existing units. Rent supplements will be given to 40,000 low income tenants. An NDP government will underwrite low interest mortgages on affordable housing. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation will be redirected to fund social housing. The Greens are more modest. They have promised to build 20,000 social housing units and rehabilitate 10,000 existing units over the next 10 years. They will also provide credit and loan guararntees to nonprofit housing organizations and co-ops. The Greens will subsidize private real estate developers who include affordable housing in their housing projects. If politicians aren’t saying much about the housing and homelessness, voters themselves can put these issues front and centre. The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, a national organization representing nonprofit housing groups, has assembled a tool kit so that anyone can be a “housing champion” in his or her riding. The kit has a sample letter or email to candidates that explains why social housing in Canada has to be on the campaign agenda. It states that four million Canadians “live in housing they can’t afford, that is overcrowded or that is unhealthy or unsafe.” When the Striaght first talked with Walker on August 15, the day after campers were removed from Oppenheimer Park, she offered a smiple solution to help ease the problem of homelessness. “With all the energy and resources and time going to prepare for the Olympics, if we can divert some of the time and energy and money… we could get people off the streets and into decent social housing.”

Tents No Vancouver Housing Answer
According to the 24Hrs Vancouver newspaper: Vancouver’s less fortunate can no longer be shuffled out of sight, homeless advocates charged yesterday. Speaking outside of city hall, Streams of Justice organizer David Diewert cited a B.C. Supreme Court ruling that allows Vancouver homeless people to erect tents in parks and on public grounds in Victoria as a catalyst for a parallel action in Vancouver. “All this is really doing is brining into the visible landscape the true reality of desperation and homelessness that are in our cities,” Diewert said of the decision. Pivot Legal Society lawyer Laura Track said a case before Vancouver courts to strike down a similar vagrancy bylaw should yield the same result since the number of homeless people in Vancouver is more than double the number of available shelter beds. If city attorneys in Victoria had been able to provie there was sufficient shelter space, the judge would have faced a more difficult position, she said. Still, Diewert said tents are no solution, and called for the immediate opening of vacant Vancouver housing. Diewart is taking part in a seven day fast and vigil on city hall property to mark Homelessness Action Week. An article by Dharm M for 24 Hours.

Social Housing and Homelessness Activists take on Vancouver Housing Hurdles through the Eastside Vancouver Poverty Olympics

According to MetroNews Vancouver’s Jeff H., activists in the downtown Eastside Vancouver held a $6 Olympics yesterday in protest of the $6 billion Olympics in Vancouver-Whistler 2010 that wil take place in Vancouver in little more than a year from now. The Poverty Olympics, as they call themselves featured short skits of athletic events like Housing Hurdles, Wrestling for Community and Skating Around Poverty. Gena, who co-hosted the second annual event dressed as mascot Chewy the Rat, said she was representing all the people of downtown Eastside Vancouver “who have go nothing out of all the Olympic promises.” The Vancouver Eastside Poverty Olympics began with a torch relay and protest march through the Vancouver downtown eastside to the Japanese Language school on Alexander Street. The first event, Sweeping Aside Poverty (curling), featured poverty Olympians pitching rocks (painted milk jugs) across a carboard ice sheet covered with obstacles like bureaucratic red tape and paper clips. Meanwhils, their opponents, a slick looking team called Vanoc, had no such difficulty. They were able to sweep away obstacles with bailout brooms or cut thorugh them with help from their friends in the police and corporate media. The Vancouver Poverty Olympics has been a hot issue around town lately.

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