Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tallest Vancouver Condo High-Rise Towers Coming Soon to Downtown Vancouver Real Estate Market - Landmark Highrise Condominiums Coming Soon!

Tallest Condominium Towers Planned and Passed by City Council

The downtown Vancouver dome skyline policy will allow for taller Vancouver condo highrises to be built even while protruding existing view corridors.Vancouver city council has passed proposals for four new massive downtown Vancouver condo high-rise towers, one of which will surpass the height of the current tallest Vancouver condominium tower, the Shangri-La condominium hotel building. This comes on January 13th, 2010, admist one of the biggest building booms during the past decade and shortly after the global economic problems that plagued the Vancouver real estate market for much of 2009. Having rebounded sharply in the last 6 months of 2009, the Vancouver real estate market has been on the march upwards as homebuyers are trying to buy property before the expected HST that comes into play in July 2010 in addition to a likely increase in mortgage rates later in the year. City Council passed a proposal to build the tallest Vancouver condo tower near Georgia and Seymour Streets. This building site could accommodate the tallest Vancouver condominium tower at two hundred and thirteen metres height (213 metres). The current tallest Vancouver highrise is the Shangri-La Hotel Condo that stands at 201 metres (two hundred and one) and it stretches up sixty one stories. Recently completed in late 2008, the next closet tallest Vancouver condo highrise is that of the Wall Centre in central downtown Vancouver real estate market, which is only 152 metres in height. As of mid-January 2010, Vancouver City Council has passed the proposed buildings at four different sites that will forever change the landscape and skyline of the downtown core, without altering view corridors as much as possible. The January 5th 2010 report from the Vancouver Planning Department states that the higher building policy (for height restrictions to be lifted) is the only way that Vancouver can expand and meet homebuyer and rental demands. The Vancouver Central Business District east of Georgia Street to False Crek in addition to south down to Burrard Street to the foot of the Burrard Street Bridge was mentioned as the possible sites for higher and taller Vancouver condo highrises to be built.

The 4 Tallest Vancouver Condo Highrise Proposals Passed

Massive landmark Vancouver condo towers will grace the skyline as the dome skyline policy.In addition to the tallest 213 metre condo highrise proposed for the Georgia/Seymour Street area of downtown Vancouver real estate market place, the Vancouver City Council also passed plans for three other new condominium tower developments that will be quite tall as well. There is another proposed tall Vancouver condo highrise at Georgia Street and Beatty Street. This second downtown Vancouver condo highrise landmark building will be approximately 152 metres in height, the same as the Wall Centre Vancouver tower. The third highrise proposed by City Council will be at the end of Georgia Street and will most likely get to 130 metres (one hundred and thirty metres in height), which will make it one of the top five tallest Vancouver condo high-rise towers in the city. The last proposed and planned tower building in downtown Vancouver will be a 122 metre high-rise proposed for Burrard Street on the other side of the city. The recent change in planning policy will see certain height restrictions lifted to create more of a ‘dome skyline’ policy. The cascading heights of these towers will allow the current view corridors to remain intact, while also increasing density of the urban core. The downtown Vancouver dome skyline policy takes into effect right away with these planned tallest Vancouver condo highrises, mainly across Georgia Street and Burrard Street. Many other tall skyscrapers may be in the works as well. The Vancouver dome skyline policy is based on creating more space for renters and homeowners to live within the urban core, and with many restrictions required from the developers’ standpoint, Vancouver City Council believes that this is the right course of action.

Green Standards, Liveability and Sustainability Key to the Domed Skyline Vancouver Building Strategy

As with many new building policies, the downtown Vancouver domed skyline strategy will create the possibility of more creative architecture, striking landmark buildings and higher density within the downtown core. However, Vancouver City Council stated very rigorously that the proposed tallest Vancouver highrise condo developments must adhere to very strict Built Green standards in condo building construction in addition to create liveable and sustainable condominium homes that will help protect the environment and retain its value long term. The Vancouver domed skyline building strategy will also require developers to create space for hybrid vehicle power stations in the underground parking, and also apply for LEED or Built Green certification. All of these features will help to create more liveable and sustainable downtown Vancouver condo homes for purchasers and renters for future generations. So Vancouver, you got what you wanted! Four massive downtown Vancouver condo highrise towers will be coming your way in the next couple of years!

Downtown Vancouver Dome Skyline Policy Won’t Block Views of North Shore Mountains

The tallest Vancouver highrise condo towers will be coming soon to Georgia Street after City Council approval.With a long standing policy of protecting ‘view corridors’ Vancouver City Council has repeatedly disapproved downtown Vancouver highrise condo towers that would even remotely block views of the North Shore mountains and water. However, during the past few years, City Council has become more lenient on building heights, with the construction of the Wall Centre and Shangri-La Vancouver. Now, it seems, the city council has adopted the downtown Vancouver dome skyline policy which allows for taller Vancouver condo highrises to be built in the downtown core. Apparently this Vancouver dome skyline policy will still help protect the view corridors of the North Shore mountains and beyond. Indeed, this is a shift in building policy, but in the end, the placement of ‘special buildings’ through the dome skyline policy will help beautify the Vancouver skyline. These taller Vancouver condo highrises will become part of the view and beautiful skyline. The proposed condominium highrise landmark towers within the new Vancouver dome skyline will be between 122 metres and 152 metres and will be built along sites at the foot of Georgia Street and Burrard Street in addition to Georgia/Seymour and Georgia/Beatty, along some of the most dense and built out corridors in the downtown stretch. These tall Vancouver condo highrise proposals will be the first extra tall dome skyline policy projects in the city that will protrude the current view corridors. However, with exceptional architecture, sustainable Built Green construction and the possibility of affordable rental housing, the Vancouver dome skyline policy will likely be passed very soon to give an architecture statement to the city skyline. Without eroding the view corridors all that much, the downtown Vancouver development community and building developers are all for this added density on their sites. Some City Councillors have even proposed that one of these 4 tall Vancouver condo highrises will become an office tower, bringing back more office space to downtown that has been recently converted into residential buildings. Another of the 4 new proposed Vancouver highrise landmarks may become a part office and part residential condo building. In addition to the development of these very tall Vancouver condominium towers, the city expects developers to add to the services and amenities of the community, including affordable rental housing, daycare, parks and heritage preservation and the approval of any new pre-construction Vancouver condo development will have to come with these developer perks. Some City Councillors say that downtown Vancouver real estate market can accommodate another thirty thousand (30,000) residents under the current zoning of the sites. Right now, over 100,000 or one hundred thousand people call downtown Vancouver home. Another City Councillor has proposed mid-rise buildings throughout the city core including the business district, while increasing the height of new Vancouver condo buildings towards downtown East around the Chinatown, Crosstown and Gastown areas. Last year, there were city staff who called for the development of two 91-metre condominium towers in Chinatown next to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese gardens. Some of the areas around downtown Vancouver Chinatown real estate district along Pender Street have already been rezoned to accommodate for higher low-rise and mid-rise condo buildings during the past year.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Introducing Greater Vancouver Real Estate Builder - TQ Construction – Envision, Design and Build - GREEN Home Renovations

Contemporary, Traditional, Country, Oriental, Romantic, Southwestern and Eclectic. Every great home renovation starts with an inspiration. At TQ Construction, we believe that every successful Greater Vancouver home renovation is not just about tearing down and starting over. It’s about retaining materials and labour, which have value and history. It’s about making something good even better. The Greater Vancouver real estate builders at TQ Construction are winners of 9 Gold Georgie Awards for building excellence. Complimentary Consulatation by TQ Construction: TQ Construction provides Greater Vancouver homeowners with a FREE initial consultation, typically between 1 to 2 hours. The purpose of the TQ Construction consultation is to discuss your needs and project scope, explain our design and construction services, as well as answer any questions you may have. The Greater Vancouver real estate builder TQ Construction free consultation program includes: interview and site evaluation, design development, interior design, detailed estimating, construction and project management. Please call 604.430.9900 or visit for more information.

GREEN Home Renovations by TQ Construction Saves You More

GREEN Home Renovations through TQ Construction Vancouver real estate builders and developersAccording to their advertorial, TQ Construction believes that a GREEN Home Renovation will save you more time and money in the short and long term of your investment. TQ Construction leads the way on geren home renovations in the Greater Vancouver real estate marketplace. Today’s Vancouver home owner is faced with many options when considering their home renovation. Should they build up? Build out? Many are choosing to Build Green, and for very good reason. Why Renovate Green? Aside from the environmental benefits, Greater Vancouver green home renovations provide lont term energy and maintenance savings to the homeowners. By opting for energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, and using less water on landscaping through Vancouver green home renovations, you can significantly decrease your energy bills and save money, while protecting the environment. Green Renovations for your Vancouver Home. Green renovation projects practices you can easily employ in your home include: EnergyStar appliances, triple glazed windows, LED lighting wherever possible, existing materials in the home, sustainable and local building materials, native plant landscaping to reduce watering and low VOC products to reduce off-gassing. Leading the Way in Greater Vancouver green home renovation: Recognized as a leader in Vancouver green home renovation, TQ Construction is a supporter of sustainable environmental practises, regularly using energy efficient appliances, windows and lighting, as well as sustainable, local resources in their home renovations, wherever possible. As Chair of the Renovations Council of the Canadian Home Builders Association of BC, TQ Construction’s President works closely with the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association and other Local Associations across British Columbia. Together, they are launching Built Green BC for Renovations, a program that provides a checklist that contractors and Vancouver homeowners can use to maximize their green home renovation efforts. Vancouver home owners wishing for a greener lifestyle can upgrade their home with confidence, knowing that their house renovations are in line with industry standards.

TQ Construction Launches Small Project Division And Undergoes Own Green Renovation Project

TQ Construction recently launched its Small Projects Division to meet the changing needs of homeowners. TQ’s Small Projects Division services clientswho are looking to revamp a specific area of their home, whether it’s a bathroom, attic restoration or an upgrade to the exterior of the house. The streamlined service will appeal to Vancouver homeowners who love TQ Construction’s detailed planning and responsive approach, but require a simplified process. TQ Constrution also recently underwent their own green home renovations by Epic Marketing Solutions. The company’s new brand identity and website reflect TQ’s commitment to sustainable business practices and environmentally conscious renovations. You will also find a new section on the TQ Construction website dedicated to green home renovations that offers easy-to-do tips, fast facts and resources to inspire your own Vancouver green home renovations. TQ Constrution is recognized for excellence in Lower Mainland home construction and renovations since 1985. Contact TQ Construction today at 604.430.9900 for a free consultation or visit today.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Vancouver Residential Property Developer Focus - Ledingham McAllister Building BC since 1905 - One of the top Vancouver builders is LEDMAC

Discover Ledingham McAllister Real Estate Developers – Building BC Since 1905

Looking Ahead for Ledingham McAllister Properties – A special article published in the New Home Buyers Guide in March 2008. Now well into its second century, Ledingham McAllister continues to reach for new heights as one of British Columbia’s most respected real estate builders. To reflect the increasing scope of their work, in March 2008 the Ledingham McAllister Builders moved its headquarters to spacious new offices in the recently refurbished Evergreen Building at 1285 West Pender Street. One of Vancouver’s most avante garde office towers when it was designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson in 1981, it seems fitting it is the Evergreen Building that will provide much needed space for further expansion of the Ledingham McAllister’s real estate empire.

But CEO Ward McAllister is quick to stress growth will never come at the expense of the Ledingham McAllister real estate builder’s mission statement: to not only meet but exceeed customer expectations. “We have been building for a very long time, and our reputation is absolutely paramount to us,” he says. “Our communities are built to an extremely high standard with above-average finishing details, and are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. I love the creativity involved in designing homes people truly want to live in and offer enduring value,” he acknowledges. “Most of our Ledingham McAllister home buyers are homeowners so this is probably their single largest asset. The greatest reward is when comeone comes up to you and syas: I am so thrilled with the home you built for me – thank you.”

And while draft horses and hats, jackets, and ties are no longer seen on contemporary job sites of Ledingham McAllister real estate developers in Greater Vancouver, there’s no question the commitment to superior quality Ledingham McAllister represented at the turn of the previous century lives on in the 21st. In a fast changing real estate world, Ledingham McAllister will continue to be a pioneer, leading the way to new levels of excellence and creating communities where Ledingham McAllister home owners can experience life on their own terms, secure in the knowledge they are backed by the reputation of a Vancouver real estate company that helped build BC into the province which lays claim to being “the best place on earth” to live, work and play.

Contact Information for Ledingham McAllister: 1285 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC – 3rd Floor. Telephone is 604.662.3700 or

The Official Strategic Move to Residential Property Development

Now president and CEO, Ward McAllister joined Ledingham McAllister real estate builders in 1983 fresh out of university. By the end of the decade he was a full partner and the company was renamed Ledingham McAllister Properties as it is known today. After working side by side for 20 years, Bruce W retired and Ward decided it was, once again, time for a new focus. Gambling on the housing market’s historic trend to lead BC out of recession, Ward led Ledingham McAllister on a mission to land acquisition for residential real estate development. The gamble paid off, and by 2004, Ledingham McAllister Proepries became the second largest real estate builder of wood frame condominium homes in BC and has now begun building a solid reputation as real estate developers of trendsetting high-rise concrete condo towers in Vancouver. So popular are Ledingham McAllister projects become that most are sold out long before construction is completed.

“When people look to Ledingham McAllister Properites, they see a real estate builder that’s deeply rooted in the very fabric of this province’s history,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing, Manuele Mirecki. “As BC celebrates its 150th Anniversary, it’s so exciting to know that we have been right there helping to build this province for more than 100 of those years – we are the only construction company in this province who can say that.”

With longevity, she stresses, comes responsibility – a responsibility that continues to be a driving motivator in Ledingham McAllister’s quest for excellence. “We have been a trendsetter for over a century, so people have the security of knowing they are dealing with an established builder, a real estate builder with experience and expertise in every facet of BC construction – from infrastructure to commercial to residential. And our commitment to after-sales service is exemplary.”

Although almost reticent about the numerous awards Ledingham McAllister Properties has received over the years, Ledingham McAllister real estate developers continues to receive a steady stream of accolades from consumers and industry peers. Most recently, Somerset by Ledingham McAllister Properties, an exclusive collection of only 18 attached homes set within a private, gated community on the grounds of the University of British Columbia, was awarded the title of Best Ground-Oriented Residential: Multi-Family in the prestigious 2007 Urban Development Institute’s Awards for Excellence in BC Construction. However, never one to rest on past successes, Ledingham McAllister Properties continues to embrace opportunities of not only meeting but exceeding the demands of today’s sophisticated, urban-savvy residential marketplace.

Ledingham McAllister Has Over 100 Years of Quality, Commitment and Integrity

Ledginham McAllister has long been recognized as a leader in the construction and real estate development industry throughout British Columbia. Now well into our second century of operation, Ledingham McAllister property builders reachds for new heights as one of British Columbia’s oldest and most respected builders. We are dedicated to the creation of quality homes in superior locations and providing our customers with long term real estate property value. Our past was built on it, our future depends on it. Final masterpiece is now selling at the Varley at Brentwood Gate in Burnaby real estate market by Ledingham McAllister. The craftsman inspired one, two and three bedroom homes will be your final opportunity to purchase in the highly coveted Brentwood Gate community in Burnaby real estate market. Now selling and prices for Varley apartments at Brentwood Gate start from $269,900. The Final Residences at the pre-sale Burnaby Fitzgerald at Brentwood Gate master planned Ledingham McAllister community features the final opportunity to live in the landmark condo tower within this highly successful new neighbourhood. Move in today! Move in this Spring into the Burnaby Silhouette condo tower residences by Ledingham McAllister at these stunning high-rise condo residences that soar above Lougheed Town centre and are just steps from the shops and services of the new Norrthgate Village community. Coming Soon by Ledingham McAllister is the Century Vancouver condos for sale which is a collectin of contemporary west coast style low-rise condo residences that will revitalize one of Vancouver’s first neighbourhoods. The Ledingham McAllister pre-construction Vancouver Century condos are coming soon. Also coming soon is Memento Burnaby condos by Ledingham McAllister. The craftsman inspired four storey residences, located in theheart of Brentwood Town Centre Memento Condos are nearby a myriad of shops, services and amenities.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

L.E.E.D. Design and Construction, Geothermal Real Estate Development, Green Skyline on North Shore Property

What is L.E.E.D. Design and Construction?

LEED is a grading system to determine the Environmental Efficiency of a finished building. LEED is certification through the "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" process, and currently the most definitive certification process in North America. B.C. is the leader of LEED certified buildings and green development in Canada with 31 as of December 20, 2007. LEED certification is based on a variety of categories, such as: Site sustainability, Energy, Materials and Indoor quality. Although LEED provides credit for many types of performance improvements, energy and water savings provide the most direct financial benefits. Typical energy savings for different levels of certification: LEED Certified: 24%, LEED Silver: 33%, LEED Gold: 47%, LEED Platinum: 60%. Typical portable water savings: Indoor consumption: 30%, Outdoor consumption: 50 - 90%. For more information, please call The Evolution Fund offices at 604-629-7697.

What is Geothermal Real Estate Development?

As many people have noticed, there are many more geothermal heating and cooling Vancouver real estate developments starting right now. As a selling point, developers want to get across the importance of this new technology to its home buyers. A Geothermal Heat Pump is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth and/or the earth's groundwater to heat and cool your home. How does it work? Like any type of heat pump, a geothermal system it simply moves heat energy from one place to another, using the same scientific principle as your refrigerator. By using the refrigeration process, geothermal heat pumps remove heat energy stored in the earth or groundwater and transfer it to your home. How is heat form a geothermal heating system in a real estate development transferred between the earth and the home? The earth has the ability to absorb and store heat energy. To use that stored energy, heat is extracted from the earth through a liquid medium (groundwater or an antifreeze solution) and is pumped to the heat pump or exchanger, and the heat is used to heat your home. In the summer the geothermal process is reversed and the indoor heat is extracted from your home and transferred to the ground through the liquid. Does it do both heating and cooling? One of the things that makes the geothermal heat pump so versatile is its ability to be a heating and cooling system in one. You can change from one mode to another with the flick of a switch on your thermostat. In the cooling mode, a geothermal heat pump takes heat from the indoors and transfers it to the cooler earth through ether groundwater or an underground loop system. For more about geothermal real estate developments and heat pump processes, please visit For further information on this and other geothermal and green developments contact The Evolution Fund at 604.629.7697 or read more at

Envisioning a Green Skyline on the North Shore Property Market

Tour offers a glimpse of green construction real estate gems on the North Shore real estate market. By North Shore Outlook staff reporter Scott N. Some of the North Shore’s greenest buildings will be open to the public this weekend as part of the Green Skyline Tour. Residences that adhere to the strictest principles of green construction will be showcased as part of the second annual event. Sunday’s tour of the North Shore green real estate market is one of several events that will take place around the province this week. “Our hope is to educate professionals and the public on green building,” said Mona Lemoine, co-driector of Cascadia B.C. the organization that launched the Green Skyline Tour for Vancouver. “We hope people gain more information on what green building features are being done in B.C. already.” To qualify for inclusion for the Green Skyline Tour Vancouver, these buildings tend to have achieved the Leadership in Energy and Design Certification (LEED). Other green buildings have innovative features that reduce their environmental impact. “These buildings have features that are considered to be green,” she said. “The typical areas we look for are site design, energy, tyhpes of materials used, water efficiency, indoor air quality, beauty and inspiration.” The North Shore Green Skyline Tour focuses mainly on residences, while tours in Vancouver offer a range of public and private buildings including a bike tour of the UBC campus. Among the North Shore green residences on the Green Skyline Tour is the Hanvey-Goodland House in North Vancouver real estate. The 1,600 square foot home features low-flow fixtures such as dual-flush toilets that cut water use in half. Efficient appliances and good insulation in the home limit energy use. When the home was renovated in 2004 to green building code, the contractor was careful to minimize construction waste. Three quarters of the existing vegetation was preserved and replanted and irrigated by rainwater collected in a rain barrel. “There are a lot of ideas incorporated as features into these homes,” said Lemoine. “Professionals can look and think about what they can include in their green projects.” People on the Green Skyline Tour can start in any order and tour times are at 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm and 3:30pm on Sunday. Many of the Vancouver tours are offered with a bike option, but with homes spread across the North Shore real estate market, Sunday’s green tour is recommended by car. The Green Skyline Tour North Shore was inspired by a similar event in London that draws more than 300,000 visitors each year. Lemoine hopes Cascadia’s Green Skyline Tour BC will spread across the country and encourage more green building construction. When it comes to green building, B.C. leads the way in Canada but Ontario is catching up. The province also lags well behind Oregon and Washington, Lemoine said. One of the reasons is that U.S. contractors and green building developers have been quicker to adopt eco-friendly practises. “In Canada, much more of the public sector is doing green building whereas the U.S. it’s the private sector,” said Lemoine. “Contractors and real estate are coming on board, but architects and engineers were frist to come on board.” Cascadia is the region’s green building council with members as far south as Oregon and all the way up to the coast of Alaska. The tours are meant to spread green building principles among all its members. “We hope to continue it as an annual event,” Lemoine said of the Green Skyline Tour of Vancouver. “Our hope is that it continues to grow across the entire province.” Homes on the North Shore Green Skyline Tour include the Pagani/Carruthers renovation at 855 8th St in West Vancouver, the Passive Solar Wardrop Home at 1338 Haywood in West Van, the Hanvey-Goodland Home at 715 East 18th Street in North Vancouver, Quayside Village Cohousing at 510 Chesterfield Ave in North Van and the Moore-Babiki solar heritage home at Edgemont Village. Tours cost $15 for Cascadia members and $25 for non-members. To register for the Green Skyline Tour, please visit

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Friday, October 10, 2008

BC's Top Real Estate Developer, ADERA Builders presents five new communities: UBC Pacific Spirit, Brownstones, Burnaby GREEN, Salus and UBC Pathways

ADERA Insider 2008 Fall Newsletter

Adera is a local Vancouver based real estate developer with a long history of successful community projects and luxury condo apartment homes.Innovation. Partnership. Sustainability. Passion. For 40 years, Adera has been one of British Columbia’s most trusted real estate organizations developing more than 7,500 residential homes and over three million square feet of commercial building space. Building on the cornerstones of its corporate vision – innovation, partnership, sustainability and passion, Adera has also become one of the province’s leading sustainable property builders, using innovative technology on everything from distinguished residences at UBC to affordable and attractive condominiums and townhomes across the Lower Mainland. Named Best Builder in BC for the 3rd time and a multiple winner of the Best Customer Service Award for BC builders, Adera remains responsible, dependable and approachable. 40 Years: building trust and homes. Adera Realty Crop 2200-1055 Dunsmuir Vancouver, BC 604.684.8277.

Featured Adera Project: PACIFIC SPIRIT at UBC

Pacific Spirit UBC is a Wesbrook Place community built by Adera featuring luxury West Coast craftsman condo apartment suites for pre-sale.Coming soon so register today! The latest addition to University Town, Pacific Spirit, is located at the heart of UBC’s Wesbrook Place, a master planned community with a vibrant village centre and next to Pacific Spirit Regional Park. The presale UBC Pacific Spirit will feature 91 pre-construction homes with 1 bedroom/den and two bedroom/den configurations. Superior levels of standard finishes like granite slab counters and GE Profile appliances will provide incredible, affordable value at these UBC Pacific apartments. Adera’s Signature Series Customization program will allow dreams to become reality here at the Adera Pacific Condos at UBC Wesbrook Place. Built to rigorous Gold REAP standards, Pacific at UBC luxury apartments will be a true role model for residential sustainability. Membership in the Cooperative Auto Network, belonging to a community committed to a high level of sustainability, pride, intelligent choice, and respectfulness will be part of the culture here at the UBC Pacific Spirit real estate development. Pacific at UBC Wesbrook Place will have access to the best rated education program in Canada, from elementary and secondary schools through to post graduate education at UBC itself. Near the ocean, on the edge of the UBC village, and next to UBC’s world class Pacific Spirit National Park, the Adera Pacific apartment community will be simply idyllic. A destination location on a famous UBC campus merges active lifestyles, education, tranquility, fine dining, and entertainment into pure inspiration where everyone would want to live, if they could. The new pre-construction Adera Pacific Spirit condo apartments start from the low $400s. Call 604.221.8878 and please register at to priority register.

The Brownstones at Morgan Crossing: Adera Inventory Clear-Out Sale!

The South Surrey Brownstones at Morgan Crossing final release of luxury townhomes and townhouses are now pre-selling with great views and BuiltGreen.Located in the master planned Morgan Crossing South Surrey real estate development, the Brownstones by Adera provide rooftop terraces with views to the North Shore Mountains and beyond. These trendy Boston style walk-ups located across from Morgan Crossing community in South Surrey’s real estate market is in the thick of the urban core of this growing city. Verified Built Green townhomes with Gold Standard in sustainable construction, Adera is clearing out the final inventory of the Brownstones South Surrey townhomes at 15833-26th Avenue. The three bedroom Brownstones at Morgan Crossing start from $329,900 while the four bedrooms start from $359,900. Call 604.538.9897 or email for more information about these final presales a the Brownstones at Morgan Crossing.

Burnaby South Slopes features GREEN by Adera

The BuiltGreen new Burnaby GREEN apartments and condo residence real estate development is an Adera signature sustainable community now selling in its final pre-construction release of homes.Nestled between forest and parks in a quiet South Burnaby real estate neighbourhood, these one, two and three bedroom GREEN apartments by Adera are dedicated to sustainability and Built Green Gold standards in design and construction. The Burnaby GREEN apartment condos are just five minutes to the SkyTrain and three minutes to 80 acres of eco-preserve greenspaces. In addition, a maximum of 15% deposit is being offered now as an incentive for pre-sale GREEN South Burnaby apartment home buyers. The pricing for the GREEN Adera condos in South Burnaby real estate include one bed/den from $294,900, two beds from $359,900 and three bedroom suites from $429,900. Located at 135-5589 Byrne Road in South Burnaby, if you would like more information about the BuiltGreen Green Burnaby apartments, please call 604.439.8858 or email today.

Mountain Resort Style Spa at Surrey Salus by Adera

The new Surrey real estate pre-sale development at Salus Resort condos, cityhomes and apartments are nearing completion in addition to Club Aqua clubhouse for residents.Surrey real estate’s most talked about community of lifestyle, wellness and health is happening here at the Salue Surrey master planned neighbourhood. With fully functional spa and fitness centre in addition to pre-construction Surrey condos that are trendy flats or traditional Salus cityhomes for sale, you can’t get any better than this! Surrounded by waterways, pathways and ponds, the Adera Salus apartment flats and Surrey townhomes also provide a residents only private Club Aqua. The Salus apartment flats by Adera start from $209,900. The Salus city homes start from $339,900. This surrey real estate development is featured at 66th Ave and Scott Road. Contact 604.507.0065 or for more details regarding this Surrey Built Green Salus apartments and cityhomes development by Adera.

UBC Pathways Homes by Adera

Only 4 UBC Pathways Homes for Sale are remaining and this concrete and steel REAP Gold certified Adera real estate development is very popular.With only four very spacious homes remaining at the Adera Pathways UBC real estate development you must hurry to have a chance at purchasing your dream home. Tucked on the edge of Wesbrook Place, UBC’s master planned university village the Pathways UBC homes by Adera feature concrete and steel construction and have exclusive Gold REAP (Residential Environmental Assessment Program) accreditation promoting healthy and sustainable UBC homes. The UBC Pathways residences feature spectacular roomy family sized homes for sale with two bedroom and den presale from $799,900. Located at 110-5779 Birney Avenue in Vancouver real estate property, the Pathways UBC homes by Adera are at 604.221.8878 or

It Pays to Have Friends
To thank you for referring a potential new home buyer to Adera, they will pay a fee of $2,000 for any referral which results in the successful sale of a new Adera home! Plus your friend will receive a gift from you - $2,000 towards custom finishings through the Adera Signature Series Customization Program. All you have to do is have a friend complete a form and give it to the Adera sales representative on their first visit to any Adera sales centre. There’s more! Considering a new place? If you have purchased a home directly from Adera in the past, you are eligible for a 1% discount on any new Adera townhome or condominium. That could mean a savings of thousands. So, trade up with Adera, and save 1%! Building Great Neighbourhoods.

Adera Developers – Georgie Award Honours – Building Trust!
40 years ago, Adera began creating new homes for families like yours in the Greater Vancouver Region. More than 7,500 homes later, Adera has grown into one of British Columbia’s most trusted home builders. Quality, integrity, exceptional customer service, and verifiable sustainable building practices are commitments that make Adera Vancouver real estate developers a leader in new home construction in BC. Earning the second time ever awarded Platinum Georgie Award and three new Gold Georgies comes as a humble honour from both our peers and customers and is a clear representation of the trust and respect that Adera had been building for 40-years. Congratulations to all of our employees, trade partners, consultants, and customers for this special trusted accolade. 2008 Platinum Georgie: 28 Major Georgies Awards over the years | 2008 Large Volume Multi-Family Home Builder of the Year: 5 times in the last 8 years | 2008 Best Multi-Family Development Low-Rise: Pathways UBC | 2008 Best Multi-Family Interior Design Display Suite: Salus

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