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Millennium Water - Vancouver's Last Waterfront Community (Introducing the Southeast False Creek Millennium Development)

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From industrial work yard to sustainable Vancouver waterfront community

The 2010 Athlete's Village will be the future home of a sustainable Vancouver real estate development along the southeast False Creek waterfront district at Millenium Water.Millennium Water is a new sustainable community that will be situated on the waterfront of Vancouver’s Southeast False Creek (SEFC), a former industrial site. The project has been designated as the home of the Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Games. Environmental sustainability is a priority for Millennium Water, affecting every aspect of the design – the project will be Canada’s first LEED™ Gold neighbourhood, with LEED ™ Platinum being targeted for the community centre.

• Millennium Water comprises seven hectares, a total of 1,122 residential units and 70,000 square feet of commercial space.

• The residential units are a mix of market, rental and affordable housing to accommodate seniors, singles and families.

• All residences are being designed to meet the Safer Home™ initiative, which ensure that housing is safe and accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.

• The neighbourhood will contain an array of residential, commercial and community amenities.

• Millennium Water is the product of extensive collaboration between the public and private sectors, numerous designers, engineers and consultants and, most importantly, the public at large.

Millennium Water Vancouver - A new kind of community

Vancouver real estate's last waterfront community is now located at the Millennium Water neighbourohod of southeast False Creek.A diverse community of seniors, young people and families will enliven the Millennium Water neighbourhood and provide a social balance unlike any other residential development in Vancouver. Following the 2010 Winter Games, the 1,122 residential units will be converted to permanent housing – approximately 736 of the units will be sold as market housing, 119 will be rentals, and 253 of the units will be non-market (affordable) housing. Virtually a self-sustaining community, the neighbourhood at Millennium Water will offer a variety of long-term environmental, health, social and economic benefits to residents:

• The promotion of alternative transportation and active living through proximity to transit, designated bicycle and pedestrian areas and car share programs;

• Employment opportunities and day-care facilities located within the neighbourhood;

• Parks, gardens, green roofs and urban agriculture projects to augment the local environment, create recreational opportunities and provide a source of local food production; and

• Enhanced community life through public, shared amenities, such as public art, non-motorized boating facility, community centre, pedestrian plaza and commercial district.

Millennium Water Southeast False Creek - Setting a new standard in Vancouver sustainable design

Millennium Water will establish a new standard for sustainable community development in Canada and North America, with green buildings that use less energy, are based on renewable resources and help protect our environment for future generations. Millennium Water buildings will be a showcase of sustainable development, and will offer an exquisite collection of homes featuring water savings, energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

• The buildings at Millennium Water are designed to be Canada’s first LEED™ Gold neighbourhood. The waterfront community centre at Millennium Water will be designed to achieve LEED™ Platinum, also a first for a community centre in Canada.

• Canada’s first multi-unit residential "net-zero” building will include residential units and affordable seniors’ housing. The design approach incorporates five key principles of sustainability: health, energy, resources, environment and affordability. The net-zero building will have an aggressive low-energy design, and will use renewable energy systems which allow the facility to produce as much energy as it uses on an annual basis.

• Urban agriculture is incorporated into the landscape design with the intent of creating opportunities for onsite food production and distribution.

• A water use reduction strategy will aim to reduce the use of potable water by 30 per cent below conventional standards, and storm water runoff will be reduced 25 per cent through the use of green roofs, swales and retention ponds.

• Energy is conserved using passive design strategies including operable shading devices to control heat gain, widened stairwells and public corridors to maximize natural lighting, and enhanced building envelopes that reduce energy loss and include high performance rain-screen, insulation and glazing systems.

• Millennium Water’s leading sustainable design exceeds the City of Vancouver’s Green Building Strategy and the sustainability principles of the Official Development Plan for Southeast False Creek.

• Building to Safer Home™ criteria will mean that residential units will be safe, comfortable and adaptable for people of varying ages and physical abilities. Safer Home™ design criteria include features such as widened hallways and stairwells, lowered light switches, and pressure/temperature control valves on shower faucets.

• The Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU), a community energy system, will use sustainable heat sources like sewage waste to provide space heating and hot water to all buildings.

Accommodating the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and its legacy at Millennium Water False Creek

As the Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver, Millennium Water will temporarily house an international delegation of approximately 2,800 athletes, coaches and officials. The project is already being recognized around the world as a model for future host cities. Adaptability was key in the design of the Village, as the design team had to find flexible, workable solutions to the challenge of creating buildings with two distinct purposes: accommodating the event, as well as its legacy.

• The Village “overlay period” applies to a six-month “Exclusive Use Period” in which the site will be controlled by VANOC, and includes provisions for temporary housing, dining, fitness and health care facilities, and security.

• Residential suites will be protectively retro-fitted for the duration of the overlay period in order to safeguard luxury furnishings such as hardwood floors and kitchens.

• All of the ground floor commercial spaces will be fitted out to accommodate operational facilities for the athletes.

• Legacy features include silhouettes of athletes that will take shape in the vegetation on the buildings’ green roofs, as well as local street names, including Athletes Way.

Waterfront Park at Vancouver Millennium Water – a post-games legacy for all of Vancouver to enjoy

Waterfront Park represents the first phase of SEFC’s primary park and open space system, and will be a significant addition to Vancouver’s iconic seawall. Through walkways, bicycle paths, diverse seating and gathering areas, the park will provide a variety of vital green spaces that will reconnect SEFC residents and visitors alike with the heritage-rich waterfront, and offer unique and memorable experiences unlike any other in Vancouver.

• The multifunctional waterfront promenade offers recreational and social opportunities, extends the seawall by 650 metres, and connects to green spaces and walkways throughout the neighbourhood.

• Native and adaptive shoreline planting will add a soft edge to the hard elements inspired by the former industrial site. The tidal terraces allow access to the water and pier remnants speak to the site’s shipyard heritage.

• The bridge crossing over the shipyards inlet is inspired by the form of a canoe. The steel grating of the arching deck offers a unique experience when crossing the inlet by allowing views through the decking to the water below, and creates fewer shadows on the water in order to maximize habitat value.

• The habitat island and naturalized segments of the shoreline will host aquatic, riparian and upland ecologies. The island includes vertical snags, native vegetation and a natural shoreline which have attracted perching bald eagles and a variety of waterfowl. The natural shoreline demonstrates the ability to reintroduce natural habitat back into the urban environment; a connecting segment of land will emerge at low tide, providing limited access to the public.

• Herring have laid eggs on approximately 1 km of shoreline starting on Habitat Island and eastward. Marine biologists confirm that the environmental cleanup and shoreline habitat creation is a huge success.

Millennium Water Websites

Millennium Water:
City of Vancouver:

For more information, please contact:
Valerie Wan, NATIONAL Public Relations, 604-691-7397, OR Richard Gilhooley, NATIONAL Public Relations, 604-638-7451,

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Athlete's Village Condos at Millennium Water Development to be Sold May 2010 - Affordable Housing Component May Be Scrapped

Waterfront Olympic Village Condos To Be Sold After the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games at Millennium Water

The waterfront Vancouver Millennium Water False Creek condos will be sold after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in May 2010.An announcement in early October 2009 by mayor Gregor Robertson has told the city that the sales for many of the high-end luxury Millennium Water Olympic Village condos will not start until next May 2010, after the Olympic Games. In an interview with the Georgia Straight, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson explained that the current Vancouver real estate market is still under performing, and therefore, Millennium Development Corp has decided to wait until the market gets a bit better before putting their prime waterfront Vancouver condos on sale next year. This will allow Millennium Water and the 2010 Olympic Village to gain all the media coverage and exposure during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, which will attract local Vancouver homebuyers, Canadians and international investors into the master planned community. In addition, because the 2010 Olympic Village is still under construction and considered a presale or pre-construction Vancouver condo purchase, many homebuyers are waiting to see what the finished product will look like, to do a walkthrough, feel and touch the finishes and features, and this will not happen until after April 2010. Therefore, the new strategy at the much anticipated waterfront Vancouver condos at Millennium Water will put sales on hold for now in this one billion dollar project. According to the marketers as well as the Mayor, many of the two hundred and sixty six (266) units that still remain unsold at the waterfront Vancouver Millennium Water condo development are of the higher end and represent multi million dollar high-end condominiums and townhomes for sale. These are in addition to the approximate seven hundred (700) Millennium Water Olympic Village condos that have already been sold to pre-construction condominium buyers. According to the latest Vancouver 2010 Olympic reports, approximately four hundred and twenty (420) Olympic Village condos have been completed, inspected, approved and now locked down by VANOC and IOC in preparation for athletes. This is almost half of the eleven hundred (1100) market units and affordable housing units available. In any case, for homebuyers looking to purchase a luxury waterfront Vancouver condo at Millennium Water, you’ll just have to wait until May 2010, before the dreaded HST hits new condominium purchases.

Metro Newspaper and Rennie Marketing Confirm that Remaining Millennium Water Olympic Village Condos to Be Sold Next Year

Site Plan of the masterplanned southeast False Creek Vancouver real estate development called Millennium Water condominiums.Citing lower than anticipated market sales values in the southeast False Creek Vancouver real estate district, the developer, marketer and mayor have now confirmed that the remaining market units at the 2010 Olympic Village, also known as Millennium Water False Creek condos, will be sold next May 2010 after the Winter Games. In order to recoup the initial cash investment by the city into this master planned waterfront False Creek development, mayor Gregor Robertson has stated that the city needs a very hot real estate market to recoup some $1.2 billlion spent on building the Olympic Athlete’s Village. With the property market still realing from the global economic crisis, even with the recent upwards spike in sales volume, the sales prices of condo units around the southeast False Creek Olympic Athlete’s Village have not increased enough for the numbers to work. The Olympic Village has been under huge scrutiny due to the ballooning budget that now sits around $1.196 billion, which represents over $250 million more than the original budget of $950 million. Up until October 2009, the Millennium Water condos have been quite successful in attacting Vancouver presale condo buyers. Of the 730 Millennium Water condominiums presented to the public as market units, 226 suites have been sold as pre-construction or presale Vancouver condos at the Olympic Athlete’s Village which represents more than 25%. The total sales of the presale Vancouver Millennium Water condos is priced at around $217 million. As the mayor has suggested, along with Rennie Marketing Systems, all presales will be put on hold for now until May 2010 after the increased exposure and marketing during the Olympic Winter Games.

Affordable Housing at Millennium Water Olympic Athlete’s Village to be Scrapped?

The Millennium Water affordable housing component of the 2010 Athlete's Village may be scrapped due to cost over runs and budget problems.There are rumours around town that the Millennium Water affordable housing component of this master planned Southeast False Creek waterfront community may be scrapped due to the budget overruns and tax burden on Vancouver residents. An official has confirmed that affordable housing and homes at Millennium Water after the 2010 Games may no longer be a certainty after the latest auditor’s report came out this week. The cost of the social housing component here at Millennium Water False Creek community may be scrapped because of the costs, and the projected losses even if all the remaning units of this development are sold next year after the Olympic Games. A city report will be presented to the council later this fall as to the issue of the Millennium Water False Creek social housing component. It was originally proposed that two hundred and fifty two (252) of the eleven hundred (1100) units within the southeast False Creek Vancouver Millennium Water development be for social housing. According to the latest reports, the developer and Rennie Marketing have had lots of trouble selling these waterfront suites at market prices due to the global economic crisis. In addition, with the recent drop in Vancouver real estate prices, the city is now preparing itself for a big loss even with a sellout of all units. The only hope now is to keep the unsold units for after the Olympics, and then launch sales in May 2010.

Will the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village Be Ready on Time?

Completion of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village is very tight as only less than half of the total 1100 Millennium Water suites have been completed and handed over to VANOC.The race is certainly on in order to keep pace with a November 1st, 2009 handover date of all condominiums to VANOC in preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. According to the city manager of Millennium Water Olympic Villlage, there are a couple of tight deadlines that are coming up and an update was released in a KPMG status report on the southeast False Creek Vancouver real estate development. The report that was based on details and information back in January 19th showed that Millennium Development was the lowest ranked of the three bidding Vancouver real estate developers before the price was considered, but came out on top due to the fact that they promised to deliver on time and at the best price. So will the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village be ready? Well, certain things have been changed or left out from the original proposed Millennium Water False Creek development, including a triangular shaped park that was to be located next to the inlet. Another feature of the 2010 Olympic Athlete’s Village that won’t be complete until after the Winter Games will be the dock for non motor boats. Design changes to the parks, plazas, streetscapes, and other factors have already been dealt with, but according to the city manager, some of the Athlete’s Village condo buildings at Millennium Water won’t be complete before the November 1st deadline. One of the three affordable housing parcels at the Vancouver 2010 Athlete’s Village was handed over to VANOC very early, back on October 1st, 2009, another one needs monitoring and the third parcel for the affordable housing Millennium Water residential building will definitely not be ready for November 1, 2009. The expected completion of that affordable housing False Creek parcel is for December 1st. In addition, the completion of the Salt Building is still set for October 31st, but the Civic Centre that was suppose to be due for completion and handover back on July 31st, is not yet done or ready. In the entire master planned Millennium Water Vancouver 2010 Athlete’s Village, about four hundred and twenty of the eleven hundred condo units have already been completed and handed over to VANOC for final inspection.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Millennium Water False Creek – A Green Waterfront Community


The challenge of designing for the Olympics and beyond. Millennium Water – Sixteen buildings make up this high-profile real estate development in Vancouver, planned first to house athletes for the 2010 Olympics ad later to become a model sustainable community of 1,100 residential units.

Published in the Westcoast Homes & Design – September 2007 and posted here to promote this magnificent Vancouver pre-construction real estate development and the sales launch soon to come.

“Millennium Water is the place to be,” says Barry Scott, partner of Maynards Auctioneers, observing the bustle of construction on the southeast sector of False Creek form his office window on West Second Avenue. Scott, who was born and raised in the neighbourhood – at Seventh and Columbia- knows the area as well as an auctioneering block. “as kids we used to pay in the water in False Creek. It was all industrial,” he recalls.

In two years, the area known as Southeast False Creek will become the Vancouver Olympic Athlete’s Village, providing accommodation for 2,800 Olympic athletes, coaches, officials before being converted into a model sustainable community called Millennium water in Vancouver.

Millennium Water South False Creek real estate Vancouver development for 2010 Olympic Housing and residential master-planned community by Arthur Erikson.

“The rest of the world is looking at what Vancouver’s doing here,” says Scott. “The whole space between the bridge and Science World, from Second Avenue to the water – it’s amazing what’g going on. It’s the quality of what’s being built there and the balance of what’s on the site – a school, community centre, parks, amenities. Thee’ll be limited traffic, lots of bike routes, walking paths, and an electric tram in Millennium Water. It’s all really designed for people.

“You could live in the area without a car. You can easily get to sports or cultural events, art galleries or restaurants by a boat ride across False Creek or walk around the seawall.

Millennium Water, situated on the last remaining tract of undeveloped waterfront land near downtown Vancouver, includes approximately 25 acres of former industrial land once used for sawmills, foundries, shipbuilding, metalworking and salt distribution. In fact, the heritage building, the Domtar Saltbox, has been shored up and designated for public use on the site.

When completed, the Millennium Water neighbourhood will comprise of approximately 1,100 residential units – 730 condominiums and townhomes, 120 Millennium Water units of modest market housing and 250 units of affordable housing. It will establish a new standard for sustainable development in North America, with green buildings that use less energy, are based on renewable resources and help protect against the environment. For example, the area will be heated by waste thermal energy from filtered wastewater. Fifty per cent of the roofs will be green.

Millennium Water is developed by Millennium Southeast False Creek Properties Ltd., part of the Millennium Group of Companies, selected by the City of Vancouver to develop this real estate project property.

Sixteen residential buildings will make up Millennium Water with the flagship designed by renowned Vancouver Architect Arthur Erickson. His plan includes two gently curving crescents that face each other across a public garden of waterfalls and ponds.

Architectural firms involved in the real estate development include Merrick Architecture, Comberoff Bell Lyon Architects, Arthur Erickson/Nick Milkovich Architects, Inc. Walter Francl Architect and Lawrence Doyle Young and Wright Architects.

According to Trish de la Paz, marketing project manager at Rennie Marketing, there has alreadybeen a lot of interest in Millennium Water. “Our challenge and our goal is that we consider all the environmental aspects at the site while at the same time creating a luxurious product for the real estate market and a lasting legacy for the community.”

Construction of Millennium Water will continue up to and beyond the Olympic Games. “We hosted Expo ’86 and that’s when we handed out our business card to the world… and the world kept it. I don’t think we, as Vancouverites, understand the potential impact of what is likely going to be the single largest Vancouver world positioning event of our lifetime,” says Bob Rennie, principal of REnnie Marketing Systems.

The expansive Millennium Water presentation centre will open for previews September 29th at 212 West First Avenue (at Cook Street). Sales begin October 27th. Prices range from $450,000 to $6 million. For VIP Priority register on line at For more information, phone 604.733.2010.

We are pleased to announce the opening of Vancouver False Creek’s Millennium Water's spectacular 11,000 square foot presentation centre and to invite you to be amongst the first to preview the homes in Vancouver's last waterfront community.

Located in Southeast False Creek, Millennium Water Condominium real estate development is at the heart of Vancouver's newest and most exciting waterfront neighbourhood that will also serve as the home of the 2010 Olympic Athletes' Village.

What's New at the Olympic Village Millennium Water Real Estate Development - May 2009

With less than 260 days until the 2010 Winter Games - Millennium Water Vancouver real estate waterfront condo development is buzzing with excitement in anticipation of athletes and officials moving in this Fall! Millennium Water condo development is pleased to announce that they have already begun handing over completed suites to VANOC - ahead of schedule and the homes look amazing. The pre-construction Millennium Water condos and luxury waterfront Vancouver False Creek properties for sale has been receiving international attention for its forward design and approach to Sustainable Living. The latest newsletter is now online - read about the Millennium Water Condo construction update, a feature on the new "must-walk-it" False Creek seawall and more on our LEED GOLD initiatives. If you have not seen the Millennium Water display suite already, we invite you to experience Millennium Water at 212 West 1st Avenue (at Cook). Free parking is available in the back and we are open daily 12-5PM and closed Fridays. For more information, please call 604.733.2010 or visit us online at According to the False Creek Millennium Water May 2009 newsletter: WALK ON WATER. The new Vancouver waterfront real estate development at Millennium Water’s premium waterfront address is simply awe-inspiring, thanks in large part to the beautiful new South False Creek seawall and parks.With a rehabilitated shoreline habitat and generous public spaces, the imaginative seawall offers steps around, down to, and over the water, with plenty of room for walking, lounging, inline skating, and cycling.“Elements of history and nature figure prominently along the seawall,” notes designer Margot Long of PWL Partnership, landscape designers on the seawall project team. “There are materials reminiscent of the area’s shipyard past, including large timbers and oversized metal, plus natural surfaces such as sleek and durable granite.” Discover the seawall today and witness our progress at Millennium Water waterfront Vancouver False Creek development. Start East at Science World or West near Cambie Street Bridge. Here are some facts and figures surrounding the under construction Millennium Water False Creek Vancouver waterfront real estate development: WATER CONSUMPTION - 30 – 40% reduction With storm water storage and recycling of water for irrigation and flushing at Millennium Water in addition to TOTAL EXCAVATION
160,000 m3 which is the largest residential excavation project ever completed in Vancouver real estate market and MAN HOURS of 6,000,000 hours. The Millennium Water False Creek project SITE AREA is 11 acres, 480,000 sf or 8 city blocks all being completed together and the number of TOTAL CONSULTANT’S is 450 while the TOTAL CURRENT NUMBER OF WORKERS is 1,400 plus 100 plus on city streets. Other details include TOTAL GROSS BUILDING AREA of 1,575,000 sf which represents Largest Vancouver residential project ever completed in one phase as well as a TOTAL GLAZING AREA of 800,000 sf.

Sales Launch for Millennium Water Condominiums in South False Creek Vancouver is coming this fall.  This is the first release of pre-sales condo homes in this real estate development along Vancouver final waterfront area.Millennium Water is designed to become Canada's first LEED Gold residential community. Utilizing the latest in green building technology and state-of-the-art architecture, Millennium Water False Creek will set a new precedent in sustainable living while providing the utmost in livability, comfort and luxury.

16 master-planned residential buildings at Milennium Water Vancouver will house a multitude of green space, bike paths, and a town square including an Urban Fare Gourmet Market, a drug store, a non-motorized boating facility, a childcare facility, a community centre and much more. Visit us and learn why Millennium Water is a world address and how you can be part of this Vancouver legacy.


212 West 1st Avenue (enter on Cook St.)
Open daily 12-6pm (starting October 13), closed Fridays
604.733.2010 -


VIP Sales Event Reminder - Millennium Water Condo Homes Vancouver

TIME: 4 – 8 PM


Availability at this event is based on a first-come, first serve basis. Please note that a deposit cheque and photo identification are required for purchase. We strongly encourage you to preview the presentation centre prior to the event.

For more information, please contact a sales representative at 604.733.2010 or visit our web site at

Millennium Water Village Condos Go On Sale

Public can buy Olympic housing starting at 4pm. By Jeff Hodson for Metro Vancouver newspaper – Thursday, October 25, 2007.

For the past six nights, Chris Shin has camped in his car; holding a place for a realtor who will be among the first to purchase part of Vancouver’s Olympic Village. The 1,100 unit 16 building Millennium Water condominium project in Southeast False Creek goes on sale to the public at 4pm today. Suites range from $450,000 to $3.5 million. It will be home to 2,800 athletes and official during the 2010 Games.

“It’s the first new real estate community on the West Side of Vancouver that we’ve seen in a long time,” said Bob Rennie, marketing realtor for the real estate development. Yesterday and Tuesday, those involved with the development were given first crack at 100 of the 302 units that will be sold to the public in the first phase of the property development known as Millennium Water False Creek.

By yesterday afternoon about 55 people waited in a lineup that stretched for about half a block outside the real estate project’s presentation centre in the 200 Block of West First Avenue. Most, like Shin, who is among 10 who have been in line since Saturday- were being paid by realtors to hold a place in line. He refused to say how much he was being paid.

“It’s not really tough,” said the 23 year old BCIT student, looking tired and unshaven. “I’m used to doing a couple of hours or the day before. It’s the first time I’ve done five days.”

Millennium Water Invites You
Millennium Water is proud to be the title sponsor for the 2008 Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation Gala. Mark March 27th on your calendars and purchase your tickets now – attendees will receive front-of-the-line access to preview Millennium Water’s Phase Two Marina Homes!

Tickets are already over 50% sold out! Call 604.875.1775 today or fax back the RSVP form to hold your spot (click here to download the RSVP form). We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

The Millennium Water Sales Team
212 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3T2
t. 604.733.2010 | f. 604.733.2120 | e. | w.

Millennium Water - Vancouver's Last Waterfront Community - Your VIP Invitation

Located at 212 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V5Y 3T2 or you can call 604.733.2010. Home of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Athlete's Village where Phase One Residences are sold out and the Millennium Water Phase Two Marina Homes previews start April 5th, 2008! Be a part of Vancouver Legacy on April 18th. According to Rennie's print marketing, You are invited to an Exclusive VIP Sales Event for Millennium Water Marina Homes. Early presales home buyers are entitled to a 2% VIP Discount (all purchases of Millennium Water Phase Two Marina Homes prior to the public opening on April 19, 2008 are entitled to a 2.0% discount off the purchase price. Offer is subject to change. Terms and conditions may apply, please see a Millennium Water sales represetative for full details. Date for the grand opening of Phase 2 Marina Homes is Friday, April 18, 2008 between 4 and 8pm. The location is that the Millennium Water Presentation Centre and you must RSVP by April 11 to Jenny Lee at 604.682.2088 or Light refreshments will be served. It is stronly recommended that you preview the Presentation Centre prior to April 18. Please bring your invitation for entry to this exclusive pre-construction Millennium Water sales event. Photo identification and a deposit cheque are required for purchase.

Millennium Water Phase Two Marina Homes Opening Weekend Offer

WHAT IF YOU COULD OWN 100% LUXURY at Phase 2 Marina Homes at Millennium Water WITH ONLY 15%* DOWN? Well you can! As a registered VIP at Millennium Water Marina Homes, take advantage of an OPENING WEEKEND ONLY Phase 2 offer to own with only 15%* down! The Millennium Water PHASE TWO - MARINA HOMES VIP SALES EVENT takes place this Friday, April 18th from 4-8pm at our Presentation Centre. If you’ve yet to RSVP, please call Jenny at 604.682.2088 or register online at (*Offer is subject to change. 10% due upon signing, 5% due within six-months of signing date. Offer only valid on new phase two contracts written before April 21, 2008. See a sales representative for more details.) As always, feel free to contact our sales team at 604.733.2010 or visit our web site at for more information. See you soon! The Millennium Water Sales Team - 212 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3T2 | t. 604.733.2010 | f. 604.733.2120 | e. | w.

Home of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver at Millennium Water – Vancouver Real Estate’s Last Waterfront Community
You can own the ultimate 2010 souvenir at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in February 2010. Millennium Water Southeast False Creek will be part of a historic global event – it will be the Olympic Athlete’s Village, providing housing and amenities for 2,800 athletes and officials. With its achievements in sustainable design, Millennium Water condominium apartments will remain a community legacy after the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Living here will sustain the legacy, inspiring people around the planet – especially those who choose to make this last Vancouver waterfront community their home – for generations to come. Walk on Water. Presentation Centre for the Southeast False Creek Millennium Water condos is now located at 212 West 1st Avenue and is open daily from noon to five and closed Fridays. Here is your chance to own the ultimate 2010 souvenir – and Millennium Water condo ownership starts from $429,000. A World Access, call 604.733.2010 for more information.

Millennium Real Estate Developers Profile
Renowned for outstanding architecture, luxurious design and enduring quality, Millennium Group is unrivalled for its commitment to building community, with a proven track record of creating high-quality, environmentally sensitive condo buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Millennium Group selects exceptional properties and developers their full potential via progressive architectural and interior design and superior construction. Millennium Group is an official sponsor of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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