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60 W. Cordova Vancouver Condos – Achievable Home Ownership at the New Vancouver 60 West Cordova Apartments for Sale from $219,900 – Downtown Eastside Apartments by Westbank, Vancity, Habitat for Humanity and Portland Hotel Society for Lower Income Individuals and Families

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Downtown Eastside 60 W. Cordova Vancouver apartments represent the first real affordable downtown Vancouver real estate development for market units.

60 W. Cordova Vancouver Condo Development

Affordable home ownership will be available at the 60 W Cordova Street Vancouver real estate development that presents a project model based on principles of inclusivity, affordability and doing more with less. A joint effort between Habitat for Humanity, Vancity, Westbank Developers and Portland Hotel Society, 60 W. Cordova St (also called 60 West Cordova Vancouver Condos) will present a sustainable and truly affordable home ownership model for homebuyers seeking a downtown Vancouver address. The residents at 60 W Cordova Vancouver condo building are expected to come from the community itself as well as to give back to the community through participation in the caretaking of their home. This is the extremely vital part of this affordable Vancouver home ownership model that the partners hope to integrate into the project. The unique affordability of the downtown Vancouver condos at 60 West Cordova Street will bring sustainable living to the forefront of this up and coming neighbourhood, and will bring community and people together. From Westbank’s Autumn 2010 newsletter: 60 W. Cordova is a prototype for providing achievable home ownership in Vancouver real estate market. Based on principles of inclusivity and doing more with less, the project is being developed by Westbank, in collaboration with Vancity, Portland Hotel Society and Habitat for Humanity. How it works – It’s a BIG idea – the possibility of home ownership for people whoa re currently paying high rents or forced to live outside downtown Vancouver if they want to own. Achievable Home Ownership through affordable Vancouver apartments at 60 W. Cordova – one bedroom home ownership from $219,900 and two bedroom home ownership from $299,900 and only 10% deposit required. Specialized mortgage solutions will be available from Vancity to further increase the affordability of your down payment with the cash back promotion on your new Vancouver 60 W. Cordova condo. The 60 W. Cordova Vancouver condo project is based on principles of community – Residents are expected to come from and give back to the community through participation in the caretaking of their home and contributing to their neighbourhood. The 60 W Cordova Vancouver real estate development’s unique affordability embraces social sustainability in a neighbourhood that is at the forefront of it. 60 West Cordova Street will fit in with the neighbours and be respectful of both the surrounding buildings and the people in the community. Because the project will be oversubscribed, if you are looking for more information, please visit or call 604.899.8858 today. You can also visit the 60 W Cordova Information Centre which is located at 142 W Cordova Street Vancouver in the Woodward’s Atrium.

In a Nutshell – 60 W Cordova Vancouver Offering

– 108 total units
– 4 units go to Habitat for Humanity
– 8 units go to PHS housing group
– 96 units are for Vancouver homebuyers
– 90 1 bedroom units (506 to 787 sf) and between $219,900 to $289,000
– 18 2 bedroom units (787 sf) and between $290,900 to $380,900
– no parking; but car share program
– 60 W Cordova residents will do some building maintenance
– homeowners are also expected to give back to the downtown Eastside through volunteering
– standard features
– ¾ will be priced less than $300,000
– more than ½ will be sold to people making $29,000 to $36,000 per year
– 60 West Cordova pricing starts from $219,900
– first preference will be for renters in the downtown Eastside district
– 10% deposit required but Vancity offering 5% down or cash back option
– 2012 completion

A rendering of the Henriquez Partners Architect designed 60 West Cordova Vancouver affordable condo project.

Some Interior Features

The living, dining room and kitchen will have grasscloth tweed hardwood look with carpets in the bedroom and porcelain tiling in the bathroom. The walls at 60 W. Cordova Vancouver affordable condos will have bathroom wet wall with porcelain tiles in accent blue, green or orange. The kitchen cabinetry has top frosted glass, aluminum trim and bottom white laminate cabinets with matte finishing. The 60 W. Cordova Vancouver condos will have white Corian kitchen counters and white laminate (matte finish) counters in the bathrooms. Backsplashes will be included and will be coloured glass in orange, green or blue. The appliances will have white finish and will include a microwave hood fan, dishwasher, electric range, fridge with top freezer and chrome finishing throughout. Remember that 60 West Cordova Vancouver affordable condos will only be made available for purchase by owner occupied purchasers, so there are no rentals allowed and no investors will be allowed to buy any unit in this downtown Vancouver real estate development. Habitat for Humanity, the Portland Hotel Society, Westbank and Vancity make up the project team. Catered towards individuals and couples who are normally shut out of the downtown Vancouver property home ownership market, the 60 W Cordova Vancouver affordable condos makes it possible for these people to enjoy what every Vancouverite wants, to own their own home. The partners at 60 W Cordova affordable condos will offer this unique opportunity for home buyers with one bedroom Vancouver condos from just $219,900. In addition, there will be a select number of spacious two bedroom suites from $299,900. This makes 60 West Cordova Vancouver affordable condos the most cost effective property for home ownership. There are 90 one bedroom units between 506 and 787 square feet as well as 18 two bedroom suites.

The Vancity Cash Back Mortgage Promotion at 60 W Cordova

This flexible down payment option could be for you! Put down 2% of the property value and receive 3% in cash back towards your down payment!

Neighbourhood for the new 66 W Cordova Street Vancouver real estate development for affordable housing in Crosstown, Gastown, downtown Eastside communities.

The Affordable Vancouver Condos at 60 W Cordova St

The joint partnership between four parties will result in the most affordable Vancouver condo development in the downtown core. Situated at 60 W Cordova St Vancouver, these affordable condominiums will be located within the Gastown district, the most historic neighbourhood within the city. Just steps away from other notable market developments such as Woodwards and SMART Gastown, the 60 W Cordova Vancouver affordable condos will be located in a very convenient Gastown location, where residents will be just steps away from groceries, services, amenities, recreational facilities, the water and public transportation. In addition, the Gastown Vancouver real estate location is within the crossroads of Crosstown, Chinatown and Gastown, making it a very desirable place to live for both singles and couples. Recently published articles have appeared in the Globe and Mail as well as the Vancouver Courier. According to these articles, the 60 W Cordova affordable Vancouver apartments for sale will not have any parking or any fancy finishes. There is no pre-sale marketing program at all and there are no investors or speculators allowed here. Not only that, but the residents will eventually be responsible for their own building maintenance to reduce the monthly strata and maintenance fees for the building upkeep. By redeveloping the downtown Eastside, and moving forward from the highly successful Woodwards District project, the 60 W Cordova Vancouver affordable apartments for sale will allow new homebuyers the ability to own property in this desirable community. Along the border for Crosstown and Gastown, this project is unique as they are true affordable market condos. Woodwards District has boutique condos at reasonable prices, social housing and other retail and university facilities, but no real affordable housing component for market homebuyers. The 60 West Cordova Vancouver apartments will have no parking space, which allows for 2 main benefits. Each unit is thereby much cheaper as there is no need to dig deeper. In most cases, a parking stall in downtown Vancouver will run about $30k to $40k. Not only that, but it forces residents to think about the environment, to take public transportation or bike/walk to work and amenities. The Vancouver co-op building is a new way to promote community, affordable home ownership and sustainability.

The 60 W Cordova Vancouver apartment building floorplate showcases a great selection of 1 to 2 bedroom layouts.

Some Background Info on 60 West Cordova Vancouver Apartments

The affordable Vancouver apartments are by a joint collaboration between developer Ian Gillepsie and architect Gregory Henriquez (award winning and notable throughout the world). In collaboration with Vancity and Habitat for Humanity, the 60 West Cordova development will become downtown Vancouver’s most affordable apartment development and will be catered to homebuyers with incomes in the $26,000 to $36,000 per year range. The gentrification of the downtown Eastside has been ongoing with the Woodwards District and other boutique Gastown condo buildings, but not one has addressed affordable home ownership models in downtown Vancouver until now. 60 West Cordova Vancouver affordable apartments for sale will result in an amazing new opportunity for people who would normally not be able to afford to live downtown. The entire affordable Vancouver apartment project at 60 West Cordova Street will feature 108 units for sale and will be a joint project with Vancity Credit Union, Habitat for Humanity, and the Downtown Eastside housing group. Habitat for Humanity will keep 4 units for families that they can choose while the PHS housing society will manage eight units for the local community. Therefore, there are an additional 96 units available for downtown Vancouver homebuyers who will have to agree to do some building maintenance themselves. This is very similar to a co-op building and the first of its kind in decades. It’s situated along the same block as Army and Navy and will also feature ground floor commercial space, rooftop garden and an expected completion by 2012. The original application seemed to be for 66 West Cordova Vancouver and was for a 10 storey apartment building with 108 dwelling units. In addition, the 66 W Cordova apartment building was to be LEED Silver certified with great energy and water conservation features in addition to a green roof deck. Expected completion for the 66 West Cordova project, now called 60 W Cordova Vancouver affordable condos is for 2012.

The Collaborators

The goal is to create an opportunity for those that have been shut out of home ownership in Vancouver. We will not be satisfied with this project unless at the end of the day we have revolutionized the housing continuum in Vancouver and made a significant contribution. – Westbank

We’re committed to investing in projects that are making an impact in our communities. This development offers a new approach to home ownership – one that is inclusive, impactful and driving change when it comes to home ownership in downtown Vancouver. – Vancity

Habitat believes the stability afforded by safe and secure housing within a framework that facilitates home ownership contributes to a strong foundation for a caring community and economic self-reliance, to the greater benefit of the community at large. – Habitat for Humanity

It’s important that there is a continuum of housing available. It’s imperative that people who want to live and work in this community, who have the ability to move from renting to home ownership, have viable options. We want to see people stay in the community to contribute to creating tolerance, with a demonstrated commitment to the neighbourhood and its residents. – PHS, Community Services

We are enthusiastic about this new model of home ownership for the community. This project will lead the way – a prototype. – Magnum Projects

The goal was to design a building that residents could be proud of and fits into the heritage character and fabric of Gastown. – Henriquez Partners Architects

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