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REGISTER EARLY > Launch at SHORELINE Vancouver Waterfront Residences in Master Planned South Vancouver River District by Polygon > Luxury Waterfront Vancouver Shoreline Condos

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Presale Vancouver Shoreline Condos in River District Waterfront real estate district.

Shoreline River District Vancouver Waterfront Residences

The newest phase at the master planned River District Vancouver waterfront real estate development is launching now! Introducing a boutique collection of waterfront residences called Shoreline Vancouver River District condos that includes only 166 opportunities that are centrally located just a few minutes from Marine Gateway and Metrotown in addition to Richmond and even downtown Vancouver in less than thirty minutes. The new Vancouver Shoreline at River District waterfront apartments will be a very rare opportunity situated at 8688 Kerr Street Vancouver and is brought to the market by Polygon Homes, a trusted and very experienced builder in the Lower Mainland. This is a unique opportunity for homebuyers to won a brand new, waterfront condominium in the city. The River District Vancouver Shoreline condos for sale will feature true West Coast modern architecture throughout and the façade will be composed of concrete and brick. Inside, the refreshing, open concept and very spacious floor plans at Shoreline River District Vancouver waterfront condos for sale will be inviting and light filled. Home buyers can expect to find the highest quality interior finishes throughout that include warm laminate wood flooring in all living spaces, well thought out kitchens with amazing appliance set, nine foot ceilings on the main floor and spa inspired bathrooms with deep soaker tubs. In addition, the presale Vancouver Shoreline River District condos for sale will introduce some of the best unobstructed views of the Fraser River in this master planned development. Please register with us for the latest information about the presale release at Shoreline at River District Vancouver waterfront real estate district.

River District’s Shoreline Vancouver Apartments Update!

A central location and beautiful waterfront community are two great selling features at the new Polygon Shoreline River District Vancouver South development. Just ten minutes away from Burnaby’s Metrotown shopping, entertainment and dining in addition to Marine Gateway, the newest addition to the masterplanned River District Vancouver South community is one of its best! Also, you will be just seven minutes from Richmond and YVR in addition to 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. Live along the River District waterfront district here at the Shoreline Vancouver apartments where you will also find beautiful Riverfront Park, amazing riverside trails and a pier/boardwalk just minutes away. From outdoor patios to sun filled green spaces, the Riverfront Park River District Vancouver neighbourhood is an ideal place to call home.

Situated along the beautiful and sunny banks of South Vancouver Shoreline at River District is a project by most notable local builder Polygon. Known for their planning, detailing and customer service, Polygon introduces 166 homes for sale at this sought after waterfront location. Shoreline by Polygon in South Vancouver real estate district will give you prime views of the peaceful shores along the Fraser River in addition to unparalleled interior design finishes and functional floor plans. The long awaited waterfront homes in South Vancouver Shoreline by Polygon will introduce West Coast modern architecture to the area with concrete and modern brick exteriors. The functional layouts include both 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments that will offer lots of space, great views and contemporary design. Future amenities near the Shoreline River District Vancouver apartments include new schools, shopping and parks!

Master planned transit oriented Vancouver community at Shoreline at River District waterfront apartments.

Vancouver River District’s First Waterfront Residences is right here at Shoreline Vancouver Condos

Brought to the market by Polygon Homes, a trusted and very experienced builder (and of course, one of our very favourites!), the River District Shoreline Vancouver waterfront condos features a very rare opportunity to own in South Vancouver waterfront real estate district! Featuring both one and two bedroom Vancouver waterfront residences, Shoreline at River District by Polygon is one of those rare times where you can find an absolutely new, never-been-lived-in waterfront home at an affordable price. Located along a very peaceful road overlooking the shores of the Fraser River, the Shoreline Vancouver River District waterfront condos will provide amazing views as well as spacious open plan layouts for today’s homebuyers. Stylish and modern, the architecture is truly West Coast inspired with high-end and functional interior features. Vancouver River District’s first waterfront residences are coming early Spring 2013 and will provide residents with a walkable neighbourhood close to great restaurants, shopping, transit, The Pier and River District Centre. For outdoor enthusiasts, the presale River District Vancouver Shoreline waterfront condos will also be just steps away from beautiful parks and waterfront pathways for you to enjoy year round. Located in Southeast Vancouver real estate district, the community at River District by Polygon and ParkLane Homes will be over 130 acres in size. Urban waterfront living will be just 10 minutes from Metrotown and Marine Gateway, seven minutes to Richmond Centre and YVR as well as half hour from downtown Vancouver business district. The vibrant River District Vancouver Shoreline waterfront condo community is also next to the Riverfront Park, riverside trails, the boardwalk and pier in addition to new restaurants and retail. There will also be new schools and future amenities that will make the South Vancouver River District one of the most liveable transit oriented/walkable neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland. The presales Vancouver Shoreline waterfront condos will be situated at Kerr Street and East Kent Avenue North Vancouver.


給市場帶來了多邊形的公寓,一個值得信賴的非常有經驗的製造商(當然,我們非常喜歡!),河區海岸溫哥華海濱公寓設有一個非常難得的機會,自己在南溫哥華海濱地產區!同時具有一個和兩個臥室的溫哥華海濱住宅用多邊形河區,海岸,是一個罕見的時候,你可以找到一個完全新的,從來沒有過,住在海濱家在一個合理的價格。酒店位於一個非常安靜的路上,俯瞰的弗雷澤河(Fraser River)岸邊,海岸線溫哥華河區的海濱公寓將提供令人驚嘆的美景,以及寬敞的開放式佈局,今天的購房者。時尚與現代,建築靈感與高端和功能的內部功能,是真正的西海岸。溫哥華河區的一個海濱住宅2013年春季初,為居民提供一個適合步行的社區靠近一流的餐廳,購物,交通,碼頭和河區中心。對於戶外愛好者來說,預售河區溫哥華海岸的海濱公寓也僅幾步之遙,距離美麗的公園和海濱途徑,為你享受常年。坐落在東南亞溫哥華房地產區,社區在多邊形和柏麗公寓河區將有超過130畝的大小。城市濱水區的生活將是鐵道鎮和海上門戶,7分鐘到烈治文中心和YVR以及半小時從溫哥華市中心商業區僅10分鐘路程。河區熱鬧的溫哥華海岸的海濱公寓社區是未來的濱河公園,河邊步道,木棧道和碼頭除了新的餐館和零售。也將有新的學校,未來的設施,使南溫哥華河區最適宜居住的過境導向/適合步行的街區,在低陸平原(Lower Mainland)。預售溫哥華海岸海濱公寓位於在克爾街與東肯特大道北溫哥華。


在总体规划河区温哥华海滨房地产发展的最新阶段正在启动!引入的精品集合的海滨住宅被称为海岸线温哥华河区公寓,其中包括166 opporutnities都集中在市中心的短短几分钟内,除了里士满,在不到30分钟的时间内甚至位于温哥华市中心的海上门户,铁道镇。新的温哥华海岸在河区海滨公寓将是一个非常难得的机会,位于克尔街温哥华8688,并给市场带来的的多边形公寓,一个值得信赖的非常有经验的制造商,在低陆平原(Lower Mainland)。这是一个独特的机会,为购房者赢得了一个全新的,在城市的海滨公寓大楼。将具有真正的西海岸现代建筑,整个河区温哥华海岸公寓出售,将组成混凝土和砖外墙。在里面,让人耳目一新,开放的理念和非常宽敞的地板计划在海岸线河区温哥华海滨公寓出售将邀请和光线充足。购房者可以期望找到最优质的室内完成整个在所有的生活空间,包括温暖的强化复合木地板的,深思熟虑的厨房,以惊人的家电组,9英尺高的天花板上的主要建筑风格的浴室和水疗中心与深浴缸。此外,预售温哥华海岸线河区公寓出售将介绍一些最好的菲沙河的美景尽收眼底发展总体规划。请注册我们的海岸线河区温哥华海滨地产区的预售发布的最新信息。

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