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Vancouver Residential Property Developer Focus - Ledingham McAllister Building BC since 1905 - One of the top Vancouver builders is LEDMAC

Discover Ledingham McAllister Real Estate Developers – Building BC Since 1905

Looking Ahead for Ledingham McAllister Properties – A special article published in the New Home Buyers Guide in March 2008. Now well into its second century, Ledingham McAllister continues to reach for new heights as one of British Columbia’s most respected real estate builders. To reflect the increasing scope of their work, in March 2008 the Ledingham McAllister Builders moved its headquarters to spacious new offices in the recently refurbished Evergreen Building at 1285 West Pender Street. One of Vancouver’s most avante garde office towers when it was designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson in 1981, it seems fitting it is the Evergreen Building that will provide much needed space for further expansion of the Ledingham McAllister’s real estate empire.

But CEO Ward McAllister is quick to stress growth will never come at the expense of the Ledingham McAllister real estate builder’s mission statement: to not only meet but exceeed customer expectations. “We have been building for a very long time, and our reputation is absolutely paramount to us,” he says. “Our communities are built to an extremely high standard with above-average finishing details, and are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. I love the creativity involved in designing homes people truly want to live in and offer enduring value,” he acknowledges. “Most of our Ledingham McAllister home buyers are homeowners so this is probably their single largest asset. The greatest reward is when comeone comes up to you and syas: I am so thrilled with the home you built for me – thank you.”

And while draft horses and hats, jackets, and ties are no longer seen on contemporary job sites of Ledingham McAllister real estate developers in Greater Vancouver, there’s no question the commitment to superior quality Ledingham McAllister represented at the turn of the previous century lives on in the 21st. In a fast changing real estate world, Ledingham McAllister will continue to be a pioneer, leading the way to new levels of excellence and creating communities where Ledingham McAllister home owners can experience life on their own terms, secure in the knowledge they are backed by the reputation of a Vancouver real estate company that helped build BC into the province which lays claim to being “the best place on earth” to live, work and play.

Contact Information for Ledingham McAllister: 1285 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC – 3rd Floor. Telephone is 604.662.3700 or

The Official Strategic Move to Residential Property Development

Now president and CEO, Ward McAllister joined Ledingham McAllister real estate builders in 1983 fresh out of university. By the end of the decade he was a full partner and the company was renamed Ledingham McAllister Properties as it is known today. After working side by side for 20 years, Bruce W retired and Ward decided it was, once again, time for a new focus. Gambling on the housing market’s historic trend to lead BC out of recession, Ward led Ledingham McAllister on a mission to land acquisition for residential real estate development. The gamble paid off, and by 2004, Ledingham McAllister Proepries became the second largest real estate builder of wood frame condominium homes in BC and has now begun building a solid reputation as real estate developers of trendsetting high-rise concrete condo towers in Vancouver. So popular are Ledingham McAllister projects become that most are sold out long before construction is completed.

“When people look to Ledingham McAllister Properites, they see a real estate builder that’s deeply rooted in the very fabric of this province’s history,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing, Manuele Mirecki. “As BC celebrates its 150th Anniversary, it’s so exciting to know that we have been right there helping to build this province for more than 100 of those years – we are the only construction company in this province who can say that.”

With longevity, she stresses, comes responsibility – a responsibility that continues to be a driving motivator in Ledingham McAllister’s quest for excellence. “We have been a trendsetter for over a century, so people have the security of knowing they are dealing with an established builder, a real estate builder with experience and expertise in every facet of BC construction – from infrastructure to commercial to residential. And our commitment to after-sales service is exemplary.”

Although almost reticent about the numerous awards Ledingham McAllister Properties has received over the years, Ledingham McAllister real estate developers continues to receive a steady stream of accolades from consumers and industry peers. Most recently, Somerset by Ledingham McAllister Properties, an exclusive collection of only 18 attached homes set within a private, gated community on the grounds of the University of British Columbia, was awarded the title of Best Ground-Oriented Residential: Multi-Family in the prestigious 2007 Urban Development Institute’s Awards for Excellence in BC Construction. However, never one to rest on past successes, Ledingham McAllister Properties continues to embrace opportunities of not only meeting but exceeding the demands of today’s sophisticated, urban-savvy residential marketplace.

Ledingham McAllister Has Over 100 Years of Quality, Commitment and Integrity

Ledginham McAllister has long been recognized as a leader in the construction and real estate development industry throughout British Columbia. Now well into our second century of operation, Ledingham McAllister property builders reachds for new heights as one of British Columbia’s oldest and most respected builders. We are dedicated to the creation of quality homes in superior locations and providing our customers with long term real estate property value. Our past was built on it, our future depends on it. Final masterpiece is now selling at the Varley at Brentwood Gate in Burnaby real estate market by Ledingham McAllister. The craftsman inspired one, two and three bedroom homes will be your final opportunity to purchase in the highly coveted Brentwood Gate community in Burnaby real estate market. Now selling and prices for Varley apartments at Brentwood Gate start from $269,900. The Final Residences at the pre-sale Burnaby Fitzgerald at Brentwood Gate master planned Ledingham McAllister community features the final opportunity to live in the landmark condo tower within this highly successful new neighbourhood. Move in today! Move in this Spring into the Burnaby Silhouette condo tower residences by Ledingham McAllister at these stunning high-rise condo residences that soar above Lougheed Town centre and are just steps from the shops and services of the new Norrthgate Village community. Coming Soon by Ledingham McAllister is the Century Vancouver condos for sale which is a collectin of contemporary west coast style low-rise condo residences that will revitalize one of Vancouver’s first neighbourhoods. The Ledingham McAllister pre-construction Vancouver Century condos are coming soon. Also coming soon is Memento Burnaby condos by Ledingham McAllister. The craftsman inspired four storey residences, located in theheart of Brentwood Town Centre Memento Condos are nearby a myriad of shops, services and amenities.

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