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Affordable Home Ownership at Vancouver INGastown Condos – 1 Beds from Mid $200’s plus 60% of InGastown Vancouver Gastown Condos Priced Under $300k

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Vancouver InGastown Condos for sale.

InGastown Vancouver Gastown Condos for Sale!

An incredible Vancouver real estate opportunity is now here! Centrally located in the historic Vancouver Gastown district, InGastown Vancouver condos are all about location and price. InGastown Vancouver presales is the latest condominium residential offering in Vancouver’s historic Gastown real estate neighbourhood that has seen a tremendous transformation and revitalization over the past decade starting with the redevelopment of the Koret Lofts and Woodwards District. Not only that, but the Gastown Vancouver InGastown condo project is also the only residential development in the heart of this historic district right now. Most other projects are further north in the up-and-coming Chinatown and Crosstown districts, which is not the same as Gastown living! This boutique collection of only 61 exclusive homes for sale will be located at 150 East Cordova Vancouver. Defining affordable homeownership in Vancouver real estate market, InGastown condos for sale will be located near SMART Gastown, a highly successful Concord development that was completed about 5 years ago. The presales Vancouver InGastown condos will start from an incredible mid $200’s with a very favourable deposit structure. Not only is this pricing suitable for first time homebuyers, but it also makes sense as a downtown Vancouver investment condo which will give you positive cash flow for life! The value is just undeniable and it’s coming very soon! Visit today for more details about this incredible downtown Vancouver condo offering! The InGastown condo sales team will be launching presales information in early Summer 2013. Stay tuned!

Live in the heart of Gastown culture – 1Beds from mid $200s. 60% of homes below $300,000. Favourable deposit structure starting from just 2% Down! INVEST in yourself!

Affordable Home Ownership at InGastown Vancouver Gastown apartments for sale.

Presales Vancouver INGastown Apartments: Live • Work • Volunteer

Something for everyone, the InGastown apartments in Vancouver’s Gastown district is an affordable homeownership opportunity in downtown. Starting from the mid $200,000 range with a great deposit structure for homebuyers, the presales Vancouver InGastown apartments will provide easy access to transit routes, downtown Vancouver amenities, the waterfront district, West Coast Express/SeaBus/SkyTrain access at Waterfront Station and most importantly, the Gastown culture. Undergoing significant changes over the past few years, the Gastown real estate district is hip, urban and exciting as well as extremely safe. InGastown Vancouver presales apartments offer the best of urban living in this historic location, but it is also affordable. The homes have been meticulously crafted and designed to maximize your liveability and functionality at an optimal price. Affordable homeownership in Vancouver Gastown is now here at 150 East Cordova Street! The presales Vancouver InGastown apartments has not compromised on quality at all. The only compromise is the price! As a property investor, you can easily positive cash flow on these Gastown apartments for a long term property investment opportunity. As a homebuyer, affordable homeownership in Vancouver downtown has never been as easy or affordable as now. InGastown is where affordability starts and where you can tell all your friends that you call home. No InGastown floor plans have yet been released. The pricing ranges will be released in early Summer 2013. Renderings and interior specifications will also be released during the presales Vancouver apartment launch event expected to come soon. The project is brought to the market by MyGastown Development Lp.

Invest in Yourself. Invent your Future. Become Involved. Aren’t you Intrigued?

Own with 2% down payment with sixty per cent of InGastown Vancouver presale condos priced under $300k.


東西給大家,InGastown的公寓位於溫哥華的Gastown區是一個負擔得起的住房擁有在市中心的機會。一個偉大的存款結構,為購房者開始從中期200000美元範圍,在售前溫哥華InGastown公寓將提供方便地訪問到中轉航線,溫哥華市中心的設施,海濱區,西部海岸快遞/ SeaBus旅遊/輕軌海傍站訪問和最重要的,的蓋斯文化。蓋斯鎮房地產區發生顯著的變化,在過去的幾年裡,是髖部,城市和令人興奮的,非常安全。溫哥華InGastown預售公寓為您提供最好的城市生活在這個歷史性的位置,但它也實惠。房屋已被精心製作的,旨在最大限度地提高您的宜居性和功能在一個最佳的價格。負擔得起的住房擁有在溫哥華蓋斯現在這裡是東科爾多瓦街150!售前的溫哥華InGastown公寓質量不受損害。唯一的妥協是價格!作為物業投資者,你可以輕鬆實現積極的現金流這些蓋斯公寓長期的物業投資機會。作為一個購房者,從來沒有像在溫哥華市中心的價格實惠的購房容易負擔得起,現在。 InGastown負擔能力開始的地方,在那裡你可以告訴你所有的朋友,你給家裡打電話。沒有InGastown平面圖尚未被釋放。在2013年初夏的定價範圍將被釋放。渲染和內部規範,也將在預售溫哥華公寓啟動儀式,預計很快來發布。該項目給市場帶來了由MyGastown發展LP。


一个令人难以置信的温哥华房地产机会是现在在这里!酒店位于历史悠久的温哥华Gastown区,InGastown温哥华公寓是所有关于位置和价格。 InGastown温哥华预售是最新的公寓住宅发售温哥华的Gastown历史房地产附近,已经看到了巨大的变化,在过去十年中与重建Koret之后的鸽舍Woodwards区的开始和振兴。不仅如此,但盖斯镇温哥华InGastown的私人公寓的项目现在也是唯一的住宅开发在这个历史街区的心脏。大多数的其它项目再往北,在和未来的的唐人街和克罗斯敦区,盖斯的生活是不一样的!只有61独家的住宅出售这家精品集将设在150科尔多瓦东温哥华。定义在温哥华的房地产市场中,经济适用住房拥有出售InGastown公寓将位于SMART盖斯镇附近,大约5年前完成的一个非常成功的协和发展。预售温哥华InGastown公寓将开始从一个令人难以置信的MID $200提供了非常有利的存款结构。这种定价不仅是适合首次置业者,但它也是情理之中的温哥华市中心的一个投资的公寓,这将给你生活积极的现金流!值仅仅是不可否认的,它的到来很快!访问www.ingastown.com今天这个令人难以置信的温哥华市中心的公寓提供更多细节! “InGastown公寓销售团队将在2013年初夏推出的预售信息。敬请关注!

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